Glenn Beck Radio: S.E. Cupp responds to outrageous graphic hustler photo

Just hearing S.E. Cupp apologize for anything relating to this story really brought home to me how degraded she must feel after Hustler Magazine so graphically defiled her image.

If you aren’t familiar with the story that we linked to in the headlines, basically Hustler shoved a penis in her mouth and posted the fake photo in their magazine. The Blaze has the full story, including an incredibly lame response for Larry Flynt.

She called in to Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning to discuss it:

What really pisses me off about this story, among other outrageous things, is that the media and their feminist orgs ran Rush’s name through the mud, with every newscast reporting on the fact that he called Sandra Fluke a slut until every eye and ear within reach of a radio or television knew about it. Yet these partisan and morally bankrupt media outlets and feminist orgs are protecting Larry Flynt with their silence.

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  • c4pfan

    Their silence? You won’t hear anything from GOP leadership either.

    • wodiej

      just like Gov. Palin

      • destroyer_of_moonbats

        war on women…. the irony is so think not even gamma rays can penetrate through it.

  • 911Infidel

    Don’t apologize kid. Oh and the most annoying thing is that I only hear crickets chirping on the left and the right. A$$holes.

  • stage9

    But Sandra Fluke is a slut. Based upon her OWN admission, her lifestyle is consistent with that of the definition of a slut: “A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous.” She admitted to being sexual promiscuous!

    • Thank you. That was well said.

    • wodiej

      too bad men don’t think this applies to them. Only women…

      • stage9

        AMEN! It applies to us all! Boys need fathers who are examples of moral rightness. Girls need fathers who are examples of moral rightness.

    • CarlosLumpuy

      Here’s an excellent article by conservative colunmist S.E. Cupp on Sarah Palin:

      I find the public reaction to Sandra Fluke’s public admission of her lifestyle and promiscuity a milestone in the debasement of American society.

      It saddens me to no end how in my lifetime we as Americans have put a man on the moon and seen these huge strides of technological advancements —beyond Andrew Carnegie’s building 2,500 libraries around the world— bringing the vastness of human knowledge including everything in the Library of Congress right in your hand, whilst a collectivist mindset of a growing secular sub culture has made equal strides by tolerating and allowing every errant behavior under the sun to degrade the virtues of our American culture and its traditions.

      This is a mindset that has been going on for decades, first manifested by the anti-military hippie crowd that grew up and came of age in the 1960’s, like Hillary Clinton, and her “It takes a Village” creed of sloth and deceit that absolves parenting and personal responsibility and confers it upon the village and now in 2012 is fully metastasized by her rival and fellow traveler now in the White House whose policies continue to destroy American families.

      It is a collectivist creed that claims enlightened educations with contrived revisionist accounts of America’s noble history in the world where individual choices in life are made for you by elite collectivist central planners from a far away capital in Washington because you are incapable of making them for yourself as they seek a life of government ration for all of us.

      On the front facade of The American Legion Building on 16th & K Streets, NW in Washington, just a couple blocks from the White House, are still inscribed the words, “God and Country”;

      —three words that used to for something and meant something for soldiers and civilians alike, three words that used to be the mantra of our civics and social studies classes, of our noble history, and a basis of American virtue and our American culture.

      Far too many of today’s generation of Americans, brought up in the modern day pop culture of television and consumed daily with their on-line computers, are graduates of an “enlightenment” education with a perverted and contrived revision of history (“Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln were enlightened secular humanists”), when we know well they were good learned men of conviction and faith, God-fearing men who wrote about the Almighty all the time.

      It takes a village tolerates every errant behavior under the sun, except those that
      work more than 40 hours a week or more to better provide for his/her family and a better future for him/herself and his/her own; then you’re selfish.

      It is a culture that does not believe in punishment or jails; a collective culture that neither recognizes nor rewards the productive and the law-abiding. It is not civilized nor urbane at all, but a creed of sloth and deceit that relishes in lawlessness and disorder.

      It takes a village raises criminals.

      No, it doesn’t take a village.

