Glenn Beck and Fox News headed for breakup?

Drudge has this as one of it’s headlines:


CARR: People who work for Beck point out he could live without network…

They both point to this story in the NY Times:

Since last August, when he summoned more than 100,000 followers to the Washington mall for the “Restoring Honor” rally, Mr. Beck has lost over a third of his audience on Fox — a greater percentage drop than other hosts at Fox. True, he fell from the great heights of the health care debate in January 2010, but there has been worrisome erosion — more than one million viewers — especially in the younger demographic.

He still has numbers that just about any cable news host would envy and, with about two million viewers a night, outdraws all his competition combined. But the erosion is significant enough that Fox News officials are willing to say — anonymously, of course; they don’t want to be identified as criticizing the talent — that they are looking at the end of his contract in December and contemplating life without Mr. Beck.

You can read the entire article here.

I don’t always get the chance to catch his show, and admittedly, I’ve lost some interest in his show over the last year though it still records every day on my DVR. But I always catch his radio show as I find it very entertaining and informative.

It’s hard to say about stuff like this though and I’d rather not speculate. Everyone knows that Beck doesn’t have a lot of friends in the MSM and they would love if Beck were to lose his 5pm time slot. And it’s the NY Times after all using anonymous sources to put this out there. Pond scum has more credibility than they do. Plus, he still whacks the crap out of his 5pm opponents too, and then some.

So I basically take this with a grain of salt and suggest you do as well. Besides even if it were true, Beck has become large enough that he can still get his message out there if something were to happen.

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  • Wow, this is strange. I continually record his show but I NEVER WATCH IT ANYMORE. I used to like his show because he’d actually interview really informative people. Then he changed it and it became an hour long diatribe of him standing in front of the camera blah blahing. I like the Judge’s show on Fox Business now a lot better. Beck’s also got into this religious war crap going on. His ratings declined as he changed his shows style. If he wants to stop the bleeding he just needs to go back to what got him popular. Talk about the news stories of the day with great authors and scholars of today and give his own opinion in small doses.

    • katy

      Let’s see…being popular or using the air waves to save the country….hummmm..that’s a tough one for the shallow and morally bankrupt eh bobby….?

      • He can’t save the country if he has Olbermann type numbers. Secondly, are you suggesting he was “just being popular” when his show began? It seems you are. YOU’VE FAILED. When his show originated it was better, that’s why the decline. Not some stupid, idealistic idea of saving the country. What was he doing on his past show? Ruining the country? Argh.

      • Smiley Days

        “Being popular or using the air waves (sic) to save the country”

        That’s pretty ironic, especially in light of this week’s Rolling Stone Magazine article



        which exposes Glenn Beck as essentially stealing, then spinning, re-packaging, and ultimately injecting lies into the work of Mr. Alex Jones at and

        I suspect Mr. Beck’s days are numbered.
        Once his viewers/listeners actually follow his oft-repeated advice to “do your own research” and follow the above-mentioned links, they’ll quickly discover irrefutable proof their idol has behaved quite dishonorably, to put it mildly.

        This will be especially dissapointing to his most ardent supporters and admirers, seeing as Mr. Beck has made such an issue of honesty, honor, and loyalty to the spirit of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution on his TV/Radio/Stage shows, books and news site (The Blaze).
        If you are reading this, you are The Resistance.

        • Ira Thurby-Wright

          “ultimately injecting lies into the work of Mr. Alex Jones”

          Jones and Beck might have some overlap, but Infowars is WAY OVER THE TOP! There’s a real credibility gap when fluoride treatment of the water and microchips in the vaccines breaks headlines. I don’t watch GB much, and do most of my research within the space of lawyers and economists to check out the buzz, so when GB plays a story that I’ve already flushed out, he’s got credibility. And by that mark, so does Alex Jones. But the news is out there and Beck funds a much larger research staff than Jones could ever afford, so why would Beck even need to feed off of Jones?!

          Admittedly, however, Beck should tone down the I told you so segment of each show, and the blackboards are getting old. He also pushes “connections” too hard. It comes across as sounding paranoid bipolar, and he needs to temper it. I’ve always held that big conspiracies come unraveled, so one need not even entertain the idea, but chaos reigns effortlessly without any force for good to stop it.

          So, Beck, Jones, et al, if you read this, there’s no conspiracy, it’s the Agents of Chaos running around, enemies of my enemy, destructive folks with no order or chain of command whatsoever, that will jump into the brawl because they have nothing to lose, or a lot to gain with major seismic shifts in the political landscape. Misery loves company, so when all h_ll breaks loose, you’ll always find young men with no future ready to light fires and throw rocks.

          • Anonymous

            “… Beck funds a much larger research staff than Jones could ever afford, so why would Beck even need to feed off of Jones?!”

            Why, indeed?
            And yet, he does.

            When you follow the links …



            … and do even a cursory amount of research,

            you’ll quickly see that Glenn Beck routinely covers the EXACT same material that Alex Jones reported days, weeks, months, sometimes YEARS earlier; often using the EXACT same video clips AND guest presenters to bolster his points.

            Perhaps Mr. Beck NEEDS that ‘much larger research staff’ to scour Alex Jones’ website for nifty stuff to talk about? Who knows?

            “I’ve always held that big conspiracies come unraveled, so one need not even entertain the idea”

            You do realize you’re using one of the elites’ favorite ways of poo-pooing the very existence of their ‘New World Order,’ right?
            The one that states NO ONE could actually be that clever, right?
            The average guy on the street will happily buy it since they’re … well, average.

            But take the richest and most powerful people in the world, put them all in a grand hotel for a weekend once or twice a year for 50+ years (Bilderberg), or better yet, more often for 90+ years (Council of Foreign Relations), add pretty much total control of all media (yes, even FOX on the right) and think The Long Game. Remember: The Devil’s Greatest Trick involved him convincing people he doesn’t exist.

            The biggest problem many of us have with Glenn Beck is how he seems to deliberately avoid ever discussing the globalists ongoing strategy of pushing the general public to see all things thru the false dichotomy of left/right, Democrat/Republican, Christian/Muslim, instead of looking at the BIG picture.
            His silence on this aspect is deafening.

            Which makes it look even more likely that Beck’s actually part of it.

            Because there is a war on for your mind.

            • RyokTHEgod

              So let me get this straight, Jones has a copyright on truth? So, only Alex could ever post, say, or highlight what is actually going on the world? Or is Beck not allowed to do his own research or come to his own conclusions?

              That’s also leaving out that there are things Beck talks about that Alex doesn’t.

              • Anonymous

                You didn’t click on the links I posted, did you?
                You didn’t ‘do the research,’ did you?

                Remember that whole ‘Truth Has No Agenda’ thang?
                Yeah, check this out.

                James Corbett of The Corbett Report


                covers LOTS of the same ground as Alex Jones, but does so in such a way that makes his voice distinct and clear.

                Not so with Glenn Beck.

                • RyokTHEgod

                  Actually I did, in his video Jones quotes the likes of, “Media Matters, Newsweek, and the “national media”.” as the ones who brought to his attention the fact that Beck was “ripping off his material”. Not exactly the most credible source of witnesses wouldn’t you say?

                  He then goes on to say that Beck “presents truths, but with lies injected into it”. Not exactly the smoking gun you intended it to be. Jones is arguing that Beck stole his material… but then changed it and made it false… um… so if it’s now filled with lies, wouldn’t you think it would be different? OR perhaps Beck came to a different conclusion then that of ol’ Jones-y.

                  And then he says Beck is a plant from the establishment.

