Glenn Beck blasts Christie’s excuses as “bullcrap!”, “I’m done with him!”

Glenn Beck is not buying Chris Christie’s excuses on why he wont run in 2012, calling them ‘bullcrap’:

I quite honestly cannot figure out why he’s not in. I don’t know if he has something to hide; I don’t believe this bullcrap that he’s not qualified. I think it is a political calculation here that maybe he thinks Obama us unbeatable, maybe he has something in his closet – I don’t know.

… Tell me a good reason why you are not going in because I don’t buy this ‘Oh I’m not ready’ or it’s ‘I gotta serve the people’ – bullcrap! Why aren’t you going in?!

Here’s the full clip:

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  • Jason siejutt

    I love this clip. Like Beck says Christy should either run or give a real reason on why he’s not running

  • Anonymous

    Although it is better to have a person in any public position to think of themselves as a servant of the people, they are not slaves.

    Since Mr. Christie is Governor of the State of New Jersey, he is servant to the people there.

    I do not believe that Mr. Beck is a resident of New Jersey, if so he should divulge that before making demands on Mr. Christie.

    Besides even a servant does not tell his boss everything. A slave may tell under threat of whipping… Even then, the slave might lie.

    Mr. Beck demanding that Mr. Christie explain to him is reminiscent of another public servant recently making a demand of “Pass this bill.” to congress.

    I respect Mr. Christie’s right to silence.


  • Anonymous

    Two things annoyed me about Christie’s speech, which was pretty good in total. 1. He completely missed the point of American Exceptionalism. His context was totally off, and I hope Glenn or Rush or Mark clear that up today. 2. Christie never actually came out and said he was not running last night. No, he didn’t. He mentioned the Politico video, which I assume is a compilation of his past “no” answers, but he didn’t say “no” last night. Even after that heartfelt appeal by the woman he still didn’t say he wasn’t running.

    What a tease.

    • Anonymous

      Where’s the full clip? Anyone?

  • Anonymous

    sorry, NOT voting for anyone who buys into Man Made Global Warming….NOPE, not doing it…total deal breaker as a Californian we are just years from Economic RUIN from the BS eco rules in the pipeline already….

  • Could be that Christie still has time on his tour left, he’s got an obligation to his state. Further, Palin will never be able to get rid of the “quitter” albatross around her neck for not finishing out a tour – why would Christie want to have to fight that same smear tactic from the left?

    • Anonymous

      That “quitter” meme won’t hunt. Only you and soft headed leftists may think so, but get yourself another dog, dude, because he’s done used up.

    • Bullcrap. Palin has made it clear why she left the governorship and when she declares it won’t hurt her.

  • Anonymous

    Who really wants him in anyway? Why is Beck wasting his time? Who cares?

    • Any why does Beck want just another RINO? I’m baffled with him and Coulter.

      • Anonymous

        It is baffling indeed Rosalie. Beck always seems so spot on – which makes this really odd!

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, Glenn has a little bit of a history when it comes to supporting BAD candidates. He has or I do hope only had a dubias flirtation with Ron Paul. Mr. Paul is another one that should not be seriously considered as a GOP Presidential Contender.

  • Why must Governor Christie justify why he is not running for President? As many have pointed out time and again, Christie was only just elected to the Governor’s office in New Jersey. He is still fresh in the public eye.

    Christie has said numerous times that he is not running for President. If he does not believe himself to be qualified or a viable candidate, then so be it. That should be end of story right there. Instead all of this clamoring in trying to convince him to run speaks volumes about the confidence, namely the lack thereof, many Republicans and conservatives have in who is running.

    • Jack Bryan

      Perhaps Christie is like Reagan in this sense: When Reagan was drafted for the Republican nomination in ’68 he told friends that he was flattered, but that he wasn’t ready yet. Give Christie some time to establish a record for himself (if he can), and for the moment let him bow out.

  • I lost any bit of respect for Christie when he came out with calling us crazy for questioning his appointment of Sohail Mohammad to the court
    He’s another mittens when it comes to agreeing with Arne Duncan on education
    and what exactly is his stance on “global warming”?

  • Mark Smith

    Gee, is Glenn this caustic with ALL the current fence-sitters? “Bullcrap” indeed!

  • Christie is more liberal than Romney! Are we a conservative party? The evidence is mounting that we are not.