      It takes good parents !

      —two of them, one Father and one Mother.

      From an American culture that taught us virtue as American children growing up, “when you’re Mother’s not around, your Teacher is your Mother; and when you’re Father’s not around your Policeman is your Father.” —Not a village.

      They, together with the Rights of the Accused crowd, appoint jurists to our judiciaries that defend the scofflaws, the criminals, and the barbarians. For them, their sympathy is endless.

      Lost in their guilt, passing judgement on everyone else, and seeking only what makes them feel good, the collective and the rights of the accused are more important to them than the man killed or the woman raped or stolen from in their home or their place of work; and even more important than the family left behind.

      A despicable, vile, loathsome creed that believes in neither God nor country.

      To them environmentalism and equality is their religion to worship at the church of government, and any fidelity to country is remote and waning.

      They are not American citizens, but citizens of the world with this creed of sloth and deceit that seeks to undermine the very ground we all together live on.

      What’s sad, disappointing and truly illuminating is how the far left wallows in
      failure and denial, is consumed in the torrid history of slavery, sees all of life through the prism of race, and immersed in guilt, is endlessly fault finding in our nation’s noble history finding inequality and injustice in everything under the sun no matter how good life is.

      -All the while professing to be so tolerant of other people, cultures, and all manner of errant human behavior and lawlessness, yet showing their true colors, so intolerant and hateful of Christians, our American Judea-Christian origins, and the very people, from William Bradford and his devout Mayflower followers in 1620, to the founding of our republic in 1776, to the present day, that worked, sacrificed, built and made this country from a vast wild frontier.

      Extreme environmentalism, equality, and a road paved with mere good intentions to where ?

      If we don’t know where we’ve been, if we don’t where we are, if we don’t know where we’re going, any road will take us there.

      Look around you and the relative comfort, environment, and more importantly the freedom of so many choices we live with in life and how little by little those free choices are being taken from you by the unchecked growth of government intervention in our private lives that is destroying our families.

      Register to vote and show up. Protect it for yourself and your own, for we could easily lose it all to those that would just as well see us not here at all.

      More and more Americans are waking up to the folly of this vile creed of sloth and deceit.

      What this leadership in Washington fails to see is that we are still proud American citizens, not mere inhabitants submitting to this notion of victimhood, perceived unfairness and despair, the sloth and deceit of drawing on the basest of human emotions; jealousy and class envy, calling on Americans to covet with authority, of being citizens of the world without any civic duty to our own country, with our very identity as Americans being lost to mollycoddle, to this muddle of multiculturalism, materialism, revisionist history, rudderless pursuits and faithless aspirations, for all for us to become serfs without liberty living a life by government ration.

      Speaking truth to power is our only hope and is what motivates me to write.

      The 2010 mid term elections were a clear and resounding repudiation of Speaker Pelosi’s and Senate Leader Reid’s 110th and 111th Congresses and this far left administration currently in the White House.

      It was just the first wave, however.

      The forthcoming wave of the November 2012 general election will be even more compelling with Republican majorities in the House and in the Senate as well, and a compelling rejection to the mindset of the far left in the Democrat Party.

      This creed needs to be washed out from the American political landscape.

      I’m reminded of these words spoken in November 2008 by the son and grandson of two four-star Navy Admirals:

      “This failure is mine, not yours.”

      —Captain John Sydney McCain III, a true gentleman among beasts.

      Come this November, American resiliency will be tested once more as there is a solid 40% or more of voters that support this President seeking reelection. The debate of our lifetime will have been won well grounded in this premise of limited government, the rule of law, and unlimited opportunity, that we are not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic. We must never forget that.

      We are on the cusp of a new American Renaissance, both political and economic.

      All victory is fleeting.  With the more conservative ascendency that begins in January 2013 and with a firm reliance on providence, we must assert a new American Renaissance, we must simply define for ourselves and a watchful world just what it truly means to be an American.

      We are not citizens of the world.  We are Americans citizens. We are proud and we are indeed exceptional.