                  Look I get what you are trying say. I, and likely many others here, don’t care. Even if all the global stuff Alex talks about is true, and I believe it is possible, it doesn’t change the fact that you HAVE to save the republic for any of it to matter.

                  You CAN’T get the majority, or even a large enough minority to matter, of people behind a conspiracy theorist and then effect change. It’s never been done, and it, especially, has never been done in the time frame needed in order to protect our freedoms.

                  While I do care whether or not a global elite is controlling things, and I think they are, the goal is to wake a majority of people up, AND if what you say is true, don’t you think once people started looking into it it would just drive more people to Alex?

                  Food for thought. All I’m saying is there is nothing gained by saying Beck stole material.

                • SmileyDays

                  Actually I did, in his video Jones quotes the likes of, “Media Matters, Newsweek, and the “national media”.” as the ones who brought to his attention the fact that Beck was “ripping off his material”. Not exactly the most credible source of witnesses wouldn’t you say?”

                  It’s the evidence that matters in this situation – the whistleblower is irrelevent.
                  Check , listen to Alex Jones radio shows (they’re all archived on the site – free for listening), watch his free videos on
                  Compare his research and message of the past 15+ years up against what Glenn Beck has been doing for the past 3, or 5 if you like.

                  “Even if all the global stuff Alex talks about is true, and I believe it is possible, it doesn’t change the fact that you HAVE to save the republic for any of it to matter.”


                  “All I’m saying is there is nothing gained by saying Beck stole material.”

                  There is the WORLD to gain by it!
                  YOU are looking into the links,
                  YOU are involved,
                  YOU are engaged.
                  You’re checking the links and doing the research.

                  I’ve accomplished my mission.

                  You’ve found Alex Jones, James Corbett.
                  It’s opening up your mind to avenues and ideas you hadn’t previously considered.
                  YOU are now fast approaching what we call The Neo-Crisis Point (named after Neo of ‘The Matrix’ fame): Take the blue pill and you go back to sleep, you forget all about this and things continue the way they have been.
                  Or you take the Red Pill and you find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

                  “You CAN’T get the majority, or even a large enough minority to matter, of people behind a conspiracy theorist and then effect change. It’s never been done, and it, especially, has never been done in the time frame needed in order to protect our freedoms.”

                  So, you believe that simply because it hasn’t been done before we should just give up and go along with their sick agenda?

                  How dare you call yourself a Patriot!
                  How dare you turn your back on our fine Republic!
                  I don’t believe you at all – I KNOW you’re made of much sterner stuff; of the same steel our Founding Fathers had burning deep within them that gave them the strength and courage to stand up to the greatest power on Earth at the time and say ‘Enough! I will live in freedom, my loved ones will live in freedom, or I will die fighting for it!’

                  We have the numbers, we have the time, we have the cause, and we have the man.

                  Dr. Ron Paul for 2012.
                  The Revolution – A Manifesto (2009)

                  People should not be afraid of their goverment;
                  governments should be afraid of their people.

            • Ira Thurby-Wright

              The one that states NO ONE could actually be that clever, right?

              You give the sycophants far too much credit. That’s like jumping into a mosh pit at a NIN concert and surmising the next day that all of those cuts and bruises were a result of a plot against you. Rather, it’s quite simple, no collaboration is even necessary, void of any opposing force, chaotic agents will take over on a path of destruction, even competing with each other. I know all about the Bilderberg’s and have even spent an afternoon milling about the “Grove” and you’re looking for something, that even though the idea is titillating and captivating, just isn’t there. Herein the rule of Parsimony applies, the less complex explanation that something precious, but fragile, falls apart not because of a grand scheme, but because of gross neglect.

        • pauline

          SD. How’s life in Trollville?

      • Anonymous

        Is it possible that the NYT is overlooking the fact that the mid term elections have passed and that people are taking a break from politics?

        • Stretch

          This was actually my first thought on the alleged ratings decline. Of course anyone who hates Glenn would spin it into that his viewers are leaving him in droves.

    • Ira Thurby-Wright

      “I like the Judge’s show on Fox Business now a lot better.”

      I thought I was the only one digging Napolitano! He gets into the legal nuances of a situation better than anyone else except maybe Mark Levin, which I thought might be a turn off for others. But I guess his message resonates. Go judge!

      • The Judge is baddass. I love how he just sticks to the constitution. I firmly believe if we’d had people like him (libertarian/constitionlist) on the air more the last 20 years we’d not be in this mess.

      • pauline

        I like some things about the Judge. The biggest turn off I have with the Judge is that he supports illegals coming here to work . He doesn’t get it.

        • Ira Thurby-Wright

          The biggest turn off I have with the Judge is that he supports illegals coming here to work.

          My biggest turn off is that “swoop-back” hair style (as a Fox regular, you’d think they’d assign him a stylist or something), but I’ve never heard him speak out for illegal immigration, it sounds strikingly out-of-character. Perhaps you are confusing the issue, that his pro-immigration stance is pro-illegal. One can be in favor of a generous immigration policy while remaining hawkish on deporting those who enter the country illegally. I am one that feels that way, open the doors for those with something to offer, slam it shut (and the back door, or underground tunnels) on those who would sneak in or otherwise do us harm.

          Final note, amnesty for illegals, or an open borders policy is a slap in the face of every Cuban, Mexican, Guatamalan, Italian, Russian, Canadian, Irishman, Cambodian, etc., that did their papers right, paid the price, and waited patiently for the time and opportunity. It’s a shame Americans, particularly new Americans don’t value their citizenship more!

    • pauline

      The blah blahing is coming from comrade obama Washington NOT Glenn Beck.

      If you want to hear the new story lies and cute interviews, you can watch all the other soros media fools!

  • Simple ebb and flow. Beck rallied the Tea Party for November 2010. Tea Party kicked ass, and temporarily the job was done. Tea Party is still loosely involved, such as the 700 protesters in Wisconsin this weekend, but will ramp up again as the POTUS election approaches.

    I expect Beck’s audience will mirror those machinations.

  • Kkagt

    I watch Beck daily. His insights are spot on. If you invested in Gold, food, oil, and shorted the dollar as he recommended you would be sitting pritty.

    • Tyler

      Only problem I have with gold is that it’s bubbled before then went back down and will very likely do so again. Not to mention…should the shitzu really hit the fan…you can’t eat gold.

      • mywing68

        You realy know nothing about PM’s do you

        • Tyler

          By all means…feel free to tell me what that stands for at least so I can at least look into it as opposed to pointing out my “ignorance.”

          • Let’s see. PM Could be:
            Prime Minister
            Personal Message
            Post Mort um
            Preventive Maintenance
            Professional Magician
            Prodigal Mom
            Pure Math
            Project Manager
            Priority Mail

            • Tyler

              Haha. My point exactly.

            • Publius

              I thought he meant Post Meridian

      • Santina35

        Gold hasn’t gone down at all.

        So tried of stupid people, gold’s steadily gone up for the past 3 years and has held in the 1400.00 range for the last 12 months, doubling in 2 years.

        And if shiz hits the fan, what exactly are you going to buy your food with, or do you think you will have food for months on end sitting in your basement, just in case.

        And idiot you don’t put every dollar you have in gold, you buy a 20% to 25% of you investments , so you have exposure to the upside with risking all your on asset class.

        • Tyler

          Gold hasn’t gone down recently, but in the 80s it did exactly what it’s doing now, went up to over $1,000/ounce then went back down significantly after people realized that it wasn’t the end of the world and started selling their stocks or actual gold bars back. Gold is an excellent investment for those who have the extra money to actually keep some of what they earned so they won’t have to worry about losing the value of what they’ve worked so hard to earn. For the average poor person such as myself who can’t even afford one measly ounce of it…we have to find other ways to prepare such as lots and lots of canned foods and as Beck has actually said before (one thing he didn’t steal from someone else as far as I know)…can our own food.

