Gov. Jan Brewer sends a message to Obama

Obama said he would call and never did. Gov. Brewer says this is what she got instead of the phone call:

This is really getting old. Obama says he’ll do his job, lies about it, and then we are left with a job undone while the American people are being adversely affected, and the MSM refuses to hold him accountable. I’m sick of writing these type of posts because of the jerk running the country.

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  • AMEN… Damn Straight… and give me a call if you want help patrolling!

    A Fellow Fed-Up Citizen,
    CM Sackett

  • This is such an amazing time to be in-

    State leaders are calling the POTUS out for his lies and anti-American positions. Basically the Federal vs the State all over again, except the Executive is against all and is currently in control of the Federal.

    I could only imagine what is going to happen if this continues. If only we had a media to expose this administration.

  • get him Governor! it's sad that our government will talk about health care as a right and constitutional under the general welfare clause, but will drag their ass on the ground like a dog on things like the gulf and securing our borders! it's time to repeal the 17th amendment and use that as a starting point to take back the power that is rightfully ours and not theirs!

  • …we do, Ozzie.



    …and 20,000,000 OTHER fed up citizens!

  • Yes! Brewer strikes back. Again.

    I LOVE that woman. Keep fighting the good fight, AZ. I, and everyone else I know, will keep publicizing the heck out of it. Obama's treasons against the states will NOT go unnoticed.

  • punditpawn

    If only Vice President Bite Me wasn't busy plugging the oil spill… he's got ideas. If not, I'm sure John Kerry or Chuck Schumer or Pelosi can get right on it. Oh, that's right. They're all busy booking their summer time off. Wait, doesn't President Kick-a$$ handle the big stuff? You know, someday those community organizing skilz will be in demand.

  • williamm

    Brewer came in 34th out of The list of 100 Americans the left hates most.

  • you act as if they don't deserve it-

    I'm sure it's not as easy as it looks to spend other people's money and to take bribes …er, fundraise for their next campaign.

    It's such a tough job! I'll bet we have to pay hundreds of staffers in D.C. to write the very legislation Congress is supposed to write. They're are just so busy they can't do their job so we let them hire additional help at no cost to them.

    Term limits may have been the biggest oversight the Founding Fathers ever made. My guess is that never assumed the entitlement mentality would be where it is now- and would not have guessed that it would have infected the very people that take an oath to protect the citizens of the nation.

    I hope Republicans don't screw the pooch and nominate anyone from the past. There are plenty of very good up and coming politicians, and I will never buy the B.S. that we need an insider to get things done.

    My plan of action:

    Get some retired special forces to kidnap Christie and West and force them onto a ticket for 2012. They would clean house in debates against any liberal talking points and destroy the TOTUS on national TV.

  • punditpawn

    Term limits is complex and the Founding Fathers did place some effort… the Senate was to be the slow-moving, deliberative body while the House would change members every two years to keep a constant influx of current blood (ie. the will of the people) which would change more in line with the weather. However, incumbency has proven a very powerful ally and in many cases stifles the ability of the people's will to truly be heard in the House.

    There is also a lot of merit to experience… once a good person gets in almost no one would want to toss them out because of a simple thing like time passing, but how much is too much? Who decides?

    Most egregious is the Supreme Court. One could argue that Presidential appointment is effectively exerting the will of the people at that moment in time, but when you factor in a Justice's age, health, politics and more along with the defacto Democrat mantra of not having to answer any difficult questions during confirmation hearings, the “Appointed for Life” status is now at odds with society (as would be confirming a justice with no judicial experience). You would never appoint an auto mechanic as Chief race car driver trainer because they've been around cars all their life… nor should Kagan be appointed because of her tenure at Harvard. A top judge should have had to do some judging along the way. Imagine that.

    There should also be a way to remove a Justice. It should be a very high threshold, but since a President can be removed in certain circumstances so should a co-equal Supreme Court Justice. I would also limit a Supreme Court justice to a 15 year term since they will have already had to work half a life in order to get nominated in the first place. Setting records is for athletes, not Congressmen or SCOTUS members.

  • dmk2113
  • KeninMontana

    Time to “Ruck Up” grab the gear and head for Arizona it sounds like.

  • …you'll do, and proud to STAND with ya.

  • keninil

    They always put up signs like that when it is open season to protect non-hunters. Do they say anything about daily limits and reporting requirements? How many sq inches of blaze orange do you need to wear?? LMAO

  • keninil

    Mexico needs the same sort of help with border patrol as Pakistan. – a few Predator drones to take out the druggies haciendas, Roving special forces to scope out the bad guys before the big guns are called in. – and no metals for restraint!

  • KeninMontana

    Looks like “Nappy” vetoed a bill in May 2007 that would have formed an official Arizona State Militia to take care of the needs of the state in lieu of the Guard. Maybe Gov.Brewer should revisit this legislation, being as the administration in DC will not follow through on its promise to send the Guard to secure the border and assist in protecting our fellow US Citizens,the Citizens of Arizona.

  • If she takes the first step, I see a bunch of others following suit.

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  • Marie Claire

    where was she when George Bush was president for EIGHT YEARS? oh [email protected]@

  • She wasn't Governor of AZ until 2009.

  • Marie Claire

    right. sorry. i meant to say where was ANYONE until now.
    really. i did!!:-)

  • Ozzie posted just ahead of me…

  • The “big (mannish) sis” of 'Homeland Security' farce, er… fame was 'governing' during that period.

    Here is what she said in an interview with larry king (little man don't deserve big letters…), late April, 2009:


    KING: A lot of Democrats in Congress want to you investigate [Joe Arpaio]. They think he is over the line. He says he is just enforcing the law and the problem is the federal government.

    NAPOLITANO: Well, you know, Sheriff Joe, he is being very political in that statement, because he knows that there aren’t enough law enforcement officers, courtrooms or jail cells in the world to do what he is saying.

    What we have to do is target the real evil-doers in this business, the employers who consistently hire illegal labor, the human traffickers who are exploiting human misery.

    And yes, when we find illegal workers, yes, appropriate action, some of which is criminal, most of that is civil, because crossing the border is not a crime per se. It is civil. But anyway, going after those as well.

    …and noticed who snatched her up as soon as he took occupancy, and WHERE HE PUT HER.

  • Enoch73

    Arizona Gov for president! Obama should be forced to fight illegal immigrants for a below minimum wage job.