Glenn Beck brings The Blaze TV to Dish Network

Glenn Beck is now branching out from just being an Internet TV sensation, reaching a deal with Dish Network to bring The Blaze TV to satellite. It debuts on Dish Network Wednesday (today):

NEW YORK TIMES – Glenn Beck is bringing his brand of conservative commentary back to the television set.

One year after embracing an Internet-only distribution model, Mr. Beck is repositioning his streaming network, TheBlaze TV, as an offering for cable and satellite operators — in other words, TV the old-fashioned way.

On Wednesday, he will announce an agreement with the Dish Network, the first of what his company hopes will be many such deals.

TheBlaze TV, an Internet television network, will remain available via the Web for its 300,000 paying subscribers, including those not subscribing to Dish. But the distribution deal with Dish gives Mr. Beck, formerly a host on Fox News, a new way to reach viewers that may be adopted by other Internet entrepreneurs seeking a way into traditional television.

“Our success over the past year has given us the ability to go on traditional television while maintaining complete creative control and freedom and remaining at the center of the Internet revolution,” Mr. Beck said.

Despite all the hoopla about online viewing and devices to connect the Internet to television sets — TheBlaze TV promised online subscribers it was easy to do — a lot of people still just want to see what is on TV the easy traditional way.

“We’d like to make that as simple for them as possible,” said Chris Balfe, the president of Mr. Beck’s media company, Mercury Radio Arts, in a blog post that will accompany the announcement on Wednesday. The channel will begin on Dish at 5 p.m. Wednesday.


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  • I don’t know what to say, having just complained that Beck’s message is no longer available for people to see.

    I’m very happy with this and I hope he can get enough business for Dish that they keep him on. If I were in the market for satellite (or any form of TV), this would definitely make my mind up……talk about blowing a door wide open.

    • TLaMana

      No Football on Dish, I’ll stick to DirecTV.

      • Tom Vermeulen

        Not true!! RedZone has 6 hours of live, commercial free NFL action every sunday for like $7.00 per/mth. Every Touchdown of every game!! Its the best deal going!!

        • Gtrjag

          I’m sorry that just would not do. I like to be able to see a whole game, especially when the Jaguars are playing.

      • For $9.95 a month you can still watch The Blaze Tv on the internet, or like I do, with a Roku box that plays on my television.

        Beck is not giving up his TV/internet option. He’s only adding one more avenue for viewers.

    • 12grace

      He is also on GBTV. I love it. You can get news and information on this site that you can’t get anywhere, else. I admire Glenn Beck.

    • He reaches more people on radio than on satellite.

  • Just in time for the election. I am sure Glenn has lots of stuff planned. : )

  • kamiller42

    Election coming. Dish arranging a limited engagement? Might as well enjoy the ride anyway Glenn.

    • WordsFailMe

      Odd that DISH announce Beck TV would be included in the “TOP 250″ for subscribers, free to all for two weeks and….”Available a la carte” for $5/mo. Does this mean we are about to see the beginning of “a la carte” cable tv? We will cut down from 250 to about 9 and watch MSNBC and CNN choke. Can’t wait, if this is a portent…

      • I concur! I could get rid of sooo many channels I never watch too.

        • WordsFailMe

          W: Part of our monthly fee goes to each of those channels we do not watch. That I support MSNBC, NBC CBS and ABC galls me no end. I don’t want them to get anything from me.

      • That would make me happy!

      • That’s exactly what the Forbes article on Beck is saying Even the NY Times had an article on Beck.

  • CaseyGeorge

    meh…Dish dropped AMC, they’re not getting me…I gotta have my Walking Dead 🙂

    • Mad Men and Walking Dead are two of my favorite shows, I’ll find another way to watch them with Dish now.

  • TMZ2

    Beck keeps expanding. Jay Sekulow’s radio show, webcast, and a Andrew Wilkow just joined Beck network soon to be re-named The Blaze TV. Plus his radio co-hosts are getting their own show. I wonder if it means they leave the radio show with Beck. They had been doing an extra hour without Beck online.m And now Beck joins Dish Network. Impressive.

