Giuliani weighs in on the GOP candidates

Rudi loves Newt, Perry and Santorum. He says Ron Paul is a distraction which proves he is wise. He’s also not that big on Romney and didn’t like the “zany” personal attack on Newt.

Here’s the interview:

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  • Anonymous

    As usual, Rudy is right on!

  • Rudy was My Candidate in 2008,
    And Politico’s(Journ-o-lister) Ben Smith ran a False Attack against him that destroyed his campaign about Hampton trysts.
    some conservatives ate it up like morons on Free Republic because Fred Thompson what their candidate(and how did that work out for us? we got McCain! Who would have been a better debater again Obama? McCain or Rudy?)

    Politico never retracted the story.

    • Anonymous

      But remember, especially today. It’s all okay if you’re a democrat

  • Anonymous

    So glad that Rudy weighed in today.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why Bachmann was so conspicuously absent from Giuliani’s comments? Maybe she just hasn’t “rubbed shoulders” with enough who’s who[s] in the beltway.

    That could be a good thing, as she seems more uninfluenced than any other candidate; although may not be so good in garnering endorsements.

    • No body like a no program, just attack, candidate.

    • ApplePie101

      She’s the has a record of publicly attacking Republican spending legislation. She also mobilized the tea party for that purpose, so to old school GOPers, she’s a danger. Those who go against the GOP syndicate get blacklisted.

  • Anonymous

    Guliani shows why he was America’s Mayor.

  • I agree with Giuliani on Santorum…..I am confused on why he is doing so poorly in the polls….

    Rick Santorum is spot on Conservative and has the right background, the accomplishements, the message, and the look and feel that says President.

    Why he is still in single digits…to me….is a mystery.

    As to his comments on Romney….this this proves Romney is not really a Republican and is really just an opportunist.

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t it you who posted the link to the YouTube video with Santorum’s comments on the 10th Amendment? I went there and watched the video, then read the comments. They were…. interesting to say the least. I think you’ll get an idea of why Santorum polls as he does from reading the comments on that video.

      • Yes. I was and you are correct Rick Santorum was hammered hard because of his moral stance. But he is most definitely Conservative and he does not have the gaffes that Bachmann has and has a record of accomplishment that Bachmann does not. Again, to me it is a mystery why his poll numbers are not higher.

  • Anonymous

    That was very interesting. Four years ago, I wondered why all the other candidates seemed to hate Mitt so much. I have also heard Fred Thompson say that he thought it was Mitt, not Perry, behind the Cain attacks. (Personally I think it was just the media or the dem machine.)

    What he said about Newt was encouraging. I have a lot of mixed emotions about Newt, but this gives me something to put in the plus column.

  • Anonymous

    • Dan

      merchant pimp

  • Anonymous

    I love Americas mayor. Mr. Guiliani stood for all of us at a time when we needed someone to represent us. Rudy you made us all proud and like you I will never forget.

  • Dan

    what a great man and mayor he was…now N.Y. city has Major Doomburg…what a waste of human flesh that libscum is……

  • Anonymous

    For the record I supported Giuliani over McCain.

    Until Palin arrived. But that’s a different story.

  • Constance

    I stopped listening when Giuliani stated that “John McCain ran a great campaign…”
    Sorry, no. Can’t handle that.