Greg Gutfeld: “Rumors of the Republican Party’s death have been greatly exaggerated”

Consider this your open thread since we haven’t had one in a while:

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  • I want Allen West.

    • Kordane

      I’d go back to supporting the Republicans if they chose a Paul/West combo, but I just know that the establishment won’t let that happen. I expect they’ll pick Jeb Bush, and everyone will have to force themselves, against their urge to vomit, into supporting him. I’ll wait with bated breath for all the standard Republican attacks against Libertarians who are “voting for the Left, by not voting for the latest Republican establishment candidate” -_- ughh. Marco Rubio has shown himself to not be that much better than the average establishment candidate either. His response to that latest SOTU was quite telling.

      • If Republicans continue on their current path they will lose their base completely and they cannot win without us. I voted for the lesser of evils in 2012… never again will I vote for a candidate I do not believe in! I am watching Allen West, Ted Cruz, and Dr. Ben Carson. Marco Rubio is self-serving, and Rand Paul is a chip off the old block when it comes to foreign policy!

        • Don

          Deborah, like you, I voted for the lesser of two evils in 2012. Millions of conservatives refused to hold their noses and vote for a RINO. I will never vote for another RINO again. When there is no difference in the progressives and RINOs, there is no choice.

          • CO2isGood

            I voted for the lesser of two evils, too. But I do not subscribe to the philosophy of it is my way or the highway. A true conservative always votes, and always votes the most conservative choice. Anything other makes one a CINO.

            Had the 5-8million so-called conservative purists that stayed home, voted the most conservative choice we would not have Obama getting his second 4 years to destroy the country.

            You are probably never going to get the exact platform you want, and to stay home is plain childish, not to mention that it plays right into the hands of the Left, whose whole purpose is to divide and conquer.

        • JohnCraven

          Ditto! Deborah. Ditto! Ditto! Ditto!

          Gutfeld must have fallen under the spell of the RINO svengali, Karl Rove.

          John Craven
          New Orleans

      • garyinaz66

        allen west is probably my favorite republican right now. him, walker and cruz seem to be true conservatives. i did kind of like rand paul, but the more i find out the less i like.
        this is the straw that broke the camels back for me. no way i would vote for rand paul (or amnesty rino rubio either) now:

        ” Now it appears Rand Paul is going to the left of Rubio on this issue if you read his column in The Washington Times.Rand refers to illegal aliens as “undocumented citizens” in the first sentence of the fifth paragraph, which is overly gracious wording not even the liberal media uses. Rand says Rubio’s plan for fines and penalties for those who came here illegally as a means of making restitution is too harsh because many of them “are poor and may not be able to ever pay ten years of back payroll taxes. I would be willing to forego the fines and back taxes in exchange for a longer and significant time period before these folks are eligible to enter into the green card line.” Rand never says who’s going to be paying for those people that wait even longer for amnesty. Rand says he would “normalize” illegals (aka amnesty) at a rate of two million per year, beginning with what he refers to as “Dream Act kids.” I remember hearing from many Ron Paul people who criticized Mike Huckabee during the 2008 Iowa Caucuses because he was too soft on the illegal immigration issue. I wonder what those same people think after reading this? At least Rand was smart enough to write it in a conservative newspaper, and not pose for a photo-op with two liberals and the ultimate RINO as Rubio did. The entire premise of Rand’s piece is what’s best and fair for the illegal aliens, and never discusses what’s best and fair for the people here legally, paying taxes, and paying the freight for those who aren’t. It’s frankly the kind argumentation we hear from the left, and the kind of logic a President Paul would be confronted with daily if he actually attempted to do anything about the welfare state. A glaring omission from his column is any mention of the Constitution and the rule of law. It’s never mentioned at all. Considering this is the same man that has been so bold and appreciated for his defense of our Constitutionally-protected liberties like life, property, and an overly intrusive government, that’s hard not to notice.”

    • Don

      What the RINOs did to Allen West along with thousands upon thousands of George Soros dollars was try to stifle a true American hero’s voice. After that, for me the RINOs became irrelevant. If republicans turn their backs on conservatives then their existence is as a third party and not on a national level. Rove lied and the party died.

