FULL SPEECH: Watch Paul Ryan’s fantastic campaign stop in Glen Allen, Virginia

After listening to a few of Paul Ryan’s campaign stops this week, I can say without a doubt that this is the best he has sounded yet. He spoke from the heart and it didn’t sound like it was coming from a piece of paper – nothing mechanical about it. This is the Paul Ryan I’m used to listening to and it was fantastic.

Watch his full speech below:

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  • MiketheMarine

    Good, Scoop. We need Virginia to fall our way to win this thing. I’m glad to hear he is hitting his stride there.

    • Virginia isn’t even close, hasn’t been. Don’t believe the bunk polls. Romney will win by 5 points or better.

      On a lighter note:
      Mr. Ryan, welcome to Central VA, please make yourself at home and feel free to visit any time sir.

    • badbadlibs

      I thought the people of Virginia were going to help the people of N. Carolina vote bo back in…the residents of Virginia are a busy bunch. 😉

  • Ranger1325

    Normally I get tired of all the campaign speeches, but not with this guy. I love his style and substance.

    • Orangeone

      Agree. But everytime I view an RS video of R Squared I learn something more about the founding of this great country. Keep re-enforcing the message R Squared. I loved the Keystone Pipeline comment in this one, drive it home in EVERY speech. They also need to start referencing the court’s order that O’Bambi is ignorning to life the illegal drilling moratorium in our southern states. We in the US care about job declines all across our nation and most don’t realize that O’Bambi is standing in the way of our drilling on our own lands and disobeying the court to do it.

    • conservocop

      Refreshing to say the least.

  • 4Hoppes2

    Paul Ryan has pegged my enthusiasm meter. He is just so confident, competent, and capable it brings back a level of trust and patriotism so lacking for so long I can’t contain my excitement.

    • Patriot077

      Yup, yup, yup, yipppeeee!
      $10mm in donations since he came on less than a week ago! And from 68% new donors. Also 45,000 new online volunteers. I think a lot of folks got their enthusiasm meters pegged!


    …Romney / Ryan , landslide VICTORY 2012 !”

    • johnos2112

      I would love to have this election wrapped up for Romney/Ryan by 10EST November 6th!

      • MiketheMarine

        Let gasoline prices keep climbing and we may have this locked up by October 1st.

        • No, man, see Obama has got this one. He’s gonna release some oil from the strategic reserves.

          Translation: He’s scared oil-less.

      • badbadlibs

        That’s 7pm my time and I would so appreciate being able to go to bed early and sleep peacfully.
        At this point, I’m thinking of sipping wine thru the night….is that bad? I sat on the edge of my seat in the 2004 elections, I’m older now and don’t know my bp can take it!

        • johnos2112

          Once Florida, Ohio and Penn go to Romney that should about wrap it up.

        • Nukeman60

          Sip the wine during the early returns, but save the champagne for after midnight!!! Then let the cork fly. 🙂

      • conservocop

        I’ll be a nervous wreck, … but once it is clear that R & R have taken back the WH, Nov. the 6th will instantly become July the 4th: … and I believe you will be able to feel the wonderful vibrations wherever you are from one coast to the other. There will be lots of tears of joy.

        • johnos2112

          The man upstairs. THE LORD, will not allow another Obama term.

  • It’ll be nice to have Americans in the WH again.

    • Someone is going to have to go through it and look for espionage equipment, then clean up all the desks where the Narcissist-in-chief put his shoes on them.

    • badbadlibs

      Well put!

  • sDee

    “I mean he really is literally, our leader in House of Representatives”

    Payback Boehner?

    • I know!I know! I heard that too but “first” priority is getting rid of o

      • sDee

        still nice to imagine that they are thinking ahead 🙂

    • conwis

      Technically he is the Majority leader and Boehner is the Speaker

  • Sober_Thinking

    He’s a blessing for this campaign.

    Thanks Scoop!

  • marketcomp

    Ryan is so uplifting and really inspiring. When he was chosen I wondered how he would be the attack VP that conventional wisdom says he should be, but I think he is redefining the attack part of that. He has encouraged and inspired all of us just like he has done for Mitt. I mean everyone has notice how Mitt is on his game and not being distracted by Obama/Biden drama. Romney/Ryan 2012!

  • williamm

    This is nothing more than Ryan attempting to win the state of North Carolina.

    • MiketheMarine


    • it would have been funny if he mocked Biden again when he mentioned the 21st century lol

  • Can’t wait to watch this one. Maybe I can sneak it in at the office.

    I’ve always ignored most of the political speeches but Romney/Ryan, I think listened to every one of them.

    I can hear a single syllable from PEBO and I’m diving for the remote.

    • celestiallady

      I have to sneak too or wait till I get home!

      • PhillyCon

        Hey CL:

        Good to see you in these parts!