          When I mean hitting the fan, I am talking about the type of world where gold isn’t going to be worth anything because you can have all the gold in the world in a world where hardly anyone actually grows their own food anymore. Seeds and topsoil will very likely someday become more valuable than any type of currency you want to use.

          I have been learning to grow my own food and a bit of chemistry to make sure that soil erosion does not become a problem either. Between my gardening and my parents’ raising their own beef…we’re good on the food front without worrying about money should it ever get that bad. Then again…the problem of seed value may become a problem in said world though which in that case, I am also trying to work on breeding seeds. Luckily…for those like you who may have plenty of gold…you keep that for something else. I’ll gladly give you my hybrid seeds for free.

      • pauline

        Tyler, that’s funny about not eating Gold. Instead you might, sell it and get food. Smile

  • Tyler

    The Judge & Stossel have done a far better job than Beck on the Libertarian front. Not to mention, it seems that only after Ron Paul’s predictions and talk started to come true did Beck really start to what I personally think STEAL his ideas and repackage them in his own manner to gain popularity from those who are more small government types.

    Now…does that have anything to do with his possible decrease in popularity? Probably not a whole lot. But it’s my own personal reason for not watching daily like I did. I’d say I started to stop watching diligently right after his week-long “plan.”

    As far as his radio show…I’m not a morning person and I am rarely ever up early enough anyway. I usually only bother to listen if it’s something funny or something that actually sounds like a good point…which is becoming further and fewer between anymore.

    On a different note…the New York Times can take their rag and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    • pauline

      Tyler, I agree with you about the NY Times being a rag.

  • For me, it’s been more like I watched him until the 8/28 and then he went all religious on me. His answer to the problems is now all in religion. He says we can’t solve the issues any other way and I simply disagree. You can have a good moral code and not be religious.

    The other part is that after watching him for over a year I get the message. Him and I agreed 99% of the time before 8/28. I just didn’t need to watch him any longer. Yes, like others, I DVR his show but don’t watch. I’ll probably delete it soon.

    • Tyler

      The last radio broadcast of his that I particularly listened to for a while before I just thought “Give me a break,” was when he was talking about people needing to return to church before they actually need to, but…all religion is…is just a crutch for those who feel they cannot do it on their own.

      • Some thoughts from C.S. Lewis on your comment about religion:

        “Some of the things I should like to believe must in fact be true; it is impossible to arrange a universe which contradicts everyone’s wishes, in every respect, at every moment. Suppose I think, after doing my accounts, that I have a large balance at the bank. And suppose you want to find out whether this belief of mine is `wishful thinking’. You can never come to any conclusion by examining my psychological condition. Your only chance of finding out is to sit down and work through the sum yourself. When you have checked my figures, then, and then only, will you know whether I have that balance or not. If you find my arithmetic correct, then no amount of vapouring about my psychological condition can be anything but a waste of time. If you find my arithmetic wrong, then it may be relevant to explain psychologically how I came to be so bad at my arithmetic, and the doctrine of the concealed wish will become relevant – but only after you have yourself done the sum and discovered me to be wrong on purely arithmetical grounds. It is the same with all thinking and all systems of thought. If you try to find out which are tainted by speculating about the wishes of the thinkers, you are merely making a fool of yourself. You must first find out on purely logical grounds which of them do, in fact, break down as arguments. Afterwards, if you like, go on and discover the psychological causes of the error.

        In other words, you must show that a man is wrong before you start explaining why he is wrong. The modern method is to assume without discussion that he is wrong and then distract his attention from this by busily explaining how he became so silly” (Lewis, God In The Dock, pp. 272-273).

        • Tyler

          I actually have experienced through empirical evidence that there is in fact a higher power which holds all the energy together in the form of this universe in which we live.

          Through the same experience, I have “communicated,” for a lack of a better word with this higher power and it has been revealed to me that we know nothing of this universe and should not pretend that we do.

          The experience on other words has confirmed for me personally that religion has been created and fostered by man many times over and will continue to do so as long as people are concerned with their own mortality.

          I will use another great writer to make a point as well.

          “I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.” – Mark Twain

          • Anonymous

            Markie Mark might have all kinds of differing quotes these days if one could interview him in Hell. He might realize that he was the fool and CS Lewis was not.

            My guess is that Mark is in Hell, CS Lewis is in Heaven, and neither the meet shall “Twain” 🙂

            • Anonymous

              By the way,that Twain quote is one of the dumbest, nonsensical quotes I’ve ever seen from anyone. The author’s name behind it does nothing to rehabilitate it.

            • Anonymous

              Ah, there is that hell-related schadenfreude that so many non-Christians have come to expect from followers of the not-so-gentle Nazarene. I always feel a need to go through a gallon of Listerine after reading things like that.

              • Anonymous

                And for once, you’d be right. How much will you swallow?

                • Anonymous

                  Wanna make a deal? For every pint of bleach you chug down, I’ll take two of Listerine. Maybe that will scrub the sick little spark of glee from your eyes when imagining the prospect of eternal unending torture of someone who has the audacity of not believing the same as you.

                • Anonymous

                  And vice versa Dan. I am soooo sorry that I do not believe as you do. Dueling “fairy tales”. Bon appetite. Mine’s much more believable ;-D

                  Hey everyone, look how civil Dan is. It’s a thing of beauty, no?

                • Anonymous


                • Anonymous

                  Considering you’re a guy who takes a perverse joy in the hypothetical eternal torture of another human being over simple difference of belief, criticism over not being civil is laughable. Believability aside, your belief is horrifying.

                • Anonymous

                  I don’t want anyone to go to hell OR to die from drinking bleach Dan.
                  You win the perverse prize. It’s blue and has a ribbon and everything!

                  Wear with pride, rinse, and repeat.

                • Anonymous

                  Yes, they say they never WANT people go to hell, but they sure do grin from ear-to-ear with a twinkle in their eye at the prospect. They definitely think people are deserving of such a fate, at the very least.

                • Anonymous

                  Like the collective mind of the “Borg” huh?

                  By the way, this “they” you speak of…atheists right?
                  Mass murdering by the tens of millions.

                  Good day Dan. You might choose a different one. You are much more unimpressive than usual today.

                • Anonymous

                  I’ve never met a Christian who didn’t talk about my supposed fate in hell without a sickening glimmer of satisfaction in their eyes as they stare into the distance. Nor have they ever in my experience managed to say “I’ll pray for you” without an underlying tone of “f*** you.”

                  So very Jesus-like.

                • pauline

                  DT. You sound like you take pleasure in imagining glimmer in the eyes of Christians at the thought of you not going to heaven.

                  I’m sorry for you, DT.

                • Anonymous

                  Whoa… Dan, I can feel the hate through the computer. What kind of believers have you come into contact with, WESTBORO? Can you not see how the topic of God changes how you communicate? Considering how many here at RS are believers and how long you have been here sharing comments back and forth, how can you say that? So, you think I want you to go to hell because I believe in God?

                • Anonymous

                  Not necessarily, but if pressed on it you would probably concede that since the rules are made by god, and that I’m not following those rules, that I earned my fate if it happens like that. If the prospect bothers you, like it has my family, there is always the rationalization of “he sent himself there.”

                • Anonymous

                  If rules are what my going to heaven is based on, then I’m gonna be in trouble!

