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Just hearing S.E. Cupp apologize for anything relating to this story really brought home to me how degraded she must feel after Hustler Magazine so graphically defiled her image.

If you aren’t familiar with the story that we linked to in the headlines, basically Hustler shoved a penis in her mouth and posted the fake photo in their magazine. The Blaze has the full story, including an incredibly lame response for Larry Flynt.

She called in to Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning to discuss it:

What really pisses me off about this story, among other outrageous things, is that the media and their feminist orgs ran Rush’s name through the mud, with every newscast reporting on the fact that he called Sandra Fluke a slut until every eye and ear within reach of a radio or television knew about it. Yet these partisan and morally bankrupt media outlets and feminist orgs are protecting Larry Flynt with their silence.


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