Gloria Cain full interview with Greta

Gloria Cain is a very pleasant woman and between her sincerity, genuineness and her experience of knowing her husband, I walk away not having a doubt in my mind that Herman Cain is exactly what she says he is, innocent and respectable. In fact, honestly, she really adds a lot to his presidential ticket. Just hearing her makes me want to forgive him for making my eyes bleed today and hope someone gives him a serious kick in the pants. But I digress.

This is a great interview. Watch all of it:




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  • Anonymous

    Saw the entire Cain family on Greta!! They are very nice and decent people. God bless them!

  • Steven

    Welcome back Scoop! The Cain is able crowd welcomes you back with open arms! I am telling you, there’s something special about this Cain fellow! Don’t give up on him yet! BTW, wonderful family, so real and down to earth. Would be great to have them in the White House!

    • well I wouldn’t say that yet. I said it makes me want to…not that I am going to. He has a lot to prove to me before I stand behind him again and push the other candidates aside. Right now I’m taking a hard look at Rick. And maybe Newt.

      • Anonymous

        Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

      • Rick Perry 2012!

        • Yes

          no thanks!

      • Steven

        Then good riddance….No I am just kidding! Look, Cain is Cain. There’s plenty of campaign left and Cain ain’t done yet. He didn’t come this far to go back down in the hole! He’s got more moxie than those anxious to see him falter give him credit for. He’s still the most innovative and bold of all the contenders and if anything, he’s made everyone else step their game up as far as strong conservative proposals to get this nation turned around.

        So whenever you decide to get back on board the Cain Train, we’ll welcome you back with open arms! Cain is able, Cain 2012!

      • Dittos Scoop, on a “hard look” at Rick Santorum…

        As Santorum said on Glenn Beck’s radio program today, he has been “right” (even more so than Gingrich) on ALL the major issues,
        -TARP, to name only one economic item,
        -islamic jihad,
        -dhimmitude mindset in the US State Dept. as Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer on JihadWatch have been articulating for years, and etc.


        • Anonymous

          How can we get Santorum to stop letting the media entrap him with questions about gay marriage and religion all the time?

          I don’t get it. He should just embargo those questions until they give him a decent interview. I’m really glad RS gave Stacy McCain some time at the last debate, so he’s got an interview up at Stacy’s site.

          Pat Buchanan had a damned fine set of policies and positions back when he was running for President in 1996. It was clearly the best overall. Except… he had to bash Israel, and he had to sound like he was willing to put pregnant women in prison to guarantee they carry their babies to term.

          I don’t get the tendency to step in it like that. It’s just unnecessary. A smart politician knows those kinds of things don’t fly in the national election, regardless of party. Santorum could really do well if he’d resist that. (I don’t mean to imply he’s as bad as Buchanan, but “stepping in it” is “stepping in it”.)

          • I think that their ego and brains overwhelm their mouth which is good because it lets us know what they really think. The opposite of that is what turns me off about Romney. He always thinks before he speaks and it makes him sound phony. Romney has certainly done better this time around but he’s had a few years to get better. I’m for Rick Perry but at this point I’m don’t care. I actually think any one of them would work out as long as it’s NOT Obama. I just hope that if it is Cain that he puts Newt in a prominent position because Herman doesn’t know anything about how government runs and Newt knows everything and can be a huge asset to Cain if Cain will let him. Newt will promote conservatives which I don’t trust Romney to do.

        • There’s more than one Rick

          • We want to keep Rick here in Texas as for the other Rick, Rick who?? Take another look at Herman Cain and we won’t charge u a ticket when u decided hop on back on the train.

      • Anonymous

        It’s maddening. We really want our folks to do well, and we keep seeing them trip over their own political shoelaces.

        A simple mis-statement here or there can be defended. But after getting slammed for weakness in an area, it seems to me that the very next time there should be noticeable improvement. That’s what my teachers always expected, for sure.