    • Pat and Stu have done the “4th Hour” for a few years now.

      • Pat and Stu now have a 2 hour program directly following Beck’s radio broadcast.

  • Linky1

    Dang it, no DISH in Canada……but good for Glenn doing what he is doing.

  • cool… just switched to dish.

    • WordsFailMe

      212, Mrs. WFM is beside herself with joy.

  • RobertMahoney


    Go with DirecTV, you know, like everyone else so more people will see it.

    • Calvin_02

      Dish has been a sponsor of his off and on for a few years now. I don’t think they’d appreciate the guy who does ads for them to go with DirecTV.

      • RobertMahoney

        You are correct good sir. I don’t listen to Beck on TR any longer, haven’t for a couple of years, but I do recall him doing spots for them.

    • Comcast cable would work for me! 🙂

  • He’d be better off going on CSPAN..

    • I bet liberals would demand equal time for their views on HIS show if he went on CSPAN. Silly liberals – tricks are for kids.

  • B-Funk

    Niiiiiiiiice! ^_^ Somewhere, a lib’s brain is exploding.

  • I’m still waiting for the exciting news that Beck is coming back on Fox News. I know, I know, I may be waiting a LONG time… Wouldn’t want to be holding my breath and all that, but I can still live in hope. Can’t I? 😉

  • JoeMontana16

    I just hope he stops with the professor stuff. Be like you were when you began at Fox Glenn. Your sitting there with your glasses and your legs crossed while speaking in a monotone voice like a therapist isn’t gonna get it done. When he started at Fox he was able to break through all the noise and educate people who would normally not pay attention because of his humor and candidness. People don’t want to listen to listen to a workshop type atmosphere. They got enough of that in school.

    • las1

      I kinda agree… I miss his humor.

      • He’s at his best when he mixes humor and facts…

        I still love this clip: “Glenn Beck Says The Americorps Pledge ”

        • las1

          That was just so damn funny. That’s the Beck I know and love. Pray that Glenn brings the real Beck back to our living rooms.

  • jdbaird

    I hope his this is better than his radio show or he’s gonna go broke. I can’t even stand to listen to it anymore, him and his pals just screw around for three hours and call it talk radio.

    • GJPinks

      I am glad that he and the gang are “screwing around” as you describe it. He was getting to intense and I was getting worried about potential health problems. (Breitbart anyone). Glenn is doing great work, attack thru humor is a sharp edge.
      But don’t forget, Obama’s U6 unemployment is way over 15%

      • jdbaird

        The day his co-host was screaming at the top of his lungs everytime Nancy Pelosi (or some other liberal I can’t remember) spoke, was the day he lost me as a listener. It was funny the first 12 times he did it, after that I kinda lost interest.

      • ConnieConservative

        Also love the humor.
        Glenn, Stu and Pat are quite the comedy team when they get wound up.
        My favorite is on YouTube, called Glenn Beck gloats. Makes me laugh and
        smile every time.

  • Nukeman60

    I like Glenn Beck. I loved watching him on Fox. It was sad when he left, for whatever reason it was. But I feel he’s had some bad financial moves since then. I don’t have any figures but it just seems to me he’s losing his audience.

    This is not a criticism of him, just an observation. When he left Fox, he created GBTV, with $5/month subscriptions. It then went to $10/month with many pleas to subscribe. He changed the format to TheBlazeTV, I assume for financial reasons, and now is going to satellite. I assume he’s heading back toward cable to gain more viewers, but I don’t know the details yet.

    I hope he’s not going under and it will be nice to be able to see him again, once he comes back to TV, but I sense he’s been hurting with the moves he’s made since he left Fox and he’s trying to recover from those moves.

    Just an observation.

    • Nukeman60, Beck and The Blaze and doing just fine.

      Mercury Arts made over $80 million last year.

      His subscribers number over 300 thousand. He has more paid subscribers than CNN has viewers.

      The Blaze TV (formerly GBTV) always had two pricing tiers. $4.95 for just Glenn’s TV show and $9.95 for the whole network.

