Glenn Beck interviews Herman Cain

This is a great interview. Beck doesn’t shy away from asking Herman Cain tough questions and one of the first questions he asks Cain about is auditing the Fed. Cain said he worked for the Fed in Kansas city and doesn’t mind if the Fed gets audited, but he’s not going to herald it as one of his issues. I know some of you have been wanting to know about this issue and he gives a more complete answer in the video.

Beck also asked Cain about his ‘No Muslims in my Cabinet’ answer and he clarified that as well. He did say that he spoke quickly without thinking, but also noted that his answer had been mischaracterized. I think he’s learning to be a bit more polished and I’m ok with that. The last thing I want is another cookie cutter candidate.

All in all there were no major missteps in this interview as there were in the interview on Sunday. In fact he did a great job.


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  • YAAAA… Lets go Herman Cain! Good stuff.

    Every single misstep/fumble/whatever are actually mis-characterized and require clarity. There were never flip-flops, etc.

    Thank you Beck for asking tough questions.

    • Anonymous

      “There were never flip-flops, etc. as I have been trying to tell some of you.”

      You do know what the term “flip-flop” means don’t you? I think Mr Cain has to have a stand on something FIRST…..then he’d be able to flip-flop to the other side.

      • So then you are showing that I am right… By saying Cain hasn’t been able to flip flop. Why do you ask if I know what it means and then articulate a stance that defines the word the same way i used it? LOL.

        • Anonymous

          What I’m saying is that Mr Cain has no opinion/policy AT ALL.
          No opinion = no flip-flop.

          • Yes I know that. But you are wrong of course, I disagree with him having no opinions, that is demonstrably false. And the fact you claim no flip-flop, well I will take that side of your argument and run with it, because I agree with it. 🙂

            • Anonymous

              Twisting the words around to suit your opinion doesn’t make it right. 

              • No, its clear he has opinions, so I run with the truth or the side of the argument that is truthful, namely that he hasn’t flip-flopped.

    • Annie

      nice going on your responses, Tony.  They are great – not reactions, but responses.  Appreciate that!

  • Dew

    Wow, this Cain guy is not qualified to run this country!  He doesn’t think they will find anything wrong going on at the Federal Reserve? Is he living in this country?  You might want to let him know “right to return” is the right f his customers to return their pizza.  He is NOT what this country needs.

    • Dude what is your problem? He agrees with audit to find something wrong with the Fed, he simply just doesn’t think there is much. Nothing wrong with that because he allows his conclusion to be tested. Get a grip.

  • Mary – MI

    I cannot agree with Mr. Cain’s stance on auditing the Fed. Reserve, because the audits that he talked about are inside internal audits.  The Fed needs to be audited by outside private auditors.  But, on the whole I enjoyed Glenn’s interview with Herman Cain and liked much of what he stated.

    • He never said anything about an “internal audit”. It kinda seems like you are using your imagination to construct a position he never said anything about.

      It would be investigated by the likes of Ron Paul and his committee most likely.

      • dp

        Ron Paul is not what this country needs. 
        Stop bringing him up as a solution. 

        • Tyler

          No one person is.  He just happens to be everything that the other candidates claim.

  • Anonymous

    well at least Cain shows an ability to learn from his mistakes.   I’ll give him that.

  • Newt Gingrich or Herman Cain – in regard to their so-called flubs… Its like comparing a nuke (Gingrich) to a grenade (Cain).

  • Anonymous

      “I think he’s learning to be a bit more polished and I’m ok with that. The last thing I want is another cookie cutter candidate.
    All in all there were no major missteps in this interview as there were in the interview on Sunday.”

    Yep right scoop….now’s the time to learn about policies, national events, or even running for office……while you’re running. Maybe Cain should have boned up on these things BEFORE he decided to run for office.
    He’s not radiating much confidence about his ability to run the most powerful country in the world.
    Kind of scary when the best thing you can say about a Presidential candidate’s interview is, “there were no major missteps”.

    BTW….still waiting to hear what he’s thinks about Afghanistan.

    • You need to listen. Then you will hear. Obama learned on the move, nothing wrong with that, in fact Obama got voted in despite his alarming lack of experience in the private sector when our country faced an enormous economic crisis. Cain is FAR more experienced to lead this country than Obama ever was, including today.

