Glenn Beck Show Discussion – December 6, 2010

A year ago, Glenn asked you to talk to your friends and tell them what was coming.. One year later, the administration has completely bypassed Congress in order to pass new internet regulation. Law enforcement agencies are now tracking citizens without a warrant using GPS systems under their cars. American credit card transactions are being tracked in real time- without a warrant. A Russian company has just been given control of 50% of the U.S. uranium output. The list goes on and on. Tonight, Glenn makes another prediction and the choice is yours. Ignore what is coming- or accept it.


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  • Marie

    Good show but the last segment bothered me a bit. He makes it sound like only the people who believe in God will make it through this and that they are the only ones that really care about what is going on in the world, that’s just not the case.

    But, good show.
    Thanks for posting it…

    • That really shouldn’t surprise anyone about Beck anymore.

    • Richwas

      most people don’t really believe in god until they really need him.

  • Anonymous

    If a year ago you would have told me a mosque would be built 2 blocks from WTC I would have said “no way”.

  • Another day,another Glenn lie.

    First off Rosatom is buying a majority stake in Uranium One Inc,a Canadian company that already owns the mines in Wyoming.Second the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has stated that Uranium One’s subsidiaries Uranium One USA Inc and Uranium One Americas Inc will oversee “day-to- day project development, operations and any decommissioning activities”.So Americans will be in charged of the operation.The owners also have to notify the NRC of any and all personnel changes at the mines.

    Now the reader will ask himself, “but Russia will sell the uranium to Iran, nuke Israel and usher in the second coming.”

    Fear not,our government has been looking out for us.Not a single of these companies can export any of the uranium mined in Wyoming.So no American uranium for Iran.

    Oh and by the way,this mine is not even open right now.So a simple infusion of money and new ownership will create jobs and isn’t that what we all want?

    Now,why did Rosatom export uranium to Iran? Simple, they built the reactor at Bushehr and were under contract to furnish the uranium.They were simply fulfilling their contract,which also includes ten EU memeber nations that helped build this reactor.

    “Rosatom chief Sergei Kiriyenko on Thursday called the construction of Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant a “big international project” in which more than 10 European Union and Asia-Pacific countries took part in the Moscow-led project. The state-run nuclear holding had not previously mentioned having foreign help constructing the controversial plant, which Russia first agreed to finish building in 1992.”

    Sounds like the Russian are more eager to practice capitalism then we are since they will take money from anyone for their products.And if you google Rosatom you’ll find out they are doing nuclear reactor construction and other projects with various Eurpoean nations such as Bulgaria and Finland.

    The CFR though has a great article from earlier in the earlier about unranium imports and exports and how are enrichment production is lagging behind Russia.

    By the by,80% of uranium in America’s nuclear reactors comes form Russia.

    Glenn will lead with a correction or be fired tomorrow right?

    Theodore Roosevelt’s “The Progressive Covenant With The People”,one of the truly great political ideas in our histiory.But let’s see what TR really said

    “Political parties exist to secure responsible government and to execute the will of the people. From these great tasks both of the old parties have turned aside. Instead of instruments to promote the general welfare they have become the tools of corrupt interests, which use them impartially to serve their selfish purposes. Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics, is the first task of the statesmanship of the day. Unhampered by tradition, uncorrupted by power, undismayed by the magnitude of the task, the new party offers itself as the instrument of the people, to sweep away old abuses, to build a new and nobler government. This declaration is our convenant with the people and we hereby bind the party and its candidates, in state and nation, to the pledges made herein. With all my heart and soul, with every particle of high purpose that is within me, I pledge you my word to do everything I can to put every particle of courage, of common sense, and of strength that I have at your disposal, and to endeavor so far as strength has given me to live up to the obligations you have put upon me, and to endeavor to carry out in the interest of our whole people the policies to which you have today solemnly dedicated yourselves in the name of the millions of men and women for whom you speak.”

    Seems clear to me.TR and the Progressive Party wanted to get big business and their money out of the political process and the governing of this country.Big business didn’t create or ratify the Constitution so when did they earn a vote or say in government? But god forbid in this country,the people have more rights then their coporate masters.

    You know what is amazing? This speech is on youtube,in TR’s own voice.

    America could use another TR,if only this country were capable of producing such a leader.Edmund Morris finally released his third volume of his massive and amazing biography on TR,any serious student of history and freedom should read all three books.

    Has Glenn ever heard of REX 84,Operation Garden Plot, or Operation Urban Warrior? The military has been planning or wargaming mass civil uprisings or violence since at least the 1960’s.This despite Glenn’s lie is nothing new.

    But Glenn is aware that the Whiskey Rebellion was a insurrection agianst the Federal government put down by Federal troops under the command of President Washington and Secretary Hamilton?

    What is with all the bigotry against non-believers and atheists? And when did atheist start worshipping “jaguar gods”? I am confused though,I thought Glenn was a mormon and not a christian.Did he convert over the weekend? And why the King James bible? Why not the New International? Oh,it’s because mormon god told Joe Smith all other bibles were mistranslated. Always good to know to god is looking out for us.

