Glenn Beck interviews Sarah Palin on her new creepy neighbor

It’s so funny. The Left keeps charging that Sarah Palin is playing the victim card with her new stalker neighbor, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Just listen to how she talks about knowing that other people have difficult things to do with as well, and she’s no different. I tell you, she is as down to earth as it gets. But I’m sure she’s just got us all fooled!

Also, she will be joining Glenn Beck at his 8/28 event at the Lincoln Memorial. I think he just tripled his audience.


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  • section9

    Do not be surprised if the Obamajugend from the Flying Piglet site show up like they did yesterday to rationalize this conduct. They are nothing if not fanatics.

    Now that the wheels are coming off the Freight Train To The Radiant Future of National Socialism And HopenChange, they are lashing out at any target they oppose. Palin is merely the New Nixon to them. No one should be surprised that McGuinness did this, given his writings about Palin, nor should anyone be surprised at anything written about her from the Left, given the anger and hatred directed her way by partisans of the failing Obama Regime.

  • Keeping the Palins in my thoughts and prayers. Keep on keeping on Sarah!

  • KeninMontana

    If any of those “Obamatrolls” ever had an original thought or honest opinion,their heads would explode. The fact that they attack like they do only reveals the desperation of the losing side. They know they will be defeated so they have become panicked.

  • Deo

    Palin accuses McGinniss of “yellow journalism,” about which Weigel observes “Palin, who has an undergraduate degree in journalism, should understand that articles don’t become untrue when the subjects don’t agree with them.”

    While Ben Smith points out, correctly, that Palin has every right to feel uncomfortable, and to say so, it doesn’t make her particular response any less hypocritical. Even if you grant Palin’s premise that McGinniss is a “yellow journalist,” her implication that he’s a voyeuristic borderline pedophile seems to denote her approval of that journalistic hue.

    Finally, since it is Palin who is obsessively blogging about McGinniss’ new, private living arrangement, doesn’t that make her the stalker here? For all we know, that property was the most suitable one available to McGinniss, and he’s just moving in to mind his own business and do his job. It’s not like he is taking to the internet to give updates from the property line. Given that his job is to write about Palin, it’s hard to imagine a more suitable location.

  • KeninMontana

    Twisted, skewed logic, which I imagine makes you quite popular over at Palinsgate.
    Let's play a little game;
    Typical traits that distinguish a Left-wing authoritarian leader are:

    typically men
    opposes equality
    desirous of personal power
    amoral (unprincipled, unethical, dishonorable and unscrupulous)
    intimidating and bullying
    faintly hedonistic (self-indulgent)
    cheats to win
    highly prejudiced (racist, sexist, homophobic)
    tells others what they want to hear
    takes advantage of “suckers”
    specializes in creating false images to sell self
    may or may not claim be religious
    usually politically and economically Socialist/Democrat

    Typical traits that distinguish a left-wing authoritarian follower are:

    · men and woman

    · submissive to authority

    · aggressive on behalf of authority

    · radical

    · highly religious

    · moderate to little education

    · trust untrustworthy authorities

    · prejudiced (particularly against followers of religions)

    · mean-spirited

    · narrow-minded

    · intolerant

    · bulling

    · zealous

    · dogmatic

    · uncritical toward chosen authority*

    · hypocritical

    · inconsistent and contradictory

    · prone to panic easily

    · highly self-righteous

    · amoralistic

    · strict disciplinarian

    · severely punitive

    · demands loyalty and returns it

    · little self-awareness

    · usually politically and economically socialist/Democrat
    Sucks to have your own weapons used against you does it not? Palin is a private citizen and deserves her right to privacy and to have her children left out of this. Instead those who apparently travel in the same blog sites spewing your irrational hate for this woman and her children heres a little excerpt from one of your fellow “Palingaters” Tyroanee, “Three children are offenders, one under age pregnancy, vandalism, theft, drug addiction, alcohol… this is what you classify as a respectable woman, wife mother whom just wrote on her FB page she was mowing the lawn with a two year old Trig strapped to her back?”
    Myself I have never seen anyone on this site target the President's children or the children of any figure on left. Sadly, you will be judged by the company you keep.

