Glenn Beck to Paul Ryan: I love you man!

After Beck went after Paul Ryan last week over progressivism, Ryan’s people called Beck and said he got it all wrong. So Beck had him on the show today and within seconds Beck fell in love. It turns out that the blog entry that Beck used as his source misinterpreted what Paul Ryan had said in his speech, according to Ryan. That can happen from time to time, and I’m just glad that Beck and Ryan cleared things up.


UPDATE: Here’s Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for America Future that he spoke about in the video.

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  • Everybody but HA and CK got it right and Glenn read the one post on HA that misinterpreted Ryan's position. When is HA going to learn?

  • RJ

    I love Paul Ryan too. However… That is what scares me.
    Is he really the answer?
    Is he really the “one”?
    Time will tell I suppose. For now he's already in congress so it's his time to shine.
    Make us proud sir.

  • principledpilgrim

    It isn't everyone at HA. It is just CK. IMO, he can tend to be antagonistic.

  • m_quick

    I'm glad Beck came around, his rant about Ryan was kind of strange to me.

    If you can't get behind Ryan, then who else is left in Washington? He articulates and embodies what Beck has been talking about all along, especially this past year. The guy has actually read and understood “The Road to Serfdom”.

    I don't like, however, the fact that Ryan voted for TARP. He says he did so because the economic system was going to collapse and would have left the country even more open to unhindered rule by statists, just like during the Great Depression. Maybe he's right. Thinking purely economically, the weak banks should have been allowed to fail and the strong banks, like BB&T, should have been allowed to succeed and flourish by their own merit of running a successful business. But leftist vultures would have been circling the situation with calls for more government regulation to save us. So the economics of the decision was dumb, but he understands the politics of it more than I do and he may have done the wisest thing pragmatically.

    Everything else I've heard and read about Ryan has been stellar.

  • Thank you for posting the vid. I also really like Paul Ryan. Wish he would decode to run for president.

  • oops! “decide”

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