***UPDATED: CROWD SHOT*** FULL SPEECH: Watch Mitt Romney campaign rally in Lebanon, Ohio

Romney gave a great speech today in Lebanon, OH before a huge crowd of supporters, rumored to be over 10,000. You can watch the full speech below:

UPDATE: Here’s a photo of the crowd in Lebanon, Ohio estimated at around 11,000 people:

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  • Oh man!!! I just saw the update in all caps, and it literally scared the CRAP out of me!!! I thought you were saying that the crowd GOT shot! Man…thank God I was wrong!

    • BlueGood

      Maybe SCOOP you would consider changing the HEADLINE to read “CROWD PHOTO”…

      • smmy33

        I keep looking at the polls , I don’t know Ohio, looks like it wouldn’t move , PPP , even CNN all have Obama up… Looks like Ohioan’s want another 4 years of Obama… I don’t know still amazes me that… 3 weeks and still it’s in Obama favor in Ohio, don’t see how Republicans can without Ohio…after 4 Years of Obama, sometimes people get what they deserve,too bad the rest of the country will go down in the shipping ship , not only the states voted for Obama.

        • bobemakk

          Ohio seems to be a key state, however, just because any former president that won the election won Ohio, this doesn’t mean that Romney absolutely must win Ohio. There are 57, oops, 50 states and if Romney loses Ohio and takes a majority of the others, he can win. I speak politics wherever I go, even though my wife gets annoyed, and I am finding that many people on Long Island, NY (basically a democrat state) prefer Romney over Obama…..God must bless US with Romney and get rid of the Obama regime.

        • Betsey_Ross

          Polls are useless, even now. There is no huge enthusiasm for Obama in Ohio. I think Romney is trending everywhere and the pollsters still want this to be a horserace until the very end. This is one big manipulation so you will stay fearful and defeated. Ohio will be fine.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Wow, I thought you were joking Brian. The concept of gunfire never crossed my mind – these are certainly mortifying times, but not that bad yet I hope. Honestly, I expected to see a shot of a substantial crowd.
      Hurry up November 6th; we’ve got some serious battle fatigue here.

    • drphibes

      I thought he meant the crowd got shot out of a cannon! I’m so relieved.

  • Medaton

    This is offering REAL HOPE and REAL CHANGE! GOOOOOOO MITT!!!!

  • The numbers tell what’s in the heart of the American people more sincerely than some of these polls…

    You can’t make people be enthusiastic for you.

    No matter how hard you try, Axelrod, Cutter, et. al.

    • Chris what polls? are you living under a rock? Polls all over the country are moving to Mitt….even in CA and OR Obama’ leads are dropping like rocks….he is pulling ahead in FLORIDA, VA, NH, NV, NC and in OH he is on the verge (or may have already) taking over. In MI and PA he is closing in on Obama to under 3-4 points and in WI he is down 1 or 2….since Oct 3rd and the debate there is a big move to Mitt and with the scandals and other issues of Obama Mitt is getting stronger and stronger…PEOPLE HAVE INDEED NOTICED and IT IS SHOWING IN THE POLLS!

      Lebanon Ohio is another small town….and with near 11,000 I would imagine many people from the city and surrounding areas were there…AP is reporting the crowds growing everywhere Mitt and Paul go!

      • Patrick Winter

        Pretty sure Chris is supporting Romney.

      • I guess I wasn’t clear… polling generally always errs on their side, the big media’s favorites…

        Now the polls are just getting to be more accurate.

        • p m

          You were perfectly clear, Chris, and thanks for a great and true comment. I can’t think of one poll that was not engineered by coercion or inclination, by the left to benefit the left. Simple fact.

          It’s only in the last 5 or 6 days that the truth about these fixed polls has been getting out – and that’s only so the LSM can cover themselves when what’s obvious to us, per your comment, becomes too big to ignore.

        • You were perfectly clear. I think the bit at the end about axelrod and cutter showed that.

        • white531

          I understood you the first time. Good comment.

          • white531

            Polls have become just another tool in the Liberal’s bag of tricks.

            They no longer have any value, whatsoever. They are equal to voter fraud.

      • Patriot077

        Michael, it might help to re-read Chris’s post as he basically saying it is obvious to many of us that the “hearts of the American people” were more reliable indicators than the polls that tried to make us believe otherwise.

        Everyone who comments on this board has a unique communication style. My comments are not always concise and invite unintended interpretations – so far folks have been polite and I appreciate that.

        And yes, Chris, the likes of Axelrod & Cutter are so despicable that I think even the Dems will be running from them. Simon LeGree & Cruella DeVille.

      • Please Michael, you really need to try and stop jumping to conclusions about people. Chris’ comment looked pretty clear. No one is criticizing your enthusiasm, but you have continually jumped on people you think are not as excited as you are. TONE IT DOWN.

