GBTV goes to Occupy Wall Street

This is a very revealing video of just who these people are at Occupy Wall Street. What’s really depressing about this is to hear echoed exactly the lies that Obama and the radical left have been pushing for the last few years:

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  • How dare your boss tell you how to do the job he pays you for!


    • Anonymous

      show up and do what you want ,go home after 45 minutes and get paid 200,000 k to start……that’ill work….won’t it

  • Complete with a moment of silence for Steve Jobs, Capitalist Extrodinaire… which some observe until someone points that out. My GOD these people are clueless.

    • Linky1

      And how would these “protesters” have organized without the help of their IPhones? Clueless is as clueless does!

  • Anonymous

    Mindless drones who haven’t had enough real life experience to understand that what they have been lied to by teachers and professors is all wrong. Unfortunately there are lots of people like this out there (you don’t have to go far to find them in NY or SF or other liberal enclaves).

    • Unfortunately, when the teacher was teaching them how to think creatively, they got drunk or high and missed the next class… the one where you have to work hard, have a job, maybe go to college if you are lucky, or if already in college you have to actually learn something useful because you get nothing for just showing up.

      What a waste of lives.

      • Linky1

        Creative and critical thinking stopped being taught once teachers unionized and radicalized. What a scary proposition-this generation thinks only one way, has blinders and thanks to their indoctrinators and current politicians, feels that the world owed them everything. This is the lost generation.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not so sure.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it isn’t likely that they didn’t skip class and get high or wasted or whatever. I am saying that I am not sure that they had a teacher who taught them how to think.

        On the contrary, I think they had lots of teachers and it only takes one to impact a life. Perhaps they missed the ‘good one’, but that’s not the problem. People have to be taught to be mindless robots. These people have been trained. They probably just had teachers who taught them what to think, not how. (Ie. The rich are rich, and you are poor, therefore you deserve more. Never a thought of how much the rich are paying already or what the rich deserve, or if you deserve what you have ‘worked’ (or not), to have, regardless of position.)

        The Media in America does the same thing; they are pretty good at not telling you what to think, though they are crossing that line lately, but they are very, very good at telling you what to think about.

  • Anonymous

    Good job Mr. Horowitz, There are two Americas, those representing the intelectual majority of the Tea Party movement and those representing the vapid idiots of the OWS gang.

  • I love how democratic exchanges happen with crowds chanting word for word what someone else is saying.

    • Anonymous

      Like a Pep Rally for Libtards.

    • I am no fan of these people by any means. However, in order to clarify why the crowds chant what the speaker is saying: They do this because the speakers are not allowed to have a bullhorn or PA system. These useful idiots came up with the “crowd repeat what is said” idea, so more of the crowd can hear what is stated.

  • Anonymous

    The more I watch these things, the more I understand that this is based in religion. Their ‘protest’ of ‘wall street’, which has very little if nothing to do with wall street and is funded by billionaires and corporations rooted in wall street, is saturated with drugs, sex, depravity, profanity, and a complete lack of true human compassion. It all boils down to the same issue, no matter what age the person is: problem with authority. It also is the root of atheism; The lack of willingness to accept ‘evidence’ of a being higher than one’s self, without ‘evidence’ deemed valid by that person.

    Of course, this all depends on your point of view… so here’s mine:

    As an LDS Christian, I believe mankind was sent here as a test, to obey, to grow, to improve… (be ye therefore perfect), but that requires that you follow the rules, accept Christ, and follow his laws… authority. God decides what is right and wrong. With life as a test, you must allow people to make wrong and right choices, and to protect ‘choice’ and ‘freedom’, you must allow the consequences. (Is there choice if you can’t get what you chose?) The LDS church calls this ‘agency’.

    These protesters are doing everything against that ideal. The most truthful thing they’ve said is that they want communism: a godless, atheistic, and morally blank governmental system that through all history has not allowed choice or freedom. (Not to mention has always led to the mass slaughter of its own citizens. How’s that for human compassion?)

