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Earlier today I ran this story from the Suntimes and my impression of that story was that Amy Jacobson, the witness to this encounter between Cain and Bialek a month ago, was that it was suggesting that the encounter didn’t appear to have happened as Bialek has represented yesterday in her press conference. However, after listening to this interview, it seems to me that, if anything, Jacobson is actually corroborating Bialek’s story to the extent that she can, given that she doesn’t know exactly what was said between them.

But when it comes to judging Cain and Bialek’s the body language, Jacobson described their encounter as ‘intense’, that you could ‘cut it with a knife’, saying that she knew not to interrupt them. Jacobson had wanted to get a photo with Cain and said she was bum-rushed by Bialek who beat her to Cain and then had his ear for 2-3 minutes. She said it was clear Bialek had something she wanted to tell Cain and “by God she was going to tell him what she came there to tell him”. When asked about her characterization that it was ‘flirtatious’, she said she meant that Bialek was in Cain’s personal space, very close to his ear. Again, she affirmed she had no idea what they were actually talking about, only that Cain was saying “uh huh” several times throughout their brief encounter.

It’s also worth pointing out that Jacobson said she has also been sexually assaulted before (not with Cain) and that she believes Bialek’s story. She also challenged Beck’s belief that Gloria Allred isn’t credible, saying that Allred does serve a purpose.

Here’s the full interview:


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