        • celestiallady

          Same to you PC. I am here a lot, lurking for the most part!!! Stay out of trouble that way.

  • dk_in_tn

    Great Speech–he has my support and I think he appeals to the youth and seniors.

    • neither he or romney appeals to me. as a 62 year old wife, mom i find it rather astonishing how you all think he is so great when he’s been in washington for 14 years and romney has been running for president for 6 years. Why is he more qualified to walk into the white house than governor palin who has by far more experience than obama, biden and yes ryan put together? why are thy snubbing gov palin from speaking at the convention? why are they so afraid and intimidated by her? and why do both parties trash women who are just as capable as leading this country than the good old boys in both parties? I am a conservative but will not hold my nose and vote for this rino and his insider partner. I will vote conservative on the down ballot to make sure conservatives get elected to the house and senate but I will no longer support the rnc, rino romney or the gop establishment. I sent back a letter to the rnc letting them know that the manner in which they trashed and snubbed Gov. Palin is unacceptable and as such my contributions will go only to her pacs and those she endorses.

      • I am not interested in a cult of personality, whether it be Obama or Palin. I like Sarah Palin, but we are engaged in the battle of our lives in this election, and we need to be out there with energy and enthusiasm supporting this ticket. The alternative is too awful to bear.

        • sno_warrior

          Amen Teresa. I’ve been a supporter of Gov. Palin since I first heard of her…when she was the Mayor of Wasilla. So I’ve supported Palin a long, long time! That being said, she IS NOT on the ticket!!!!!

          The choice IS CLEAR….

          Romney/Ryan should win this in a landslide. Just keep exposing Obbummer and honestly speak to the issues!

          Another thing is perfectly clear: NOT VOTING is a vote for Obbummer!

          • The more people we get to not vote for Obama the better. But if they do not vote for Romney he is not nearly as good off as if they did.

            Same with Romney. If you vote for him he gets 1 vote Obama 0. If you vote for Obama Obama 1 Romney 0 if you vote for neither Obama 0 Romney 0. Now in my book 0 – 0 is a tie but 1 – 0 is a win. Thus not voting for Romney is NOT a vote for Obama.

            Romney will have to earn his votes just like every politician. But lying that no vote is a vote for Obama is as true as not voting is a vote for Romney. Neither is the least bit true.

            I am seriously tempted to actually vote for Obama because of all the people spouting this nonsense. Which do you prefer. I vote for Obama I vote for neither?

            Still say it is the same?

            Right now Romney is selling himself to me but comments like yours drive me away from Romney. I detest Obama with every fiber of my body. But Mitt will still have to win my vote. I have voted for no one in other elections. If I like neither I vote for neither.

            • badbadlibs

              Every vote counts, so if you or I don’t show up to vote, and more bo candidates do, then bo wins. It’s just a matter of simple logic, no?

              • So do you prefer I vote for O or no one?

                No doubt you prefer I vote for Romney but as of now that is not an option it is O or no one on the Presidential line straight Republican otherwise.

                No doubt given those two choices no one is preferred by you.

                Logic is then that a no vote is NOT a vote for Obama.

                Lying to people like that might just make some not vote at all. It has me about 70% chance of voting for Obama though I most likely hate him more than you do. I object to Saul Alinsky tactics by Republicans so much I will vote against them and for their opponent to send a message.

                • badbadlibs

                  I’m not sure where all your anger is coming from and frankly, I don’t want to know. All I was pointing out is that every vote counts, if person A gets more then person B then person A wins. If that in your world is a Saul Alinsky tactic I don’t know what to tell you….have a good night.

            • sno_warrior

              you do whatever turns you crank! It’s a free country…for a while yet!!!

            • Nukeman60

              Every voting-eligible person in this country has a right to vote – and can vote whatever way he or she likes. I personally would wish that people who don’t know what they are voting for or those that vote one way or another for frivolous reasons should just stay home. Elections are important matters and people that walk into the booth without a clue as to which way to go are doing themselves a disservice.

              If you can switch your vote so easily because some other voter irritates you, then you aren’t taking the voting process serious enough and should, in my opinion, join the ranks of the clueless.

              The issues should be weighed heavily and the decision should be a well thought out one. Trying to feign blackmail to get your vote doesn’t reflect very well on your decision making process. But, the choice is yours. Romney does indeed have to earn your vote. But we don’t.

      • Well, here’s ANOTHER vote for Obama…no vote at all in such a tight election is a vote for the Dem’s…

        • You might want to read it a little more closely.

        • sno_warrior


      • We lost a great moment in history by letting the elites and Rockerfeller wing elbow Palin aside. Our grandchildren will pay for it, too.

        But that moment is gone. The window is now fully closed, and Gov. Palin is settling into her new role quite well.

