Glenn Beck: The $32 Million Dollar Man

Here’s the breakdown according to Forbes:

Publishing: $13 million
Includes profit participation with Simon & Schuster, which sold 3.5 million copies of his books, andFusion Magazine.

Radio: $10 million
Includes five-year, $50 million participation deal with Premiere Radio Networks.

Digital: $4 million
Includes an ad-supported Web site and newsletter, plus Insider and Insider Extreme services and merchandise.

Events: $3 million
Includes tours, performances and various speaking engagements.

Television: $2 million
A three-year contract with Fox News.

There’s a great article that describes how Beck has made his millions to go along with the video below. It’s a great read so be sure and check it out.

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  • Tyler

    Good interview. I liked that. Who would've honestly thought of guys like him being “celebrities” though. He's probably my FAVORITE “celebrity” because I'm not real likely to ever see him on National Enquirer or um…what's that other one…TMZ or Perez Hilton's blog site or anywhere else like that. He's definitely not that typical celebrity that just bathes in fan cheers or anything like that if he is one.

    I wouldn't mind becoming the “Glenn Beck” of spirituality. I guess I will see where my life takes me because though my degree will be in Psychology, spirituality is becoming more a part of my interests education-wise.

  • texasgirl46

    I like Beck….love what he's doing, love what he has to say…But I have people on the left and the right who say he's only in it for the money. I, myself, don't think he is. I think he's passionate and believes what he's saying. If he makes money doing it, GOOD FOR HIM. Then I have friends that are birthers, they hate him cuz he doesn't believe in their cause….which I think is stupid….If you don't believe in something, you don't believe in it. He has that right…they just don't get it…..IT'S HIS RIGHT…they hate him for it. They hate him bad….

    I love his show….I think he's a brave guy for saying some of the stuff he says….

  • davidwiebe

    Not until Glenn Beck moved to Fox did I realize how many people dislike him; but then
    that does make sense, because taking note of who most people DO like in the
    area of talk show hosts and commentators, it is not surprising our society is as
    dysfunctional as it is. Glenn Beck is imperfect in his ways, and so are all other
    commentators, but I do prefer his imperfect views and comments to all others;
    probably because there is a bit more common sense in what he says. The others?
    too politically correct and pandering to the masses. GO Beck, GO!


    Beck is a turncoat and has been bought off . I and other people have noticed a change in this mans persona starting arround six months ago . When he says stupid things to try to manipulate like : ” I voted for liberman , not because liberman would vote for the same things i want , but liberman will tell you how he will vote ” . I think beck has been hanging arround that luke warm liberial
    o'rielly too much . I have noticed that beck and fox along with the rest , are giving sublimanal messages to influence or manipulate , please be wary , there are alot of wolves in sheeps clothing .

  • I think it's awesome that he is able to make that much money in what he is doing! It's the capitalist way! As it should be! People on the Left and Center Left will yell, kicking and screaming about how much he makes but they think we should all get a cut of it, but here is what America is about; thrive to do better in life and make that sort of money or at least try your darndest too!

    Go Beck, good for you!

  • punditpawn

    It's ironic how little Fox is paying him. Pretty much his least lucrative income. I'm guessing that number is wrong, especially for 3 years.

  • aardvark1956

    Somebody have a problem w/ the money – sounds like an ObaMao hit piece prior to nationizi–uh…sociali—uh…confisca—Oh…nevermind.

    PS: No, I don't agree with everything he says/does/etc.; Rush, either; Reagan either…Believe it or not, I can ACTUALLY think for myself! When he brings David Barton and the Founders to the forefront I get jazzed!

  • pambas


    I can disagree with your persona, methods or opinions, but it reconforts my hearth that you are indeed a Capitalist Pig© who work for a change !

    This what we need : Man of Honour who doesn't bruise to work for a pay check !

  • williamm

    TRACYCOLORADO I have noticed that beck and fox along with the rest , are giving sublimanal messages to influence or manipulate++++++++++++Thanks for pointing out these messages. Until now I thought only my good buddy from Mars and I were only ones getting them.

  • I like Beck and I have followed his career for many years. I hope I am wrong, but I fear that Beck's ego is getting the best of him.

  • williamm

    Don C , I respect your opinion, but i don't agree with you. Glenn has been under constant attack and that does affect him. People even come on this site and try to discredit Beck with things like the subliminal messages claim. They will do anything they can to shutdown Beck, and anyone against big government takeover. I'm sticking with Beck and understand he will make mistakes occasionally. He is about the only one on tv fighting fo rour freedom.

  • williamm: I hope I am wrong. Beck has provided a great service to conservatives. He has done more to educate the public than anyone else. I will continue to watch and listen.