Glenn Beck’s dire warning of a vote tomorrow on making Puerto Rico a 51st State

Beck warns of a vote tomorrow that will pave the way for Puerto Rico becoming a 51st state. According to Heritage, it will give Puerto Rico 3 options to vote on:

  1. “Independence: Puerto Rico should become fully independent from the United States;”
  2. “Sovereignty in Association with the United States: Puerto Rico and the United States should form a political association between sovereign nations that will not be subject to the Territorial Clause of the United States Constitution;” and,
  3. “Statehood: Puerto Rico should be admitted as a State of the Union.”

This way instead of having a yes or no vote on statehood which would provide a clear majority, this tactic will allow for a plurality of people to perhaps vote for statehood without it being a true majority of the people. This is important because Puerto Rico has rejected statehood 4 times and without this type of tactic it would seem that they would vote again to reject statehood. There’s a provision in the bill that would allow Puerto Ricans who live in the US to vote on this as well, despite the fact that they are no longer residents of Puerto Rico, and I believe they number around 2.5 million.

So if Puerto Rico becomes a state, they must pay taxes (increased revenue for the US) and there’s a whole new voting population right there waiting to be exploited.

And all of it under our noses. This sounds like change we can believe in.

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  • Jojode

    I would think that if the PR people have voted this down three other times because they do not want to pay income tax (they are smarter than we give them credit) that they will revolt and protest against implementing it as if they have no choice in the matter. Isn't this hijacking a country in a sense? Also, if I heard correctly, before anyone can vote they have to be a citizen for five years as well as having registered in the primary first. If this still holds true (unless I was misinformed) that means that PR and illegals would not be elligible to vote in Nov and possiblly in 2012. Can anyone give me correct info?

  • adams7kids

    This is being pushed by progressives to give them a greater voting bloc for future elections. Also, this would allow those born in PR but living in the U.S. to vote on PR statehood. But the catch is that there are more PR-born voting citizens in the U.S. then there are in PR, which would, in effect, allow U.S. citizens to vote whether PR can become a state. Get the message out on Facebook, Twitter or however else to get people to contact their congressman.

  • It seems like there is constantly something going on in Government that we should be paying attention to. Check this commentary out by Glenn Beck!

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  • Myxticixmo

    First of, not all puerto ricans are progresive or democrats. The current government is actually republican (small government, tax cuts etc). Second of all, Puerto Rico pays all kind of federal taxes except income tax such as import/export taxes, commodity taxes, social security taxes, and medicare. Futhermore, all federal employes pay income taxes and any individual that have business with US among many other instances. So stop repeating that we don't want to pay taxes. Third of all, we have all the duties of the citizenship. Puerto Ricans have fought for your country since 1917 and were also obligated under the compulsory drafts to fight for US. And many have done it proudly, because they believed in the values of this country. Fourth, Puerto Rico hasn't become an independent country because US has constantly, through history, persecuted and executed all the leaders of the independence movement (research on Pedro Albizu, FBI Carpetas or FBI files on PR, masacre de ponce, etc). Why instead of asking why Puertoricans haven't gain independence, ask why US has hindered the political development of the island. Do some research on the benefits US and the american population have obtained from us. I recommned the book of Ruben Berrios “The Independence of Puerto Rico: Cause and Struggle”. After you do these readings I will invite you to post a more informed opinion.