        • JohnBarry2012

          Agree, Michael has the predilection of jumping to conclusions about people and his comments often borderline condescending, disrespectful and personal attacks, counter to RS’s comment policy.

      • white531

        Little over the top there, Michael.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      You were perfectly clear Chris. I always thought the polls have consistently skewed toward the democrats by 5-10 points depending on location, and nothing has changed. When I see a current poll showing Romney ahead or tied. I add 7 or 8 points to it and figure it’s probably more accurate. So if Romney is ahead now, he’s REALLY ahead! 😉

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Oh, man, Romney just gave me more reasons to intensely dislike obama….and that was hard to do because I didn’t care one bit for obama before watching the video!!!!

  • Wait? The crowd was so big, they needed a screen in the back because they were so far away!!! WOW!

  • BostonBruin

    Can’t wait for the debate on Tuesday night to seal the deal!

    Hopefully, a win for R&R in Ohio will be accompanied by a win for Josh Mandel in the Senate too!

    • Richard Easbey

      From your lips to G-d’s ears. We seriously need a REAL MAN like Josh Mandel in the Senate. Wish I was in Ohio so I could vote for him.

    • Patriot077

      Yes, Mandel has a great chance of picking up the seat but he could use $$$ from those of us who can spare it.

      Every little bit helps. I hope to be able to scratch out a few more donations for some of my favorites who are facing tremendous opposition (like Allen West, Steve King and Michele Bachmann)

      • p m

        Bachmann’s is a really urgent situation – she was on Levin this past week and it turns out that the RNC lot have NOT given her ANY money whatsoever. Reince Priebus told Mark a few weeks ago that she’d be getting their support. Levin is livid, thinks it’s Boehner, Huma Abedin’s big RINO defender, who is responsible, and is going to follow up with the RNC/Priebus.

        Bachmann’s voice is not one that we can afford to lose, given the urgency of outing Muslim Brotherhood appointments that have been made throughout the Federal government.


        • Patriot077

          You are so right, pm! I’ve sent her money a couple times but will do so again. Wish I had more at my disposal. I’m hoping the Lara Logan speech will open some eyes as to the real trouble we are facing, which might give Michele a boost.

          She is fearless and we cannot afford to lose her voice.

  • I think after this second debate, we will know who is going to win in November.


    Gov, fix your hair, it’s driving me nuts!!! lol!!!

    • p m

      He’s going to win – it’s going to be a blowout, as Rush said.

      His hair? You’re joking, right?:) I like it – natural, not pasted down. Like he’s getting to be…

      • Rush didn’t say that you were hearing things. lol ;o) shhhhhh or liberals heads will explode.

        • p m

          🙂 Cute. I know, but…after he said he ‘didn’t say that’, he said it twice more..ha! And of course he’s right, yeah?

          • Yea but twice more he said he didn’t say that shhhh.

      • white531

        A man with his sleeves rolled up, and a strand of hair across his forehead, looks like a working man to me.

      • I guess it’s the neat freak in me. I’m a detailed oriented person. Can’t help it, haha! 🙂

        • p m

          😉 Deatils are good – that’s where God is, no?

  • Redford1974

    The tidal wave started in 09…where have you liberals been hiding

    We knew O was a one-termer in 09…

  • My wife and I attended the Romney Ryan rally and it was quite an experiance. Mr Rmney gace a great speech!!!!

  • wodiej

    I’m glad there was a big turn out in Ohio. I’m glad they are talking about jobs. Now someone needs to talk to the American people about their irresponsible spending habits and to learn to have savings so when this happens again, and it will, they will be able to weather the storm.

    • Erc Seitz

      The people that need to be talking to about irresponsible spending habits are THE TEACHERS! I am amazed how one can get through HS and College and never take a finance course.

      • 1mathteacher

        Talking to teachers isn’t the answer. We don’t set the curriculum. I have taught middle school, high school, and college. Never once was I asked what I wanted to teach or offered a chance at input. Talk to the state departments of education. Talk to the administrations of colleges & universities. They decide what is taught.

  • 911Infidel

    Biden might want to tell the people of Ohio that we don’t need anymore M-1 tanks. I dare him to tell that to the people of Ohio. Oh wait he already did in the VP debate. And Zogby is just now figuring out that Ohio is in play? Little late on the uptake there Mr. Zogby.

  • bayway48


    RCP has moved Missouri from Toss Up to Leans Romney! The pics are awesome! and———–>
    I so want to do my snoopy happy dance….but saving it!

  • That was an incredible speech. It was different than a lot of his other speeches. It was filled with heartfelt stories and optimism that were really moving.

    • mike3e4r7

      You’re right. I wish every undecided voter could see this speech. It was very emotional and moving.