  • rafjo82

    I love both Christie and Allen West, and you could make the same argument against both of them.

  • Jack B. Erhart

    I just wish he would just go away. I’m tired of every page on every news site going back and fourth on this issue.

    It sure seems like a means by which to raise funds for the RNC, and if that’s the case, we really don’t need another manipulator in the White House.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe, just maybe, the Governor wants to do the JOB he was elected to fulfill for the remainder of his term. Just a thought… all the people bitching about this, including Beck, sound like immature democrats. The man is an adult and can do as he pleases. What a shock, a politician who may actually care about his constituents. I respect the Governor for this.

  • Anonymous

    From one of your fans, Bull-Crap Glenn. He doesn’t owe you a reason, whether “good” reason or “bad” reason. He doesn’t owe you his candidacy. The only thing that he might be construed to owe you is the diligent and faithful fulfillment of his office as Governor, even though you’re not in NJ.

    Contrary to the opinions of many, the hype regarding his potential candidacy has been created not by Christie, but by others.

    As if anyone should be surprised or taken aback by his not running. He’s said he’s not running a thousand times. If he turned around and decided to run now after committing so many times not to, he would be branded (however wrongfully) as untrustworthy, and as a traitor to the State of NJ.

    And as if he should care what you think now anyway and as if your opinion about any politician can improve (or get worse)! You have already classified all politicians as professional liars! Will you withdraw that claim if Christie now gives you a reason that satisfies you? You know the answer to that question is no.

    • I’m not a fan of Christie, but I totally agree with your comment.

    • Ruben, I’m a fan of GB , can’t watch him every day because he may tell me the sky is falling on my head in 30 seconds but I’m still a fan.

      I too believe that you can tell a politician is lying because his/her mouth is open. Now, I do realize that there are actual public servants serving their constituents in a conscientious manner. You see the conflict? The dishonest politicians are tainting our opinion of all politicians. It’s not fair but the scurrilous behavior of some politicians lowers our opinion of all politicians.

      I believe there are politicians who are lying when they open their mouths and I also believe there are some who are doing the right thing for all Americans.

      I don’t believe that I’m the only one who’s conflicted when it comes to honest politicians. Honest politician is an oxymoron when describing most, many, some elected servants of the people.

      I do not blame GB for being conflicted nor should you.

      You are correct when you say Christie doesn’t owe GB or anyone else a reason for not running.

  • Anonymous

    Let us all remember that we are voting to get rid of Obama and his destruction of the US. Let me put it this way. Everyone wants an A when they were in school. At least most would. Well lets say you get a B as your final grade. Not perfect but still good. We are not going to get an across the board conservative in 2012. Yet I hear and read some people that if Perry get the nod I will not vote for him because of funding illegals for college. I don’t agree with that either. What is the alternative? Cmon people think about what you would be doing by not acting out and voting! If Perry has a B for a grade I would prefer that over a dismal F that Obama is!

  • Beck did say that Christie has given one good reason that is good enough for him, but he did pounce on the BS excuses Christie had been giving.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, Glenn. The man says he is not qualified or ready or whatever. It is up to him. I bet you would really lose control if he said he was too fat and out of shape for the rigors of the campaign! My guess is Glenn has an opinion on the dirty dealing going on in the Elite RINO Bankster Class that is supporting Christie and he wants them exposed. He would like for gutsy Christie to do it. Palin acted more courageously last night when she sent strong signals that it is the same Media- Institutional elites in both Parties that she fears would “shackle” her or try to destroy her and her family, if she didn’t play ball. Crony capitalism is her code word for “corrupt as hell”. If this Alaskan woman, with a record of doing it before, doesn’t do it, then who will? I still think she may and pray she will, no matter the daunting obstacles.

  • As I am sure this site will do, please update this with Glenn and his actual response to hearing Chris Christy’s entire response to the question of running for POTUS. There is peace in the Beck camp with Chris Christy’s decision not to run!

  • Why would Glen want this Jihad judge,amnesty lover in power anyway? BIZARRE!

    • Just because he nominated a Muslim judge, you all of a sudden brand him as a Jihad lover? What a moron.

  • Anonymous

    Christie knows he cannot get in as he will be exposed for the sham he really is. He is NO conservative! He believes in man made global warming, he has given tacit approval of Obama Care by not challenging it in court, he is soft on ilegal immigration, he has made dubious judicial apointments. He IS the candidate of choice of the Nelson Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party, the blue blood north eastern corridor types.