      Let’s all spread the word. Take pause, reflect and listen to the great American broadcaster Paul Harvey in this prescient message from 1965:

      We are Americans.

      —Carlos Lumpuy, Wednesday 23 May 2012.

  • steprock

    Nothing about her on or, zip on as well.

    Public. Outcry.

  • DebbyX

    She’s right though, the complete disclosure on the part of Hustler is actually refreshing. They said in no uncertain terms why they put that filth up for anyone to see. We all knew it anyway, so we’re not surprised. I commend her for taking the high road on this. I know I could not have done that. I would have been all over their s**t!

  • I can not imagine how she must feel. What a vile, evil disgusting perverted piece of crap, and if the left doesn’t say something about this, they are complicant. Lord I feel for this woman. She’s a lot more gracious than I am.

    • keats5

      This is similar to sexual assault, but more public. This image will forever be on the internet, and every time she see’s it she will feel humiliated.

      • Kinda like the vicious slanderous thrashing she did of Newt with a smile on her face.

      • GretaN

        I hope S.E. wins a MASSIVE lawsuit in this.

    • nibblesyble

      Psalm 37 here I come again!!

  • I condemn what they did to her but they get no outrage from me, I won’t feed the beast with it.. To me, Huslter loves this type of attention, is what Hustler does, this is what they want, Larry Flynt is being Larry Flynt. Outrage from the MSM would only help Hustler and Larry Flynt.

  • poljunkie

    She has nothing to apologize for.

    Larry Flint is the a$$hat.

  • wodiej

    Lots of silence while Gov. Palin got trashed for 3 years and still going. Very few conservatives spoke up for her. Face it-they do this because enough people will not call them out on it.

  • Pyrran

    So if this isn’t illegal, I guess it’s time for a little photo shop work on Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sibelius, etc. We”ll just explain that we disagree with them, so photo shopping is OK because they deserve it, right?

    • I know you are being sarcastic. No one deserves this kind of evil trash.

      • Pyrran

        Yeah, I am. I really hate fighting by the rules. We’re always at a disadvantage with these vermin.

  • jackl92

    Larry I hope you burn in hell soon.

  • nibblesyble

    Sick, they whole lot of them! Larry Flint should be hung by his toes because he has a sick and depraved mind. Worst of all the woman’s groups that will stay silent because of her politics. S.E., you are in my prayers.

  • Stehekin912

    I started several times to write something to express how I feel about this but I can’t. I think maybe the English language simply has no words for outrages such as what has happened to SE, or to define people who would perpetrate something like this much less think it was appropriate in any way. IMHO this is a violation. Beyond that, let me express only that she has no need to apologize, that I appreciate that she tried to rise above this and make something good out of something so awful, and that I support her now more than ever.

    • sara holy land

      Possible in Hebrew ?
      I’m kidding, of course. 🙂

  • WordsFailMe

    Wow, I guess this opens the door to some photo shop effort on Obama and his limo buddies!

    I’d like to see the first one feature Barack and Corey Booker, his Jersey punk. Then maybe a little three-way with Barack, Rom Emmanuel and Eric Holder. I picture that famous Donkey Loves Man” video wher the man is replace with Moose-hell. Bring it on, Libs!

    S.E. Cupp will survive this. The liberal media have made her a martyr and she has enough class and courage to make it through the first ten days. This foul deed will backfire on the liberal scum and create a patriot with a jaw and a heart of granite.

    Hang in there S.E!

    • freenca

      We all support you S.E.Cupp. This is an attack that just proofs the Hatred of the left on whom they feel is threatening to them. Particularly women, strong women. Put yourself in the upper echelon of that with Sarah, Nikki, and Ann!!! They fear you, and should in my estimation!! Remain brave and true, it a true BADGE of COURAGE !

  • It’s become cliche, but it’s still as true as it ever was: the Left always accuses Conservatives of the very thing the Left has been doing, to wit, the Left’s “war on women.”