        • Anonymous

          well said!

      • puma_for_life

        I understand your hesitancy about him; I’ve gone up and down, also. But, I realize that the things that are seen as flubs or politicallly incorrect positions are primarily a result of him not being a politician. He’s a business person, not an elected official, so he does not have prefab responses to everything. I would rather hear an honest flub, than someone who has the “correct” answer and then, when elected, does whatever he wants to do. How much did Obama know about anything?

        Personally, I think this character assassination that has gone on shows quite clearly that Cain is who Obama does not want to run against. For one thing, he would not be able to play the race card, and for another thing, even if Cain only got 15% of the black vote, it would be enough for Obama to lose.

        • Anonymous

          FORGET IT…Blacks would not vote for CAIN. NO WAY!

      • What would you think of Cain/Newt or Newt/Cain ticket?

        • I think Newt/Bachmann
          I was for Cain and I still think he is a liar. Of course the wife is always the last to know!!! What do you expect her to say? Come on people. Now if he would have came out and told the truth, I can handle that. But he has an excuse for everything and keeps playing the blame game. There HAS to be SOME truth to all these allegations and for him to come across like he is so innocent, only makes me feel sorry for his wife and family!!! He doesn’t have my vote!!!

          • “have come out” is the correct grammar! And you know Mr. Cain is not telling the truth?! Am I missing something here!?

          • you do know Newt has had three affairs and is currently married to his mistress right? the first lady would be a home wrecker..

        • Knowledge and quips don’t replace CHARACTER. Having an education in mathematics, Mr. Cain reasons answers in progressive logic(input=output). After the way he has been hammered in the last 2-3 weeks how could anybody be alert 24-7! Knowing the history of Israel, I think he was absolutely on target about the danger of the “brotherhood” in Libya and Egypt! I am old enough to remember Gingrich in Congress and some of his”endeavors”, if you will. I suggest if some people are conservative that they “brush-up” on Newtonian History, especially his resignation. That is all!


        • Yes

          I enjoyed their banter back and forth on the CSPAN debate, which was more of a discussion. You could see clearly they both respected each other highly. Sadly, the media did not report on this event very much-because it lacked fireworks, gotcha moments and attacks. Instead they chose to keep focusing on Mr. Cain’s alleged harrassment of women. Really sad-this discussion between Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Cain was informative, articulate and enlightening.

    • Anonymous

      The election is a ways away and anything can happen. We still have to see Newt go through the wringer (you know he will) and see how he will weather that storm. Bachmann may rise again. And Cain may certainly live to see a brighter day!

      But I will say one thing, Mrs. Cain and this lovely family will only help Cain’s prospects in this race. You can learn a lot about a man from his family.

      • Anonymous

        Anyone that threatens Romney will go through the wringer. Once the MSM gets Romney to the nomination they will turn on him like a pack of wolves like they did with McCain in 08!

        • Anonymous

          Exactly, any candidate who is viable the media will turn on. It will be quiet for awhile, but when the time is right they will turn on them. For Romney they will point to a youtube video about Mormon underwear, think I’m joking if it’s still out there they will do it.

  • Anonymous

    Very lovely woman and I like Cain, however…

    Between the Saturday debate, the initial handling of the allegations, the brain fart (we all have them and I’m a Perry guy so I’m not deducting points, just pointing it out), and this interview, the campaign has begun to look amateurish.

    I think people will have second thoughts giving Cain keys to the nukes because of all of this.

    Don’t get me wrong, I will proudly support him over Romney.

  • Anonymous

    Scoopaloopadingdang 🙂

    • Anonymous


      Sammy Davis is that you?

      • Anonymous

        Dis’ one???

        • Yes…

          Very entertaining… “which way is the audience?”


        • Anonymous

          Thanks for posting this Cindy! I loved Sammy Davis! Mel Torme was my favorite impersonation of the group, but I’m partial to the Velvet Fog. Gosh I love this type of music!