  • Anonymous

    I agree and disagree with Glenn. Christy has a large role in the 2012 election by standing on the sidelines and speaking the truth directly at Obama, sort of like Trump does.

  • Anonymous

    If the man doesn’t want to run, he has no obligation to do so. He has said that he wants to do his job as governor of NJ. If that is what he has chosen, then so be it; we should respect him for it.

    Besides, people seem to be forgetting Christie’s appointment of Sohail Mohammed, whose most high-profile case was trying to keep the government from deporting Mohammed Qatanani, the Palestinian imam of the Islamic Center in Passaic County, NJ, who also happens to be a documented member of the radical American Muslim Union, a staunch supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and an admitted member of Hamas.

    When conservatives called attention to this fact, Christie responded this way: “[This] Sharia Law business is just crap… and I’m tried of dealing with the crazies.” The “crazies” he was referring to were conservative Americans who are concerned about Muslim extremism.

    I’m sorry, but for me, that alone would keep me from supporting a Christie presidency. The guy doesn’t seem to get it when it comes to radical Muslim extremism.

  • Anonymous

    How’s about we stop wasting time kissing Christie’s butt, and start supporting someone who has actually made the commitment to run for president.

    Herman Cain in 2012!!!

  • Anonymous

    Christie cannot run! He knows he will be exposed as the sham and phony he really is. Christie is NOT a conservative. He believes in man made global warming, he refuses to challenge Obama Care in court unlike 26 other tates that have. He has made questionable, at best, judicial appointments. He endorsed Mike Cassel, gave him a glowing reccomendation in 2010. He is SOFT on illegal immigration. He IS the choice of the Country Club Blue Blooders, The Nelson Rockafeller Wing, of the Republican Party. I am sorry to burst the bubble of the Chris Christie Fan Club but the Governor of New Jersy is NO GOOD for the Conservative movement. DO NOT give this guy a pass as Ann Coulter has just bedcause he is from a Blue State. If he was in a Red state he would never have been elected in the first place!

  • Anonymous

    Holy Cow! That short clip of Christie talking there had me all… I donno… ready to have Krispy’s baby. Almost like … all his sins are forgiven… please Krispy ! Please more Krispy porn…

    Porn addiction does that to you… and Krispy knows how to still get it on.

    But he’s a disappointment… and he will win you with his charms then dump you in the morning… that’s Chris Krispy.

    • Anonymous

      Look having said all this… I just don’t get this “will he/she or won’t he/she” nonsense. Christie’s a big big name… people naturally are bugging him to run. That’s legitimate! He has his reasons yea or nay. Beck is positioning Christie as some sort of saviour. He’s flawed, but don’t slag Christie over this. Christie’s detractions are more substantial than this minor point. Beck just wasted airtime on this imho.

  • Anonymous

    Can we please stop acting like Democrats by treating politicians like they are gods who have the power to save us all!

    Let’s respect Christies decision not to run, and move on.

  • Anonymous

    If I were Christie I’d simply say, “I don’t wanna…now hand me that sack of pork rinds and shaddup.”

    Although, he would shake things up…a lot…especially if he walks along any fault lines…like the one running through DC called ‘Bush’s Fault’.

    • Anonymous

      “Bush’s fault” heh heh.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Glenn, but I’m also glad he’s not running – does that make sense?

    • Anonymous

      Yep. I’m glad Glenn’s not running too 🙂

      Now, “break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar”.

    • makes perfect sense to me.

  • Hey maybe he isnt personally ready to put up with more of the BS he put up with when he first became Gov….

  • Anonymous

    You know, Glenn spoke more about this later in the show and discussed the full answer Christie gave. His take on Christie’s response changed.

  • Anonymous

    Christie is a RINO. He knows he is John McCain Jr. He learned a lesson from the McCain Tragedy and knows he might suffer the same fate. Simply put, he is scared of Obama.

  • Anonymous

    So… Beck is cooled on Perry so he now is for Christie? If Perry is an unelectable RINO what’s Christie?

  • Anonymous

    Beck should go to a meeting.

    • Anonymous


  • Oh shut up, Beck, you melodramatic neo-con.