    I am not saying that atheists are morally bankrupt; they usually borrow morals and ideals from society, which has taken them from religion. That’s their choice. But I can’t escape the fact that this movement, and most communist movements, are saturated with behavior that is completely and wholly against everything that organized Christianity and Religion in general has stood for for millennia.

    If you believe in Christianity, you know who is the father of this movement. (By their fruits ye shall know them.)
    If you don’t, you have to also admit that the logical conclusion of a successful movement like this is the complete degradation of the societal system, as society is based on the morals and structure they are fighting.

    They are honest at least in one thing; they want to bring down ‘the system’. I’m just thinking that the ‘system’ they are talking about has nothing to do with wall street.

    • Anonymous

      Or it could simply be the case that most people, on average, are stupid.

      • Anonymous

        lol. Point.

      • Anonymous

        A direct reflection of what these useless idiots were taught in our public school system ran by the Public Sector Unions. If you don’t teach your children right from wrong they will be at one of these brain dead protests not knowing why they are there. I do believe 40% of our population is brain dead idiots incapable of thinking for themselves, scary stuff. When they breed it will only get worse.

  • Anonymous

    The more i see and hear from these “protesters”, the more i like Wallstreet, bankers, and multi-million dollar corporations.

    The girl who wanted to go back to hunting and living off the land doesn’t look like she’d make it 1 month without a grocery store. I guess she would be one of those who would “just die”.

  • Anonymous

    The NYC Haloween parade is early this year

    New attractions this year include

    tryout for deoderant commercial guy
    assorted brainwashed college graduates-who can properly regurgitate the propaganda they’ve been indoctrinated with

    welcome to all marxists, communists and anarchists

    no capitalists allowed

  • L B

    alot of those scumbags are there for meet ups and unsafe sex

    • oh come on now ..didn’t you hear they are passing out condoms?

    • Anonymous

      Oh, but the SMELL!

  • Anonymous

    Suggestion that the Flea-party members have never been taught to think for themselves seems on point and correct.

    What we might be seeing here is the first complete ‘tool set’ from the Progressive Agenda.

    For years the Progressives have managed to make a ‘tool here and a tool there’ – they may have finally reached there goal – a WHOLE tool set ready to defecate in public oops – ready to go to work uhhh ready to protest the wonder life they have been provided in the world’s most prosperous and advanced Country.

    Wait, aren’t tools suppose to ACCOMPLISH something?

  • Anonymous

    Apple the world’s most valuable Capitalist Corporation. Great products, however there products are manufactured in CHINA. That means NO employee Federal income tax collected, NO FICA tax collected, NO workers comp paid, NO State or local taxes collected, NO Union, NO utility bills paid, NO local property tax paid on a USA factory, NO supporting local businesses….janitor, garbage removal, lunch facility, dry cleaners, gas stations….YES all the infrastructure that supports a local business.
    I liked Steve Jobs and Apple products, but you guys and girls don’t understand that the World’s most valuable company sends your money to China to support China’s JOBS, JOBS, JOBS
    Oh by the way, I just typed this comment using an Apple I-PAD.
    If you want USA Jobs you have to compete with Chinese wage rates and Chinese Labor Laws. Protesters are you willing to do that?

  • Anonymous

    I love the guy who found the Webster Dictionary and decided to look up all the big words he could find and then rehearsed them over and over so he could say them all in one long string to prove his intelligence!!

  • Anonymous

    Good god, I think I actually prefer the idiots that were running around London burning and looting a couple of months back – at least they understood what they were there for.

  • I work for an evil corporation. I’m doing alright.

  • Anonymous

    Parents, please take extra time to re-educate your kids. If not, this is what you get.

  • Anonymous

    This country is completely gone.

  • Anonymous

    The U.S.A. is falling further and further down the abyss. One great problem being that unless you view conservative TV, or search conservative websites, you have no idea that these sub-humans exist; lamestream media certainly isn’t going to show you this!

  • That girl wouldn’t last a week as a hunter-gatherer. Dope-sums up what they know, are and smoke.