  • 134567

    No one deserves this kind of behavior against them.Like Beck says critisize political people all you want.Say what you want even spead your lies.Just leave their families out of it and respect their right to privacy.These lefties make me sick to my stomache.I will never buy another random house book ever.

  • What give HER the right to call her new neighbor “creepy” or alude to the fact that he may peep in on her kids bedroom?!

  • CDS in Manitoba

    “Typical traits that distinguish a left-wing authoritarian follower are:

    · men and woman”

    They practice polyandry? Heh.

  • Deo

    The Palin “Hollywood PROP rental” children were thrust into the media and limelight by $arah Pol Pot Palin herself…fair game. They are all part of the tap dancing vaudeville act $arah created, all part of the Palin Family Flying Circus.

  • KeninMontana

    I took that from the site “Palinsgate” and switched a few things around but not the “men and woman” that is unchanged it was from a book ranting against conservatives. But ya never know about lefties. Heh.

  • KeninMontana

    Perhaps the same right that allows people like you and Deo to cast aspersions in regards to her and her family's character?

  • KeninMontana

    Pathetic,you folks really need to come up with some fresh talking points, in your case I'd recommend seeking psychiatric help for your inner anger with yourself and apparently women while you're there. Why not just return to your Palin-hating friends and peruse Sarah's stolen emails.

  • Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air in politics, I am glad she is going to the Glen Beck rally. I would like to go my self but some one needs to write the Twistedway blog

  • Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air in politics, I am glad she is going to the Glen Beck rally. I would like to go my self but some one needs to write the Twistedway blog

  • Tyler

    The “down-to-earth” appeal that she has just wrings wrong with me. I'm sure Obama's a real down-to-earth kind of dad for the most part and is probably as normal and decent of a father as anyone else to his kids, but that doesn't change what type of politician he is…lying scumbag progressive.

    I still think Palin's a progressive, but I still agree with Beck on the notion to leave her family out of the battles.

  • rpwuiehfii

    Why is it that we know more about Palin's kids than we do about the Radical Leftist in the Oval Office?

  • Palin as a Progressive is a plausible thought may explain some of her support given in the elections, she did support Brown a Progressive too. Interesting thought. Either way the stargazer as a neighbor really sucks and seems to be his normal course of action. Weirdo is often used to describe folks like this.

  • Deo

    THIS is what wee, small minded pea brain $arah is filling her FB with?????????????Then again it IS FB!
    There are some major things going right now, and this is what Miss PREZNITDENTIAL MATERIAL has to talk about.
    There are 309 million Americans, thank god, 307 million have deemd $arah old fish.

  • jules02

    I don't care who you are, having a neighbor spy on you like that is creepy, uncomfortable, and no one “deserves” that. To think that someone deserves that is just plain malicious.

    I know I would feel under attack if someone was spying on my family, trying to dig up dirt about my family for their own gain. I feel sorry that the Palin's have to go through this. (I also feel sorry for those who spend so much time and energy hating on the Palins… think what you could do with all that time if you just let it go!)

  • I find it very strange that readers of this site call all the other news sites “biased”, yet the comments on those sites are from both left and right, and on yours, they're 99% right-wing. Hm.

  • Bull!

  • Because he is creepy, and if the shoe fits, then wear it. I'll say it for Sarah, he is creepy and so is Will folks whon fantisizes about nann affair with Nikki Haley, that never happened. Hey It never happened. You taken two common sense conservative women running for office, and the Left goes ballistic. Will Folks is as much conservative as I'am the King of England, and I'm not. Mcginniss is a stalker who knows what he's doing and what he's doing is called “up to no good.”

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  • danls286

    palin is the best thing to happen to this country since regan

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