      He’s adding Dish Network, but not abandoning the online streaming model. It’s “in addition to” not “instead of”. Also, Dish Network is the first announced cable/satellite provider. More are to come. Also, the network will soon have original programming 24/7.

      Beck’s doing better than ever. The Blaze website got 9 million unique visitors last month.

      His audience and his message are stronger than ever.

      • piperlord

        I agree with you.

  • Great! I will definitely be watching. Glad I have Dish Network as my satellite provider.

  • Um yeah, I used to like Beck but then the Republican primary happened . Beck went way oout into the deep end

    I won’t be watching

  • marketcomp

    I hope he comes on at 5:00 and knock out
    THE five!

    • That would be Great Karma! 🙂

    • I never watch the Five, in fact I left that time slot at Fox News.

  • Psyphurr Lock

    DirecTV has a far larger customer base. Wonder if they are in talks to get it on that network too.


    Beck is one who flew over the coo-coos nest to me. When I first saw him on
    CNN/HSE, it made me feel there was one of us in the media. He was really fun to watch.

    Several incidents, Primaries, NEWT, Oval Office gag, BS of A flop, and he really
    dumped on Clint Eastwood.

    I just think his ego is out of control, and we found out he can’t admit when he makes an obvious mistake or error….and is very proud of that like a badge of honor.

    He has become so commercial, it makes him look too far out for me.
    I guess he needs the money to support 120 employees now, but I once bought tickets to his event in Texas, and the topic was his crap he called elegant eliminations comedy tour.
    Big mistake…Oh yeah, he charged $90/per to see him and $500/per to meet and greet him. Took my kid for $200, it was AWFUL, and no way would I spend $1000 to shake his hand.

    I just roll that way, it is un-decent, so I left the BECK bubble, and my life became more normal and calmed down…NO ONE harder on Genny Huckster than me now days.

    I tried to advise him (and others did too who work for him) some and told him he was going mega whacko, but I think he was too busy counting his money and gold coins.

    I think he has what O-BLAME-O has, an arrogance we can not comprehend, and the “king” complex…he got it bad.

    Sorry if I offended any of his fans, you will figure it out in time.

    “Resist we much about dat” A.S.
    “We gotta let em go” C.E.

    • To each his own, but man, I think you’re WAY off on Beck.

      He’s made enough money to just say “eff it” and ride off into the sunset. But he wants to make a difference. That’s why he stays around.

      I have a google news alert for “Glenn Beck” so every mention of him online gets emailed to me. This guy is crucified on an almost hourly basis. The easiest, and I would say, logical, thing for him to do would be to leave all of this insanity behind. But he doesn’t. He wants to change media and culture in a positive way.

      Glenn also gives fans many opportunites to meet him free of charge. The meet n’ greet you spoke of was, as advertised, a way to offsest costs of the Resotring Love event. No one forcibly made you pay. So it appears you DO roll that way.

      And by the way, he was right on Newt. Newt talks a great game and I’m glad to see him make the talk show rounds. But when in office the record doesn’t match the rhetoric. He is a Teddy Roosevelt Progressive Republican.


        YOUR in the BUBBLE dude !

        I don’t accept Glenn’s argument on who is and who is not a progressive.
        A LOT of people think he was way off on this, only his fans agree, with his definition.
        Progressiveism is NOT big government ONLY……GB just can’t admit he made a mistake on that.
        You seem to be fully smitten, happy for you, bo. bo.

        There is other drinks, than kool-aid you know….

        I don’t think he is amonster, I just think he has gone off track……
        Clint rant proved me right….again……

        He does not speak for me, and I think Clint was great, and most people on this side love NEWT….get with it BRO !

        Last I saw over 500 GB fans trashed him on the CLint thing, it was like 500 plus to a few. Many more dropped GBTC/The BLAZE whatever when he screwed himself again.

        I really don’t care if he is so rich he qould quit…see, another idiotic argument… sound like a liberal….or GB himself getting messages on GB??????

        Are you obcessed or what?

