Great new Romney ad: “Secretary of Business”

This ad makes a fantastic point in that Obama’s solution is to always appoint another bureaucrat for something he doesn’t understand, like business. But Romney says that maybe it’s time for a president who actually understands business.


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  • Kirock

    In that case, Obama should appoint a secretary of truth.

    • Trust me. We don’t want anyone in this administration deciding what is officially the truth.

      • SoLongSong

        First they’d have to create a committee to find out what it means…

        • Ford Prefect

          They can get the department of Silly Walks to do it. Hoaser’s.


        How about a new department for the Obama administration… The Department of Dishonesty & Deceit… The Best liar in the bunch gets to be Secretary.

        • That’s one responsibility the O man doesn’t want to delegate.


            Sal, I’ll put you down for one vote (at this time) for “O”. With them they can vote as many times as they can before they’re caught. And, after, I’m sure.

        • bullet2354

          That department would be connected to the “Possible Election Outcome Department” which would would be tied to the “National Chicago Polling Dept” which operates under the Val Garet “Political Optics of what Just Happened” Dept. All run by the Secratary of the “Get Me Re-elected” Dept.

        • freenca

          The whole shebanging administration should be heading for the department of corrections soon, IMO!!

    • colliemum

      Not necessary.
      They’ve got a Ministry of truth already.

      It’s called ABCCSBCNNMSPBC

  • keninil

    They should have equated the word “business” with Commerce and mentioned that Obama has a Secretary of Commerce, but he hasn’t met with her yet this term.

  • Rshill7

    Now Obama wants to appoint an S.O.B. That’s nonsense. Why would we need two S.O.B.’s in the same administration?

    • Rshill7

      Would a new S.O.B. help him WTF?

      That’s a good question Rs.


    • colliemum

      He wants a pack of S.O.B.s

    • Sober_Thinking



  • Goldni007

    How about a Secretary of Protecting our Navy SEALs, CIA agents and ambassadors abroad?

    • bullet2354

      That Department was moved to operate under the “Apologize to Islam” Dept.

    • stage9

      Well, since that responsibility falls on the Commander in Chief, how about we just appoint a new president instead?

  • Arrrggghhh

    Why stop there? How about a secretary of Happyness? You could even spell it like the movie, just like I did.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Maybe it’s time for:

    a) An American to be President (no, I’m not really a birther… Obama’s picture of America is the complete opposite of most Americans).

    b) A hard working, compassionate, patriotic man who has some real success in life and who sees America for what it really is.

    c) The grown ups to run the nation for a change.

  • stage9

    The reason Obama does this is so that he remains insulated from any controversy that may arise if the appointment fails or engages in something nefarious.

    The first rule of liberal leadership is to always have a scapegoat.


    No, not a S.O.B. Let’s have something in keeping with the qualities this admistration has esposed a S.O.B.S.

  • PhillyCon

    RS and fellow scoopers:

    FINALLY! A gas price ad in PA. Its very good.

    • That’s awesome!
      I wish I lived somewhere where I could see that.

    • wodiej

      thanks for sharing that. What a clever and effective way to deliver his message.

      I just watched his rally in Virginia-all I can say is…..WOW.

  • bb

    • Bumbling or Babbling Barack?

      • NYGino

        Bronco Bama.

        • LOL! Yes, of course! 🙂

        • OHJan

          leading from behind…

          • NYGino

            Rodeo style, have to stay on for 8 seconds.

        • Patriot077

          I liked the video but don’t want to associate BO with the majestic bucking bronco. 🙂
          (I already have to share my birthday with that jacka$$.)

  • shukov

    Discover The Network of Leftist Enemies in America –

  • Reminds me of old Polish joke under communism…

    A man travelled around the world for 30 years…didn’t accomplish very much.
    When he gets back he is schocked to find out his best friend from boyhood days is Prime Minister. He says to his old friend, I need a job, make me minister of something.
    PM said, Like Minister of what? Old friend replied I don’t care, make me Minister of Bananas. PM replied, you know Poland doesn’t have bananas! Well he said, We have a Minister of Justice!

  • NYGino

    How many days left? Five? Whew!

    • “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming RESTORING the United States of America”

  • kong1967

    I personally think Obama makes all of these positions in order to expand government and it’s power over us. Looking at his statements in the past ($8 gas and skyrocketing electricity rates), he understands businesses all too well. He knows how to crush them through the EPA and through massive, overbearing government.

    I cannot WAIT to see the reaction from the left when Obama gets his a$$ handed to him in five days!

  • Nukeman60

    Obama – creating jobs, one bureaucrat at a time.

  • welltempered2

    A Secretary of Business from Obama? Orwell is smiling.

  • Haywoodjbl

    This President has NO CLUE and frankly I cannot believe our citizen are so stupid as to vote for him again….but they will…..Probably not enough will to get him re-elected but millions will…

    Really sad

  • Stehekin912

    He appoints people because he wants to golf and go on vacation and be the Caliph of America instead of president.

  • LiveFreeOrDie2012

    What states is that ad playing in? Please say OH, MN, WI, and PA?


  • If people fall for Obama’s BS then they deserve what they get. He has a Jobs Council that he already ignores.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    obama doesn’t understand business….heck, he doesn’t even understand America or Americans!!!

  • The last thing we need is larger government and more bureaucrats. The first thing I hope Romney does is fire all of Obama’s “czars,” people who get paid a lot of money for issuing reports and accomplishing nothing. When you don’t know what to do in Washington, create a “czar.” I can’t think of one “czar” that actually solved a major problem this country had or has. Fire them all and make the actual government agencies do their jobs. And if THEY don’t do their jobs, fire them too. We certainly won’t miss them.

  • Yazz55

    Typical liberal solution to everything…

    Throw millions/billions of $$$$$$$$$$$$ at the problem to hire a bunch of socialists who will only exasperate the problem at taxpayer expense.

    In this case, the title would more appropriately “Secretary of Preventing Business & Profits”

  • Landscaper

    I heard this over my radio on a job today. One of the best smack-downs this election year.

  • BabyMal

    During her decline, Rome couldn’t pay for her empire and could barely defend it. It did so by expanding the size of government by hiring more bureaucrats to give the illusion that all was financially sound, but at the same time was experiencing huge inflation. Price levels of goods and services were of control and coins issued by the Empire and used to pay its armies were less valuable which contained less precious metal. Eventually, the armies, instead of fighting for the glory of the empire, turned on her emperors and killed them, furthering the deep-seeded corruption and inevitable fall.

    How history repeats. And repeats.

  • What the hell is the Commerce Department for? And this goes to show how ignorant and out of touch he is with his own commerce department and administration.
    A quote from my favorite founding father and 3rd President of the United States-Thomas Jefferson. ” He who knows best knows how little he knows.”-T. Jefferson