  • Orangeone

    Scoop, you are the best! Thank you for posting both the energizing video and the great crowd shot.

  • Suzyqpie

    Thank you Gov Mitt Romney for some optimist, prosperity, determination, and all of the things that make US great. Please Pres 0bama view and think of how America really is. You don’t have to apologize for US, you don’t have to vilify our most successful. By the way 0bama lay off the corporate jet owners where I make my living you creep.

  • great shot – love to see those – you know MSM won’t be showing it.

  • I love the American people, we may get it wrong a few times but I believe eventually we will get it right and I feel like we are about to correct a big mistake come November.

  • If we can keep this momentum going for just two more weeks, Romney is going to win. Obama is going to come out swinging for Tuesday night’s debate, so Romney has to be prepared for that. But if Romney can put in a tough, solid, performance, Obama is done. The last debate is on foreign policy and with Obama’s problems with Libya, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Israel, I don’t think he’s looking forward to that one. Everything depends on Tuesday night. Good luck Mitt!!!

    • NJK

      Hopefully, he will remember to bring up that he doesn’t attend intelligence briefings. He reads them, and then passes them on to his Muslim Brotherhood friends. That’s my part.

    • white531

      Look for lots of lies.

    • Erc Seitz

      The hardest part for Romney will be remembering all the countries that are in turmoil.

      America’s strength is strength for all people.

  • Uh Oh. He had a george w bush type laugh after making that joke about rob portman buying everybody dinner.

  • Joe

    OVER 50% of the City turned out

    Lebanon population is 20,000


    This is GREAT NEWS !!

    (Geez – I thought for moment someone was shot)

    (Please be careful what you say – Don’t want to give anyone ideas)

    • What’s really amazing when you think about it, Lebanon is the county seat of Warren County which will have about 100,000 voters turn out. You are looking at about 10% of those voters.

  • My Screensaver for the next 3 weeks! Thanks RS!

    R&R 2012!!!

  • Juan_Rico

    Not one negative comment. No fear-mongering. No demagoguery. No class warfare.

    Just a positive, uplifting message. This is exactly what this country needs right now, not more fear and divisiveness.

    • It’s also the telltale sign of what candidate is winning. They start mostly ignoring the other candidate and concentrate more on gaining the last few undecided voters who HATE the attack game.

      Yes, there will still be more contrast between Obama and Romney, but watch if Ronmey and Ryan’s speeches don’t begin to be more optimistic and leave out Obama more and more.

      • ChicksLoveRight

        well said! By this test, I can say Obama camp is worried! Look how negative their speeches are – even the VP debate showed how panicked they are that Biden was let loose! But people are paying attention, to the failed policies of last 4 years and they will ask to themselves if they want 4 more years like the last 4 years! Obama has not proposed a single new idea to make the country going in the right direction…Morning in America is in sight people!

      • white531

        That’s what I would do.

  • Awesome crowd!

  • mike3e4r7

    Powerful! Best speach I’ve seen him give yet.

    America has a choice :

    A president who loves his country


    A president who hates his country

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    He sure did have a debate– and WE enjoyed it, too! Mitt needs to be READY– the next moderator will be loaded for bear to be the tag-team-debater along with Obama. They can only do that IF MITT LETS THEM. In this next debate Mitt must shut down the moderator politely, immediately, and tell them to find their OWN debate and to let the “resident of the WH” answer for himself.

    • mike3e4r7

      If he can connect with the audience the way he did with the crowd today, by reaching them emotionaly with his sincerity and love for our country, it won’t matter what Obama or the moderator try to do.

      • LeonidasOfSparta1957


        Hilary Bryant
        Sorry for any misspellings

    • mike3e4r7

      But you’re right. He can’t do anything if he isn’t allowed to speak.

      • Andy Jacobson

        Mitt won’t allow the moderator to shut him down, I saw it in the last debate when he told the moderator something like this is a debate and I’m going to say what I need to say.

        • white531

          You’re right. He needs to do that.

      • LeonidasOfSparta1957

        I know that he leans on God. That will guide him to know what to do and say when “in the valley of the shadow.”
        Hilary Bryant
        Sorry for any misspellings

      • The Gov is much more experience and will not allow the Mod or Obama shut him down!

    • white531

      He needs a professional coach for this. Reagan had one, he needs the same guy, or someone like him.

  • puma_for_life

    Glad to see he is pulling in this type of crowd. Encouraging.

  • Landscaper

    I mean this in the best way possible, Mitt looks REALLY tired. I see in his face, not in his voice.
    Mitt, rest up buddy before the next debate. A whole lot of really good people out here are counting on you. You can finish off Obama and send his butt home where he belongs.