                • Anonymous

                  Also, can you not see what it is I’m dealing with in Rshill and reacting to? Can you not see how sickening the mentality fostered in people like him is? Or am I by default the one at fault in any dispute with a Christian, no matter is said?

                • Anonymous

                  Dan, please believe me that I responded because you stated Christians. You have argued in the past about dumping all anarchists into one pool but you are doing the same thing. By the way, I’m just curious how does your family react to you being an atheist? Were you raised in a devout home? There is no judgment in my questions by the way.

                • pauline

                  Rshill7, you are wise.

                • Anonymous

                  While you’re deciding whether to laugh or be horrified of course. In peopled parts we call that multi-tasking.

                • That is only because you do not see with your heart what Christ endured for YOUR sins as well as mine-You do not understand the holiness of God or the love that He has for humanity. Perhaps one day when you are looking into the face of your first born you will see how wonderful God is.

                • Anonymous
                • Tyler

                  Simple, but awesome! Haha.

                • Anonymous

                  Yeah, Nonstampcollector is good. His name is just great, too.

      • pauline

        Tyler, I actually think it’s a good thing that you are searching to find G-d , you just don’t know it yet.

    • Anonymous

      I understand that the God talk makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but I honestly agree with him, that that is what will save the Republic. Our founders understood that the republic wouldn’t work unless we are moral and spiritual people; our constitution is built around the idea that all men are created equal, and are given by God the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      “Religion and good morals are the only solid foundation of public liberty and happiness.” – Samuel Adams.

      “We have this day restored the Sovereign to whom alone men ought to be obedient. He reigns in Heaven, and with a propitious eye beholds his subjects assuming that freedom of thought and dignity of self-direction which He bestowed on them. From the rising to the setting sun, may His kingdom come!” – Samuel Adams.

      You don’t HAVE to believe in God, or be excited about God, but our nation was founded on the principles and morals of God, and it is to that we must return. Beck says what he does not for ratings, but because it’s what he believes will save our country, and I happen to agree with that, as we have fallen quite far from the path.

  • Slowtraincoming

    Ratings will come roaring back as we’re collectively gripped again, next time by the long run-up to November 2012, which will turn us into junkies once more.

  • Yur


    • Tyler

      Don’t forget The Judge and Stossel…only more so.

  • Yur


  • katy

    Interesting this comes out as Glenn goes on vacation tomorrow and can’t respond….

    • That would take some sort of planned coordinated effort. That would never happen.

  • zytekfan

    Everyone with a brain knows Fox can’t afford to lose Beck. He’s the ratings king of the 5pm slot and if they lose him, their ad revenue goes bye bye.

    I’m going to say right now it’s merely wishful thinking from the NY Times.

  • Paula

    I suspect that Glenn brings GOD in because he sees more of what is happening than we do. Remember he lives with the research he and his staff find on a daily basis. We get spurts of it when we listen or watch him. I also think that as he guides us through this journey, he is bringing us through the phases of what our founders went through? It’s all part of that e4 stuff. I have a sneaky suspicion that there is going to be something that revs us up come July 4th? There’s a LOT that we have lost historically in our educations. I know there’s a lot I’m relearning. Give him time.

    I do know this for sure. I pray a lot more to GOD to save our country. I have never in all my years thought we could be so close to losing so much.

  • Anonymous

    His show was pretty interesting for a while. At first he would have some good guests, like Penn Jillette or Michael Moynihan from Reason magazine.

    But he was always kind of ridiculous, the crying announcement of his 9/12 project went viral and I think that piqued some interest. But it wasn’t the kind of thing you could sustain. Sure we should be worried about the country, but watching his show turned into a chore, and I can only stand so much emotional crap. It seemed like he was always saying “Tomorrow’s show is essential to watch” and most of the time it was the same ol same ol. He can only do that so many times before people stop caring.

    That said, his show did get me interested enough to search for episodes online because I couldn’t watch it at 5, which led me here.

    Or I may have been wanting to see Stossel’s show, I can’t remember. Stossel’s show is still great. Maybe being on once a week (and having great guests) is the key.

    Now I can live without his show being on, but I’d hate to imagine the libs celebrating it. So many groups boycotted his show (which made no difference because they wouldn’t have watched his show anyway) that I’m sure someone will try to take credit for him leaving.

    • Ira Thurby-Wright

      “Or I may have been wanting to see Stossel’s show, I can’t remember. Stossel’s show is still great. Maybe being on once a week (and having great guests) is the key. “

      Stossel is good! Him and the judge are the most level headed on then network besides Powers, Cavuto, and the guy that does Fox News Sunday. But Stossel and Napolitano are more interesting and worth tuning in once in a while.

      However, Stossel really blundered putting Susanne Somers on his show. She’s pretty, looks healthy, and young for her age, but she’s got no credibility and is way over the top pushing her books and diets. She’s the wrong kind of guest for Stossel and he spent the entire segment slow pitching, to the degree that it makes you wonder if his arm was twisted by some Fox executive. It was very unnatural and out-of-character.

      • Anonymous

        I haven’t seen the show you’re talking about, but that does sound out of character for him. He really went after Kevin Trudeau for his BS on 20/20, who sounds about the same as Susanne Somers.

        I saw her on Huckabee and he also let her do the same thing, but Huckabee is always like that. Maybe Rupert Murdoch really liked Three’s Company or something. I don’t know why anyone would give her positive attention for he “health claims”.

  • Ppgilles

    I never miss his show, if you have not been watching lately…then WOW you have missed alot. He did go into the religion stuff for awhile but he isn’t doing it as of late..I admittingly was a bit bored with it too, but he has shifted gears and is back to where he was before. I like the religious stuff, and I think he has done a lot of good with it. I will admit it didn’t capture my attention like what he is doing now, but it was a slow news cycle. As for Religion being a it is an unshakable is the rock that our county has sat on for over 200 years, where we ran into problems was when everyone attacked our foundation and people with no religion started rationalizing everything. When you think about it any action or immoral behavior can be rationalized, that is why we need more than morals, we need absolute laws to live by. I respect Morals and I appreciate people who have them, the Communists had Morals too, so did Hitler, but by rationalizing and justifying them for the “Greater Good” they were able to sleep at night, while committing horrors so great and cruel they are hard to contemplate..

    • mywing68

      Love your post …..Thank you

    • Tyler

      Again…the idea that people “need” absolute laws to live by just because some do not have what most human beings naturally without any indoctrination know is “right,” and “wrong,” is just silly.

      I recall when I was a kid, I accidentally stepped on a big ol’ frog and got its guts all over the place. Nobody told me that doing so was bad…but I was able to feel bad because I already inherently knew that I had just taken the life of another living creature.

      We do not need to abide by laws written by man to live good lives. Of course, there have been plenty of people who have twisted morals…heck…the Catholic Church is well-known through the Crusades for that exact mass genocide in the name of “God.”

      So…your religion does not provide any safeguards either when people are just as able to use it for the wrong reasons resulting in millions of deaths (probably billions throughout history) as totalitarian communist leaders and nazis are able to use “social justice,” for the wrong reasons killing millions of people as well.

      • Anonymous

        Stalin and Mao killed more people in two weeks than the Inquisition did in 300 years! Christianity isn’t the problem, atheisim is.

        Is what cannibals do, that which what they know is inherently right?
        Was what the Romans did to Christians in the Colliseum repeatedly, one of those, “I gotta be me” moments?

        I believe without Christianity this world would be a complete hellhole.

        • Anonymous

          Hitler was a Creationist, Franco was a Catholic, Pol Pot was a Buddhist, the Romans were Pagans, the Parthians were Zoroastrian, the slaughter of Antioch and Jerusalem were executed by Christian crusaders.

