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How many layers of scandal will there end up being in Benghazi? First, we have the talking points being altered to cover up the ineptitude of the Obama administration. Then we have stand down orders that were issues to prevent any military aid from helping our people in harms way. We have the State Dept. demoting Greg Hicks for questioning the misinformation being given by the administration.

And then there is this piece that hasn’t really gotten much attention at all, that Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi to help facilitate the transfer of Libyan arms to the Syrian rebels by way of Turkey.

Well just yesterday morning, Geraldo revealed that he has sources telling him the same thing, that indeed Stevens was in Benghazi to help round up shoulder-to-air missiles to send to the Syrian rebels via Turkey (h/t: The Blaze):


I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten more attention. Fox News covered this back in Oct of last year and did an excellent report on it:


Glenn Beck also covered it in great detail back in October as well:

If we were running weapons, as it seems we were, then it makes sense why Obama was so gung ho about going into Libya in the first place to help overthrow Qaddafi. Those weapons were needed to help further the so-called Arab Spring happening in Syria. And it was done all in the name of democracy.


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