    There is no evidence that Christie is a social conservative, especially when it comes to things like shariah and abortion. Just because he is tough with public sector unions doesn’t mean he qualifies as a conservative. And we want a CONSERVATIVE!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent work Mr. Beck but we are better off without him,he’s NUTS!!! Did you hear the way he was ranting and raving to New Yorkers to get out of hurricane Irene’s way or your crazy! Turns out the whole storm was grossly overblown in a national disaster before anything happened,and not much did! Then there is his Islamic sympathazier position,like they need more help from our politicians in their take over of America!”Mr.Christie you make BAD cookies” stay home!

  • Linky1

    Christie has said he isn’t running. Period. End of story. Let him deal with New Jersey and since he isn’t running, the wrath of Ann Coulter.

  • Anonymous

    I still can’t get by the pro-AGW junk science position and the idiotic bird killing windmill idea.

  • I like Glenn but he needs to grow up. Putting pressure on someone to run for President is dubious at best. Since Glenn is so smart then maybe he should shut his pie-hole and run for Prez.

    But of course Glenn will claim that he has a higher calling making money etc…

    I really like Glenn and his overall positions but sometimes he just needs to shut up.

  • Anonymous

    Why does Christie owe anyone an answer about why he’s not running? It’s his business.

    My hunch is that he and Romney are good allies (with Meg Whitman fundraising with him, and Romney’s endorsement of his election. He also listed a lot of talking points about what he wants in a president in his speech at the Reagan library last night. They sounded very much like Romney talking points).

    Maybe he plans to endorse Romney when the timing is right. Wouldn’t that just burn Beck’s house down. Talk radio gets more entertaining every day.

  • Anonymous

    Why in the world would Beck want a RINO like Christie in the race.Doesn’t anyone have principles anymore?

    • Anonymous

      It seems that no one in the RW media does. We are a long way away from the idealism of 2010. Conservative = republican’s useful idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Why does Christie owe anyone an answer about why he’s not running? It’s his business.

    I suspect that Christie may endorse Romney when the timing is right. Why?

    1. Meg Whitman is fund raising with him.
    2. Christie was seen on stage with Mitt thanking him for his help in winning the election.
    3. Christie gave a speech at the Reagan library last night, blasting Perry, and talking about the qualities of a president, all of which happen to be Romney’s talking points.

    Christie may not endorse, but if he does endorse Romney, it will certainly burn Beck’s house down. Talk radio is becoming more entertaining every day!

  • Glenn isn’t the same Glenn I knew on Radio or on Fox, he’s changed.. The old Glenn wouldn’t want someone running that didn’t feel “The Calling”, just to pacify some people begging him.. Christie has also never said he was running, he’s always said he wouldn’t run, he hasn’t even fixed NJ yet.. Glenn has also shown poor judgement recently, when he allowed that improper and embarrassing joke on his show about Sarah Palin and Glen Rise.. Not only was the joke disgusting and based on a Lie, it also targeted one of the most Patriotic and Conservative voices we have in America, whether you support her for President or not, she didn’t deserve that… Beck has never apologized to Sarah or her family for that joke, to my knowledge…

  • I love you, Glenn, but the man is not conservative. You may be in his camp now, but 5 minutes after he publishes his first policy paper as a candidate you’ll be knocking over women, children, the elderly and the disabled in your haste to head for the exits.

  • Nobody has to give a reason why they aren’t going to run. It’s none of your/our business. If they run, they run, let them deal with the ramifications then as well as those candidates already in a race.

    Maybe Christie thinks the field is already full. Maybe he thinks he’s not electable.

    The real issue should be not what his reason for not running is, but whether he’s lying or not. If you say you’re not going to run, don’t be coy, otherwise I lose respect for you, similar to Palin’s game right now. Stop being coy. Either you don’t know, we’ll see, I haven’t decided yet, yes or no. And if you decide not to run, I don’t care why not. Unless someone digs something out of your closet, it’s no concern of mine, and even then it might not necessarily be a true concern of mine.

  • Anonymous

    Must have been later that he went over his speech and Christie implied that he wasn’t “called” and Glenn was fine with that. Not sure how to paste a link as it’s from GBTV radio show archive. Have it scoop?

