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  • Julia

    Holy cow! What a show!

  • Steven142

    He’s getting worse, and losing his sponsors… oh well Beck, just push our goldline ads, that’ll rope ’em in.

    • Anonymous

      Seems to have plenty of sponsors to me! What is he saying that is not true? Or maybe you don’t think this is important.

    • Anonymous

      On the thread ” Pollster: Obama needs an Oklahoma City bombing ” you made this comment.

      Steven142 4 hours ago in reply to Linda in Oklahoma
      “Our rivals?” isn’t America about accepting each other and our differences? If you have to vilify others to make your case, that’s just sad, and pretty un-American IMO. ”

      Obviously you are un-American since you chose to vilify Glenn Beck to make your case.

      • Steven142

        Wow, you think I was vilifying Glenn here? Really?!


        FYI, I am a fan of his show, just not as much as of late. I stated nothing that was false. If you thought I somehow painted him in an ugly color that’s your problem, not mine. Sorry you jumped to that conclusion.

    • Shorthorn

      Little wishful thinking going on there, Steve-O?
      What about these people’s own words don’t you believe, or have you lost the ability to discern the meaning of the English language? Newsflash pal: If you had bought gold at the beginning of this year, you would have made almost 900 dollars on every ounce you bought. Steve, I really hope you’re deep into mortgage backed securities and that you have a cup for your pencils.

      • Steven142

        It’s all about the money, isn’t it?!

        FYI I have no mortgage, no debt… but I definitely feel sorry for those who do. That’s not something to hope for others, I hope you weren’t serious.

    • John

      Steven, you DO realize that the sponsors that have pulled out haven’t done so because of the content of Beck’s shows, right? His shows are generally excellent, original and a great source of ratings – businesses would be crazy not to advertize on it.

      The sponsors have pulled out because because they’ve been threatened and bullied by pressure groups that have organized a malicious campaign against Beck.

  • KeninMontana

    It could be an interesting week, I am looking forward to tomorrow night’s show.

  • Marie

    Great show..

    Looking forward to tomorrows show. I plan on doing a lot of sharing also…

  • Anonymous

    This is going to be a wild week.

  • Bsm138

    Great Speech! Reminds me of whats going on today

  • Did Glenn say he corrects all his mistakes? So I guessed I missed the mulit-part series of his shows de-bunking David Barton’s lies,right? And he correct his lie from a few days ago but Obama’s trip to India right? Or the lie he told about the Hindenburg Omen? You remember when he said that when the Hindenburg Omen happens it triggers a stock market melt 77% of the time.Odd how the Wall Street Journal states it only happens 25% of the time.

    That Communist video is funny,but he must’ve dug deep to find it.It only has 39,000 viewers.Here’s a couple of random videos that have more viewers

    Eric Cartmann signing Lady Gaga

    Hitler finding out the Republicans have won the House (87,000 viewers in 5 days)

    Don’t Be a Sucker

    “In this anti-fascist film produced by US Military in the wake of WWII, the producers deconstructs the politically motivated social engineering of Germany by the Nazi regime.

    Its argument is just as timely and relevant today.”

    And in honor of Glenn’s new bff (Alex Jones) Nazi UFOs

    In other words,no one care about communists in this country.Or at least they havent since 1987.

    So Lawerence O’Donnell admits he is a socialist? We do live in a free country and people are permitted to be socialists.As long as he isn’t using his show to call for the overthrow of the government,who cares what a newsreader believes? His beliefs affect my life in any shape.

    So since Glenn is attacking Soros for giving to Human Rights Watch (gasp) will he attack the Better Business Bureau?

    “This confirms that an evaluation of informational standards provided by Human Rights Watch to the BBB Wise Giving Alliance shows that the organization meets all of the Standards for Charity Accountability.”

    To bad I have class at the same time Fritz Hippler’s…I mean Glenn’s show on Soros,I’m sure it will be a classic.Maybe that is the Weimar moment he keeps talking about.I didn’t see that one coming.I’ll tell you one thing though,this wheelbarrow full of papiermarks is getting to be annoying.You know how hard it is to push around the mall?

    Saul Alinsky said “the end justifies the means”,but do you know what Washington’s family motto is? Exitus acta probat…the outcome justifies the deed.Wait was Washington a muslim/tory/communist/socialist/progressive/jacobin?
    But I’m sure Glenn and his crack research stuff would know a basic fact like that,right?

    • Anonymous

      Mickey, Why do you watch his show? Me thinks you should move on from Glenn Beck, he seems to upset you too much and life is to short!

    • Anonymous

      I knew I didn’t like you. I trust my gut more and more. Still, I owe you all due respect as a person. I appreciate this blogging community for calling me on my rude manner toward you. So it’s really that I am appalled by some of your ideas and attitudes. Nothing personal, really. Just agreeing to disagree.

  • A one hour commercial for the rest of the week. —-Something to discuss– If a person foreign or domestic were trying to subvert (change) our form of gov., including the entente of the U.S. Constatution, what would you call such a person or group? Why is it considered inapropriate to use the word enemy? Why have we allowed Sen. Joe McCarthy to be vilified considering the Venona files & declassified KGB files prove all 57 state dept. officals & hundreds of other gov. officals were communist spys as McCarthy charged ,when he should be held up as an American Hero? Why, when sending young men to War twice, told the cause being to stop communisms advancement to our shores, costing 98,883 lifes, somehow now it is OK to allow them to opperate freely in our socity, even serve in gov. & teach in our schools, spreading there propaganda? Why do americans not know & aren’t being taught the Historic importance of the phrase “I Killed The Bank”. Think about it? Anwser if you will.

  • im4truth

    I wonder if the Communists are aware that some of the words to that tune are, “Glory, Glory, Halellujah”
    And I wonder how many others would be surprised to learn that the word Hallelujah is in fact a word rooted in the Hebrew Language? I don’t have the break down of it in front of me, but its definition goes along the lines of “Praise to the Highest God” This of course would be the God of the Judeo-Christian Faith.

    Isn’t it a little amusing that they call the Glenn Beck audience the idiots?

    Ah, if they only knew (sigh) perhaps then they also would believe. . .

  • im4truth

    I’d like to add that maybe they would believe that they are in fact on the loosing side.
    Because THEY ARE.
    I think I’ll go find the words to that song and post them somewhere.
    People should be reminded of what those lyrics were actually proclaiming –

    Trust me, it wasn’t Communism.

  • im4truth

    Thank you for these videos.