Glenn Beck exposes radical connections of Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

Beck, as only he can do, puts the ‘peaceful’ and ‘tolerant’ Imam on his chalkboard and shows his radical connections.


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  • Anonymous

    ehhh… they already control the White House and the Pentagon.. whats a little Mosque gonna do? /s

  • greg has to go with ‘umeccamehot’ ;0 ! seriously, a great gotcha point- how could the libs have a problem with that! as for the muslims , what better way to prove their tolerance!

  • Assmongrel

    these connections seem tenuous

  • Anyone know what pasages in the Quran teach peace and love towards all mankind? Please point me to it-_____________________

  • After this I bet that this mosque will not be built! I’m glad Glenn exposed it – I’m sure the liberals are all aflutter over this.

  • Not fair…

    Bruce, are you a lawyer?
    You know the answer before you ask the question.

    But, seriously, as you probably already know, because of abrogation, the later jihad verses abrogate the early peace verses.

    It seems that Allah changed his mind and told Muhammad to change his mind too.

    Since the early peace verses could not be, um, deleted, the new revelation verses (… which Salman Rushdie called the “satanic verses”), to fight for Allah, abrogated the earlier peace verses.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

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  • Dellam1

    I just love the way you connect things up for us on your black board, GOOD JOB!!!

  • I Heart Lucy Harris

    A tad late on this one,but better late then never eh? Or as John Mclean said one Christmas many years ago” welcome to the party pal”

  • A concerned New Yorker

    Dear Mr. Beck,

    Part of your call to action for America is the 9/12 movement. This is the movement that tries to find the better part of America, the part we felt after 9/11.

    The Muslims at Park51 are Sufis. They are not Wahabi Muslims, like the ones who murdered so many people, including Muslims, on 9/12. Wahabi Muslims do not tolerate Sufism. Sharia, as interpreted in some countries, also doesn’t tolerate Sufism. In Iran, in addition to the persecution of B’ahai, and Christians, there has been persecution of Sufis. Here’s a recent story about it. (

    Why are you participating in activity that is similar to what the religious authorities of Iran are doing, by persecuting Sufis?

    Have you talked with anyone at the 2 current mosques?

    Please do so. This bullying of people of different religions, especially of a sect that is so different from the ever shrinking gang of murdering thugs in Al Qaida, doesn’t seem like it’s part of bringing out the best of America. To me, it’s revealing an ugly side of our current politics and punditry.

  • Off course they have the right to build their stupid Mosque near ground zero. Thats not any different than the Klan’s right to hold a march on MLK day, or the right to burn the American flag right in front of US veterans. Thats kind of how the 1st Amendment works, and I am glad I live in a country that cares about freedom of speech to that extent.

    But make no mistake about it, Glenn Beck’s rantings aside, these individuals attempting to build their Mosque are in no way moderates, nor represent 99.9% of American Muslims. Protesting their Mosque is not anti-Muslim in any way. Remember, free speech is a two way street.

  • Kimperkins63

    Thank-you Mr. Beck and this has been driving me nuts to figure out all week. When was the last time the Logan Act was reinforced ? Secretary State Hillary Clinton I predict will not be talked into this money pass hands food chain. Watch Hillary’s video and I don’t know if they got permission but it’s great ! It was under Hillary finally spoke up about the Mosque at Ground 0. Rauf…woof,woof,woof ! Thank-you Mrs. Raza form the Canadian Congress and I think she’s a good moderate muslim and nice and considerate lady. We’ll tell the Hillary Clinton team and everybody saddle up ! No Mosque at Ground 0 ! No Controversial Buildings ! Have you heard the new movement going on and it’s not the twist but we’ll cut on checker if you need to. It’s called I’m an American citizen movement and all voices count in America !

  • yo

    This cat is fucking retarded

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