  • Anonymous

    But later on in the show, Glenn Beck changes his mind on whether Chris Christie’s excuses are good enough:

  • Anonymous

    He’s not jumping in because he feels he’s not only not ready, but wants to serve the people for a full term in NJ. I look for Christy to endorse Mitt Romney in the very near future. Just remember when he was elected, who was standing on the stage with Gov. Christy. It was Mitt Romney. Not Perry, Not Palin. Mitt.

  • Beck is so insincere and full of crap that there is no point to him anymore. The way he turned on Palin and Breitbart. Beck is starting become as much of a flake as Michael Savage.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t been keeping up with da Beckster. How did he turn on Palin and Breitbart?

  • I would rather have Palin than another RINO, we have at least 3 RINOs and one whatever Paul is. Herman Cain is unacceptable. Newt has no chance and neither does Santorum. I want Palin and she will run, because she never said “No”.

  • Impertinent

    Kiss your 2nd amendment rights good bye when you go for the dough boy. NJ is like a foreign country when you’re there. NJ Completely ignores those rights. One of the worst places to live with killer taxes, unions and violence.

  • rightConcept

    Give me Sarah Palin any day of the week over any of the candidates currently running. Cain is a good second for me but I don’t know if he can beat out Mitt for the nomination. Palin can and she would win the general easily.

    Christie is good in NJ but really, another establishment semi-RINO is definitely not what we need right now.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately Sarah can’t put two words together. She’s a horrible communicator.

      She cannot defeat Obama while stumbling to get her thoughts together in a debate.


      • Anonymous

        Don’t be sorry…………obviously you haven’t listened to her speeches , her debates,etc. Research, do your homework, and take a second look. Watch the “Undefeated”. I think you will change your mind.

  • rightConcept

    Poor Coulter…

  • Anonymous

    He gave a reason that Glenn discusses (and accepts) later but scoop hasn’t scooped it yet

  • Anonymous

    All kidding aside…the real reason he won’t run is simply this:

    The rigors of a presidential campaign would muscle into his grueling workout schedule.

    • Anonymous

      Now, now Mr. Hill, remember all the flak we took last time we busted on Christie for his weight?

      It was pretty amusing though, wasn’t it?

      I though you were gonna’ say because he couldn’t put the fork down long enough.

      • Anonymous

        True DebbyX, it was…but Las came in and saved our bacon remember?
        BLT’s all around!

        Just because I grill Christie about his unique area code, dat don’t mean we can’t still be soulmates. I think he’s a well-rounded young man, and if you said it’s chilly outside, he’d pull a custom-made spoon out of his jacket and run out there have someone take him out there.


  • Anonymous

    The reason he is not running is because he is honest with himself. He has only been governor for less than a year. he has never held any other state wide office and
    He really does not think he is ready. Sorry to all the ABPs.

    • Anonymous

      More Bullcrap.

  • Chris Christie is an absolute fraud. HE IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE. He banned new coal plants in NJ to lower emissions. That’s worse than RomnneyCare in my opinion. read the article in the link.

  • Christie shouldn’t run. And hey, I love the man, but if he runs, even many who love him will end up turning on him and calling him a RINO and all that other crap. Christie is fine just where he is.

    I think Jon Stewart had it right; the candidates aren’t the problem, the republican voters are the problem. Drafting another candidate will not fix the problem of who we should put against Obama because we have too many purists who will be unhappy because every certain candidate is not 100% with all voters on a certain issue.

    It doesn’t matter who else enters the Republican race; the base will end up being disappointed by any newcomer anyway, and a number of conservatives will remain home on election day because they would rather lose and election and let Obama win next year than win the election with a candidate who is imperfect and yet superior to Obama.

    Now, would I vote for Christie? Yes. Would I vote for Romney? Yes. Would I vote for Cain? Yes. Would I vote for Perry? Yes. Would I vote for Bachmann? Well…Bachman is kind of stretching it. I would vote for almost anyone but Obama. I would vote for Hillary Clinton over Obama.

    I live in the real world where I know I cannot get a perfect candidate BECAUSE I know that perfect candidate does not exist.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you jump on the guy for his weight? Can’t do the job because he’s fat? Please. You’re no better than the MSM. Grow up kids.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Christie is all that popular in NJ. I could be wrong, but I have very good friends in NJ who are more conservative then I am….(and I didn’t think that was humanly possible), who can’t stand the man and think if he gets elected POTUS we’re really doomed….