Gen. Jack Keane says consulate security in Benghazi “totally inadequate” given recent “pattern of attacks”

Two great videos for you, both from Fox News tonight. The first is from Retired Four-Star General Jack Keane who points out that there have been a pattern of terrorist attacks against western powers all through the summer in Libya, and that regardless of the anniversary of 9/11, we should have always had adequate protection of our consulate in Benghazi given the hostilities there:

The specific terrorist group in Benghazi which is linked to Al Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia, is the group many suspect in the murders of our ambassador and his staffers. Erick Stakelback describes who they are and why the Obama administration should have known about them:

This is scandalous. The Obama administration totally failed our ambassador and his staffers. I heard reported earlier today that one of the staffers that was killed had said earlier on 9/11 that he worried they were going to be attacked.

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  • anyonebutbarry2012

    so is anyone in congress going to demand a investigation?? will hilary an barry be held accountable? the buck stops there. who in the state dept leaked where stevens would be ? pathetic, corrupt administration. vote them out nov 6th

    • Why would they be held accountable? Barry has not been held accountable for anything else. Stimulus, unemployment, Solyndra, Fast & Furious, missing the Green Revolution, etc. no way the press starts now.

      • louisiana_mom

        Let’s pray he is held accountable in November or we are truly lost…

        • Sober_Thinking

          I agree with you. If Obama is re-elected, honest, decent, conservative folks better knuckle down because it’s going to get VERY bad.

          Only by God’s mercy and grace will we survive. Only His strength will carry us through.

      • Sober_Thinking

        You’re absolutely right. The press is reprehensible in their complicity and negligence. It’s sickening that this elevated incompetent is allowed to slip by, unaccountable for all the shocking insanity that’s gone on under his watch. He should have been fired many times over. And the press… they deserve some sort of punishment other than a waning viewer audience.

        • Orangeone

          The US MSM needs to take a lesson out of the Egyptian press book lately. It has only started over there. Imagine what will happen here when O’Blameveryonelse doesn’t need the MSM any more because there are no more elections.

          • aposematic

            If reelected, Obuma will need the MSM/Press even more…

        • p m

          The stuff that will come out after R&R’s landslide win will truly be even more horrifying than what we think we know now – I’ll bet everything I have on that.

          While it will be tempting to just get on with returning the US to its former stature, it’s absolutely vital that a record of what has been done by this impostor and his cohorts be maintained. It’s time for a Nuremberg Trials type of investigating by the new government.
          Otherwise the commies will get away with it, and do it again in the future when the next generation forgets. They’re not going anywhere. By ‘they’, I mean the democommies and their GOP enablers.

          • Sober_Thinking

            Excellent point – I couldn’t agree more.

            I hope America collectively gasps at the horror of the inevitable disaster that was avoided as a result of R&R’s victory. I want these liars and cheats in Washington to be fully exposed.

            One other concern… the history books need to be kept correct so future generations realize what a disaster their plans and line of thinking has been.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        The liberal press may not hold Obama accountable for his crimes, but Congress should and if they don’t, Congress is accountable to we the voters.

    • Orangeone

      Whatever for, didn’t you hear Holder and the DOJ are on it????? /sarc

  • odin147

    It is amazing how different news is in the conservative media when compared to the scum stream media. It is like we live in two different worlds.

    • Joe

      We are for sure living in two worlds

      Truth vs Reality

      I really believe a total boycott of CBS – NBC AND ABC are called for !

      I was watching SNL on NBC and immediately turned it off


    • Sober_Thinking

      Theirs: Greed, power, control, lies, racism, corruption, hate, ignorance…

      Ours: Selflessness, freedom, honor, truth, love, patriotism, God-fearing…

      Oil and water cannot mix. Our job is clear – try to give them them light and hope that only God and the truth provdes. If they reject it, then their fate is sealed. We must persevere so that they don’t drag us all down with them.

  • smmy33

    The 400-strong assault force in Benghazi showed up with RPGs and mortars: That’s not a spontaneous movie protest; that’s an act of war, and better planned and executed than the dying superpower’s response to it. Secretary Clinton, to put it mildly, misleading the American people when they suggest otherwise.

