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Before the radio show started this morning, Beck went on his Insider Extreme and said:

“Mercury is about to be gigantic. Gigantic! Because look what all these people are doing. They’re just treating you like total idiots!”

Beck also gave a message to the media in his first segment this morning, which I’ve also included in the video below, that the reason his show is successful is because they don’t treat people like idiots, and that his business is about to become even more successful.

Now Beck has already commented this year that he wants to hire 45 more people at Mercury and I’m guessing that’s about The Blaze, his news division. But that’s just a guess. He has also put more emphasis on his company name, Mercury, as he now has it prominently spoken on his musical introduction to his radio show. Not sure what that means exactly, but it’s just something I’ve noticed and it feels like he is preparing us for something.

What does seem to be clear is that Beck is aiming his new endeavors as a response to the very biased MSM. I just wonder if one of his endeavors might include a cable or internet news channel that complements his online news site. Blaze News Network (BNN) anyone?


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