  • Rshill7

    Rand Paul spoke briefly about the “Libertarian-Republican” narrative.

    I agree. Could be a great combination. Graft the two together and grow a beanstalk that could thrive. Then climb that dude and kill the giant.

  • Open thread, here goes: Last night, Bill O’Reilly asked of the Tea Party could regain momentum, and spoke with Glenn Beck.

    You can watch that here:

    Now, I believe the Tea Party has not lost momentum at all. The media just report what they want and not the truth. As evidence I cite this story: A new alternative to Facebook for Conservatives has been created. Already 100,000 people have signed up to it. If that is not proof that the Tea Party and Conservatives are alive and ready for action, I don’t know what is.

    === Partial quote.
    More than 100,000 people have joined a social networking site designed for conservatives who said they were tired of censorship and liberal bullying on Facebook.


    The Tea Party Community launched nine days ago — and since then has experienced tremendous growth, founder Tim Selaty, Sr., told Fox News.

    “I suppose that a lot of conservatives were looking for a new home,” he said. “(Conservatives) are flocking from Facebook in droves.”

    Facebook did not return emails seeking comment.

    Selaty created the Tea Party Community as a “safe haven for the conservative movement – where we can share ideas and thoughts and express ourselves without fear of retribution.”

    “They have come to the Tea Party community to be in a relaxed and protected environment where they are not censored for having a different opinion or stance when it comes to their conservative beliefs,” Selaty said.

    Hundreds of conservative Facebook users contacted Fox News about complaints that the social networking site had either removed conservative content or blocked them from posting conservative content.

    Amy Jo Clark and Miriam Weaver were among those who received threats from Facebook after they criticized the White House in a posting on their “Chicks on the Right” fan page.
    ===End quote.

    You can learn more about this new Conservative alternative to Facebook here:

    The website for the Conservative alternative is:

    • LadyMacKeltar

      Yes, it’s a great alternative to FB. Unfortunately, it has been attacked by hackers non-stop since it’s inception. 🙁

      • Let the site gather IP addresses and expose the hackers. Scum of the earth that they are!

        • LadyMacKeltar

          The first few days, trolls were out in force so the organizers had to make the community private and by invitation only.

    • c4pfan

      I have signed up, but haven’t used it.

      • I haven’t signed up yet. I’m intending to though.

        [edit] Just tried to sign up. But the verification email never arrived! 🙁

        • LadyMacKeltar

          Check your spam box. It may have gone there.

          • That helped! Thank you! Now I did see the email verification, but when I click it it’s returning as “invalid”. I think the site is having problems. I’ll try again later. Thanks for alerting me to check the spam filter!

            • LadyMacKeltar

              My pleasure 😉 It’s very possible. They announced they are in the process of moving to another server.

              • I finally got it and am now signed up! Thanks again for the reminder to check my spam box. I owe you! 😉

                • LadyMacKeltar

                  Congratulations! 😉

        • Rshill7

          Look in your neighbor’s mailbox. Sometime letters get misdelivered. If you find anything gossip-worthy in there, let me know.

    • savageob1

      i’m on there, good site(although yes you do deal with nasty trolls) if you want to find me just look for Jonathan hanging out with his friend Stanley the C

      • Will do! Trying to sing up but the confirming email never arrived. I’ve resent it several times and still nothing. 🙁

        • Couldn’t find you. 🙁

    • It has been revealed that the TEA Party Community is funded by an organization owned by George Soros. That is enough for me – I cancelled.

      The TEA Party is about grass roots, and after the last election we have more Republican governors and state legislatures than ever before, so to say they have lost momentum is crazy! That is what the statists want to believe because the Occupy movement they created to oppose the TEA Party has been a massive failure, just like their attempts at talk radio!

  • Amjean

    Let’s hope the rino repub party will be “dead” soon in whatever form
    that might be.

  • O/T

    What the Hotel Echo Lima Lima is this crap?! Dear leader is getting awarded with the Presidential Medal of Distinction in Israel when he goes?!!
    Crap! Maybe he really is the antichrist!!