    One can understand why they might do this, given the fiasco in Libya. The men who organized this attack knew the ambassador would be at the consulate in Benghazi rather than at the embassy in Tripoli. How did that happen? They knew when he had been moved from the consulate to a “safe house,” and switched their attentions accordingly. How did that happen? The United States government lost track of its ambassador for ten hours. How did that happen? Perhaps, when they’ve investigated Mitt Romney’s press release for another three or four weeks, the court eunuchs of the American media might like to look into some of these fascinating questions.

    From Mark Steyn great read at National Review.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Excellent post!

      This whole thing… just like the helicopter that got shot down with SEAL team 6 on board mere months after their OBL raid… just like Fast and Furious… I could go on and on… ALL of this stinks to high Heaven.

      Either this regime is corrupt, incompetent, or both.

    • Orangeone

      The movie header was released 6 months ago….

  • I just decided to do a google image search of defile muhammed and other such terms and came across a lot of pretty nasty stuff. So, I am to believe that all this garbage is about a stupid video that noone has seen? Give me a break!

    • louisiana_mom

      Yep! According to this administration, it was this one little video (not the million other videos). It had nothing to do with this administration’s repeatedly spiking the ball over the bin Laden killing. It had nothing to do with the hundreds of years the Muslims have hated and killed non-Muslims. It had nothing to do with policies that lead to the radicals taking control of these countries. It was all this one little, Youtube video that no one even knew existed. Ugh!

    • Sober_Thinking

      This corrupt regime ALWAYS needs a scapegoat. God forbid they take any responsibility… even when caught dead to rights.

      • Orangeone

        It’s the Alinsky way. I read on Breitbart that the film maker is a Christian!

        • Sober_Thinking

          Coptic Christian… not quite the Israeli Christian they claimed he was.

          Honestly, I don’t know what the difference is… but they no doubt blew this out of proportion and now that man’s life is in danger.

  • But I thought they “loved” us, not only because Obama was our president, but because we helped the rebels in Libya overthrow Gaddafi. So I guess the people we supported in Libya weren’t so “pro-western” after all, right? So now who is responsible for this mess? Who will be held accountable for not only screwing up security for our diplomats in Libya, but for thinking the “Arab Spring” represented a shift towards pro-western democracy? Will the mainstream media finally start asking Obama these hard questions, or will they do what they always do and keep carrying water for this abject failure of a president? I guess as long as there is a video to “blame” for all of this, nothing will be done. November can’t come soon enough for me.

  • T Pixidust

    Stand by for an important message from the President of the United States of America:

