Google’s Unsavory Practices Mocked In This Awesome Street Art Near Their Offices

If you have thoughts that step outside of liberal orthodoxy, if you challenge the accepted belief system with different ideas, in short if you “think different”, don’t work for Google. That’s the message of street art plastered pretty much everywhere near Google’s offices in protest of their unsavory practices by @unsavoryagents, better known as renegade street artist and different thinker Sabo.

Via @UnsavoryAgents on Twitter, artwork posted outside Google offices.

The Hollywood Reporter states that the posters are everywhere, including under glass and in hard to reach areas, “plastering the Venice area of Los Angeles, all around some offices where Google and its YouTube unit reside.”

The posters, some of them exceedingly large and very high up, some plastered onto bus-stop benches, some behind glass looking like official advertisements, contrast Google with Apple, distorting the latter’s catchphrase to suggest that thinking different at Google won’t produce world-changing products, it will get you fired.

Sabo tweeted the following video of some the art.

Scoopers are familiar with the story of the so-called manifesto that Google punished and fired James Damore over, and how Google further permitted a purge atmosphere to develop among employees who were creating self-policed lists of fellow employees who were enemies of “diversity.” As we all know, this is code for anyone who isn’t a social justice warrior liberal. Scoopers are also familiar with the MSM cover-up of Google’s evil behavior and their attempts to whitewash it. They, too, are slavishly devoted to the social justice mob.

Historically, renegade and outsider art have been an important way to give voice to those being silenced by government or the tyranny of a puritan majority, and this is absolutely in keeping with that tradition.

Good Sabo. Bad Google.

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