GRAPHIC bodycam video shows officers returning fire after perp refused to leave car, then started shooting!

This incident happened last week in Las Vegas where officers had pulled over a man suspected of theft. This bodycam footage shows the officers asking the man to vacate his vehicle for their own safety after he was unable to find his registration and license. But the man refuses, saying he’s done nothing wrong and keeps arguing about how he shouldn’t have to leave his vehicle.

This goes on for a few minutes and when the officers finally begin to force the issue, the man pulls a gun and begins to fire. Officers ran while returning fire and shot the man in the head.

Unfortunately both officers were shot but only one sustained injuries.

The officer who did most of the talking and was injured in the fight was Officer Richard Nelson. He was the one taken to the hospital by another officer.

I have to admit while I was watching the footage, as soon as the perp started shooting and the officers returned fire, all I could think was that I hoped they got his sorry a__. Actually what I was thinking was much more colorful as it was very upsetting to see these officers put in danger like this. Very upsetting. I still haven’t calmed completely down.

The video below shows footage first from Nelson’s bodycam, then from his partner. Then it shows the video from another camera that managed to record the whole gun fight:

WARNING: This video isn’t for the faint of heart

Fortunately Nelson sustained non-life threatening injuries. He was struck in the armpit, which is not protected by the vest, and has since been released from the hospital.

His partner was apparently hit in the gun belt which protected him.

Also the perp was killed in the exchange. He was shot in the head when Nelson returned fire. I’m so glad they got him before he was able to do any major damage. You can see from the way he was holding his pistol that he was shooting to kill.

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