    • p m

      Thought I was imagining it, but he’s had a different look about the eyes, more serious, since he started getting the intelligence briefings. He knows more than he did before, and maybe this is what makes him more impassioned now, seeing that he loves his country.

      That plus the gangbuster pace of campaign appearances – I wonder how he does it. And am very grateful that he does!

      • Landscaper

        pm “……the gangbuster pace of campaign appearances”

        Me either! You saw what I saw. He is a better man than me and I appreciate his and Ryan’s passion and commitment. Our country will be better off and they WILL WIN !

    • conservocop

      I’m a little concerned about Mitt. I was a band director in the public schools and worked on the weekends as the lead singer in a combo for many years. As I got older, the aggressive use of my voice took it’s toll on my vocal chords. I can tell you that he is straining at times. This is the ‘ home stretch ‘ and he is pushing with all he’s got for the sake of the country in this most important time in all our lives. He is a true warrior. Hang tough Mitt – the finish line is well within sight now. We are all pulling for you cross that line as the victor !!!

    • Erc Seitz

      I was thinking the same thing. Mitt needs to balance his time and get plenty of rest for the next debate. When he is on his game he is truly remarkable.

  • maynardb50

    I so much want Romney to be President.

  • jaybenson

    Big Thank You to TRS! I skipped over to The Blaze and it has been completely taken over by Ron Paul supporters demanding Romney voters change their ways and vote 3rd Party. I venture to say 1/2 are true Paulbots and the others just want to help Obama.

    Either way. I’m glad to have TRS!

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    “those who lived for something bigger than themselves”– that’s the America Mitt sees. The spirit of America which burns within us all — a spirit which gives its last measure of love to others whenever possible.
    Obama sees social injustice, hate, division, and the need for a government that forces its will — misguided, greedy and often evil– upon everyone so that it can be sure we are all equally miserable and poor.

  • “He [Romney] drew an estimated 12,000 people to a central Florida rally last weekend, 1,200 to an Iowa town of just 1,000, and several hundred more to Newport News, Va., under heavy October rain.”


  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    The differences are CLEAR. Love or hate, prosperity or misery, more government intruding into our lives or less, a “head of state” who sees the goodness and uniqueness of our Nation, or one who hates it and blames our Nation for every ill mankind has suffered.

  • Didn’t I ever tell you? Bidens Do Not Bounce!

    • SoLongSong

      Speaking of Biden:

      MUST SEE.

  • The man is on fire and unstoppable. I have only one thing to say to Obama supporters:

    Laugh it like Biden baby, because your time is up. I’ts our turn now! goo.gl/e13Nn

  • paulejb

    People care. They do not want to see this nation continue to decline.

    Romney/Ryan 2012

  • sue-marie

    Romney will win and this nation will be saved!

    • Remember the last Inauguration Day?
      When Bush left in the helicopter and all the libbies in the crowd assembled were singing him away?

      Now it’s our turn: Nah-n-na-na Nah-n-na-na Hey HEY Hey… Goodbye !

      • SoLongSong

        I’ll start printing out pages with the lyrics right now. I believe it goes something like:

        Nah-n-na-na….what YOU wrote. Over and over! Simple enough, but speaking for myself, I’ll be so MINDLESS with JOY that I won’t be able to remember them without prompting – although I’ll also probably be to verklempt to actually sing.

  • SoLongSong

    It’s not just the size of the crowds either. It’s the ENTHUSIASM in the waving of the signs and the flags….poor Obama appears to be supported by a bunch of limp wrists – and by that I don’t mean people who are gay, I mean people who have no snap in their noodle…er, and by THAT I mean, um….

    • p m

      Good one, SoLong…limp wrists or clenched fists, eh?

      • SoLongSong


        • p m

          I was thinking of the clenched fists of the Communists, like those Lenin posters with him seeming to punch something…they’d be the opposite of a limp wrist, as it were.

          • SoLongSong

            Whoops! My face is red – apologies! Off to do a hasty edit.

            • p m

              Cute edit, SoLong!!

    • More like College school kids who have never had a civics class and don’t even know what the 10th Amendment is. The ones that get their news from John Stewart and don’t bother doing research for themselves. Glad to see the crowd size it is very telling who will win.

  • Michael Burton

    A much more comfortable Mitt. Great review of the debate questions. Supportive crowd I loved it.

    • white531

      Michael, you should comment here more often. You gave the simplest observation on this speech of anyone here. What you said happened exactly as you described. Kudos.


