Glenn Beck roasts Rick Sanchez: “It’s like picking on the handicapped!”

Beck was apparently in the mood to have fun this morning, and the “biggest dope on television” was just too good to pass up. As always, Beck and crew give us comedy gold.


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  • msnbcisfunny

    I bet Rick Sanchez will be the next CNN anchor to star on Jeopardy.

  • Tyler

    That's just too awesome. John Stewart even used the adlib thing as his “Moment of Zen,” if that gives you any idea of how incredibly F-ed Rick officially is for at least a little while. Haha.

  • jd73

    I'm Ron Burgundy…?


    Lets send shanchez and osama obama , back to Hawaii , no that was the Gallopagos Islands , even better . These fricken idiots are a testiment as to what the liberial socialist ran education system , has produced .