Glenn Beck: Rick Sanchez is the dumbest man on television EVAH!

Apparently Sanchez believes that the Mormons and the Roman Catholics need to investigated, per Pelosi’s comment the other day, in respect to the Ground Zero mosque opposition. Beck adds it to his list of stupid things Sanchez has said.


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  • JW

    Like I said before in a previous post, Rick Sanchez is an idiot. To insinuate about where the money is coming from for the Catholic Church (the Universal Church) is an indication of his moronic behavior.

  • Little Ricky is a laugh riot…he is the only reason I sometimes turn on CNN…just for the laughs. Although, Ali Velshi is pretty comical as well…

  • Little Ricky is a laugh riot…he is the only reason I sometimes turn on CNN…just for the laughs. Although, Ali Velshi is pretty comical as well…

  • IHeartLucyHarris

    Pot,meet kettle.But not to defend anyones religion,the Catholic Church releases its financial statements,when is the last time the Mormon church did that?

  • Guest

    “I think of longer words…like Jew!” I’m rolling on the floor dying of laughter!

  • Guest

    I heard the Mormon Church spends money on the Mexican Cartel, Coke (not the drink… although that would be bad too), and killing babies in their temples. What do you think the Mormon Church spends their money on IHeartLucyHarris?

  • Dear “Guest”,

    If you have FACTS (verifiable, salient FACTS) for the drive-by you just did… by all means PRESENT THEM.

    CM Sackett

  • Poptoy

    He has a A POINT….

  • Guest

    CM, I sincerely apologize. I must not have been clear. My post was a sarcastic response to IHeartLucyHarris’ strange claim that the Mormon Church is doing something evil or disapproving with the tithing money it recieves with it’s money. I am a member of the LDS church. I give money to the church. I attend the temple and I know that babies are NOT killed there. I was trying to understand what IHeart thought the church wasn’t disclosing about it’s financials. So let me ask again to anyone who cares (that might just be me and IHeart), “What evil things do you think the Mormon Church is doing with it’s (my) sacred tithing money?”

  • Anonymous

    Rick Sanchez – CNN’s resident idiot

  • Guest

    Did I offend someone with this particular post???? IHeartLucyHarris has made an accusation and I’d like to have an answer to my question. Otherwise, shouldn’t IHeartLucyHarris’ post be deleted (edited) also?

  • Ah, THANK YOU for the clarification!

    As anyone who has communicated for any period of time via these ‘keyboards’ knows, everything from inflection to intent can sometimes be lost between the last “SEND” stroke on one end… and the eyes on the other.

    I had no idea who, or what you were (i.e. member of the LDS, posting in sarcasm).

    I am not “Mormon”, and have no individual affinity for it. But what was posted was (as mentioned, no one but you, the poster, having knowledge of intent or inflection/sarcasm) detailed incendiary.

    Mr./Ms. “Harris”‘s post, while perhaps annoying to a member of the LDS… was simply a query, with no accusation stated (and definitely no details such as ‘killing babies in the temple’… sarcastically, or otherwise).

    Therefore, no edit.

    SUGGESTION… in future, if sarcasm is the goal, perhaps a “Sarcasm Alert” statement at either end of the post would at least give the reader a clear heads up.

    Thanks again for posting back.
    CM Sackett

  • Guest

    Dear CM,
    First of all I want to thank you for your suggestion. I will happily use “Sarcasm Alert” in the future. I’m cringing at some posts and comments I’ve probably made in the past that could have been(and probably certainly was) misunderstood. Ouch! Thanks for making me a better communicator. I very much appreciate it.

    Second. Usually comments like those made don’t bother me too much. I typically have a thick skin because I understand people believe crazy things due to ignorance and I’ve answered much more inflamatory queries with more class and style.

    But today… my bio-rhythms were off! 🙂 because the question just irked me because of the assumption of guilt. As if money was spent on something inhumane or evil.

    So… in my immature and sloppy way I wanted an answer. What do people think the church is hiding?

    I know that is probably too much info, but there it is… : )

    Thanks again.

  • FAMilia

    HeartLucy asked when the last time the Mormon church released its financial statements. You seem to be erecting strawmen. Does your church release financial statements showing where the money is going or not? It is not that complicated, either it does, or it does not.

  • Anonymous

    Lucy, point is why should either of them in response to Pelosi & Sanchez’ call for mosque opponents to be investigated. Sanchez is an idiot. As far as the way either church uses it’s money, I guess that is up to it’s members.

  • christopher

    Do Sheryl Crow now.

  • Jrbond21

    How about falsifying Christianity? The Mormon Church spends lots of money to promolgate their false teachings.

  • Jrbond21

    How about falsifying Christianity? The Mormon Church spends lots of money to promolgate their false teachings.

  • dirksilver

    also what false teachings do we spend money promoting? i’m assuming you mean through media,ads ect. last i check focusing on the family and treating everyone with kindness was a teaching of christ but perhaps i’m wrong

  • Deda1

    He may be the dumbest. But so many on the left are trying to out do him.

  • JoJoDe

    I can’t say where the Mormon’s spend their money but as a Roman Catholic I can say that the biggest portion of our donations end up at the Vatican and from there it never comes back to help paritioners like they used to do in days of old! Maybe some trickles to the poor and for missionary work, but really Rick Sanchez that’s a no brainer for anyone that has been even somewhat conscious – the bottomless pit of the Vatican treasury and the money never sees the light of day.