    Must See Documentary
    “ONE NATION UNDER FRAUD THE DOCUMENTARY” http://www.onenationunderfraudthedocumentary.com/

  • mike3e4r7

    You can tell that Mitt Romney really likes people. These stories he’s shared the last couple of speeches about encounters he’s had with people that have touched him make that clear. The stories are too detailed and geniune to have been faked and that tells you a lot about Romney. As a candidate, he’s out there meeting thousands of people, but these stories show that he geniunely likes people and has an interest in what they have to say. That story about going to the wrong house for his neighborhood Christmas party where he met the fallen Navy Seal was funny and touching. It almost sounded too ‘good’ to be true, but it was true.

    Compare that with the stories Obama trots out about the ordinary people (the little people in his mind) that he’s met on the campaign. You can tell Obama doesn’t really like people and that when the need arises for one of these stories, his advisers find somebody whose story fits
    whatever narrative they think will help Obama’s political fortunes, and conveniently plant them at a rally so Obama can ‘meet’ them and be ‘touched’ by their story.

    • white531

      Romney may be a millionaire, but he is still an ordinary American. He still thinks like we all do. One of the things that attracts me to him.

      When exactly, did it become against the law, to be successful? Capital investment creates industry. Industry creates jobs. Jobs create prosperity.

      A man who has a skill, and because of that skill, has a good job, can raise a family. In a free environment, the children who are the offspring of that man, enjoy an even greater environment of freedom, than did their Father.

      That is, until Obama came upon the scene. To me, it is providential, that his first name, is part of the word, Abomination. Obamination..The likeness is uncanny.

      I often speak of The Hand of God. I wouldn’t use that phrase so much, if I didn’t like it.

      • wodiej

        Romney’s success has also afforded him the ability to give millions to charity that helps others as well. The more we give, the more God will give back to us. And you can’t out give God.

        • freeperjim

          Well said…and another example why Conservatives are different from liberal socialists.

  • I was there with 4 other people. Everyone was VERY Upbeat!!! Great Rally GREAT speech!!! Go Mitt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • theslob

    wonder if Obama can quote songs about America.

    • hbnolikeee

      Only tunes about destroying it.

    • He cannot even properly quote ANY of our creeds that include the words “God” or “Creator”

  • CBDenver

    That was a great speech. Romney has hit his stride for sure.

  • CBDenver

    Yeah, probably those commie songs so popular in the 1930’s

    • hbnolikeee

      What ju talkin’ ’bout Willis?

  • dk_in_tn

    WOW!! Mitt is going to be the next president.

  • This_Is_Not_A_Drill

    Mitt Romney the next President of the United States

  • MaxineCA

    Best speech in his campaign. I think he’s finally hit his stride and isn’t afraid to talk about what makes this country great! I’m jazzed……. Can’t wait for us to have an inspiring, honest person who truly cares about the people (just not their chosen ones) back as our leader.

    Go Mitt!

  • indthinker

    I try to ask God everyday to help guide Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan win the election and take our great country out of the hands of those who want to destroy our lives, freedoms and successes.
    I hope the percentage of voters in Ohio come to realize what a mistake our current administration is and vote to restore America, and Washington. I am so grateful to see such a large turnout in Ohio. I’m encouraged by hearing the enthusiasm.
    Thanks TRS.

    • JohnBarry2012

      It’s very good that Mitt Romney sought out Rev. Billy Graham and requested prayer and blessings from this good old faithful servant of the Lord. In Obama’s innauguration, Rev. Billy Graham was not welcome and the prayer was utter not in the name of Christ for the first time. Franklin Graham’s Pentagon address was also preemptively banned because of his view on Islam.

      • I think Billy’s endorsement really counts…

        My wife’s family feels stronger about Mitt, not that they were not already pro-Mitt.

        • JohnBarry2012

          “Prayer is the most helpful thing you can do for me,” Romney said to Billy Graham. When God’s general and faithful servant said that he’ll do his best to help Mitt Romney, you can count on that!

    • wodiej

      I do the same.

      “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” James 5:16


  • Fantastic Speech!! Mitt speaks from the heart with passion about OUR Country that he himself loves as well. This is something we true Americans have longed to hear for 4 long years!!! What a welcome contrast to the soulless/heartless Obama.


  • Steven

    The thing about Mitt is that he talks with no teleprompters. He knows his speech and it’s to the point where he doesn’t even have notes. It’s purely from his brain and heart. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose! Romney/Ryan 2012!


  • LiberalBoycotter

    We finally have someone who can speak, unlike Bush, and Barry. When Mitt speaks you can tell he believes everything he is saying. This is a man who loves this country, and the people of this country. I know that Mitt, will do everything he can possibly do to turn this country around.

    I pray that we will send enough Senators to Washington, to have the power to do everything Mitt, and Paul, want to do. We need this just as much as we need a POTUS, which I believe we have not had in the last 3 and a half years. We need to get rid of all the RINO’s and get real Conservatives who will do what they can to save this great nation, also.

