Glenn Beck: Attack on Lou Dobbs is a Message from the Left

Beck believes that the physical attack on Lou Dobbs may in fact be a message from the Left. My first reaction was that he was doing exactly what Olbermann and his ilk do all the time – trying to paint an entire party by the actions of an individual and blame it on an opposing talk show host. But he doesn’t really do that at all, in fact he makes clear that he doesn’t believe this is a coordinated attack at all.

I think many will find this to be over the top, but I tend to agree that it is a message, no matter who it comes from. What do you think?

UPDATE: Here is the original audio from NewsBusters of Lou Dobbs describing the incident.

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  • Raul

    Wait a second, New Jersey police are saying this was probably a hunter’s stray bullet, that it WAS hunting season near his house, that it happens often this time of year.
    Second, it’s totally premature, reckless and irresponsible to lay blame at this point, before an investigation has taken place. Did Dobss’ wife/driver see a shooter even? Or did bullet come out of the blue? Was a car driving away immediately after shot?
    To lay blame at feet of pro immigrant forces or “the left” is lame at best and could potentially cause retribution by some wacko at worst, when in fact the likeliest of scenarios is that it was the stray bullet of a hunter, who’s probably a republican!

    • therightscoop

      Well he did say that he still needed to check into it. I think he was getting that vibe, though, from Dobbs himself who felt that after weeks of threatening phone calls that the shot came from the people who made the phone calls.