      • Anonymous


  • I’m glad you posted this Scoop- after your earlier eye bleed, I was afraid you wouldn’t 😉
    I love LOVE her!! She’s so sweet and genuine. She reminds me kind of of a southern younger version of my nana. She’s got class and a sweet yet sharp disposition, and I think the White House would be blessed by her. Oh the dream of having class and personality in the White House again!!!!

    • Anonymous

      My wife love, LOVES her too.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing AbC!

  • Loved it, I love the sincerity and genuineness that comes through Mrs Cain.
    I feel for her and loathe what the Liberal media have done to Cain.

    I do not think that Cain will be the nominee unfortunately. I’ts impossible not to look at Newt and see that he has what it takes. Pity, I had Cains slogan as “With a Cain we are Able”

    • @Tony, you say Newt has it? He has something:

      Are our memories that short spanned? I believe Newt is extremely intelligent, but that doesn’t dismiss he’s more of a RINO than Romney.

      • Anonymous

        I believe Newt is right of center and I would say Romney is center, but its hard to gauge Romney since he is like weather vane; moving wherever the wind is blowing. If it were between Newt or Romney I would pick Newt, no question.

      • That’s a roger, omega! Review Newtonian History 101!

  • might help us think about the power of slander that hurts not only the person being attacked but ALL those near him. In this case, Herman’s wife & children express their pain at “the process” that the media puts decent folks through to come up with GUTTER stuff and call them “news”!

    Painfully expressed her Shock on how much ugly things are said about HER HUSBAND! She kept saying: Who are these people talking about? That’s NOT HERMAN! I KNOW THE PERSON HE IS and the person they are making up, is NOT Herman! In 43 years, I would KNOW Who Herman Cain is! And as you can see, Gloria is NOT a weak willed silent woman who would allow any type of harassment. Amazing how hard it is to walk down the street with friends you have known for a while and have them watch you wondering if maybe the slander is true…

    • I like what she said about people who have a gutter mindset, will take something innocent and make it trashy. That is SO true.

    • I have to agree with a lot of what she said in this interview. I know a few guys that are exceptionally gifted at infidelity, all the through college and to now. Not a single one would have ever worked so hard to get that one girl.

  • Well after watching the interview and today’s bruhaha I would not blame Mr. Cain for picking up and going home to his lovely family. Our side can’t get its act together, we just go back to the same routine same as the other side. People really have no idea that the world is about to change and economies are going to be wiped out. I really had this view since the debates started and I saw the candidates attack each other (Bachman, Perry, Romney, Santorum, Huntsman), they really didn’t get that from that point we needed them to be a united front against Obama and what’s coming. I thought I saw change last week with the CNBC Economic debate in Michigan were the whole thing was about issues and not attacks and then on the CBS debate Saturday, but is just not working on all fronts.

  • Anonymous

    What a classy lady .
    What a classy family.
    No wonder Dems are scared of Cain

  • Anonymous

    Fire Mark Block and hire Gloria!

    • Anonymous

      I agree for the life of me I have no idea why he’s holding on to block for dear life. It seems to me the Cain is doing all the heavy lifting. Why hold on to someone that is not aiding you. The only reason I can come up with is that block will the sixth person who will claim sexual harassment. LOL

  • Anonymous

    I remember families like this when I was young. Old fashioned, patriotic, moral, loving family. Gloria is a delight. Herman always makes me smile. Beautiful children and grandchildren. All seem to be well rounded and support Herman. I would be proud to have this sincere family, who want to see the best for America in the White House.

    • Anonymous

      I agree 100%. Isn’t it refreshing to know there are citizen patriots that are willing to stand up and take on the battle to take our country back? If Mr. Cain becomes the POTUS, I doubt Gloria would be jet setting all over the globe on our dime, nor would she have 18 (I’ve lost track of the number), as Mooselady has on her staff now.