  • These crowds in Ohio to see Governor Romney remind me of something…Oh yeah! Hopenchange of 2008…

  • PVG

    <4 MORE WEEKS!

  • ZM71

    I was able to make it to his rally in Lancaster, Ohio on Friday where he also had a pretty decent turn out though not quite as big as this one. What i really noticed about it though was how clean everything was. Even though there was some trash on the ground nearly all of it was picked up. After the Obama rally at Ohio State last Tuesday, the usually clean oval was covered in litter and trash from the rally. But of course we are still the ones who hate the environment.

    • SoLongSong

      That comment you made about the trash is, I think, significant – because it’s an INDICATOR.

      Think of how the Tea Party left the place after a demonstration, no litter, no anything.

      Then think on how the Occupy Movement, embraced by the Democrats, left the place: Broken windows, trash, human waste, sheer destruction.

      An INDICATOR. Which of these will the American people choose for the future? There’s no contest, the clean leave-behinders. But it has to be by such a landslide that there is no stealing, there is no doubt.

      A change is gonna come.

      • wodiej

        the libs are planning a million muppet march on DC 3 days before the election. Wonder if they will set a good example for kids by picking up after themselves. Another example for people to see the lack of depth in liberals. Big Bird is more important than the economy.

        • Every one of the idiots that goes to this march is a muppet if you ask me. Their muppet is shaped like a sheep and their chant is “4 legs good, 2 legs bad.”

    • ColoradoTim

      My theory is that pollution is a result of poverty. Do you see blue smoke spewing out of a rich person’s car? Do you see sofa’s out on their lawn? The cure for pollution is for people to raise themselves out of poverty. Obama will never be the cure for pollution, because he only makes more poor people. The number of millionaires has decreased under his administration, and the number of people starting their own businesses is near an multi-decade low.

      • Betsey_Ross

        Well, picking up after yourself helps, too.

  • white531

    I often get here late. I wish I had the advantage of being here when the conversation is alive.
    Takes me an hour to read all your comments. I read them faithfully. They affect my understanding of what faces us. That is my compliment to all of you.

    I thought it was a great speech by Romney. I believe he is beginning to be more comfortable with people. He has a natural affinity for other Americans, and as he sees that lots of people like him and the policies he intends to put in place, he is growing more comfortable in his own skin.

    In this most recent speech, he bared his soul, somewhat. He told us of some of his own personal life experiences. It was refreshing. It showed a side of Romney, that he probably has difficulty expressing.

    I hope he continues on this path, of showing Americans that he is real. That he is just like the rest of us. Its what people need to see.

    This man is a good, decent, human being. He is also a great businessman, who understands how money works. He will begin the long process of restoring the economy, that Obama has destroyed.

    He also understands that The United States of America needs to maintain a strong Military presence in the world. Because it is absolutely necessary, to protect our basic Freedom against the many enemies this country has.

    A speech is just a speech. It is the man behind the speech, that is important. Obama makes a speech every ten minutes. He’s a gas bag. That’s what he does. He doesn’t believe a single thing he says.

    Romney is different. You can see it. He actually believes he can turn this thing around. He’s done it before. He did it with the Olympics.

    This isn’t Hope and Change. This is a man who knows what he’s doing.

    • I am excited to see all the enthusiasm. I am in a “targeted” district in a targeted county in a swing state. I volunteer at the local county GOP office. We have more people streaming in with increasing enthusiasm every single time Romney shows up in town or a speech is broadcast. Every time we hear him without the filter of the press we hear a grown-up speak Axelrod has lost control of The Message, the press is ceasing to cover for Obama every time and these intellectual giants will not regain what they have lost.

      • white531

        I love your comments, Red, because they are genuine.

      • Jerseygalnny

        Red, thank you for sharing that local sentiment! It is the same where I am, in northern NY state. Very liberal state, but rural pockets of conservatives. The enthusiasm is with Romney/Ryan, and total disillusionment with Obama remains. I doubt the remaining days till election will energize them here. It all comes down to local, Red. We take this country back one precinct at a time, and it began in 2010, were the really big story went unnoticed, but is playing out now. The local, county and state gains made by conservatives are impacting this election.

        Red, I am part of a conservative patriots’ group ~ Fundamental Refounding, and we’d welcome your insights! http://fundamentalrefounding.ning.com/ Take a look, and consider joining us! God bless, and keep up the good fight! JG

    • Jerseygalnny

      Great comment, white531! I feel the same as you about missing the conversation most of the time!

      Romney is a humble man, and yet I see him carrying out a very precise campaign. In Romney, I see a man who succeeded, in part, by knowing what his tenth step will be, and were that will put him. Romney is a man who plans his work, then works his plan. There is no need to worry about ad libbing on his part, the true Romney is always visible. I love that this man doesn’t appear to come with reverse (even his book, ‘No Apology’) and I think that is because he is very sure that his move is the right one. It is that confidence that is resonating with Americans. I saw it happen with Reagan, and it is happening again.