    • Rshill7

      He certainly is an antichrist.

      • Absolutely! There is NO doubt!

    • LadyMacKeltar

      I’m hanging on to the promise of Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.”

      • Me too Lady. If I didn’t have His promises, I’d be more nuts than I am because none of this stuff would make any sense what so ever.

        • las1

          “because none of this stuff would make any sense what so ever.”

          That’s the bestest explanation I’ve ever heard.

    • c4pfan

      I don’t get it myself.

    • JoeMontana16

      Amen sister. He is even if he isn’t.

    • Israeli’s will do anything to ensure their survival including bribery. They are part of Western Civilization after all and never were above reproach. I support Israel but I also know they do stupid things like the rest of us.

      • PhillyCon

        I think your answer touches upon the closest explanation. They are playing Kissinger politics … they need to survive and at this moment, its an Obama world. Harsh realities.

        • It’s the only politics they are allowed to play.

      • cabensg

        From what I’ve read Israel is barely conservative. Witness the narrow victory for Netanyahu in the last election. Also note what liberal leadership did in Israel before they turned back to him to correct things. If Israel wasn’t under constant threat they’d probably be as liberal as Jewish New Yorkers.

        Don’t ask me why. I don’t even get why we let liberalism get an overwhelming foothold in the U.S.

        • Take a long look at the very long history of Jews and you will know why they are mostly liberal, this country included.

          Remember God has gotten peeved with them more than once and with good reason.

    • Shimon Peres is behind that award and he has always been too liberal. I am sure Bibi is choking over this one!

    • MadAsHellJack

      @ABC, I’m not sure he’s the antiChrist but I am sure he is the antiAmerican! I am also sure Lucifer is mighty proud of him. Oh and quit makin’ it so hard to decipher the word H E Double LL! 🙂

      So this is an open thread, huh? Trouble is there is no good news to report. We’ve gt idiot commie libtards all over the country assaulting the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments and Obama’s gonna get some medal in Israel for God only knows what, Moochell is probably planning her next $$$$$$$$$$BILLION dollar vacation, David Axeldouche was hired by MSNBC as a political news analyst, (unbiased I’m sure) and Joey Biden Tells Women To “Buy A Shotgun,” “You Don’t Need An AR-15″ Because It’s “Harder To Aim”, and finally the Congressional Black Caucus is Pressuring Obama To Adopt the Black Agenda…. What’s that a big screen TV in every new Cadillac the government is gonna hand out to all the poor black folks, even though they live in a hovel?

      Why do I feel the end is near????

      • LOL MadJack as much as the crap that’s going on is pure bull sierra- hotel- india -tango you made me LOL. I think things are gonna be rough from here on til Jesus calls us, so we’re in the best place to hang in until He does. 🙂

  • c4pfan

    I heard the clip on the radio this morning. I don’t agree with him in that the media is way more powerful than just tv and movies. We are talking all social media as well.

  • notsofastthere

    I think Gutfeld is great, but if Biden is the best thing that happened to the Repub party, why is Biden still the VP and next in line if Obama doesn’t make through his term??

  • Rshill7

    You know how these crazy shooters kill a bunch of innocent folks then kill themselves? All we need to do is get them to reverse that order.

    First, get yourself a bullet-deflecting, hypnotist amulet, and wear it around your neck on a chain. Make sure it doesn’t get tangled with existing progressive chains.

    If a shooter pops up in your school, restaurant, workplace, etc. Take it off and start swinging it like The Amazing Kreskin as you calmly say, “Look into my eyes…kill yourself first, kill yourself first…”

    Guns schmuns! Amulets!

    • freenca

      Are you putting a rock into that sling, Rs ? That might work, now.

      • Rshill7

        No little sister/grasshopper.

        It’s a mind/amulet synergistic swami thing. Turban or Beehive hairdo, optional.

        The Maharaji of Amulet says, never sling the amulet, gently swing it, gently swing it, gently swing it…Zzzzzzzzzz

        • freenca

          AAAH so…. the sleeper does himself in. No help from the amulet wielder, then. Good nuff!

