Glenn Beck and Goldline under attack from Congress

According to the Politico, Congressman Anthony Weiner is going after Goldline and Glenn Beck:

Tomorrow May 18th Congressman Weiner (NY-D) will be either having a press conference or sending out a press release that will involve Goldline International and Glenn Beck. Congressman Weiner will also be going after other conservative supporters that endorse Goldline International. We are not sure what exactly Weiner will be saying but we do know that it will not be favorable to either Goldline or any of the conservative personalities that support Goldline.

Goldline wants to make sure that you are aware of this situation. Mark Albarian (President and CEO of Goldline) and Scott Carter (Executive Vice President of Goldline) are available at any time to address questions and concerns.

Glenn Beck found out this morning on the radio show and was livid:

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  • Geez, Glenn, I'll bet you had no idea you were so powerful. You, alone, are the force driving the value of Gold!? Wow! I'm impressed!

  • KeninMontana

    Gee, sounds like Glenn has gotten a little too close to the truth of what this administration and the Dems are trying to pull off? November can't get here soon enough.

  • Jamika

    This is disgusting. Obama's advisors, members of congress, big unions and other shady organizations are working together to destroy a man's career.

    The rest of the media must report on this. Truly, it angers me how when government gets too big, it thinks it can control the lives of private individuals and businesses.

  • GB must be hitting some nerves in the White House.

  • pparsealot

    Glenn first, Fox news will follow, and then ANY speech. Here's another: What about all the public arenas that allow Glenn and others like the NRA to host conventions, etc.? Get ready folks.

  • jd73

    While I'm not saying Beck is doing anything illegal or anything that warrants an investigation, I have found his sponsorship of Goldline to be pretty interesting (see below for reference).

  • pambas

    Nothing wrong, Illegal or strange with Glenn Beck sponsoring of products … lets not fall in the left ''We do it for love'' trick, the dude need cash to to grow his business and there is nothing to apologies for it.

    There is nothing else in there except that Goldline think that GB is a good publicity vehicul and that it was a great decision to have him do publicity … but we can also get the whole gold cabala with Ron Paul, Block, Woods and all the libertarian nuts … this like call out NRA members for promoting guns ownership

  • williamm

    What's interesting about those links? I didn't see anything special there, but then I'm not looking through the eyes of someone wanting to stop him from exposing the corruption in the administration. Please point out what you see interesting.

  • bulldog_sds

    Drive a false narrative and play off public fears to sell products?

    Sounds like the Global Warming scam and Carbon Credits and Al Gore. How about a hearing on that as well Mr. Weiner.

  • pparsealot

    What is the difference between Beck advertising for Goldline, and the DA on Law and Order, Sam Waterston suggesting people invest through TD Ameritrade? I would think Goldline a more reputable company since it has been in existence much longer than TD Ameritrade. Both are recognizable public figures who have a national audience through television. The only difference is one is an actor, and the other provides editorial commentary, but both are TV personalities.

    Under FDR the government confiscated gold from American citizens. With China’s interest in gold accumulation growing, and individual Americans turning to a timeless tangible piece of real currency, perhaps our government wants to interfere in the rights of private citizens to purchase, invest, and own gold as well?

    I started buying bought gold and silver in 2000 for the very reason we are experiencing today. I stopped investing when the price got hyper-inflated around 2004 (the old adage “buy low, sell high”). Guess what, I purchased that gold at about $350.00 an ounce! Needless to say, I am sitting on a little gold mine right now! (or at least at my bank’s safety deposit box)

    China has been the driving force in the inflating prices of precious metals, particularly gold, long before Glenn Beck started advertising for Goldline. He is just a spokesperson, something that has been done legally by countless popular individuals for a number of different commodities. I do not see any conflict of interest with Beck, Goldine, and Fox News.

    It is important to note that Beck himself as an individual is not paid directly for His endorsement. The Glenn Beck program and a business entity is paid advertising fees for Goldline to purchase air time with Glenn as their reading spokesperson. There is a HUGE difference. There is nothing illegal, unethical, or immoral about this. Here’s the rub: This is good ole’ fashioned Capitalism working at its best, and there are those who are against it, against Beck, and they are hell-bent on shutting the whole process down.

    All this is just attempts to silence Beck and other conservatives. But if there needs to be verification, I am sure Mr. Beck will provide any and all pertinent information.

  • Jojode

    How can they claim Beck promoting purchasing gold is considered scare tactics? Then it should also be considered scare tactics when any other station promotes drugs that warn of illnesses etc! This got me so mad that I'm considering buying precious metals just to make a stand. Great use of Legislators time instead of looking into those that are tearing this country apart. I wonder what's in it for Weiner?

  • CDS in Manitoba

    I hope that the “Progressive Pipe Smoker” will make an appearance on Glenn's TV show tonight to discuss the evils of private ownership of gold. We need some more laughs to keep from getting depressed.

  • KeninMontana

    Kind of ironic that Wiener is under investigation by the FEC on two separate cases about illegal campaign contributions. I don't think Wiener is at all prepared for what is about to dump on his head. Heh.

  • 12grace

    I have called Goldline for information many times and they are very helpful and polite. Also, it is is very distressing that Weiner is trying to silence GB with trumped up charges. Got something to hide, Weiner?

    Let's all buy from Goldline and continue to support GB and vote Weiner and friends out of office.

  • tbrnotb

    Wow…just read your comments. I wasn't sure you right wing nut cases even knew how to operate computers. All the ignorance and paranoia you could find on one blog!

    Beleive me, the left can hardly wait until November to see the rest of the wingnut right wing crumble into dust like the communist party. Exremes on the right or left will never become mainstream.

    Bye-bye, crazies, time worship your guns and jesus!

  • Who is John Galt?

  • It's not the administration going after him. It's the dick from New York.

    It's not like he's gonna have any success targeting a company that, according to him, “uses scare tactics,” just like insurance companies scaring people who will get hurt without insurance, or presidents who say the same thing.

  • Hi, I'm Media Matters, and I'm scared of what Glenn Beck said, so I need the government to protect me and make sure that he's not under might bed at night.

    But, when Obama and Olbermann say that Bush is a Nazi fascist and that the Supreme Court case will make corporations be elected president, that's not fear-mongering. (Because it's not scary? If it's not scary then why am I so scared of it?)

  • KeninMontana

    Does this mean that all commericials will be suspect? Is this an attack on all advertisers? Looks like somebody is trying to jump the gun on “The Fairness Doctrine”,or stretch its meaning and application.

  • KeninMontana

    Does this mean that all commericials will be suspect? Is this an attack on all advertisers? Looks like somebody is trying to jump the gun on “The Fairness Doctrine”,or stretch its meaning and application.

  • Glenn, first to answer your question. I HAVE THE COURAGE TO STAND UP TO CONGRESS. MATTER OF FACT, FIRST THING I'M WRITING THEM TONIGHT. I'm not stopping at that either!!!! Not even close! Second, you are such a huge inspiration, Glenn! I stand beside you always! Many others do as well! KEEP FIGHTING GLENN! WE WILL FIGHT WITH YOU! MUCH LOVE ALWAYS!

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