          The problem is not metaphysics, it is one of authoritarianism, and your attempt to quantify evil and tally it up trivializes the events and what can be learned from them. It isn’t a matter of “These people were worse than my people!” That’s childish.

          • And according to Christianity we live in a sinful world and people can distort the truth so lumping Christianity and faith by some poor examples, though understandable is not thought provoking but merely an excuse to not investigate God, faith and Christianity.

            If you knocked on the door…God will open it-but it is up to you so whenever you are ready! But you have to want to know the truth…and many don’t!

            • Anonymous

              I wasn’t pointing to people like William the Conquerer, Franco, and Charlemagne as a condemnation of christianity. I was pointing to multiple different brutal groups of varying faith in response to Rshill trying to say those horrid “atheists” are the worst evil of all. Never mind that Atheists are connected by nothing more resembling a “doctrine” than the statement “I don’t believe in deities.”

              My point was that the atrocities are almost always committed by authoritarians and tribalism, not religiosity or irreligiosity.

              • Tyler

                Again, my point. Religion is not any sort of “rock,” nor would I dare say it’s any sort of “evil.” It is as I have said many times in the past…a double-edged blade. It’s a great crutch for those who need it, but for those who know how to manipulate these religions to pull the strings on those walking with the crutches…it can and has been used to commit atrocities.

              • Tyler

                Again, my point. Religion is not any sort of “rock,” nor would I dare say it’s any sort of “evil.” It is as I have said many times in the past…a double-edged blade. It’s a great crutch for those who need it, but for those who know how to manipulate these religions to pull the strings on those walking with the crutches…it can and has been used to commit atrocities.

          • Hilter a crationist? Really?!?! “the slaughter of Antioch and Jerusalem were executed by Christian crusaders”… what?!

            • Anonymous

              Yes, look up the First Crusade’s taking of Antioch and Jerusalem by the Frankish and Sicilian princes. The retaking of Antioch and Edessa by the Muslims were no better, but there you have it.
              As for Hitler;

              Says that God created man.
              “For it was by the Will of God that men were made of a certain bodily shape, were given their natures and their faculties.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol. ii, ch. x

              Asserts fixed “kinds” of animals.
              “The fox remains always a fox, the goose remains a goose, and the tiger will retain the character of a tiger.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol. ii, ch. xi

              Denies we evolved from Apes, and says we’ve been around since the beginning.
              “From where do we get the right to believe, that from the very beginning Man was not what he is today? Looking at Nature tells us, that in the realm of plants and animals changes and developments happen. But nowhere inside a kind shows such a development as the breadth of the jump , as Man must supposedly have made, if he has developed from an ape-like state to what he is today.” – Adolf Hitler, Hitler’s Tabletalk (Tischgesprache im Fuhrerhauptquartier)

              References the expulsion from Eden.
              “Whoever would dare to raise a profane hand against that highest image of God among His creatures would sin against the bountiful Creator of this marvel and would collaborate in the expulsion from Paradise.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol ii, ch. i

              Self explanatory.
              “God … sent [us] into this world with the commission to struggle for our daily bread.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol ii, ch. xiv

              Claim of Jesus as inspiration.
              “My feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them.” – Adolf Hitler, speech, April 12 1922, published in My New Order

              Loathing of secular education.
              “My feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them.” – Adolf Hitler, speech, April 12 1922, published in My New Order

              He declares a “Creator” as fact. In other words, a creationist.
              “The most marvelous proof of the superiority of Man, which puts man ahead of the animals, is the fact that he understands that there must be a Creator.” – Adolf Hitler, Hitler’s Tabletalk (Tischgesprache im Fuhrerhauptquartier)

              The examples go on and on.

      • Ppgilles

        It was the collusion of church and state darn near every time that causes these sort of things, Hitler said he believed but destroyed churches at the same time. I would expect that the Crusades were a similar situation, however looking back they were fighting Islam the way we still are, perhaps the History books need to take another look at this chapter. The commies and socialists have much much more blood on their hands. Killing in the name of a Christian God is a failure of man, not the Religion. Killing in the name of Muhammad is just what a good Muslim is supposed to do. DO you remember when they used to call Terrorists Muslim fundamentalists? I guess that was just too not PC, so then it was “Radical Islamists” now you don’t hear that much anymore, even Terrorists is becoming unacceptable..perhaps we can call them, “products of their environment”, or “good kids with some anger issues”. Rule 1. know your enemy and why they fight.

        We have been making excuses for them for a thousand years. Amazing how Hitler and the Muslims worked together during and leading up to WW2, wonder why that isn’t talked about more..My Christian faith is my Rock, i get knocked off of it from time to time, but it is still there, a stubborn foundation to return to, and when I die I know I will be judged, my earthly presence is a test. I see it as an open book test, because the answers are all there. Personally speaking I would rather be in a community where the people around me know that they will be judged by their actions, as opposed to being surrounded by people who think when they die the soul dies with it. Any other interpretation is a form of Faith , might not be written down, might not have a name, but it is a belief in something. I agree that we are born largely good, and decent, but once innocence is lost we become sponges for sin, and unless we are washed we grow weaker not stronger, and the sin begins to justify itself…Otherwise we would feel guilt, so it must be justified…dispute it if it makes you feel good..This is my truth, and it is well documented and has been proven in my life.

        I understand the perception of Christian snobbery, and it exists, but some of your experiences may have been misunderstood. I was a Unbeliever too, I struck out against Christians, they made me sick, I hated them, how dare they judge me!! However once I was found, I realized how wrong I had been in my impression of Christians..wish I could take it back

  • I dont watch Glenn for entertainment my life isnt that boring that I need to be entertained . He had over 500,000 at the 8/28 rallly and many from the 9/12 rally in 2009 were there because of him and that was at least 700,000 I know I was there , sure he gets off topic at times, and as a person who isnt really the most religious it doesnt bother me if he does . Iv learned more from his show then any other period ! I WATCH HIM FOR NEWS AND INSIGHT , and I dont dvr at all because I go here which is also how I found this site .

    • Kimberly B

      Thanks Stang for the link.. clicked it..
      found this headline..

      Glenn Beck Show- March 7, 2011
      The Show Will Go On…

      Tonight: Despite what you might have heard over the weekend from The New York Times and their ‘anonymous sources’, The Glenn Beck Program isn’t going anywhere. Glenn is on vacation all this week, but he WILL return next week. Tonight and for the rest of this week, the honorable Judge Andrew Napolitano will be filling in for Glenn.

  • poljunkie

    Uh ho….

  • iwantmycountryback

    OK …. my turn to play … Palin/Beck 2012!!!!!!

    • Nope, Palin/West 2010 Beck for Secretary of State and or US Rep to the UN.

      • Anonymous

        Beck’s first move as Rep to the UN:

        “Uh, let’s get the hell out of the UN.”

        • iwantmycountryback

          WOOHOO!!! I’ll second that!

          • crosshr


        • sick of paying attention

          ahahahahahahaha I LOVE IT!

          I want to say more but “let’s get the hell out” said it all

      • Anonymous

        I think you mean 2012:)

  • “he summoned more than 100,000 followers to the Washington mall for the “Restoring Honor” rally” The number according independent sources was closer to 500,000, a fact that eats at the very insides of the Leftists at the NYT.

    There is a chocking, gnawing, bubbling hatred for Beck in the MSM and they writhe in their beds every night knowing that Glenn Beck still walks among us.

    Beck has recently as last week praised Fox news for being the only honest news network willing to report the truth about the Middle East and the Union radicals. This is the Left-wing smear machine in full turbo mode.