      What a great family and great example for Americans that have lost their way over last many years. Guess you and I grew up in the same era of the Cain family, that has unfortunately been diminished by progressive politics.

      I’m still on the Cain Train. I would be so proud to have that family in the WH!

  • Wonderful family! Sweet lady! I am sorry she has to suffer through the lurid allegations, I am sure it is very disconcerting.

  • Anonymous

    That definately helped, Gloria Cain is classy and articulate. Then seeing his 2 kids, both very charming and attractive, I’d say one of the nicest families we could put in the White House in many long years.
    All in all, I’m thinking Cain would be 100% great vice president, his inexperience with politics and policy has hurt him repeatedly, yet the optimism, charm and enthusiasm he brings is really needed. Can he be on top of the ticket? I’m not sold on that yet… even with all his gaffes, Cain would be a monumental improvement over the condescending hypocrite occupying the W.H. currently.
    Today I’m leaning Newt/Cain but I still have an open mind.

  • Anonymous

    That’s it. That is what I like about Herman. Class. His family has it. We could use some right about now.

  • hmm, i’m still a little pissed about the big Cain abandonment earlier Scoop, but i guess were still friends.

  • A very classy family. I am very pleased, indeed. The American Family Unit isn’t extinct just yet!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a really nice lady.

    Before everyone goes too far into Newt’s corner, there’s a good read over at Stacy McCain’s site about Newt that kind of puts the feel for Newt’s historic mis-steps right up in your face, just like you were there.

    (EDIT: man, what is with me and always typing apostrophes before every ‘s’ ending? Also: fixed the link.)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the link, K_.

      Newt’s got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do and enough time to do it in.

      Good luck with those ‘ ‘s, they are a real pain for us 4-finger KB’ers. (lol)

      • BienHoa 71-72, 222nd Aviation, 1st Cav, “Pullin-Pitch”

  • Anonymous

    It is lovely to see a family who is not vying for the spotlight but just pleased to go about their business. This is a family I can relate to. However, I agree with Scoop. Herman’s going to need to get on message & get back into a leadership position & quit acquiescing to anyone who interviews him. He’s making me wonder what he really knows about our country’s politics & present condition. I am pretty sure he used to know about it, but now – I dunno. Maybe he was acting or just talking in platitudes. I need to see the Herman Cain I got excited about… I’m uncomfortable with two-faces…

  • Anonymous

    I can see this family representing US.

  • Anonymous

    If we abandon every candidate because of gaft we will not have any candidates left. Come on RIGHTSCOOP you have to agree with me. There is no economic policies better than 999 plan. Plus freeing the energy markets.

    Contrast that with Newt. Gas prices is already high. Newt want to keep it high for what whatever reason but in the end it is still supporting climate change policies of the left. What else is it? Ethanol, solar, Wind, Hydrogen fuel cells are only viable with gas prices high and government subsidies. While other candidate want end subsidies with Newt it is full speed ahead. He’s really good at making a liberal cause sound like a conservative message.

    I apologize for calling you a closet Rhino yesterday.

    • I am a CPA, and have gone over Cain’s 9-9-9. It’s clear….1.) He doesn’t understand economics at all 2.) He is making up his campaign as he goes along and has no valid leadership around him to advise him on running the country. 3.) His 9-9-9 will be a 50% tax cut to the wealthiest Americans, and a 33% tax increase to those with family income of $60K or less (90% of the populous) and 4.) the 9-9-9 plan will cause all of us to pay a ridiculous hidden VAT which will only incrase over time and add huge costs to goods and services.

      • Anonymous

        Arthur Laffer likes the plan a lot. Thanks for setting us straight Pete.

  • Anonymous

    She would make a wonderful first lady!

    • Herman has already said that Gloria would NOT participate in the First Lady duties and that she was an independent woman not part of the WH. Apparently she has made it clear to him that this is “his” gig not hers and she already has a life and doesn’t intend to change it. Gloria Cain is a Democrat, made donations to Obama, and voted for Obama. Doesn’t change the fact that she is a charming woman and would make a lovely First Lady but apparently she doesn’t want any part of that position.

