Glenn Beck vehemently defends mirandizing suspected Times Square bomber on Fox and Friends

Glenn Beck and Brian Kilmeade go round and round on Fox and Friends this morning on whether to mirandize Faisal Shahzad, suspected Times Square bomber arrested last night before boarding an international flight. Kilmeade argues that Shahzad may know of other plots that threaten American citizens and therefore he should be interrogated for a few days before mirandizing him, but Beck counters back that he’s an American citizen and we can’t just ‘shred the constitution’ because it’s convenient. Beck concedes that if we are at war, then different rules may be applied, but it must be a declared war.

I agree that the Constitution must be applied here and we must treat Shahzad like an American citizen. Also the Judge makes a great point that anything learned from interrogation, prior to mirandizing Shahzad, would not be admissible in court as it would be considered a violation of Shahzad’s rights.

What do you think?

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