Glenn Beck: Thank you Greta!

Greta Van Susteren penned a response to the title of a Vanity Fair piece alleging that Glenn Beck is despised among his peers and the network president at Fox News Channel. She simply asks in her title “Where do they get this stuff? is the media just making stuff up?”

Glenn Beck takes a minute at the end of his radio program to thank Greta.

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  • jbluv

    Thanks Greta for speaking up for Glenn;-)

  • MattyFos


    All you right-wing NUTJOBS do is LIE!!!! Glenn Beck spoke for a 1:10 at the end of his program, not a minute..

    “Glenn Beck takes a minute at the end of his radio program to thank Greta.”

    Greta is lying too, I have a friend who’s cousin’s, boyfriend’s, step mother’s, great niece works FOR Glenn “Crazy” Beck at Fox and My friend tells me, via that list of connections, that people hate him and egg his car everyday!!!!!!!!!

    /read as sarcasm.. Sorry for the spelling, I can only rant like a crazy Lib, not spell like a crazy Lib, you know… With all of the misspellings.

  • Anonymous

    Greta has class. And thanks for the laugh MattyFos.

  • Diablosho

    Finally, people with influence joining our ranks standing up for Glenn! Thanks Greta!

  • I was skeptical when Fox hired Greta away from CNN, but she has turned out to be one of my favorite personalities on Fox. She really is a class act.

    • Ditto that. I hear she’s a Dem. If she is, she is the only Dem I like unreservedly.

      And she’s a great interviewer.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. I, too, have come to respect her to some degree. She doesn’t seem to be pushing the liberal viewpoint so much these days.

  • cbs71

    She is comming around, as should all republicans.

  • cbs71

    Register to vote.
    T.E.A. Party + GOP = LOVE 4 EVER.
    Join your local 9 12.
    Remember 828, United we stand.
    God Bless America.