    • kong1967

      Exactly. I remember years ago when liberals were making a huge deal about how the Republicans were getting campaign donations. Someone walked into a Democrat fundraiser with a camera and exposed them because they were doing worse. Details? Sorry, my brain doesn’t work that good any more, lol. You get the point. It’s always a deflection to keep the eyes off of them.

  • Nothing wrong with Flynt that a well-placed .308 wouldn’t fix. Hell, somebody already came close.

    • warpmine

      A 20mm would simply be better and you know it.

      • kong1967

        How about a poisonous dart? Ok, I’ll sit down now, lol.

  • I’m not a prude, I’ve been around, but Hustler magazine is a publication that defies my ability to describe the revulsion I feel when just see the filthy rag. It appeals only to the lowest tier of excrement sodden human . There are no redeeming qualities to the despicable exposition of garbage and degradation. I should imagine anyone reading it is beyond embarrassment or shame nor are they likely to have any dignity, honor or self respect. The fruits of progressivism.

    • warpmine

      After the assassination attempt, one might genuflect how can he improve himself. Flynt couldn’t get past that simple fact that he an abomination. Back to hell you will go.

  • To the left, their religon is their politics so what ever they do in the name of their religon is OK.

    • kong1967

      Sounds a lot like Islam.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    This is NOT meant as an indictment to anything SE has done or said, but I gotta be perfectly honest here b/c it’s just what I do: there’s a weird dynamic amongst the Washington insider class — of which she’s a part of — that kinda/sorta came to the surface a few years back.

    In one of her books, SE made a bit of a fuss about how the mainstream media ‘characterizes’ Conservative women; I don’t have her exact words in front of me — I read the book — but the gist of it was that society shouldn’t underestimate the sexuality or sensuality of them (Conservative women). She went so far as to suggest that men shouldn’t be surprised IF (and that’s the key word) a Conservative woman offered a man a lap-dance. Now, not long after that observation appeared in print, I specifically recall Ann Coulter saying either on O’Reilly or on Hannity how she considered it something like a badge of honor for being the subject of so many ‘rape fantasies.’

    We gotta watch where we tread when we’re in the public discourse. When we get so close to that line in trying to justify who we are to the mainstream dunderheads, then they’ll jump on us for our hypocrisy. I like SE, tremendously. I think she’s a great voice in our side of the media. SE doesn’t deserve any of this fictional press that she’s receiving — my heart breaks for her — but, sadly, as she admits, it kinda/sorta goes with the territory. Is it right? No, not in any way.

    But UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, it’ll go on and on and on.

    • kong1967

      What she said in her book should not be an invitation to do this. I think they would have done it no matter what she may have said in the past. I’m disgusted with the liberals that are trying to tell women that they are so concerned about people respecting them, yet they are silent if it’s a conservative. A woman is a woman, whether she’s black, white, Christian, liberal, Republican….whatever.

      I am so glad that conservatives have a higher level of respect for women than this.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Of course it isn’t. I thought I said as much. My point was that if you wanna ‘dance’ with the Beltway crowd, then they’re gonna expect you to go all the way. That’s just the nature of politics for THAT crowd. Like I said, I like SE. I support SE. I think SE ought to see if there isn’t a way to sue ’em for every penny they’ve got, though as she’s a public figure and parody is a protected form of speech, I’m not sure how far that could go. Again, not a lawyer … speaking only from my experience in publishing …

        • kong1967

          Lol, my statement wasn’t meant to downplay what you said. I know you are right, and I should have said as much. You’re fine.

          • E. Lee Zimmerman

            I’m ok, you’re ok.

            It’s just one of these subjects — human sexuality — that Conservatives don’t address very well publicly. Dumbomats? Well, their take on this always seems to be, “It’s only sex, blah blah blah.” I was only trying to make a difficult observation that both SE and Ann Coulter — as examples — have ventured into the topic of human sexuality publicly, and I’m really not sure that’s an area we, as Conservatives, ought to venture into when we’re public figures.

            I stand with SE. Plus, she’s a total babe, a real dame. I’ll never buy another Hustler magazine so long as I live!