      • puma_for_life

        That’s not what she said in the interview. She said her mind goes to thinking about the WH, but she stays focused on each day, one day at a time. I have no idea where you are getting your information.

      • Anonymous


      • Linky1

        Please provide proof. There’s been enough allegations and half-truths floating around here.

  • Beautiful family! They are certainly qualified for “first family” status.

  • puma_for_life

    I also was really touched by this interview and his whole family. It really puts him into a human context. I hope his family spends some time with him in Iowa. I really liked his wife and his daughter was great! Just loved the family.

  • Nice guy, very accomplished lie; however, he is too edgy for the long run to the White House. He is full of criticism, and offers no remedy for the things he criticizes. I would not want to work for a manager who constantly looks for wrong things!

    • He offers no remedy? Where have you been?

    • Anonymous

      The year is 2011 just in case you came back to civilization.

    • Todd Jones

      Correct! I want specific answers to specific issues; Herman Cain’t do that….

    • Linky1

      Earth to Eldon…..are we talking about the same Herman Cain???? Just sayin’….

  • When you are attacked on this level. Its not just the person being attacked, but also the family. This is why a lot of good and decent people do not run in the political arena. Cain is a good man. We as conservatives should not let the RINOs or the Libs decide who we will nominate.

    • The only one attacking him is his own self. He is totally incompetent.

  • Anonymous

    I have come to believe that the Obama team will stop at nothing to prevent a black man from running against him. Were the Republican candidate to be black, Obama would not be able to play the “race card,” and might lose a significant number of votes in the African American community. The panic in the Democratic Party is evidenced by the extremes to which they will go.

  • If you want to see who the Dems think is the most viable candidate, look at who they attack with things such as sexual harassment. Want to see who their next McCain is, see who they say are good candidates, who are viable. Herman Cain scares the Dems because he will destroy their little world of keeping people in their place, and not allowing people to be all they can be, all people, of all races, of all gender. Herman Cain is the man for the job. Oh, I am a registered democrat by the way, of course soon will be “was a registered dem”. Should have changed that 20 years ago, but now, I have a reason to change it. Cain/Newt for the win! 🙂

  • Apparently no one gave her the answers she was suppose to give…”I fell in love with him from the start”, “Our marriage has always been perfect”, “Herman is a great listener”……she is too real! And I like that. 🙂

  • A lovely family and your wife is beautiful not only outside but I think she showed that she is inside as well. Whatever happens in this election you have been blessed with more than most. Best wishes.

  • I now understand why Mr. Cain has kept his family separate from his campaign. He has a real family…. not a post political family that has memorized their line’s and know “just” how to act in front of a camera. How refreshing it would be to have “real people” in leadership, people who not only know they don’t have all the right answers but admit it and follow through with…. I will find out from someone who is an expert on whatever the particular subject. Think about Mr. Cain’s semi-invitation to Mr. Gingrich during the Lincoln/Douglas style debates…… he acknowledges that Mr. Gingrich is a very intelligent man with extensive knowledge of the government both historical and present(a true government expert). Imagine that, a real leader that knows how to seek and take advice from real experts, not a political play-dough man/woman who can be what ever they need to be to look like an expert. So far Mr. Cain seems to be the cure to what is happening in our country……I just hope enough people still harbor a strong enough belief in America (and it’s ability to produce exceptional people) to step away from the political establishment and not settle for an “acceptable candidate”.

    • That was not a Lincoln/Douglas style debate! It was a Lucy/Desi debate.

  • And Gingrich has told the truth? Good Grief! His own fellow Repubs ran him out of office!

  • Anonymous

    I really like this interview. I held on to every word that she said. Genuinely honest is how I describe the whole family. Cain has to much of a consciousness to play a good politician. Thats one of many reasons I like him. She is a great accesset and needs to be with him and out of the house.