      He does not think there is a coherent strategy in place for why we went in, what our national interests are and how to get out. Therefore I would gather he thinks its a mess and would not of been had it been executed with leadership.

      It was stated there were no missteps, because the hounds were out biting at Cains heels making it seem he is mis-stepping, so it was to address that. Know the context before you critique. So it wasn’t the best thing he could say in regard to the Presidential interview, it was the best thing to say to address the critics out there, specifically too.

      • Anonymous

        Mr Cain is a good businessman…I’ll give you that. But he knows nothing, NADA about foreign policy. To not be able to give even a “half-assed” answer about Afghanistan is both lazy and not very comforting.
        What he is saying is just rhetoric, and I personally am sick of all of it. I’m surprised that you aren’t questioning it either.

        We got one guy in the White House already, when it comes to foreign policy, that doesn’t know what he’s doing….I don’t want another.

        • The difference between Cain and Obama, is if Obama doesn’t know what he is doing his instincts are against our friends, if Cain doesn’t know (which i am saying for sake of argument) his instincts will protect our friends.

          Therefore it is a foreign policy I can get behind.

          • Anonymous

            Comparing Cain and Obama’s foreign policies is lame. You’re setting up pretty low standards. 

            • YAWN… It is following the conversation where you lead it TENCOLE… Read what you said “We got one guy in the White House already, when it comes to foreign
              policy, that doesn’t know what he’s doing….I don’t want another.”

              So what I did, was then compare Obama to Cain, which is what you started to do. Its called following the logic, and the logic shows Cain more qualified than Obama ever was, including today on foreign policy. Because Cain supports Israel over Palestinians, because Israel is the only sane govt in the region, while Obama takes Palestinians claims and try’s to make Israel bend.

              • Anonymous

                Listen…how can you support/vote for someone, when that someone isn’t giving you any answers?
                Mr Cain keeps saying that he’ll tell us what he’ll do once he gets in office. That’s not an answer and you know it…and that ain’t how it works.
                I want to know how he thinks he’ll deal with this BEFORE he gets in there….I would think that you would too.
                Being a Proud Army mom of 2 it’s one of my priorities. Not only won’t I give him the time of day till he comes up with an appropriate answer, I’ll do all I can to make sure he doesn’t get in there.

                • I suggest you listen to the man yourself first…

                  Also, it is still really early… Just give it some more time TENCOLE. Let the process play out through interviews and the like, he will be pressured on foreign policy, just give it time, that’s all. I want him challenged with questions to, and I want him to articulate deeper too, but I also want it to happen as it always does, with time.

  • Joe7

    Tony if you would of done proper research via independent sites, you would have found that what Cain is objecting to isn’t a partial audit, but an audit that will show how much of OUR money is going to international banks…thats what this audit thing is all about…and yes every person that pays taxes should be demanding a full audit that includeds how much are FED is giving to international banks

    • Well then give me a link… I have been going off of what the man has said on the topic, especially in the interview above. That is EXACTLY what type of research needs to be done on the topic, because it concerns Cain himself.

      There is no objection, he simply said he doesn’t mind the audit.

      • Joe7

        LMAO, you go by what polititians tell you? You got to be kidding me… I find the link when I get back, its not hard to find only if you’re ignoring it.

        • Yes, I form my vote based on what the candidates tell me. What do you do listen to the MSM? Must be, cause that is why you are getting this LINK. Give me a link that doesn’t quote Cain to tell me what Cain said, please, I would love to explore how you form opinions based on people.

          When your parents tell you to do something, do you wait till you hear an independent source tell you its OK? Nah, you form your action based on what they say, its called basic critical logic and thinking. You don’t let other people tell you something that contradicts what you yourself have heard the person say.

          BTW, Cain isn’t a politician so your premise is flawed, again.

          • Tyler

            You gotta do research outside of the media to actually vet these guys against their words.  Obama sure said some lovely things that people wanted to hear…and we see where that got us.

  • zytekfan

    Great interview! Glenn always delivers good questions to be answered. I’m looking forward to the hour interview with Mr Cain!

  • We don’t need another Federalist stooge and warmonger who thinks starting wars are free that doesn’t implode the economy.

