Glenn Beck’s interview with Charles Woods, father of fallen former Navy SEAL in Benghazi

I’ve had multiple requests for this today so I wanted to get it out as quick as I could. This is the interview Glenn Beck had with Charles Woods yesterday, the father of a great American hero and former Navy SEAL who sacrificed his life for the lives of others on that horrible night in Benghazi.




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  • sDee

    I found this part of the exchange chilling. These are the words and actions of a police state and federal government operating above the law.

    Glenn was most taken aback by the story of what Hillary Clinton told Woods………… Her countenance was not good. And she made the statement to me that first of all she was sorry and then she said ‘We will make sure the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.’

    “And when she said that I could tell that she was not telling me the truth. She’s more intelligent than I am, and she had to also know she was not telling me the truth.”

  • puma_for_life

    He was just on Beck’s radio program again this morning. During the interview, Beck received new imformation that the two Navy Seals asked twice for permission to go help the Ambassador and Information Officer because they could hear the attack from the annex. They were TWICE told to stand down, so they went anyway. They found the Information Officer’s body and brought it back to the Annex. They could not find the ambassador. They continued to ask for help at the Annex and were not helped. There were no communication problems at the Annex. This is a big time scandal!! Really really bad.

  • We all know that BO and his administration will never be prosecuted on any level. Disgraceful.

    • Sandra123456

      Right. They will never be prosecuted because they are Democrats.

      It’s disgusting, and sickening and I hope we never ever elect another Democrat president.

    • detectivedick

      There will be pay backs to those who disgraced these fine Americans. Maker my words!

  • iaintlyin

    So these are the ways this administration chose to thank the family of a true American Heroe. From Number 1, a cold far off stare with a wet fish hand shake and insincere apology. Not to be outdone Number 2, moronic inappropriate praise. And the icing on the cake from Number 3, a misleading promise of vindication. America needs to be rescued. OHIO rid us of this nightmare

  • Wow. Listening to Mr. Woods gave me chills.

  • Mr. Woods mentioned intelligence several times. I think he’s confusing that with moral integrity, of which Clinton & Obama are terrible challenged.

  • BiscuitCrumbs

    I think I’ll hug my son…no dry eyes here.

  • I hadn’t heard that part of the story. So sad that the bravery of these guys was rewarded by abandonment by the government they served to their death.

    Edit: What’s with this guy being held in jail for this movie……is this our first political prisoner?

    • Dukehoopsfan

      The first one we know of.

  • They Begged for help,and were left there to Die.!! .

  • Panetta is calling all of us “Monday Morning Quarterbacks”. Screw you, Panetta! Don’t you dare insult the intelligence of the American people, you coward! I can’t believe I used to respect this weasel. So in 6-7 hours, you still “knew too little to deploy troops”?!?!? Why are you still the Defense Secretary, you incompetent POS!

    • Patriot077

      He’s always been a communist. I have always wondered how he could have been confirmed for this appointment. It took both Reeps & Dims to do it.

    • Pyrran

      Panetta is a lying sack of you know what.
      Lyin’ Leon
      This guy knew, Obama knew, Hillary knew, they all knew.
      We can’t let this be terrorism, not this close to the election!!! I know, lets blame this guy with the video, lock him up, and not release him until three days AFTER the election!

      These pieces of excrement deserve every book we can throw at them.

  • Nukeman60

    This issue has to be broadcast every single day until the election. We may have foolishly voted in a scam artist who proposed ‘Hope and Change’, but I cannot believe that the American people would reelect a man who can put himself and his reelection above the lives of American citizens.

    Wake up, all you liberals and ‘undecideds’. If you are undecided after this fiasco in Benghazi, then you are undecided as to whether you even want a life of freedom or not. You don’t deserve the very freedoms that these men died to protect.

    • keats5

      Look on CNN, MSNBC, and the other MSM sites. You really really have to dig to find this story anywhere except on FOX or the conservative web sites. We need to all post these links on places where the rest of the country will see them- via facebook, email or twitter. Few Americans even know what Benghazi is about.

  • armyvet10

    First let me say I can see where Tyrone Woods inherited his integrity and conviction. Mr. Charles Woods is an absolutely amazing person and the entire Obama administration should have realized they were confronted by greatness. What did the Obama administration do?
    Greeted this noble American with false sentiment. (President Obama)

    Spewing brazen disgustful, arrogant words that were inappropriate for the occasion. (Vice President Joe Biden)

    Last but perhaps the cruelest cut of all, Hillary making a stupid promise at a time when condolences should have poured from her lips. (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton)

    I am just a simple retired soldier, and I was never in the elite forces. I have many friends that were members of the U.S. Rangers and Special Forces. I will say this for all of them. Not only does this administration owe them a profound apology, they owe America a full disclosure of what happened. The fact is America nor our military forces will never see the day that these three will ever see justice or give an apology. God Bless all of our military, Past, Present and Future.

    • sDee

      Well said.

      Might I add that America owes our military a great apology for our ignorance, naivety apathy and irresponsibility in placing your lives and your fates in the hands of these cowards, criminals and traitors we call a government.