  • las1

    So why did you cast aspersions on Christine O’Donnel using that pathetic “witch” smear there Greg. Didn’t you just kinda, sorta undermine your own premise with your clip of Carson.

    O’Donnel was hated because she blew the establishment pick, Mike Castle out of the water something for which Karl Rove still has the knife ready. Admittedly she had other baggage that raised some eyebrows. But the point is that non-conformity to the establishment picks will get you extreme prejudice and nasty smears.

    Gutfeld is doing exactly what Democrats never ever do… obsess over whether their candidate has ever done something or said something risible since the day they got out of diapers. Good luck finding the perfect candidate. Unless the candidate is someone like an Alan Grayson, Republicans keep falling yet again for the standards set against them by the Democrats by having to defend every burp and fart that the Democrats deem unacceptable… standards Democrats are NEVER required to live up to. Republicans will never win that game, yet here is Gutfeld playing right into it.

    • Rshill7

      You have a valid point there Las, HOWEVER, if I saw Greg G. across a crowded room, I’d run straight at him, jump, and let him catch me like a baby. If he missed, or stepped out of the way like a trained matador, well…I’d simply chalk it up as a lesson learned.

      Now git! 🙂

      • las1

        I’d do the same there… well …. except for the jump and catch bit anyway.

        I love Gutfeld, but I can smell the same “gotcha” game, the same liberal smear tactics a mile away. And it’s really disheartening when I see a conservative do the same against our own in conformity to what the lying liberals expect from us.

        Conservatives bowing to what liberals tell us about ourselves has become downright pathological. And I detected a bit of that in Greg’s piece here. That’s why I had to speak out against it.

      • las1

        Oh… and as a P.S.

        For fun, go and check out Christine O’Donnel’s Wikipedia page. You just know that there is a coordinated activist agenda out to get someone when it takes two days to read the thing.

        There is nothing positive there about her… everything is controversial. You can find there the loving hand of the Soros backed CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) muck raking against her… a group headed by a drone, Melanie Sloan, who worked for Joe Biden acting all “responsible” exposing ethics violations. Hell I wouldn’t doubt also if Karl Rove’s carpenter ants contributed to the page as well. IMHO, it’s brutal what they did to her.

        Now I’ll go and check out Sarah Palins’ Wiki page. Send a search party if I’m not out in a couple of hours.

        • tinlizzieowner

          There’s one thing you can usually count on in this ‘double talk’ world. Anything named ‘Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’, will have neither responsibility nor ethics.
          😉 😉

          • las1

            nor citizens

            • tinlizzieowner

              Yup. 😉

    • As far as I’m concerned constantly using Christine O’Donnell as a whipping boy..Sharon Angle too, makes one’s morals suspect in view. That is why Rove and others are failing. They act like Democrats in that regard. Demean and spin. Where they don’t act like Democrats is defending their own. That is why Dems get away with sheer stupidity, fear mongering, demagoguery.

    • c4pfan


  • proverbs2611

    We need a new 3rd party. One that goes back to conservative roots. Not a re-branded Republican party. Not the Libertarian party.

      • Beat me to it! I’m still getting back up to speed! 🙂 Like a footballer that’s been out of the game… Takes a second to get back to speed! 🙂

        • lol. snap out of it Wolfie! 😉 You’re forgiven. I’m so glad you’re back!!

          • stage9

            Have you registered yet?

            • not yet. still trying to get people for leadership.
              I’m frustrated stage9. Seems a lot of folks are frustrated, a lot want things changed, but no one has time to do. Sorry. I’m trying but I stink at this.

              • Nonsense! You’re doing a stand up great job Duckie! Those of us on the inside can see all the effort you and others are putting forth and it’s as admirable as it is inspirational! If I were wearing a hat, I’d take it off to you right now! 🙂

                • You’re sweet Wolfie, but seriously, if this really is meant to be a real party, I need to get things moving- but it seems a granite wall is in my way and I’ve been spending the last month trying to go over, around and under. 🙁 Not complaining really- just venting. xoxoxo thanks brother

                • Start posting links to it on all conservative blogs in the comment section.