            (not that I ever did before … do they sell those at Costco?)

            • kong1967

              Lol, I don’t know. When I would walk by a magazine rack and notice a sexy woman on a less trashy magazine, my daughter would jump in my way and shield me from it. Seriously. Funniest thing I ever saw.

              • E. Lee Zimmerman

                Good kid ya got there!

                • kong1967

                  For the record, so I’m not misleading you, she is 20 now.

  • GreenBeretWay

    Larry Flynt is a punk ass porn king that exploits women for his wealth.
    However,the women in his rag magazine made the decision to exploit themselves.
    In this case S.E. Cupp did NOT choose to be in his smut publication.That’s where it really crosses the line.

    • freenca

      I could not dream of this horrific portrayal of someone of such high morals,(in my estimation). The next time I dream I’ll let you know, though. I never know when that will happen, an unknown, though always interesting.!

      • GreenBeretWay

        I look forward to the next installment freenca.It must be cool to watch a mini movie while your asleep.i have to pay $10 bucks,buy popcorn and deal with idiots talking on cell phones to see a good show.LOL

  • ApplePie101

    Headline should read, ‘Old Man Bitter About Being Confined to Wheelchair’.

    • The thought of ever becoming the scum of the earth as Larry Flint has become just makes my skin crawl.

      • kong1967

        He’s always been a scumbag in my opinion.

  • PFFV

    WE are surrounded by the enemy, Liberals! They live with a complete double standard and claim to be the party of compassion, what a load of you know what. Conservatives are evil with no proof but Liberals are evil and we have proof but it’s a non-story. They don’t even try to hide what they are doing anymore. The scariest part is that many, many people bought the socialist kool-aid and still follow Obama blindly without a thought in their mush filled skulls.

  • sara holy land

    Beck’s absolutely right.
    Have to attack and expose the hypocritical media.

    • kong1967

      The media, the left and the fraudulent NOW organization that are completely silent. They are propping up the “war on women”, so this is their time to prove that they really stand up for womens’ rights.

    • kong1967

      The media, the left and the fraudulent NOW organization that are completely silent. They are propping up the “war on women”, so this is their time to prove that they really stand up for womens’ rights.

      • sara holy land

        You’re right ! 🙂

      • Linky1

        They only stand up for women such as Sandra Fluke because her tale of woe fits their narrative.

        For all of the times Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman were slimed, no support from NOW because they are “conservative women” and frankly, don’t need an advocate to stand up and fight for them – they do pretty darned fine on their own.

        • kong1967

          Yeah, and it’s awesome. Palin just brushes it off like it’s nothing. Very strong character. Bachmann, too.

  • kong1967

    NOW is not an organization for women’s rights. It’s a liberal front group used to garner the women’s vote for Democrats. Liberals go balistic over Rush calling a woman that wants $3000 to pay for her condoms a “slut”, but they don’t say a word about this. They are crying about a “so-called” war on women, so how do they think this looks when they are silent now? They are frauds.

    I don’t see how having a disclaimer makes this ok. I don’t believe in political lawsuits, but this is so over the top and so vulgar I think she should sue them for ownership of the magazine. Then she could close the damn thing down.

  • Susitna

    Larry Flint, Bill Maher and Jon Stewart are guys with a severe ED. I mean there is no treatment! So the only way for them to enjoy life is by producing vulgar pictures or using vulgar language. The only thing that is missing is the donation of 1 Million USD from Flint to Obama.

  • Another example of the main stream media taking something that is distasteful satire in a totally narrow market and spreading the filth to the main stream. I do not approve at all of Hustler doing this, but most of us would not have heard about this cover until the mainstream media hounds exposed it for everyone to see – all in the name of ‘shock value’ to sell papers and gain viewers.

    Hustler has been doing this for 30 years, but into today’s media frenzy where ‘media hype’ runs the show instead of journalistic principals, the main stream media continues to put fuel on the fire of these kinds of stories. In my opinion, they have made it even worse for Cupp. All this while they gallantly come to her defense.