    • Paulchri

      He did use the words “Atheist” and “Pegan” in a derogatory way. I have wondered why he doesn’t use the term “Mormon” more often, rather than Christian to describe himself. It certainly would be more accurate. I kind of wish he would quit calling himself a Christian. Why doesn’t he quote the book of Mormon? Probably because he is attempting to reach out to the “Christians” who are largely aware of Mormon theology.

      Just another show of pointing out the minions instead of the controllers. Starting to think that his purpose is to be a diversion from the truth.

      • Listen again, he absolutely spat out the words “pagan” and “atheist.” He seemed genuinely offended at the notion anyone not believing in the same god and ancient fables as he does.

        That’s not even mentioning the idiocy of his saying atheists believe in any jaguar god, he’s either a total moron from that statement or he wants to maintain the popular mischaracterizations of us because it’s easier to slander, harass, demonize, and hate that way.

        • Bsm138

          He obviously has strong feelings about his beliefs but I think a difference MUST be made that while he holds these beliefs and may even take offense to anybody that doesn’t hold his or any beliefs, even slandering and demonizing them, he doesn’t wish to see anyone forced into believing his way by a power like the Soviet Union was forced to drop their religion.

          Similar with social justce Wallis wanting government to do the job instead of the individual helping others, Beck feels it is his job as an individual to preach and not the role of some powerful Mormon/Christian theocracy.

          • That’s his right to believe and choice to react that way all he wants and I won’t advocate the State silence him either, but that doesn’t mean I cant react with disgust and treat him with disdain for his bigotry brought by either ignorance or dishonest prejudice.

            It also makes him an insufferable hypocrite for taking throwing tantrums over atheist groups which take a more confrontational or assertive tact.

            Also, I disagree with you to a degree about his wishes, he very much wants organized prayer back in public schools. That would be a de facto state endorsement of specific religious practices over others, an effective establishment of doctrine. I won’t get into his desire to have theological ideas taught in science classes.

            • Bsm138

              I’m not sure how allowing students to pray, organize and pray, organize and discuss religious texts, etc. would be a state endorsement of a religion. If the students/teachers/anyone voluntarily attends or practices it shouldn’t be a problem just as long as no religion is barred from praying or having meetings etc.

              For ex. I went to a public high school in MS and they said a prayer over the intercom before every game to which the 3 Muslim players would quietly stand and say their own personal prayer, no problem for anyone. Would that qualify as state endorsed?

              Or further we rescheduled a number of games to different times because the Muslims had certain times during Ramadan they weren’t allowed to do that kind of activity. I dont think that would be considered any type of endorsement just a no harm no foul act

              • Students can already pray independently pray on their own, it happened all the time in my high school. What people are pushing for is having staff organize praying or instructing, and because teachers in public schools are government employees that is a de facto state endorsement of a religious practice.

                Just to be clear, presently at least in Florida, students praying on their own is allowed and common, so long as it doesn’t interfere with their learning.

        • Paulchri

          Beck isn’t even consistent. For anyone who has solid theological footing as a Christian, he should just look like an idiot. I agree that we at least need moral, principled people running the State, if we have to endure it at all, but Beck is all over the map. One minute he sounds like a neo-con statist, and the next like a Libertarian. One minute he sounds like a Christian, and the next a cult warmonger. Maybe this is what happens when you are pandering to too many different groups.

      • Richwas

        Mormon was a great prophet, John the Baptist was a great prophet, but Jesus Christ is the only Savior of the world. I think any mormon or baptist would rather be called a Christian above a mormon or baptist.

    • Bsm138

      Respectfully the Whiskey Rebellion was in the 1790s whereas the Posse Comitatus Act wasn’t until 1878.

      In other news, did Brady pull out the W for you? My goodness they curbstompped the Jets tonight

    • Cheryl~

      Do you really think Beck lies or do you think his interpretation of current political events is strictly due to his own life experiences coupled with the sudden fame and rush of money?

      • Richwas

        I think he is very truthful, especially compared to many political leaders in America today.

      • Anonymous

        Just because there is only one voice crying in the wilderness does not mean it is wrong. – Ghandi

    • Richwas

      he’s a mormon christian, he was a catholic christian. there are also baptist christians and many other types of christians.

      • Yes, and many of them all deny that the others are actually Christian as well.

        • Cheryl~

          Yes that is true, but the Mormon defines God and Christ very very differently than Baptists or Catholics or Methodists…plus they do not accept the concept of Trinity as Christians do…they developed their theology in the early 1800’s I believe~

        • Anonymous

          Wikipedia actually has a pretty good piece on Christian/Christianity, definition, similarities and differences between different ones, history, etc.

          • Yes, that’s part of why “No True Scotsman” are the only words ringing in my head when I hear/read someone trying to declare who is or isn’t Christian and what “true” Christianity is.

            • Anonymous

              Yes. Once again we find logic being applied to matters of the heart which has its own logic.

  • VickyVP

    Why does he make “us” against “them” … this just spurs on more hatred and more anger and more disconnect between people…it’s not “us” against “them” we are all Americans here and we are all in this together, regardless of where we stand politically or any other way….