  • zytekfan

    Daily Beck reports Glenn is on vacation this week. Mystery solved 🙂

    I hope the Judge will be filling in for him then.

  • I believe is truly misinformation… the last time I see this new was the Media Matters who reported.. wishfull thinking..

    As for the ones who believe religion is a crotch, there is many christian who’s life was much better when they weren’t christian followers, see Francis of Assisi for example, a rich man who gives all his money to live in poverty… and I don’t see the crotch problem, search YouTube for The Gulag of Pitesti to see the horrors christians passed through communism.. if your atheism can pass that, so I believe you are really strong..

  • Rich

    It’s all blah. I mean, I pointed out a while ago that he had lost nearly 1 million viewers, but the fact remains he still draws nearly 2 million viewers nightly to a 5 o’clock show (aka, not primetime). There simply is no one else out there for Fox that can draw that many viewers to that time-slot for a sustained period of time. It isn’t about how many he’s lost, it’s about how many he has, and he still has way, way, way more than they would be able to get by putting someone else on there.

  • Rich

    Also, I stopped watching Beck for a while, especially during the fall, but lately he has went back to putting things together and exposing the communist/socialist agenda at work and how they are hand-in-hand with the Islamo-Facist movement. That is the Beck I like, so I’ve started watching again.

  • The source is the New York Times? Consider the source

  • Anonymous

    NY times is full of it, Glenn is not going anywere,noway we need Glenn he is the only one whos’e telling us the truth,who else is there (O’reily)

    • Tyler

      Napolitano & Stossel.

      • Publius

        I don’t get to see them. It would be nice if that could worked in, maybe by not showing so much Geraldo.

        • Tyler

          Just sign up for a membership to this website and you can do exactly that.

          • Kimberly B

            Thanks for the link Tyler

  • Jan Rose

    If you look in his time slot of 5 PM – Nobody is even close – He is a heavy thinker – sometimes I can’t take it – BUT HE IS correct more than not.

    The actions of the current BOZOs in the WH are simply outrageous – Obalbla
    pokes his finger in our eyes every day – and we just stand there and take it.

    Look at this – 5 PM slot

    • Anonymous


  • JimNEPA

    I think Glenn is seeing things in a religious way for the same reason so many others are: we believe that God exists, that the Bible is God’s word, and that God didn’t inspire the writing of the Bible in order to simply waste so many prophets’, scribes’, and apostles’ ink. I admit I know little of Glenn’s denomination’s official position concerning the “End Times”, but I suspect that Glenn believes we are at a crossroads here on Earth. From what he has been “preaching” (for lack of a better term), Glenn obviously believes that there remains a possibility of a majority of us yet choosing the right path and avoiding destruction for all. I, however, do not share this rather optimistic point of view. Call me a fatalist, but I believe we as a group have already passed the point of no return. What does that mean? Simply put: if I am correct, within the next few years all arguments that all men have ever had over the existence, nature, and mission of God will be brought to a sudden halt forever. Glenn has taken a more ecumenical approach, though, and this is his message’s achilles heel. While reaching out to those he believes to be moderate Muslims, Glenn still talks about the theory that the 12th Imam/Mahdi of Islam is actually the Anti-Christ of the Bible. From what I have read/heard, I am inclined towards believing that this theory may well be true, too, but unlike Glenn, I am not attempting at the same to reach out to Muslims and those of other conflicting belief systems in an effort to forestall our country’s or our world’s imminent punishment, chastisement, and ultimate redemption.

  • katy

    Yah, the NYT’s and the left would never “plan” anything..right? Just unheard of….
    The left are such bad planners…like the progressive plan that’s being implemented that’s been destroying the country for 70 + years….

    Silly me for thinking the left would “Plan” an attack on Glenn the week he takes a vacation. What world order do you live in?

  • katy

    Yah, the NYT’s and the left would never “plan” anything..right? Just unheard of….
    The left are such bad planners…like the progressive plan that’s being implemented that’s been destroying the country for 70 + years….

    Silly me for thinking the left would “Plan” an attack on Glenn the week he takes a vacation. What world order do you live in?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been watching Beck since he was on CNN, he’s the only thing on television I even watch now. I like Stossel and the Judge as well, but Beck always bring some light and humor along the ride.

    I honestly believe that Beck will leave Fox sometime, he’s been hinting that he doesn’t need TV, talking about when he left CNN, and he’s been talking about what’s to come next year. He’s been expanding his staff and his reach quite hastily (The Blaze, adding 2 more hours to his show, 40+ staff), and to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if pushed for his own next work, such as Kelsy Grammer.

    Whatever happens, I still rank him along with Rush and Andrew Breitbart to be the best in media, and I’ll follow them where ever they go to.

  • Anonymous

    I just read the article and the comments posted here on RS. So here are
    my comments, there are few times in our recent USA history that a person like Glenn can have a cable show that slices the Progressives wide open. I can follow Glenn as he presents information and challenges you to fact check the data.
    So some nutcase from the NYT makes up numbers and write some half ass story about Glenn, who cares!
    Just think how uninformed we would be if we did not have Glenn, Hannity, Rush, Levin, Palin or Bachmann. Plus RS has also been a contributor and leader to get the TRUTH OUT. You want to just follow the NYT’s and accept what somebody said, come on boys and girls it is the NYT’s

    • Anonymous

      I am continually fascinated that people leave out Michael Savage, who has an enormous audience and is often the very first with certain discussions and also has a unique point of view that others seemingly have not thought of or don’t know about.

      • Anonymous

        Savage is Ok, but he suffers from topic and focus wonderings. Plus, his radio show is time delayed in my listening area.

  • Gboyz

    This shouldn’t be a surprise. Things will pick up again at the end of the year and 2012 when politics becomes more pertinent to everyone again.

  • Becks Radio Show is awesome his TV show is serious and no matter what he has been talking about he put his money where his mouth is, I wouldn’t be surprised but I don’t say that Glenn Beck is a good man teaching the truth and people don’t want the truth!
    Only thing people can slam him on is being a mormon, and they do. they can’t say he doesn’t speak the truth because he does. I have a heart for the guy and he has enough money to be alright but i don’t want the one guy on the air speaking the truth to lose his job, especially with Fox

  • Linda

    Beck is the only host on FOX that my husband and I watch!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is horrible at interviewing people and having guests, he is melodramatic and sappy, preaches too much for my taste, and LOVES to hear himself talk. However, he is the ONLY man on TV that has balls to go up against people like Soros, the Unions, and the WH. The rest are weenies in comparison. No one can put all the pieces together like Glenn can and he has done a magnificent job of it all. He is at best when he is in teaching mode and doing news and world affairs stories. The fact that the left hates him so much brings me great joy. He has been ahead of the times for a long while now, he used to spend hours on Mexico and the border and no one would listen, now look at it. Because of him people have been stocking up on food and that is a very smart thing to be doing right now. Dark days have yet to hit us but they are indeed coming. It was Glenn that woke America up and got people off their butts to vote and get involved. This country owes a great deal to him. Glenn is the only good show at FOX.

    • Anonymous

      It’s actually him and Dr. Savage for raw gumption right now. They are not afraid to call a spade a spade. Oh, no. I can’t say that any more. Can’t talk about a deck of cards because someone somewhere might/will misconstrue.

      I am glad we have them both. Hannity is coming along nicely, too, making changes and hitting harder than he used to, holding firmer.

  • Mediaccess

    He’s the only guy I watch anymore.