      I am part of a patriots group, Fundamental Refounding, http://fundamentalrefounding.ning.com/ and invite you to take a look and consider joining us! There is usually some live conversation with great like-minded folks in our chat, and great discussions in our forum. We’d love to have you! ~God bless, JG

      • PVG

        Ditto…..I’m always coming in late and missing the lively conversation. Pacific time zone has a lot to do with it.
        Romney is a confident, measured, and accomplished businessman with actual experience. The man is able to make decisions based on experience and logic, not ideology and pay off. I believe he will do what this country needs to get us out of the quick sand we are in due to this inept, corrupt regime.

        • Jerseygalnny

          WE agree on Romney, for sure, PVG. It will be a tough road, and I pray that we can reclaim our great country from the ‘47%’ of the takers! Take a peek at FR http://fundamentalrefounding.ning.com/ and join us! It’s a small but growing group of patriots!

  • TexasLadyJuanita

    God Bless Mitt Romney, the next president of the United States of America.

  • white531

    My wife and I watched the speech together this evening. When it was finished, she said, “It was a good speech. If the man behind those words, believes those words, he will win this election.”

    My wife is not often wrong. I am living testimony to that fact.

  • spottedreptile

    “We live for something greater than ourselves.”

    Great, great line. Compare that with the self-centred, selfish, arrogant attitude of Obama and the Democrats – “me, me, me.”

    Mitt believes this with all his heart. I love that this election has become one of ideology as well as the economy and other issues. Because it is truly about what kind of America we all want. Romney and Ryan make it very clear which America they believe in. You can’t miss it. It rings out in their voices. Truth is the best debater of all.

    That was a great speech and the best part was he meant every word.

    • wodiej

      that is a wonderful line and every person would have a more content and purposeful life if they lived by it.

  • white531

    Yes, he looked tired out there. But he looked good. He looked like he could take control of this country tomorrow, and make it work.

    • Tired isn’t always bad.
      Jimmy Stewart, as the filibustering Senator in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, looked tired.
      He was fighting for the essence of a democratic, representative republic.

      That said, rest up, Mitt, it’s an eternity til election day, an eternity in 4 weeks, and we want you on top of your game… so far, you done good…

  • wodiej

    I wasn’t able to watch much of this until now. This was a very good speech. I think the personal stories are great and very effective. You can tell when Romney shares them that they have touched him in a personal way. The salute to our military at the end was great too.

    As a side note….most of the polls in swing states have moved into Romney’s column. I think another good debate will seal the deal.

    • Jerseygalnny

      I saw that about the polls ~ I heard two reports, that Obama has only locked up 7 or 9 states! That IS good news for us. I think Romney will do well. His greatest danger lies in becoming over-confident, and I just don’t see that as something Romney would allow to happen. Mainly, since he isn’t driven by ego and power! I’ve seen you posting for some time now, wodiej, and please consider joining FR http://fundamentalrefounding.ning.com/ Your insights would be most welcome! God bless!

      • Romney/Ryan are Humble men and they emphasize over and over that this election is not about them – it’s about we the people and Country!

        They will not get cocky and over-confident!

        • Jerseygalnny

          Well said jazcox! One thing that sticks in my mind, is how Paul Ryan was quiet, or at least not in the news continually, in his early years in DC. It seems now, that he was watching, learning, and working for America. All excellent prep for where he is now. He is an excellent choice! Consider joining us at FR http://fundamentalrefounding.ning.com/ It is a great group of patriots, and your insights would be most welcome!

      • wodiej

        thank you for the invite.

        • Jerseygalnny

          You are most welcome, and I just welcomed you!

  • freeperjim

    If Romney can govern as a strong Constitutional Conservative and begin returning America to the Republic it once was, he will become a great president forever linked with Reagan.

  • GiantM

    The one point in this speech that clearly defines one of the differences if not THE difference between Romney and Obuma is found between the time slots 12:39 to 13:49.

    Romney’s get’s it. Obuma has no clue.

  • In a word: Momentum! 🙂

    Our time is coming! 🙂

  • I am for Romney/Ryan but this election is still gonna be tight and we can’t take anything for granted, remember Walter Mondale drew large crowds and lost 49 states.

    • Jerseygalnny

      I remain cautiously optimistic, and Obama drew record crowds as well, and won. The momentum is clearly with Romney. I remember the Reagan/Mondale race, and Mondale may have had the crowds (mostly, IMO because he chose Ferraro), but he didn’t have any sustained momentum.

      • McCain had large crowds because of Palin…. Well ok Palin had huge crowds.