    President Pixidust: Good evening fellow Americans. I just wanted to let you know I’ve got your back.
    PP: I’ve got your back and I’m getting pretty pissed off at the savages that are running around the Middle-east and in the name of their false god wrecking havoc on American interests, as well as upon our sovereign presence within various host countries in which these religious fanatics congregate. Finally the time has come that I must send a message that I’m not going to take ANY more of their crap.
    PP: Tonight I am announcing to the world that I have ordered personnel of the United States Air Force to commence dropping leaflets over a small town in Afghanistan, which for now will remain classified. The village, with a total population of 3,128 souls, has been identified as the one village in the entire country with the highest percentage of residents whom are known to be al-Queda terrorists.
    PP: The leaflets falling upon the ground, even as I speak, inform in whatever gibberish these rodents understand, that the residents of this particular village have just 72 hours from this moment to vacate the city. At the conclusion of this period of 72 hours, I intend to detonate over the village a 25-megaton nuclear device. This message also informs the reader that my intention is not to kill any persons or livestock; my intention is to reinstate all necessary corporal punishment to nudge these troglodytes into the civilized world. I am offering any survivors of this village reparation in the amount of $500 silver dollars take it or leave it. Reparations will be payable at the United States Embassy in Kandahar one-week from today… but only to the survivors themselves. Relatives of any casualties are shit-out-of-luck, as I like to say to them slack-jawed, spittle-dribblin’ spendthrifts running Congress.
    PP: Coincidently the location of this target village is within certain visible perimeters of a very large city. Had I selected a device of less destructive tonnage, the mushroom cloud arising from the explosion would not reach high enough into the atmosphere to be visible to residents of this large nearby city. In order to ensure plenty of eyewitnesses to this event, you know… someone left to “tell the tale” (I stole that from Oliver Stone, but I digress… I’ll make Mickey and Mallory sh*t their pants before I’m done).
    PP: Anywho, getting back to my point, 100-kiloton just wouldn’t do the trick. But once you start talking mega-tonnage… now you’ve got an awesome sight, visible for hundreds of miles. Gives me gooseflesh and sends a serious shiver down the old spine. I feel like Bill Clinton at bedtime catching a glimpse of Hillary walking toward him down the horrifyingly backlit hallway, the old-gal is wearing a see-thru nighty. (Bluhuhuh… I just barfed in my mouth.) The bottom line is that 25 megaton is just enough juice to send a visible message to nearly a quarter million would-be Christian converts a few mountain tops away.
    PP: Now of course, there will be some regrettable and unintended casualties; such casualties are very unfortunate and I will be praying for their lost souls. (Even though I’m not a big fan, let’s see how that survival of the fittest thing works out over there in this experiment.) The pitiable casualties will be persons whom were either in total disbelief of the reality of my threat (understandable given the posture of the weak-kneed sisters previously occupying the Oval Office); or, the casualties will be those true believers whom are now seemingly on the fast track to fun-time in heaven. About the first category, all I can say is, “I tried to warn you guys”. All others, those new to cosmic traveling, well they asked for it… whatd’ya gonna do? Next time… and there will probably be a next time… maybe those that value their lives will promptly skeedaddle when pieces of paper begin to fall from the sky.
    PP: I know some of you sniveling lefties will be all over my case about this action and perhaps those dipsh*ts in Brussels will have a cow, also. Well, that’s too damn bad; I’m sick of you whiney panty-waists. And don’t get me started on the U.N.; I’m otherwise feeling pretty good right now and don’t want them commies in Manhattan to harsh this awesome moment.
    PP: …….anyway… uh, yeah. So look, this is the way things are going to transpire. In a few days the whole world is going to get a real eye opener, okay? Hopefully everybody in this particular village survives and they all get a pretty good little stipend to get them back on their feet.
    PP: It is my greater hope that my message will be well and goodly received… loud and clear throughout the entire world, not only in the Middle-east. (I don’t expect anybody is going to like it; but effectively and emphatically impress my point, I must. Plus, I’m no longer running a popularity contest, so ya’all can kiss my butt.)
    PP: Now… IF this new American agenda is not enthusiastically received by the Middle-eastern barbarians and they wanna keep a play-in’… you, my fellow Americans may rest assured that I will again step up to the plate as necessary and according to the following scenario.
    PP: The impetus of every single attack in the past 40 years, and made against American corporate and/or governmental interests in the region (roughly from the Mediterranean to the Himalayas), have been identified as originating from one or another faction of a group of knuckleheads I’ll generally refer to as Islamists. The enemy has clearly been identified and I’ve got him in my crosshairs. I’m done pussyfooting, I’m done mollifying, I’m done letting America get gang-raped by throwbacks to pre-civilized society and not doing anything curative in response.
    PP: So here’s how it will go down. The next time ANY attack is made against ANY American corporate or governmental interest, or against any declared ally of the United States as well, anywhere in the world, I will retaliate very much like the message now on its way to that undisclosed location in Afghanistan previously discussed. However, my response to each and every subsequent attack will witness measurable degrees of the level of my magnanimity diminishing with every seceding event.
    PP: Sure, at first, there will be warnings issued beforehand and each target will be strategically selected to maintain a certain level of congruity of radiation levels in the region. (After all we want to see redevelopment eventually. I mean, you oughta see Hiroshima today… it’s a friggin hustlin’-bustlin’ Metropolis these days. Half-life schmalf-life; I love the smell of Cobalt-57 in the morning… can you say VICTORY mother-efers?.)
    PP: Anyway, after not too many more of these instances, if this terrorist crap doesn’t come to a complete halt, so will the warnings… so will my concern for “collateral damage” (make air quotes). Oh, and one more thing… this whole strategy does have an end game scenario, of which I will be happy to share with ya’all tonight.
    PP: This is the part of my speech that I also want all you Middle-eastern rodents to hear clearly and thoroughly understand… at some point I’m looking at a 100-megaton Oppenheimer special with a detonation altitude of 5000 feet, sometime around the end of October over the following coordinates… 21.4167° N, 39.8167° E.
    PP: So don’t keep pissing me off, I will play this card and there will be no warning.
    PP: Well, that’s all for tonight, America. Sleep tight. Know that once and for all the man in charge has your back.