  • Ira Thurby-Wright

    Mr. Beck probably doesn’t care about the contract, but he no doubt enjoys access to a large audience to get his message across. He’s always known the hazards of speaking out and a fluctuating audience goes with the job. He’s got radio, internet, and books that are well balanced for revenue, as well as reach, so he no doubt could live without Fox. But, without being self-aggrandizing (he plays himself as a rodeo clown), he’s become Fox’s number one show. O’Reilly is getting on in years and Hannity without Colmes comes across as crass and dogmatic, a bit of a bully even. Palin, Hucklebee, not even serious contenders for his spot, plus Fox will be suspending their hosts/media consultants that make bids for the primaries coming up.

    One thing Beck could use more of is ordinary celebrity guests. And he needs to let THEM talk more. I saw once a guest show up and utter no more than a few sentences while Glenn told the audience what the significance/meaning/impact of the guest’s position was. He should also select his audience a little more carefully, meaning, he needs some liberals in the crowd. I’ve got a cousin that would do:) A rah rah crowd makes the program seem too campy – I mean who can take a news program seriously with applause, canned or live, doesn’t matter, you don’t applaud news, especially doom and gloom.

    My guess is this “leak” on drudge is a trial balloon. It could be floated by Beck to strengthen his position in a contract renewal, or by Fox to see if they would draw fire for not keeping him on. Even if he went for another year, I’m betting it won’t go beyond that anyway because Beck and his message will burn out, or the nation will collapse.

    I predicted 60 days from November for Bank of America, but with Wikileaks out of commission, I think they may have bought another 45 days, but that discounts the MBS Investor law suits which are heating up again. Blackrock, Pimco., Paulson & Co (the big hedge funds) have $100B+ lined up with over 25% of investors to meet PSA terms, and Greenwich with their $300B will get back on (not hard to find 25% of investors when they might lose everything to other creditors), and that will leave the GSEs looking impotent at a time when both Congress and the Administration are ready to pull the plug, so regardless of the January 1st non settlement, you can bet FMAE/FMAC will be exacting a higher price on the Countrywide loans, than previously not announced. Chase and Citi, even Wells Fargo could go under with Investors forcing buy-backs. FDIC is insolvent, so that means at least another $1T in Federal Reserve financing and while that was a hard to swallow pill, adding another $1T will kill the patient. Even now the Treasury Auctions are being bought up by the Fed rather than REAL investors. Since the Fed is keeping both Treasury bonds and the American stock markets propped up, it’s easy to see that both will collapse.

    So, folks, buy those precious metals… gold, silver, bullets. I’d recommend oil too, but take it from someone who learned the hard way, when you buy crude by the barrel, it doesn’t actually get delivered in barrels, you’ll need a holding tank:)

  • John

    Let me start of by saying that Beck still crushes the 5pm competition and cable viewership overall is down everywhere anyway.

    However, to the main point – the solution is so simple!

    I think Glenn’s programs quite boring and repetitive because that’s exactly how he’s chosen to do it now. He can still talk about the same issues, but he should have MORE GUESTS!!! on and bring back some of the comedic moments that he used to have.

    I agree with Scoop, that his radio program is much more enjoyable than his TV show. The solutions for the TV are all there. He had the perfect formula a while back.

    MORE GUESTS! I want to hear other people speak!

    • Anonymous

      Personally, I am just the opposite. I prefer the TV show and that is where I am learning. I thought I was pretty knowledgable about revolutions, etc., but Beck has schooled me, for which I am grateful. I find the radio show silly but interesting, time-consuming for getting the news points and exposees I want.

      • Anonymous

        I have learned so much from Glenn’s TV shows and I do see his humor coming through there, especially when he goes into his silly voices, mocking any number of progressives. I listen to the radio show clips posted here and while I do enjoy them, I find the TV show is more “in your face.”

        As for guests-I do like when he has them on but the time constraints restrict discussions with them.

        What I found interesting was whenever he mentioned a book (i.e. Sacred Fire, by Peter Lilleback), the sales of it skyrocketed on Amazon. Pretty telling as it shows people ARE listening and doing their homework.

        • Anonymous

          You and me, Linky!!

  • Anonymous

    Somehow, this trial balloon does not surprise me.

    The closer Glenn gets to the truth, the more lefty cages he rattles the more the left pushes back and they have been ratcheting up the pressure over at the Soros-funded Media Matters in the last little while. IMHO, Glenn got a little too close to comfort when he exposed George Soros and Mr. Soros isn’t happy.

    Glenn has taught me a lot, mostly about “doing my homework” and I have been. My eyes have really been opened a lot and I can say that Glenn has taught me a lot about principles, values and being true to them, no matter what the mainstream thinks.
    Right now, I am reading a book all about Mr. Soros called “The Shadow Party”, written in 2006.

    ….and from the Amazon blurb comes the following-see if any of it sounds familiar:

    “America is under attack. Its institutions and values are under daily assault. But the principal culprits are not foreign terrorists. They are influential and powerful Americans secretly stirring up disunion and disloyalty in the shifting shadows of the Democratic Party. New York Times best-selling authors David Horowitz and Richard Poe (both former radicals) weave together riveting history, investigative reporting, and cutting political analysis to help expose and explain:

    * The Shadow Party’s plan to rewrite the US Constitution.
    * How the Shadow Party overthrows foreign governments – and why it may attempt to use the same methods here.
    * The vast network of private think tanks, foundations, unions, stealth PACs, and other front groups through which the Shadow Party operates in America.
    * The network’s voluminous contributions to the Democrats, which totaled more than $300 million in the 2004 elections, and its growing influence over the party’s message and policy.
    * The politicians on both sides of the aisle who have exchanged political favors with George Soros and his “government-in-the-wings.”
    * The Shadow Party’s efforts to conceal its radical agenda behind the “moderate” pose of Hillary Clinton and other public figures.
    * The radical network’s plan to seize power in 2008.”

    Well, they seized power. Look who is President. Look what is happening. Beck has talked about this time and time again and it is all coming to fruition. Glenn is under attack and like all good radicals and leftys, they are using the Saul Alinksy playbook rule by rule.

    Rule # 11 seems to be what they are using against Beck.

    “Rule 11: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame. According to Alinsky, the main job of the organizer is to bait an opponent into reacting. “The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.”

    To me, Glenn is like a modern-day Winston Churchill – trying to warn Americans of what is truly happening in the USA. Britons did not listen to Churchill in the 30’s; they were placated by Neville Chamberlain’s “Peace in our Time.” WWII and the Holocause resulted.

    Now, there are RINOs and media CINOS (Conservatives in name only) such as Bill O’Reilly who straddle the fence, they don’t have the guts to speak out whether it is against radical Islam or what has to be done to rein in the debt. Beck does; he has the courage of his convictions, he has stuck to his guns and yes, the ones that fear the truth are out to silence him any way they can. Can you imagine the left if Beck left FOX? That would be the coup of coups.

    This could be a ploy; it could be all smoke and mirrors as this is on “The Blaze” and Newsbusters along with here on TRS.

    Yes, Beck is larger enough not to need FOX News. Look what radio and the internet has dome to Rush Limbaugh. He has survived without TV and is a large voice for the Conservative movement.

    Apologies for the long post here but when it comes to keeping our media free for all, I get on my soapbox.

  • Santina35

    Don’t believe MSM, this all started with Huffington Post last year, they have for a year been trying to report that Beck lost his audience, to try to make him seem less relevant.

    The MSM wants to take Beck out before the 2012 election, because they know he is the only one who has gone after Obama and his cronies and made it stick, no one else even mentions the losers Obama’s name.

    The highest rated show on FOX, O’ Reilly spends more time defending Obama then criticizing him, and no one else on TV, Fox or any other show cable or network will even say a bad word about Obama, besides Hannity but he’s doesn’t have the same potency or research as Beck.

