Glenn Beck: Do not make plans for July 4th!

Looks like Glenn has something brewing for next July 4th. He says that we should make plans to be with him.

Oh my! Let the MSM outrage begin!

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  • Stevendufresne

    Sarah Palin’s presidential announcement?

    • Sybilll

      Nah, she’ll announce on what would have been Reagan’s 100th birthday. Can’t begin to guess what Beck has up his sleeve.

  • She DID announce her resignation Independence Day weekend …

  • Extremely Right

    Palin/Beck 2012? God help us.

    • Sybilll

      Not Palin/Beck. But God does need to help us.

      • Tyler

        God needs nothing. It is we who need to plea with God for help.

  • That’s a pretty random date.

    • Vidg2003


    • Q-town Reader

      Prepare to hear accusations of GB hijacking the 4th of July, disgracing Americans, and trying to steal the day away from… true patriots? Who does he think he is!?!

  • Anonymous
  • I believe we should have national picnic. A good old US Birthday with hotdogs, hamburgers, barbaque, apple pie, watermelon, sackraces, horseshoes, singalongs, bandjams, maybe a reinactment of bunker hill, I meam the hole 9 yards. American’s having fun with friends & familys to celebrate what we’re doing and whats to come!

    • Johnschaffran

      Don’t forget the fireworks and GOD BLESS AMERICA blaring nationwide!!!

  • Julia

    I don’t think this will have to do with elections. I think it will be something about God, Family, and Country. YES!

  • KeelyinFL

    I really hope this event will be in the heartland, not DC!

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly why I can’t sit through Beck’s show anymore. The constant tease is just too aggravating. He is always alluding to something happening at 5:30, or tomorrow, or next week. Man oh man it’s never worth it.

    He pulled a stunt a few months ago that was just pathetic. He had one of his chalk boards covered with a blanket and said he would reveal what was behind the blanket on… I think it was Thursday of that week? I don’t remember. Anyway, the segment comes and I don’t even remember what it was now, but it was very lame. Definately not worth the build up or the wait.

    As far as the previous comments? There is ONE thing that would turn me off of Palin in a heartbeat and that’s if Beck is ANYWHERE NEAR her announcement that she’s running for president. That would be something I could never get past. She’d lose my vote and there would be no way she would get it back.

    • Cheryl~

      He does this on his radio program as well…pushing things to “the top of the next hour” always alluding to revealing something important, etc. It is in MY OPINION his way of getting you to stay listening and he gets the ratings, I think it is a mixture of show and trying to keep you coming back for more! He is very very good at it…he’s an entertainer they are supposed to keep your attention and that is his schtick!

      shtik: (Yiddish) a contrived and often used bit of business that a performer uses to steal attention; “play it straight with no shtik”

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, he’s certaintly not the only show that does that. Greta’s show is nothing but tease, which is too bad because she has some of the best guests of any of them. She’s such a nice down to Earth person, too, that it’s almost painful to sit through her borderline dishonest teases. Maybe it’s just that by the time 10PM comes along I already know what she’s talking about, so her little promos almost always come off as tabloid like lies. Big build up for no pay off. It’s very condescending.

  • Julia

    Uh, oh, MSNBC is going to go ballistic: Glenn Beck is STEALING the 4th of July!! Violence with fireworks! Red, White, and Hate!

    I hope it’s on the East Coast, and I hope it’s even better than 8/28 if that’s possible.

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired of this. It’s the boy who cried wolf every day.

  • pinkskyinthemorning

    Sounds good! I will give up watching the fireworks on the beach under a moonlit sky and meet up with Beck and company. Kind of hope it is not in D.C. Somewhere middle America………a picnic to remember.