    • Joe

      Mr. Zero,

      That is the point

      We are supposed to have YOUR back

      YOU were “elected” to be the LEADER – not the FOLLOWER

      YOU better WATCH YOUR BACK!

      • T Pixidust


        • Joe

          WAIT ! – WHAT?

          Yes I am –


  • “Inadequate”? Try “negligent“. Marine detachments are crap, anyway; there should be, at least, a full platoon on site, not a detachment the size of a squad to defend an entire embassy or consulate. Then, the fact that the “temporary” embassy had NO Marines was just absolutely stupid and criminally negligent. Compound that with the fact that the ambassador was apparently gay…

    …and sent to a country where the polito-theological government states that gays should be executed, and you have what looks to be the makings for a criminal case, all around. Clinton should face the same fate as her husband: impeachment. Then they’ll be the perfect pair. His and hers impeachments. Wouldn’t that be romantic? However, hers should cross over into criminal prosecution and imprisonment. Quite frankly, her PSD (Protective Services Detail) should be revoked and completely reassigned. Is she wants protection, she should have to pay for it out of her own pocket.

  • welltempered2

    There is no question Obama has blood on his hands.

  • searchingforsanity

    My blood pressure is off the charts right now…..

  • 911Infidel

    Hillary’s State Deptartment had good intel in the days prior to these attacks and did nothing about it. A report is out that the Libyan security people whisked away our diplomats to a “safe house” and then let the crowds know where they were hiding. So much for Hillary’s kudos to the Libyans.

    The is is negligence on a grand scale. Obama himself has been skipping National Security briefs on a regular basis to campaign. He is also culpable.

    Furthermore that film that supposedly caused all of this terrorism was made in 2011. How come the hajis waited so long to protest? Besides that there are two other earlier films critical of Islam and narry a word has been said about them by the hajis.

    I’ll tell you why. The film was a pretext. The real reasons why this happened is because haji sees the weakness of this administration. They coordinated their attacks 0n 9/11/12 to coincide with 9-11 to get revenge for the killing of al-Libi (The Libyan AQ No 2). They are trying to make the US free the Blind Shiek and to force the US to adopt the UN resolution on Blasphemy Law.

    Muhammed said “I have been made victorious with terror”. With this administration that is the truth of the matter.

    Its past time that we forget about this trying to feed a crocodile mentality in the hopes that it would eat us last.

    What these people understand is raw power delivered by fire and steel. That’s all they respect. This moronic soft power toadyism shown by Hillary and Dempsey and Obama ionly encourages more and more terrorism.

    Westerners need to stop trying to think of Islam in terms that they would like it to be. There is no “radical” or non-radical Islam. As PM Erdogen correctly stated: “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it”.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Good post.

      • 911Infidel


  • Yazz55

    I’ve read an article or two in the past few days, which suggests that the US ambassador who was assassinated was assisting these same elements that killed him to overthrow Quadaffi. While there is nothing official about this, it does seem plausible to me that he, the US ambassador to Libya may have felt secure amongst his so called friends, whom he subversively helped into power just a year earlier. I also presume that he had an unofficial blessing from the obamessiah to do so.

    This is one source I got this perspective from. But I don’t know how long it will be on this webpage before it scrolls of somewhere.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Interesting point. Thanks for the link.

    • p m

      There are more articles coming out with the same info each day, it seems. I first read about it on Sept.13th, and I see there are more related articles – including that the Ambassador may have been gay and thus in even more danger as the terror factions went on the offensive.

    • WordsFailMe

      I am reminded of FDR’s dumbfounded response to hearing about Pearl Harbor. “Oh no,” he said.

      Or George Bush’ deer-in-the-headlights expression in that classroom and subsequent flight to shelter on Sept 11.

      Are we going to be the only nation on earth that is always the last one to know about the war?

  • Joe

    The report now is that the US was warned 3 days before the attack

    Read the first sentence in this article >>

    • p m

      Agree. Trust can’t be bought no matter how much taxpayer zero steals and gives to these retrogressives.

      Obama, Clinton and Panetta are all documented Communists who think they can ally with the barbarians and come out on top when it’s time to throw them under the proverbial bus. Their judgement is as lacking as their morality.

  • kong1967

    Ah, Jack Keane answered my question. I thought it was the responsibility of the host nation to provide security, and evidently that is correct. But we provided our own in Iraq because we knew that Iraq’s forces were not capable of doing it. Being a new government…one that I don’t trust anyway….they would not have the capability of defending installations. Obama and his national security advisors should have known better but they didn’t because they are either ignorant or don’t give a squat. I’d say it’s a lot of both.

