George Zimmerman pulled over for speeding in Texas, told officer he had a gun

George Zimmerman was pulled over in Texas for speeding and let off with a verbal warming. But the first thing he did was tell the officer he had a gun in the glove box. I would have figured he did, but it’s good to know he’s carrying, especially with all the ginned-up outrage and death threats aimed at him.


INFORNEY – According to the police dashcam video obtained by, Zimmerman made the Forney police officer aware of a firearm in his glove compartment at the beginning of the stop. After revealing the firearm, the police officer asked where Zimmerman was heading. Zimmerman replied, “nowhere in particular.” “Nowhere in particular, why is that?” responded the officer. “You didn’t see my name?” said Zimmerman. The officer then responded, “wow, what a coincidence.”

The officer then asked if he was clear of warrants to which Zimmerman replied, “absolutely.”

“Alright, I’m gonna go back and just check you, routinely. The reason you were stopped was for your speed, why don’t you slow down a little bit for me and, as long as you don’t have any warrants, I’ll cut you loose with a warning. Just take it easy, go ahead and shut your glove compartment and don’t play with your firearm, ok?” said the officer before returning to his vehicle.

After the warrant check came back clear, the officer returned Zimmerman’s license and registration and advised Zimmerman to “have a safe trip.” The entire duration of the stop was only a little over five minutes.

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