Glenn Beck Caller tells story of life in former Soviet Union

Born in 1964 Vashegan grew up in Armenia in the former Soviet Union. He talks about joining the communist party, a much more exclusive party than we knew, with the hopes that the free market would finally come to Armenia. He ended up coming to America in 1995 and became a citizen. But the story in between is quite interesting.


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  • What is it about socialism/communism that attracts people to it in its early stages? The promise that the govt. will take care of you from cradle to grave. But, what they don't tell you is that you will barely subsist, suffer due to shortages, live a shortened life, a meaningless life without property or purpose, and die without legacy, freedom of speech or patriotism of nation.

    So, what does socialism/communism provide? Nothing.

  • KeninMontana

    Imagine yourself growing up as a serf,your family have been serf's toiling for the benefit of an autocratic dynasty for generations. You subsist at the knife's edge of starvation and death never receiving the slightest benefit from your labor. One day a group of men come by extolling the virtues of this new philosophy that says that you will be the equal of the autocrat,that now all will be equal and share in the rewards of their labor. Would probably sound pretty damn good at that moment wouldn't it. By the time the purges start and your eyes open to the truth it's too late,so now what? You can join the party and become a “first among equals” joining the new “enlightened” elite. Communism as a state level depends upon a society raised with a rigid and defined social class or caste structure, like those found in feudalism and monarchistic societies with a sharply defined aristocracy and a serf or peasant class with little or no education at all, a society in which there is no chance to better one's station in life. A society that has never known what freedom and liberty are, does not lament it's absence.

  • Jojode

    We heard about the Voice of America and shortwave/cb radios in the 60's, and how people in that part of the world needed to hear from us. People did whatever they could to get news and to escape if possible. Many lost their lives trying to jump walls and defect to this country. Many that defected were athletes, ballet celebrities, writers and poets. Some friends from that area told me stories about the 30's-60's. A Ukraine/Polish friend's parents met in a work camp who escaped and made it to Canada then to the US in the late 40's. In late 60's they reconnected with relatives and found out that a grandparent had a short time left to live. Two family members went as tourists to Kiev. No one was allowed to travel outside of a designated area. Their rooms and phone lines were wired and all conversations were taped. Fortunately they were fluent in the language so they sneaked by train to a town miles away to see their relative/s and back to Kiev. If they had been caught it would have meant jail or even death. That's how serious things were then. We can't allow that to happen here in this country – and it can happen here. Where would our kids escape to? Who would our kids listen to for hope? Knowing world history, I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone wants to go in that direction. If it's the easy way out to have someone else make all the decisions – then feel free to go that way for yourself. Give up your will. For me and my family leave us the hell alone and let us live free. We can make our own decisions, Thank you.

  • 70 years…

    After Gorbacheve was ousted and USSR “poofed” out of existence, I remember an interview where an elderly man was quoted as saying about the history of Russia since Lenin and 1917 something like, “… 70 years on the road to nowhere.”

    Guests like the Beck caller, with their with experiences, memories and quotes, would make great guests on his FOX tv program.

    I wonder…

    Is America starting down the road of “70 years on the road to nowhere” under the leadership of Soros puppet and Lenin-wanna-be Obama?

    Just askin'.


  • Yep, and Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels, according to FA Hayek, didn't provide an economic roadmap, Lenin and Stalin made it up as they went building a pogram against their own people–sound familiar? Just like Jihad. Because thats where the imams of the ME got terrorism from–USSR-according to “The Mind of Jihad”-Laurent Murawiec. Socialism/communism/terrorism still exists today, our friend Vashegan sees the signs they are coming to America.

  • Dittos…

    “… a group of men come by…”

    As I read your comment, it reminded me of the movie “Doctor Zhivago” that I am watching on DVD, when Omar Sharif's doctor character agrees that the transformation of his multi-story and multi-room home was better as a commune… it was more fair and equal.

    Yeah… uh huh… yep.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  • I beg to disagree. I often hear Americans in the quite comfortable to undeniably wealthy strata express that socialism is a good thing, far superior to capitalism, which they disdain despite the fact that their life styles are the direct result of people taking advantage of the opportunities of capitalism. When I suggest that socialism is not a good thing, the usual reactions I get are befuddlement or anger. In these circles, a lack of appreciation for the superiority of socialism is considered a mark of social inferiority. These people do everything they can on the political and social fronts to promote socialism, and their wealth and positions make them quite influential.

  • KeninMontana

    Wealth can tend to insulate those that possess it from many things, for example the realities of everyday life that the vast majority of Americans deal with as well as from reality itself. If you were able to strip someone like Soros,for example,of his wealth,odds are he would not be able to cope with the day to day existence of the “common man”. People like him cannot grasp the reality, that were the US become a socialist nation it would come to affect them in ways European Social Democracy never would. To take a nation like the US,a representative republic and force it to the left and socialism would rend this country apart, horrors would confront them that would make previous communist purges pale in comparison,blood would quite literally run in the streets. There is,in America,something woven into the soul of this nation a love of liberty and freedom that while it's appreciation lays dormant in some, to awaken it in such a manner as to try and snuff that freedom out,would be to awaken a tempest that would,as the poets have said,shake the very pillars of heaven. As for myself I would certainly rather forgo that. Suffice it to say that even their wealth and power would not insulate them from the effects of such a radical and sudden shift. The simplest way to wake them to the failure of socialism is to point them to the events unfolding all around Europe and point out the fact that Europe's wealthy are scurrying to get clear of the collapse by coming here of all places then ask them when their precious socialism comes here and the inevitable happens where will they run to? Love him or hate him the late Ronald Reagan said it best,”If we lose freedom here there is no place to escape to,this is the last stand on earth”

  • I beg to re-take the point. I quite often hear, sadly, Europeans, Japanese, or socialists for that matter live in denial or even in ignorance of the tremendous pitfalls of socialism: All welfare bubbles.

