Glenn Beck hints that he’s cooking something up with Sarah Palin

Glenn Beck is going on vacation next week and he is going up to Alaska to see Sarah Palin. He hints that this is more than just a cordial visit:

Hmmmm. What could he be up to? You know Beck, he is always full of surprises!

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  • COOL

  • Stevendufresne

    He going there for a big speech on 9-11. Check out this link to vanity fair’s article on Palin,

  • That article is pure crap.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, pure crap!

  • Anonymous

    Ah!!! hate to have to guess, can’t wait to hear what would that be;-). Glad to know that he is taking vacation and will bond with the Palin’s family. Glenn and Sarah the Great!

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  • ConservativeHippie

    Okay I’ll say it,

    Palin/Beck 2010!

    …shhh not too loud, we don’t want to scare any libs

  • Lindamay

    Beck IS full of surprises and has a way of keeping things “under his hat”. Good for him. Can’t wait to hear what’s up!!!

  • Ahle1

    Two idiots.

  • Anonymous

    “Two Idiots”
    Who are they?

  • Reagan ’till I die.

    You and who else?

  • Triple dittos…

    Shallow thinkers are shallow writers, I guess.

    Immoral Minority
    Shannyn Moore
    Andrew Sullivan (… “shallow thinking” when he is “burning with bush”… tokin’ and jokin’ with weed and wine)
    Palin haters on Huffington Post.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  • Anonymous

    Did you come up with that comment all by yourself? If so that’s pretty good for a liberal. I’m amazed you could string 2 words together.

  • KeninMontana

    Last warning, if your here to incite you will be banned. If you have an opinion state it like an adult.

  • sodizzy


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  • JoJoDe

    I have my ticket for 9/18 in Chicago and waiting.

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  • So…


    STOP! Islamization Of America