              • It takes time.

                • Thanks Laurel. I appreciate the encouragement. Things worth fighting for and having do take a lot of time and patience. I need to remind myself 😉

                • freenca

                  cfp4us is still a hatchling, duckie, hasn’t even fledged yet. More people have to learn of it and it’s purpose. EXPOSURE. It’ll have to fledge and strengthen it flight muscles to even make test flights, then flight will become possible. Don’t be discouraged, it’s a process.

                • You’re sweet sister. Thanks for the encouragement freenca. I love you guys! xoxo

    • aposematic

      Agree. But the only chance a third Party would have would be Libertarians, true Conservatives, and TP’ers to join forces. The Libertarians have the National Election system already in place, local systems not so much, though and that would be a big hurdle for any new Party. Just saying.

  • Pure, unvarnished, un-apologetic, conservatism. THAT is what is needed today. People like Allen West and Ted Cruz should be leading the way. But since you still have so many RINO Republicans like Carl Rove out there determined to make Republicans just a slower-spending version of liberal Democrats, a true conservative candidate will actually have three things to fight: The Democrats, the mainstream media, AND the RINOs in the Republican party. You really will need somebody with the character and the backbone of an Allen West to take all of that on, and win.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Karl Rove is an ass.

    • freenca

      A case of gold fever, a power hunger that get’s to most of the DC insiders sooner or later. The insiders do develop a myopia about themselves and should be run out to make way for a new batch that has not become infected.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Very true.

  • bjohnson55

    No kidding Dana Perino is one of the best things to happen to the Republican Party. Now go kick Karl Rove’s Ass.

  • stage9

    NO! Libertarianism!
    NO! Karl Rove!

    And O’Donnell was a better candidate than most of the idiots in Washington. And she wasn’t a friggin witch; she’s a born again Christian. AND THAT’S why she didn’t win. Everything else was just pure nonsense.

  • After playing the clip thoroughly it is easy to see why I dumped Fox News. Listen to this clip again and hear the moral relativism ooze.

    If conservatives dump social issues because they got too hard then not only are they really stupid and don’t know why they are conservative…they also will deserve the wilderness that they get.

    My dear people you have an overwhelming burden of fiscal issues directly due to social issues rooted in immorality. All the bleating and denying in the world will not change that reality. so you go gay…and you go drug addled…and give in on abortion as well but don’t be surprised in the slightest when you yourself are in need of an entitlement program that is paid for off of the backs of your neighbors and future generations.

    Really they should add S.E. Cupp to the Five. She would fit right in.

    • PhillyCon

      My how quickly we forget. Why did Bush win in 04? It was the values voter that came to the polls to vote on traditional marriage. Guess who orchestrated this strategy? No other person than Karl Rove.

      • No Bush won because Democrats put up one of the worst possible candidates they could have. If Dean hadn’t imploded Bush would of lost. Who in this country could identify with John Kerry? Less than 1%.

    • 57thunderbird

      You make a good point.

      • Thank you. People forget that entitlement programs were created to mitigate societal consequences.

  • c4pfan

    It’s always interesting how the GOP says ‘Well, such and such (like Scott Brown) is better than the Dem’, but no way will they support a conservative canadite!

  • OneThinDime

    Elected officials in CO are not finished looking stupid. This from Democrat Congressman Paul Rosenthal: Mace, taser, the buddy system, judo. So I ask Mr. Rosenthal, how close does my wife have to be to a potential rapist to use mace, taser and judo? And if her buddy is female, what double team the guy? What he believes in the buddy system and has brought along a friend or 10? My wife can drop the guy at 25 yards with a firearm and that’s close enough for me.

  • OneThinDime
  • OneThinDime
  • ApplePie101

    Our nation was founded by men and women who routinely defied oppressive laws and lawmakers.

  • Gutfield rules. I love the young conservative media….Gutfield, and Andrew Wilkow are our future….and it excites me.