    In these circles, a lack of appreciation for the FACTS is considered the reason socialism the equivalent of masochism. In the year 2000, thirteen European states adopted the “Lisbon Strategy” to make the EU “the most competitive and dynamic, knowledge-based economy in the world.” Ten years later, almost none of the recommendations have gone anywhere. In fact, they are striving just to save the European Union and the Euro.

    From 1990 to 2005, the combined output of France, Germany and the UK adjusted for inflation, grew about 34, barely 2 percent a year – and Japan grew at half that unremarkable rate. Over the same 15 years, the American economy expanded 58 percent, which translates into more than 3.5 percent a year or 70 times faster than Europe’s major economies and 150 times faster than Japan. The unsurprising outcome is that Americans are a lot better off economically than Europeans or Japanese, with income per person in Japan and Europe’s major economies ranging from 29,200 to $32,700 compared to $42,000 in the U.S. 28% more than a Briton, 36% more than the avg. German or Japanese, and 40% more than the average French person; and those gaps have widened since 1990. Unless many things change, by 2020 a typical European and Japanese will live on about half what an average American will earn. Ignore the American triumphalism since socialism is coming to America as well. Put together, thirty years of continuous substandard economic performance, and by 2020 they could be economies in genuine and serious decline. The usual explanations for Europe’s economic difficulties begin with their welfare states, and that is not all of it, what matters just as much is how hard and how well the people who have jobs actually work. Here too, the average Briton works 8% less hours than the American, Italians 13% less, Germans and French 25% less. Productivity is declining in Europe, therefore less income, and therefore less taxes and less revenue to the government to sustain the socialist policies of welfare. To a point where they will have to increase debt to finance their failed programs, to be less productive. Cannot catch back up with the debt, the bubble bursts, and just like in America a huge bailout will be necessary AND a change of politics, or RATIONING will be necessary. Where is your medicine dude? So your welfare does not keep you well?

  • pparsealot

    When I hear of immigrant stories like the one highlighted here, it gives me hope and courage.

    Lately though I have been thinking a lot about freedom, and I have grave concerns long-term about the preservation of liberties and freedoms we currently experience in this country. I want to have confidence in our youth, in my children and now grandchildren, that they will uphold the principles many of us (older now) hold dearly, but I am not sure of their resolve to the principle that what was created in America on July 4, 1776 was truly EXCEPTIONAL (they have not been taught this in school – in fact just the opposite).

    I have never been in favor of the draft into military service, but let me tell you if it wasn't for “duty, honor, and country” and the brave men and women who serve and have a sense of what freedom truly means, where would we be? I can't help but wonder what a better society we would have if young people had to serve a minimum of two years in service to this country. Boot camp I remember was hell, but I learned more in those twelve weeks about myself, developed a deeper love for this country, and taking personal responsibility for my actions, than anything else I have done in my life. There are many things that can be taken from a man (or woman) in life, but the values, sacrifices, and accomplishments achieved in service to one's country can NEVER be stripped from him (or her).

    What really is keeping us from descending into tyranny and despotism? Like an infection that has spread throughout the body, socialism, Marxism, and now Islamic influence is infecting every facet of the body of America. This country has a grave illness, and I have doubts that if the American people vote in November to remove many “incumbents” that things are going to just suddenly be right again. Just look at the corruption we've witnessed taking place in our government (both Democrat & Republican) this week alone! We have to change our own hearts before we can change and restore our government!

    Our founding fathers were so wise in their formulations for the expression and living out of the unalienable rights which were granted to us by God not the government. BUT, freedom and all the liberties & rights came with certain obligations, duties, and responsibilities. Otherwise, and the founders clearly stated (and warned) time and again, that citizens who did not remain vigilant in the CAUSE of liberty would find their freedoms stripped from them and ultimately shackled with the chains of tyranny.

    Here's the problem I fear, too many Americans have become too complacent IN their freedoms and their abuse of so-called “rights”. Rather than living by a sense of duty, moral obligation, and responsibility, we see a large segment of American society that demands entitilements, are enslaved by debt (that can never be paid back), and have lost (or become insensitive to) any sense of a transcendent imperative. Rather than governing themselves, they look to and support an ever-increasing and intrusive government to meet and provide for their needs. I have no doubt whatsoever that our founding fathers, if they could somehow be revived, would march into the halls of Congress, and like the biblical story of Christ clearing the Temple of the money-changers, would clear house! No, actually I believe they would all look at each other with tears in their eyes, and many fall to their knees, and know that what they did for America and the world has not continued.

    The vanguard of Freedom must always be a vigilant society that upholds and defends those principles put on paper by our founding fathers. History shows that practically every generation of Americans have been faced with a challenge to this freedom either from foreign or domestic influences. While our unalienable rights have been granted to us by God alone, it is of vital importance that EVERY American know that freedom is NEVER FREE!

  • Enoch73

    Knowing Hungarians, Soros is probably bitter about the U.S.'s failure to come to Hungary's aid in the failed rebellion against Russia in 1956…
    or maybe he's just greedy and power hungry beyond measure. Either way, nobody like him should be able to have that much influence in our political system.
    (I've always wished we'd helped Hungary, btw.)

  • Enoch73

    Having spent quite a lot of time among Eastern Europeans, trying either desperately or halfheartedly to regain their soul after communism failed them in so many ways, there's no way I'd wish it on anybody.