    • Never has somebody’s imagination been on such display when critiquing candidates as with the absolute nonsensical statement above.

      • BigM


      • My point was, if Israel went to war with a nation today, by his so called logic & “doctrine” we should intervene and help Israel. How does he expect to do so when we are facing a $1.6 trillion dollar deficit this year and are over $14.3 trillion dollars in debt while we’re giving Israel billions in foreign aid at the same time. I guess when it comes to domestic issues it’s “limited-government”, but when it comes to “defense” (and I use that word lightly), and foreign policy it’s “sky’s the limit”.

        Cain is no different from others in the mainstream Republican base.

        • Obviously we do what we can within our limits… Obviously!

          • Tyler

            We have been fighting endlessly for almost 10 years now…and for what?  None of these Rs even care how to properly fight a war, but only how to keep the military-industrial complex’s pockets nice and fat.

  • Mr. Cain,

    You gonna have to stop voting “PRESENT” on the issues… REAL QUICK!

    …we’ve seen where that gets us.

    • LOL, Cain isn’t voting present, ;P… But that’s a great video.

      • Hah!

        Actually, that post was a tongue-in-cheek reply to those who think he has given NO declarative statements, or even viable opinions on major issues.

        He answered Glenn’s (and company) questions with clarity, clearness, and not a hint of acrimony OR hedge.

        THAT is a good bit more than simply ‘avoiding any missteps’.

        It’s fairly well-known who (there are two) I would take a bullet for, in this upcoming election cycle.  But failing their entry, AT THE MOMENT… I would work to elect Mr. CAIN long before I would even miss a bathroom break for any of the other current “declared” candidates.

        CM Sackett

        • I totally agree.

  • Us who are concerned with Cains relationship and defenses of the fed are not interested in hearing about better fed policy. Central banking is the problem. Ron Paul was saying the same things now as he was 30 years ago and all through Greenspan’s tenure. If you want to be coerced into using fake money the fed prints that is your business-support Cain-but some of us would like to be able to choose our own money that the Fed cannot debase-Greenspan did it too just at a lower rate so don’t bother to argue this point. 

    • He wants to audit the fed like Ron Paul. So I will support Cain because he wants rigorous insight into the Fed like Paul.

      • Tyler

        Paul wants to END the Fed because he knows what the Fed is and has been doing since they came into existence.  As Geoff said…central banking IS the problem.  Our better founding fathers knew this from the very beginning of our nation’s existence.

        “I believe banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” – Thomas Jefferson

        I still don’t believe that someone who has worked for the Federal Reserve for a number of years doesn’t realize this when average everyday Americans who are seeing inflation…soon to be hyperinflation…can see the prices go up and their quality of living diminished all while being lied to by the Fed.

        • KenInMontana

          “A private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army. ‘We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.”
          If you are going to quote someone at least get the quote correct, if we take your quote verbatim you have painted Jefferson as being against all banks which is a lie.

  • Steprock

    @geopolicy:disqus  I like Cain, but I’m not going to jump on and reply to every single comment about him…he doesn’t pay me to be his spokesman. Meant as a friendly suggestion.

    Personally, I love Mr. Cain’s rhetoric and have for years when I lived in Atlanta and was delighted to listen to him on my drive home. I am not sure how far he’ll go in this race or if he’s qualified to sit in the big chair, but I am happy to hear him out and listen to challenges and his rebuttals.

    Summation: he has my ear and it’s his task now to win my vote.

    • Don’t tell me what to do. I can defend whom I want whenever I want, how I want. Don’t ever discourage conservatives from defending candidates who are conservative.

      • Tyler

        If your guy wasn’t lying to your face…I would agree completely with you.

  • Hermantor

    Should have asked Herman about his backtrack on the debt ceiling.

    • Tyler

      Fox is selling Cain.  They’re not going to ask him real questions or demand real answers.  They’re just going to act “tough.”

  • Tyler

    I really hope yall can see the lie you’re being sold by Fox before it’s too late.  Please do some in-depth research into the Federal Reserve and their financial terrorism as well as Herman Cain outside of what the media’s force-feeding you.  He’s not a “non-politician,” he’s not an “outsider,” and he merely “disagrees with the current politics” of the Federal Reserve when their policy since 1913 has been to steal our country’s wealth.