        Meanwhile, all we have to work with is the Romney/Ryan ticket. Stop slamming those guys. They will win, and win big, and that’s not the worst thing that could happen.

        The real effort for those of us who are “restoration minded,” is to work down-ticket and locally, to pick up where the primary process failed us. We have to get rid of the weak-minded, corrupt fools with (R) designations, and replace them with men and women of integrity.

        If we can get a movement built up to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment, or to get an Amendment on Marriage, or an Amendment on limiting the scope of the commerce clause, then we can work like crazy to make sure Romney doesn’t screw it up. That is an effort worthy of our time and money.

        But disparaging the GOP ticket before the election is a total waste of energy and time, and can only make more difficult the task we face afterward.

        • FocusedFury

          I am delighted to see that someone besides me realizes what a frightening tool the current version of the Commerce Clause is in the hands of the liberal tyrants.

          • Thanks! You’ll find a lot of us here. We pay attention to the Constitution, and what’s going on with “interpretation” of it very closely.

  • Democrats win (not always, but mostly) when they make a hypothetical argument in a circumstantial situation promising fantastical results.

    The argument this election, thanks to Governor Romney’s GENIUS in selecting Paul Ryan, will be ACTUAL, not hypothetical.

    The situation is a REALLY terrible economy with REAL people feeling the pain.

    The results of this administration’s policies are EPIC FAILURES – across the board – with REAL people experiencing them and being hurt by them.

    How Obama wins, given the above, is a total mystery. Barring something catastrophic happening to the Romney campaign, I don’t think it’s possible.

    And for the sake of my children, your children, and those children yet to be born, I pray to God EVERY [email protected] NIGHT that I am right.

    • I would love to be able to believe this. I have been on a facebook “debate” with a co-worker this morning and I’m not so sure the general population is intelligent enough to know the difference between Hypothetical and Actual. Just a few statements to share from that conversation.

      “Romney doesn’t like America”
      “Romney is out for himself, not us”

      You just can’t fix stupid…..

      • Joe

        Actually You can fix stupid – Usually it is fatal!
        and punishable by law

      • celestiallady

        When they say stuff like that I always ask for a link to back that up!! Usually they can’t provide one.

      • Challenge them to back up those statements. They are emoting emotionalism. Demand specifics.

      • sDee

        People like this will always be with us. They are natural slaves to the government, made happy and whole by listening to media propaganda. They value being on the bandwagon more than their freedom, until it is gone.

        This is why the Founders knew we could only be free in a Republic with sovereign states. They were faced not only with ignorance, but also with loyalists. A democratic majority would have returned America back to the King eventually. They began the Revolution with 20% support.

        It will always be a battle. We could do ourselves and freedom a great service by repealing the 17th Amendment.

  • Joe

    Ryan goes to FLORIDA

    Senior Lady shouts – Good Luck – Kick A$$!


    Like I said all along we need a podium pounder – I think we finally have one!

  • R squared has the momentum.

  • NJK

    Love this guy.

  • odin147

    There is a lot confusion the msm as usual is peddling out there to confuse the folks about Ryan’s budget and the one’s medicare raid. Ryan’s budget is scored against medicare budget’s baseline so when obamacare became law the Medicare budget’s baseline changed to include those cuts when it should not have since the cuts were never meant to fund medicare but to fund obamacare, this is the travesty, so Ryan’s budget had to keep those cuts to keep up with medicare budget’s baseline which is the current law. If he had removed the cuts then Ryan would have had to find new cuts to offset the ones cuts to keep up with this baseline, it would go against the promise GOP made to current seniors not to cut Medicare so they went with the ones cuts to keep up with the baseline. The important point is that the one’s cut is a raid not a saving since it goes to fund obamacare not to the Medicare trust fund which Ryan’s budget does.

  • Great speech. I must say Ryan can be pretty inspiring.

  • poljunkie

    Ryan seems like a man with a plan.

    I hope he gets to use it.

    • sno_warrior

      I have a feeling the when we have the R/R team in the White House that V.P. Ryan will have great responsibilities.

      A great businessman delegates responsibilities and IMO it is Ryan who will be the one delegated to traveling the country, talk shows, etc., DETAILING the Ronmey/Ryan Budget/Tax plan, and also explaining in detail why we have to cut spending to save this Country. He probably knows more about the budget process, the economic detalis and the looming crisis than anyone in Washington! I thing he will have great responsibilities on the domistic front. 🙂

      • poljunkie

        …As long as we win the election!!!!!

  • wodiej

    Not big on speeches. Gingrich and Palin grab my attention but not too many others. No offense to Ryan but it’s not inspiring. Glad to see people are engaged though because that means they will go vote.

  • It’s nice to see these guys working to get our vote. True, it helps to get coverage by the media. But as you discover in the entertainment industry, even a small show has to be treated like the big time, because if any media person is there and decides you are not lighting up the crowd, well, that’s what goes into your next contract discussion.