      • armyvet10

        Thank you. All veterans take that most sacred oath; “to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.” Even though I have been retired since 2002 from the military, and took the oath one last time when I re-enlisted for my fourth and final time in 1996, those words still ring in my ears. To all who have served, God Bless you, to all who have supported the military, we are forever humbled at your acceptance of us. And to any who refuse to acknowledge us, may God open their eyes to one undisputable truth; “There is no greater love than this: that a person would lay down his life for the sake of his friends.” John 15:13. What makes this even more profound, is that we as military people do not choose who receives this sacrifice, but make it for all.

  • This just breaks your heart. Just terrible. Obama and Clinton should be ashamed of themselves. One day they will be held accountable for this, and they should be even if Obama loses this election.

  • aboutdat

    ObumA has thrown a rod, and is trying to coast past the finish line, UPHILL.

    He won’t make it, GOD it taking part now, looks to me? Am I dreaming all this fiasco and
    HEROS coming out like the Father?

    This father is hurting, but has the courage to stand up to the most powerful man in the world, and get away with it like a superstar PATRIOT.

    GOD JOB DAD !!!!

    His language is strong and powerful, if not almost perfect, and has “FOUNDING FATHER” kind of feel to it no?

    GOOD JOB DAD !!!!!

    If I had a hundred million, I would produce a “video’ in 7 days showing the story as Geraldo layed it out on the “Factor” today (show it the day before election ( BOOM Jon Stewert, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher,,,Mad Cow etc). If Oh would win, our people will errupt and impeach him, rest ashured, and this movie will be FANTASTIC AND unreal…….full of heroism and sacrifice, the exact opposite of OBUMMER’s WH and MINIONS.

    Looks like O sacrificed these people, to protect him IMAGE….CAN YOU IMAGINE???
    How awful of a person do you have to be, and people WILL turn on him, DON’T DOUBT ME as Rush says.

    Looks like Petreus/CIA are turning FINALLY, thank GOD David is not with them on this !!!!!!!
    He had me worried he would risk his entire career and honor for this jerk.

    I got lost last week with all the video and burning buildings and dramatics on FOX, I was just too dazzeled and stumped.

    The VERBAL story from Geraldo is heart stopping and riviting on the FACTOR tonight, I want everyone to hear and see the show, unless someone else fills it all in for us and tells it better soon…..I’m waiting O-o-o.

    Gersldo should do a better job Saturday (videos and story telling), and OBUMMER won’t like it I assure you.

    WHY PREZI won’t tell us proves to the world who he is.

    HIS PRESIDENCY was more important than AMERICAN lives.

    If Panetta side with OH, I assume his career is finished, and Hillary will have marks, but may survive this.

    IT is so much worse, than we all imagined, but a heroic movie like FLT 93 it will be.

    THANK GOD we have HEROS like these SEALS, AMBASSADORS, CIA, and this
    RE-FOUNDING FATHER of the SEAL, etc…..

    THIS is who we are people, not idiots like the progs in the WH and on MSLSD.

    Hang on Glenn Beck, you wanted AMERICA to stand up, so now it will.


    You know Benedict Arnold, George Washington type of historic stuff we are made of and in our blood. EVEN in OBOZOs and Moochies blood but they have decided to not stand for that kind of America.


    After election, I won’t watch CNN or MSLSD EVER again. I have to watch them impode though.

    I am going to write a book on what I have learned about PROGRESSIVES I learned the last 4 years.

    It is burning a PROGRESSIVE hole in my brain and I got to cure that.

  • iHeartLife

    Why was Tyrone Woods a great man? Because his father is one. Like father like son. What an honorable man who even in the face of betrayal, to comport himself with such dignity and humility towards the murderers of the four great Americans, at their funeral, is humbling to me. A real Christian who’s righteousness I will definitely take as a lesson to learn from.

    God bless the Woods, Doherty, Smith, and Stevens family. You will get the justice you deserve.

    And God bless (and protect) America.

  • notebene

    My heart breaks for this father, who eloquently and graciously, spoke about his experience. We owe the families of these men unwavering tenacity when it comes to holding this evil administration accountable for their participation in committing an act of terrorism upon American citizens. By watching and doing nothing, they are indeed accessories to terrorism and they should be arrested for treason! The only party that politicized this event and silenced the events that followed at Camp Bastion, were the Demoncrats! All they want is to remain in power and at all costs. They are evil demons and should be eradicated from their positions of power!

  • Marcia Wood

    Grandmother 72 years old did a You Tube video and would like to get it to Charles Woods and family. It was for Tyrone and the other 3 Americans assassinated in Benghazi

  • Rob Phillips

    Wow. I feel sorry for people that can over look this and still support Barack Obama. How can such a large part of the population just dismiss this? I don’t get it. God bless Ty woods and glen, they are Heroes without equal. I don’t even know them, yet I miss them.

  • Rob Phillips

    And Joe Biden, is a repulsive human. Joe Biden doesn’t deserve to be anything. Joe Biden is a mean and heartless man.