        But these are huge crowds FOR the top of the ticket. The enthusiasm is all on the right this go around.

        • Jerseygalnny

          I agree. My response was to the initial reference of Mondale, not McCain. The momentum and the crowds are with Romney, I’m not disputing that at all.

        • PVG

          I truly believe this! People out here in CA, albeit Northern CA, are fed up with this economy and $4.69/gal gas.

          • Jerseygalnny

            Wow, northern NY here, and gas is $4.09. Still no media outrage, only the people, whose voices seem to get lost in this liberal state!

          • DebbyX

            CA gas was $5 something last night on the news.

  • SKL53

    This is a man with a vision and a plan for America’s prosperity! Together Romney/Ryan team are heading for the finish line…forget the tainted polls…just look at the crowds!!!

  • This speech was very inspiring – I had tears in my eyes!

    I don’t care what the sappy PPP (Dem’s pollster) poll is saying – Romney is going to take OHIO and this is not wishful thinking!

  • The Golden Lamb Restaraunt has hosted many President’s and famous people in AAmerican culture. Mark Twain, US Grantr and W are among the many who enjoy the great food and the freedom to discuss in cordial tones the politics of the day.

    • Jaels_Song

      Wow! Sweet little history lesson. Thank you! =)

  • Jaels_Song

    I wonder what the October surprise will be? Maybe Obama will sprout a set of nads and rain hell down on the people who murdered Ambassador Stephens, 2 SEAL’s and 1 Marine. Perhaps that will be the October surprise.

    • I think there is a better chance of Hell freezing over before NObama would ever do the right thing.

    • DebbyX

      N O T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Inspirational and heartfelt speech. I agree with some of the comments below that Romney looked a little tired. But he was ON his game! What a HUGE turnout eh? And so enthusiastic as well! I keep dreaming and hoping of a landslide victory for Romney and of course, America! Each day I feel more and more confident that my dreams will come true!

    Romney and Ryan – Restoration and Regeneration! – Reawakening and Recuperation – Rest and Relaxation!

  • miltoncross

    The real poll will be on November 6th and not those fake polls from NBC, CBS, Pew, Quinnipiac, and even FoxNews, who have oversampled Democrats 7-10%. If you look at the internals it is easy to see. So if you think those lines were long at Chic-fil-lay appreciation day, with conservative Americans showing their support, wait for November 6th 2012, the day they kick Obama and all his socialist czars out of office. They’re going to have to extend the hours for voting because they’ll be coming in droves to finally put a nail into the coffin of the worst president in the history of America!

    • wodiej

      Early voting/absentee has been brisk. I went down the first day, 30 mins. after the polls opened. Quite a few people there. When my mom and sister went a few days later there was a line. (I live in Indiana)

  • CitizenVetUSA

    In Mitt’s heart is a passion for goodness in all American’s

  • poljunkie

    THAT was a fantastic speech.

    Gov Romney has dark circles under his eyes, I hope he has time for a long nap today, so he is rested for Tuesday. We are behind you!

  • wodiej
  • daisy_mae

    Love it he wrapped up thanking our nation’s finest!!!

  • white531

    I am enlightened by what I see. The Primaries are over. That part is behind us. Mitt Romney is our Candidate. I see that most Conservatives support him. That is how it should be. i believe he is doing his best to deserve our support.

    There are still some Ron Paul supporters out there, and that is understandable. Make no mistake, Ron Paul is a great American. He stands for Freedom and the Constitution. But, at this stage of the game, he can’t help us get rid of The Muslim. Nor can his supporters.

    I want to see this thing through to a victory.

    I want my country back from this Communist Muslim.


    Go Mitt!! Kick little 0’s skinny ass. I have already voted. We have to watch for cheating….it’s what 0 does best. 0 has sat on his butt for 4 years. He needs to go and do what he does best. NOTHING!!! Never seen a lazier president. I know Mitt (and Paul) will work hard. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

  • Gov.Romney will be a great president, we Americans need to be sure an send many newly elected congressman and senators of like mind to DC come November.

    The picture reminds me of the 2 million Tea Party Americans who went to Washington DC 2009, that was a beautiful day.

    Obama done 11.6.2012

    Tea Party Express

  • Holland VanDieren

    An admired friend told me how taken he was with this speech so I felt compelled to view it. I have so many accolades for Mitt Romney — he is genuine, sincere in this love for our nation, has the experience and will needed to remake the USA as it should be.

    One thing I keyed in on is how Mitt Romney never punctuates his speeches with cheap emotion like Obama and Biden do. Mitt is vibrant and doesn’t need the false drama, grinning and preening our Pres and VP inject into everything. Not only are their words lies, their behavior is that of liars. Not so with Mitt. He is a straight shooter all the way.