    Beck’s show last month was the 4 highest rated cable program, competing against shows that are on 8 and 9 pm, he gets almost 2 million viewers for a 5 pm time slot, 4 times more then his competition, so according to NYT’s that means it’s time to cancel him.

    MSM treats John Stewart like a God, practically report for his approval and he gets half the viewers a night then Beck gets at 5pm.

    In the articulate they write Beck got 100, 000 to his rally when they could easily find out what the real numbers were, closer to 250,000 but they has per usual lie and low ball anything to do with conservatives,

    Funny, how the newspaper that’s the competition of FOX and it’s own newspaper WSJ, and the editor of NTY”S last week criticized FOX and called it anything but news, all of a sudden as a scoop about FOX and one of it’s most popular shows and it’s host, who has not shown cowardice about going after Obama, calling bullshiz

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t watched him in months because I just got tired of the tease. I’ve posted this before here, but he’s just tiresome the way always promotes something in the future. He’s not the only one who does that, but it’s still annoying. Or it was, like I said I haven’t bothered to watch him months.

    BTW, whenever a hit piece says the target of the hit will do something for his own good that usually means it ain’t gonna happen.

    • Cheryl~

      I too got tired of the way he was always saying…next hour, or tomorrow or next week…you gotta give him this much…he knows how to get you to come back for me and he is quite an entertainer with all of his information!

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t watched him in months because I just got tired of the tease. I’ve posted this before here, but he’s just tiresome the way always promotes something in the future. He’s not the only one who does that, but it’s still annoying. Or it was, like I said I haven’t bothered to watch him months.

    BTW, whenever a hit piece says the target of the hit will do something for his own good that usually means it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Anonymous

    The NYT Times can dream on.
    I still watch everyday.
    I wish Beck would make some changes though.
    I like it when he talks about the day’s events, that day!
    He is repetitious with the chalkboards. By now we know it by heart.
    In spite of that, I love the fact that he speaks truth!
    Each and every day things happen. I like to always hear his opinion.
    He “gets things” that ordinary folks do not grasp.
    His interpretation is always illuminating.
    Wish he would go back to more of that.
    Just me…still love Beck and trust him.

  • jblv

    “We don’t just eat food because our body needs it, we also choose and know which is good for our body. We don’t eat the same food everyday because we get sick of it” Just my analogy.
    I watch Glenn’s program, although there are times, that I don’t care his topic, but most of the times I listen to him because I understand he wants us to get informed, and I know he tells the truth. I grew up in the time that morally inclined with God, and compare to now, the world was much better to live then.

    I see the world is in shambles and our nation close to ruin now. We are just watching the people that ruining it and playing us! Glenn put his life on the line in the fight for not just our future but for the next generations future! our freedom! aren’t we for it or just whine like kids. We need to act like adults and not just adults but responsible adults to take this nation back to it’s course with Glenn, Rush, Palin, West, Hannity, etc.

    We don’t need the MSM lies, we all knew that, they think our freedom, our future and our life is their game! They are evil and MUST be IGNORE. We should all support the freedom fighter all the more.

    Sorry folks if my grammar is not right, I honestly not from this country but I am an American, been through war and dictatorship regime. My family have come out in it ok, although it took years for us to recovered. So, there’s no reason that we can’t do it here, it may take years to fix what has been done, but WE need to do it TOGETHER AS ONE. I love this country and the american dream that it gives me. Now, is the time to be as ONE Nation to fight back what has been taken from us, from the real americans!

  • Anonymous

    Beck was sent here a a disciple people. I want the tough truth that most on the right don’t have the guts to say. Glenn does not care if he offends anyone. And the reason people are offended is because he is telling the truth. You will see his truth come into fruition when food prices, gas prices go threw the roof this summer!

    • N.W.O(h noes)

      Oh yes he does care who he offends… that’s why he still hasn’t “upped the ante” yet by exposing more globalists. Beck’s telling us mostly truth- just not all of it. He can’t and stay on the air. He plays the game because he knows he is where he can do the most good. If he leaves FOX, it will be because he stepped on hidden toes, refuses to introduce more misinformation, or is proving to successful… and that’s all I have to say about that.

  • Anonymous

    More proof that Soros is out to silence conservative talk radio any way he can:

  • Anonymous

    “This report deserves NO COMMENT .”

  • destroyer of moonbats

    FNC has been going downhill since the 1st ORLY interview w/ Barry Soetoro. the 2nd interview w/ BO & BS just left a really bad taste in my mouth.

    • Anonymous

      In that case,O’reilly must be stopped not Glenn,i can’t stand O’reilly.

  • I’m not really a fan of Beck..I started watching him because he was before the News..but he changed my life for the better..he made me think more about how I live..I stopped being a lefty socialist and started to think outside the box.. I had started changing a little before I started watching him he just give me the push I needed..

  • Anonymous

    I have noticed your heavy reliance on such “objective” authorities as Rolling Stone, Info Wars, and Prison Planet. Why did you forget to list Media Matters, Think Progress, and wikipedia.

    Use the Internet to access the world of information, literally. Even an occasional review of blogs such as

    will give you some insight into the forces that share the goal of destroying western society(ies).

    • Anonymous

      Who here uses the sources you list? Do you have examples?

      Speaking for myself, I will use the likes of Media Matters only to illustrate a point, not for information.

      All sources have their own point of view, depending which side of the fence you sit on. that’s where you look at all angles and decide if an information source is worth using.

      As for the others you mention: all good sources that I know about and read. I’m sure others do as well and TRS should be included as a lo of relevant information is always posted here.

  • pauline

    Beck is one of the few people that actually tells us the truth. The left continue to do all they can to silence him and us.

  • Jimbo

    Beck is one strange dude.

    • troll,.. lower case troll. expand his profile. NO posts what so ever.

      just say’n.

  • Anonymous

    CNN Segment: Beck Bashers Get 10 Minutes…Beck Supporters…Zero!

  • Tactcon4040

    Everyone needs to take a minute to email Fox News and tell them Glenn Beck is our only source of truth.

  • Clavell

    39% down? Could it be that that others, like myself don’t watch Glenn Beck on cable, but watch the show either on The Right Scoop or on Watch Glenn Are the viewers on those sites counted?

    • jblv

      You maybe right, as we got our cable cut off to minimize bills, and i’m sure I wasn’t counted.

  • Kimberly B

    134 comments.. wow. Hot topic RS. Without having read full article or any of the posts. My lil 2 cents is hoping GB stays on the air. Whether it is with Mercury or Fox. Imho GB reaches many folks with information – awoken many from sleep.

  • TexasT

    Yeah! With Beck gone, Fox could put more life essential stories about Charlie Sheen’s latest drama and important #*%% like that over the airwaves! I’m not a Mormon, but why should morality be thrown out? By the way, where did ya’ll first hear about all the crap that BHO and his Czars and administration were and are doing? I listen to a wide array of people and read a lot, so most of what he said, I knew, but never had anyone drawn straight lines for me to follow. I also found a lot of websites and magazines, people and new books to read. The American people were finally waking up because of the attention that Beck drew! All of that is priceless in my view. Beck should be moved to O’Reilly’s time slot!

  • Dinkydot

    I used to enjoy glens show but lately it’s a bit preachy and doom and gloom. If I wanted a religious hour would watch the 700 club.. His show needs that sense of fun his radio show has…Plus I’m sick of all the Van Jones yap…yes glen we get it you think Van Jones is the black Antichrist

  • KeninMontana

    This is nothing more than “wishful thinking” on the part of the NYT.