Full Video: Rush Limbaugh Press Conference from Hospital in Hawaii

Rush looked great as he was giving his press conference, and he basically said he’s ok. He didn’t mention whether he would return on Monday, but my expectation is that he probably will return. After all, he’s got a huge fan base that wants to hear his voice right now. It’s quite reassuring that he is doing well!

Also, note that the video may seem a bit jumpy, but it’s because Fox was getting the video feed via Streambox. CNN didn’t have the video. Speaking of CNN, I believe at the end it was Ed Henry from CNN who asked the stupid question about ‘pain meds’, obviously referencing Rush’s past addiction.

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  • Matt

    Wow – The timing of this couldn't have been better (directly after the Health Care bill passed in the Senate). I wonder if this was done to prove a political point (in which case I would have to agree with what he did)? Liberals and all the morons across the nation need to see that our Medical system WORKS the way it is and does NOT require government intervention.

    Healthcare is not a right that Americans have as it is not included in the Bill of Rights. Our founding forefathers never intended for healthcare to be a right granted to US citizens; however, they knew it should be something that Americans should work for. Government run healthcare is nothing more than an additional burden on tax payers as well as an infringement on our rights.

    However …

    If this wasn't a political stunt, I hope they are able to track down whatever caused the chest pains and enable Rush to prevent these problems from transpiring again in the future.

  • everymansbrain

    Rush is a drug addicted idiot. I'm sure he has the Cadillac health care plan with no deductable. Of course his treatment was good, how many average people in the hospital get a fucking news conference upon their release!!!

  • therightscoop

    Seriously? He overcame his addiction years ago, yet you still hold it against him? Get real. And secondly, I'm sure he does have a 'cadillac' health care plan, but regardless, you'd have gotten the same treatment as Rush. Besides, he was talking about how awesome our health care system is…not health care insurance.

  • Some Guy in NEPA

    Rush has NO medical plan. I understand he provides for his employees but not for himself. As he has stated in the past, he prefers to pay cash. In fact, he has noted that he actually gets a break that way as doctors and hospitals actually charge the insurance company MORE. Now I'm not sure, but my guess is that this is at least partly due to the hassles involved with paperwork and partly because of the back-and-forth bargaining involved with the insurance company. In other words, to get close to what they actually want, medical professionals inflate the bill above that figure, then the insurance company says no and gives them less, but what they give is actually pretty close to what they actually wanted in the first place. Now, someone with Rush's income *can* afford to pay cash. On the same token, so can the vast majority of US Reps and Senators, yet they leech off of us taxpayers by accepting the Rolls Royce health care package THEY decided upon. (Forget Cadillac!)

  • Some Guy in NEPA

    By the way, Rush finally kicked the painkiller habit a few years back with the help of professionals at a recovery clinic. The reporter who asked him about it (CNN as I understand it) must have known better than to ask an ex-drug addict if he were being given pain meds. (As Rush noted, he's been put back on steroids for his unrelated bad back.) This question was asked purely out of malice.

    Now if Rush had been a bad-boy rock singer or lib actor like Charlie Sheen, that question would NEVER have been asked. In fact, they might even cut to a very serious-looking in-studio medical professional as he or she notes in serious tones that the rocker/actor is bravely carrying himself along without benefit of painkillers because of his previous addiction, and the anchor might chime in with something like “Our hearts and prayers go out to him and his family at this time.”