  • Mr Cain is the person we should elect for President. He not part of the old government , that we got or had. Until we change from what we had or got in this government. thing going to get worse . We need new people in our government . we need change we need someone who really care about the American people and what we stand for. If we let these women who tell lies about MR Cain; this old government , will win and nothing will change.I wish it come out who put these women up to do this to MR Cain. If one our own shame on us. I hope Perry did not put these women up to do this, shame on him if he did.

  • Linky1

    The whole Cain family is likeable, honest, forthright and have 10000 times more character and values than the entire Obama cabinet. How can you compare Gloria Cain to Mooooshelle the Wookie? You can’t. Gloria Cain is proud of her husband, her family and country, something that can’t be said about the current First Lady.

  • Yes

    they are trying to sling mud at Mr. Cain, but Mr. Cain is like Teflon, it will just bounce off of him and he will be all the stronger for it.

  • Jollee

    I loved the interview, what a lovely family…. We support you Mr. Herman Cain in California and considered the sources… If we do try in a court of public opinion, it is in your favor sir! Lets get this country back on track and support the gentlemen who truly loves this country and knows how to bring us to success…


  • We need this lady in the White House

  • I am a CPA, and have gone over Cain’s 9-9-9. It’s clear….1.) He doesn’t understand
    economics at all 2.) He is making up his campaign as he goes along and has no valid
    leadership around him to advise him on running the country. 3.) His 9-9-9 will be a 50% tax cut to the wealthiest Americans, and a 33% tax increase to those with family income of $60K or less (90% of the populous) and 4.) the 9-9-9 plan will cause all of us to pay a ridiculous hidden VAT which will only incrase over time and add huge costs to goods and services.
    Is this what you people are supporting???

    • Anonymous

      No disrespect intended, but being a CPA as opposd to a Masters Degree in math.
      Your first point : incorrect
      Your second point : assumption
      Your third point : an assumption on my part that you are incorrect
      Your fourth point: time will tell
      Everyone ultimately chooses what or whom to believe. Today I don’t think I’m going with CPA Pete Ardonez

  • Anonymous

    Cain / Gingrich. John Bolton – Secy of State. Steve Forbes – Secy of Treasury. Gen Petreaus – Secy of Defense. Dream team, 2012. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a First Lady who’s just plain nice in the White House again. I remember I couldn’t help noticing the contrast between Laura Bush and Mrs. Clinton and then Mrs. Obama. Some would say “It doesn’t matter, she’s just the First Lady.” I disagree.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always wanted to see someone run for President that wasn’t a politician. I don’t like politicians. When I get a chance to vote for someone who’s not a politician, I vote for that person but usually not very many others do, so I’m excited that finally someone is running who is not a politician that other people like as well. I’m usually in the minority. I think our country would be a lot better off with a President who wants to be President because he wants to help our country and I think that’s who Herman Cain is. I thought Barack Obama was, but he hired a bunch of crooks on his cabinet and he couldn’t see it. No one should be working for the government who cheats on their taxes, especially on the President’s cabinet! I think Joe Biden is disrespectful to President Obama and that is hard to watch. President Obama isn’t a good leader. He’s a nice man, but he’s not a good leader.

  • Anonymous

    To Herman:
    Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth.
    To Herman’s Enemies:
    Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein, and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.

  • Jodie Pessolano

    After meeting Gloria and the family, I am so impressed with her, the family, and Mr. Cain – and so much more saddened and outraged by this smear.

  • I’m with you Herman! Go all the way to the White House. 9 9 9!!!

  • GOP need to get their FACTS RIGHT!!!! When checked on or snopes they are off…..makes them a target by the Liberals!!!!

  • C laire

    What a difference!

  • Love this lady! This is a real American Family, and I will keep on praying for whatever the Lord has for them, and of course for this beautiful country. 🙂