    Herman Cain had the showmanship and the sales patter down solid. But he couldn’t deliver on substance beyond the veneer of his tax plan. Ryan and Romney both can go deep on anything economic, without getting lost in the weeds. And they both deliver at the podium. Not as engaging as Cain, nor as electric as Palin, but a solid, clean performance.

  • Good speech but Rasmussen shows a drop not a bump. But early to tell and WI looks better now possibly Florida.

    They need to keep up the talk on Medicaid. 25% of Seniors have Medicare Advantage which Obama cuts.

    Still hate when Ryan and Mitt say Mitt was a Conservative Governor this is easily disproven. Mitt walked across the isle he did not work with Democrats he more or less became one. Not really debatable. 700 million in new fees and taxes. Hate how people say a fee is not a tax it simply is just two different ways for Government to take money from Americans.

  • CalCoolidge

    Maybe if we watch enough Paul Ryan speeches, we can forget Romeycare and how Left Romney is.

    • LiveFreeOrDie2012

      Your choice is Romney or Obama. Get on board or get the hell out of the way!

      • CalCoolidge

        No, I have more choices. I am not voting for a guy who put in government-run health care. Maybe you RINO’s should get out of the way, so we can elect conservatives.

    • Massachusetts Care is nothing like Obama Care which is 2000+ pages Mass. was 72. Obama Care has waivers & pork. Not Mass. Care. Obama Care total take over. Not Mass. Care. Obama Care not approved bipartisan or reviewed by voters. Mass. Care was. https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/313003_1910725101614_119557488_n.jpg How do you get people to pay something towards their care & stop bankrupting a state? http://www.WhyRomney.com Solving problems is harder than people realize especially when the legislature was 85% liberal at that time. Mitt had Rush & Heritage Foundation as well as Newt’s approval of what his team, experts & leg. fashioned. Obama does not care about fixing problems like Mitt did. Obama cares about ripping off tax payers, taking over all aspects of gov & power. Mitt does not need the job. He just wants to save America.

      • CalCoolidge

        Both are a lot alike. Actually, I have decades of experience with this type of discussion: people telling me liberals and socialists are not alike, Democrats and socialists are not alike, communists and socialists are not alike.

        You ask, “how do you get people to put something toward their healthcare?” Not by mandating the young and healthy pay for it as Obama and Romney do.

  • Greg Halvorson

    Eric Cantor is an EPIC FAIL whose PAC undermines conservatives at every step…. Very disappointing to hear Ryan praise him…. I know he had to say it, being where he was, but still… it ain’t true.

    • Eric Cantor is a nice man and patriot….there are different flavors of Republican. He may be more moderate but that does not mean he’s our enemy.

    • PVG

      Mark Meckler, one of the Tea Party co-founders, said he trusts Boehner more than Cantor. Nuff said!

  • Reckoner_3

    Paul Ryan has the instruction manual “no assembly required” for the stump.

    Paul ryan can appeal to the middle…..People like “competence and confidence” When he speaks at the convention and the debates the more the nation will getfamiliar with the ticket. Two competent men, meaning the more the nation will vote with their wallets…..

    Come January 2013….. Obama can have all the Entertainment Tonight interviews as a private citizen……

  • 12grace

    Fantastic speech! Love Ryan.

  • tinker_thinker

    True leaders! Yea!

  • Obama’s Fiscal Responsibility Commission Co-Chairs Praise Ryan http://dlvr.it/21NkQK

  • proudhispanicconservative

    What I really really love about this stop is if you look at the background all you see is young people the polls are reflecting that with the youth moving towards Romney/Ryan. One thing he has to get across to the young voters is that Obama and his policies is mortgaging their future, and start to remind them what Pelosi said about them when she called them freeloaders. And when he visits florida remind seniors of their duties as americans to leave a better future for their grandkids.

  • anneinarkansas

    What a Man!!!

  • On message.

  • PatriotInk

    Paul Ryan is going to destroy Biden in the debates. The ONLY way Biden will be perceived to win are fools that can be fooled all of the time and fools that can be fooled some of the by lies, more lies, and damn lies from Biden. -PI

  • John3_3

    Know what I like about Ryan? He a down home American guy. He like your neighbor or one of my hunting buddies. A hunting buddy that’s smart (none of mine are). There a certain amount of innocence about him too, like he is genuinely in it to make the USA better. He really cares about the county and the people in it.

  • When you watch Romney and Ryan what would go through your head to pick Obama? Thats just insane and i’ve been a Democrat for alomst 17 yrs. Obama has been a disapointment

  • Read a link about his lunch stop. That is the second time I’ve heard of him autographing a baseball. An upcoming trend perhaps? We will have to see.

  • wisetrog