        • gothicreader

          I agree with you on Beck. I used to watch him, but ever since he trashed Newt and the the Tea Partiers when Newt was gaining in the primaries, I began to realize the guy was becoming too full of himself. Narcissistic. His time has come and gone.

          I didn’t know he trashed Clint (since I don’t watch/listen to him anymore), but that is typical. Anyone coming up with something smarter than him is typical from egotistical person.

          Like I said many months ago, he will fail and fall very hard.

        • So, I’m a “smitten, obsessed” kool-aid drinker?

          Thanks for the high-minded dialogue…..

        • Judith Thoren

          I thought Clint Eastwoods’ republican speech was stupid, and though I heard his point, he appeared to be a daft old man….. don’t kill the messenger now…. I thought the GOP was just looking for a “big name” to help the convention make more headlines.

          Conservative here. I too want a change in our leadership. Be sure to vote everyone.

  • mediaaccess1

    I wish I could get it for “free” ’cause I can’t afford it.

    • Judith Thoren

      If it were free, you wouldn’t place any value on having it available. And if you had it then it were taken away, you would get your representative to mandate it so…….. I understand why it isn’t free.

      • mediaaccess1

        Me too. I understand, but I used to post his stuff on my website and teach it to Hungarians.

  • ConnieConservative

    Good for Glenn and Blaze TV!
    Hope they come to Comcast soon.
    I admire Glenn, his many charities, his devotion
    to conservatism and truth. Congratulations to them!


  • tinker_thinker

    Yipee! I’ll tune in!

  • DebbyX

    I’d love to see Beckback on TV. Unfortunately, we don’t have dish. I hate those things hanging off the houses. Maybe he’ll cut a deal on cable sometime.

    • Yeah with the country at stake, it makes sense to worry about cosmetics of a small satellite dish. It doesn’t have to “hang off the house”. It can be in the yard. It has to face south with no obstructions.

      • DebbyX

        You don’t know how I think, so get off your high horse.

  • jscottu

    As Forbes has pointed out, Beck has done something that Oprah couldn’t do. “The deal he just made to put his fledgling internet news channel on Dish Network may be remembered as the Shot Heard ’round the World in the battle to break cable distributors’ stranglehold on network content.”

  • Connie Mitchell

    It is wonderful to see and hear Glenn Beck again. We have missed you and feel that you are the one person who tells it like it is!!

  • mred56

    Good show, I think Fox and MSNBC are one sided on their views. I love seeing some honest news. RT also does a good job reporting the truth. I would also like to say, I think Romney is truly a good person, not sure about all of his policies. It looks like some are punishing him for his sucess. I thought that was what America is about. I am probably by some standards not even middle class, but I do not dislike rich people. Glad you are back.

  • I post a lot of Blaze TV video clips here: I will probably post the entire Friday’s Special on Mitt Romney. Should have it posted either late Friday evening or Saturday afternoon.

  • Less viewers than even MSNBC, but I’m sure more than whoever watches Current TV.
    I miss him, I really do.

  • eriksuperman

    This is a pretty smart move by Dish in an election year; Beck may anger people, but he definitely brings in the subscribers! I have Dish, and love that I can just add this channel a la carte. Dish also just added the Pac-12 network for football, so I’ll have a ton of DVR recording to do this fall. I work a crazy schedule for Dish, so my Hopper DVR, and its 2,000 hours of recording space, will be a total lifesaver when I’m trying to get caught up on my shows. I’m not a huge GB fan, but I love how often I get new stuff to watch from Dish!

  • scunnurt

    Just found “Blazing Saddles TV” —-locked it out now I don’t have to even see that the Psycho still exists.

  • I would to love to have a chance to do a live talk with Glenn Beck on the more-on trivia segment , i need the phone number

  • Sad for the First amendment , Becks brand of BS should not promoted by anyone especially a major entertianment provider !!! Beck and his lie , just to make a profit they take advantage of less intelligent people who fear everything !!!

  • Hopefully this christian/ conservative will one day become a better person and stop lying and playing games just to make a Buck !!!