Glenn Beck Show Discussion – July 19, 2010

Here ya go!


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  • Tyler

    Hey, Scoop. Do you remember when you gave Ron Paul guff because he talked about government assassinations and called him crazy? Funny when it goes mainstream, isn't it?

  • williamm
  • Tyler

    That would be the video. “Ron Paul's mad and doesn't know what he's talking about.” Yeah…okay.

  • actually I was just thinking that I didn't remember that, in fact. Turns out, it was written by…….dun dUN DUN…..cubachi!

  • williamm

    I've looked 4 times through that thread and saw nowhere that you gave Ron Paul any guff.

  • williamm

    Only time I remember RS was unhappy was this thread.

    This is exactly why this man will never be elected president, because he’s a kook! I love him on fiscal policy, but on foreign affairs he’s an idiot:

    Cringeworthy: Ron Paul defends Hamas as a legitimate government

  • Tyler

    Meh…close enough. Your site.

  • Tyler

    It's the fact that people paint him as a “kook” when he clearly knows what's going on that I find so funny. That was my point of posting that anyway. My bad, Scoop…but point still stands.

  • but he wasn't painted as a kook in that post. looks to me like your point just 'passed out'

  • williamm

    Sorry Tyler but it's obvious the point you were trying to make was that RS gave Paul guff because he talked about government assassination.

    In your own words ” Hey, Scoop. Do you remember when you gave Ron Paul guff because he talked about government assassinations and called him crazy? “

    You were 100% incorrect. You can try to say your point was something else, but no one is buying it.

  • KeninMontana

    In a way I find it “amusing” that this policy has come up again. It's really nothing new, it has been floating around in the shadows of our Intelligence community since it's inception. It is referred to by many names the most common are “Black Bagging”,”Black Ops” and “Wet Work”. This “policy” has been routinely dismissed as conspiracy theories or Hollywood fantasy,but it's not,it is a very real policy that has been carried out by our own and foreign intelligence services. It is supposed to be used only as a last resort to “solve” an unsolvable issue. Laugh it off,dismiss it ,if it makes you uncomfortable,but it's there, it has been and will continue to be.

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  • There seems to be a problem with the third segment. 🙁

  • KeninMontana

    'passed out'? I'd say vaporized.

  • well I don't control the video, but what is the problem?

  • Yes, I am aware that you don't control the video. It was giving the ~ 'Error, try later message.' I was trying here and YouTube directly from before noon (EDT) until after I posted my comment. Normally it plays at some point the same day.
    It is playing fine now.