    • Sober_Thinking

      This was so avoidable.

      • kong1967


  • Army_Pilot1967

    It’s clear that obama’s administration has no idea how to handle the situation in the Middle East. And forget about obama’s proclaimation that relations with muslim countries are going to be much better immediately after his inauguration. That sure didn’t happen. Hopefully a different president will be able to salvage this awful situation. And muslims only understand power and might, not weakness as demonstrated by obama….he’s a hollow man making hollow promises.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Obama has blood on his hands… I hold him responsible for this.

    I’m having a hard time believing that Islam and especially these particular Muslims are anything but lost, tools of the devil. I hope and pray that love and truth will overcome the evil and lies that these people embrace.

    All things are possible with God. Hopefully, they’ll learn of the Lord’s love, mercy and grace before it’s too late. Until then, this is what the world looks like without a Savior.

  • The security has been, and continues to be so it seems, “totally inadequate” just like the response from the NObama regime: TOTALLY INADEQUATE! Just like NObama himself. Americans are dying and he’s off in Vegas for fundraising! American bodies are returned home and he’s tweeting about fundraisers and Romney! What a POS we have for a pResident!

    • Orangeone

      WW, not just Romney but Romney’s tax returns, again. Deflect he must! And Minnesota Morons are falling for the tax return gimick and having money in the Cayman Islands. Unbelievable idiots.

  • sjmom

    Everyone should now be convinced this is and has been Obama’s willful purpose; to destroy America.

  • deeme

    I wondered why they took our guys so easily without a fight..I didn’t know they were not allowed to have guns and they turned down the request to have marines…I still don’t believe it an I read it…no wonder they want to blame a movie…

  • rgolich

    Where is Romney, the NYC/Wash DC/Beltway candidate of choice, because he’s oh so very calm and moderate, not like us hate filled tea party types? Where is Mittens? If he had any backbone, he’s be on this 24/7, making it clear that we are losing our freedom of speech, that Barry Soetoro is a lying hypocrite (why not arrest Bill Maher and the anti-Christian Hollywood Left?) and declaring under Barry, the USA is now Sharia compliant.

  • Spartan4Palin

    Here’s what this administration should admit? There isn’t one of them that understand military issues! They certainly don’t listen to their military advisors!

    So I will sum up exactly what is happening in Cairo and Libya! Sun Tzu: The Art of War!
    The film is the distraction while Al Qaeda makes for the embassies! If we didn’t have ‘appeasers for peace’ leading our country, they would understand this!

    • Orangeone

      One of O’Blameveryonelse’s Generals came out and blamed America’s Constitution! He needs to be dishonorably discharged immediately.

  • “I heard reported earlier today that one of the staffers that was killed had said earlier on 9/11 that he worried they were going to be attacked. ”

    Yes. The victim is a gamer and was online talking to his buddies playing a game and numerous times posted that he was worried about attack since the Libyan security they had was taking pictures of them and the compound.

  • maynardb50

    John Hagee is preaching about Israel today. Very good sermon at 11:00 a.m. central time.
    You have to sign up, but it is live from Cornerstone Church in San Antonio.

  • maynardb50

    Anyone who is interested< John Hagee gave an excellent sermon today on the Nation Of Israel. He preaches it again at 11:00 a.m. central time

  • notebene

    The silence has been deafening from the imposter in chief. You think he could pry himself away from his campaigning and selling of sweatshirts long enough to do his job? Nope! Still out there shelling the sorry and pathetic excuse that a video caused this. He caused this with his dhimmitude to the Muslim Brotherhood and he is a laughingstock among those nations! How dare he criticize W and blame him, when he is the one parading around bragging as though he himself shot Bin Laden! Now he will throw Hillary under the bus, when the buck ultimately stops with him and his inadequate policies of dhimmitude. The most shameful part of all of this is that this administration still has the gall to be fighting to stay in power when they have shown how inadequate and woefully inept they are!

  • TJinNJ

    Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Mosques in the USA, CAIR, ISNA, MAS, etc are funded by Saudi Arabia – Hello? Anybody connecting the DOTS?

  • mediaaccess1

    Obama did see it!!!!!!!!