Greg Gutfeld: What if May Day protesters were Tea Partiers?

This is an excellent monologue from Greg Gutfeld on the May Day protesters that ends with Gutfeld telling these protesters where they can stick a #1 foam finger:

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  • nibblesyble

    My college-bound niece loves Gutfeld because he is cool…he is indeed and he is clever, and usually right..I am thankful he is able to reach young people as well as the rest of us.

    • mickeyco

      nibblesyble My granddaughter’s the sane age and just loves him too. Not all kids are low info.

      • mickeyco

        nibblesyble  Obviously, I meant same age. She is, however, sane, too.

        • nibblesyble


    • anneinarkansas

      I am 77 and un-cool, but I do love Greg….he has an incredible insight and the words to express what he thinks.

      • nibblesyble are cool all the way!

  • PVG

    The fire dept. should be called in and turn the hoses on these low info, low IQ jerks.

    • tinlizzieowner

      A good bath probably wouldn’t hurt most of these ‘dirt bags’ anyway. 😉

      • nibblesyble

        lol reminds me when Newt said that last year about Occupy dirtbags!

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Makes me wonder if he has some Alaskan blood somewhere in his heritage. Has a bit of Sarah Palin to his wit, and he “connects” like she does.

  • Matt2Matt

    Not much has changed since the French Revolution, has it folks?

  • The Sentinel

    He was right to get angry…
    These people are animals.

    • MeanGreenBeret

      The Sentinel   
      Animals that failed to be vaccinated against rabies.

  • 57thunderbird

    Probably all voted for Obama.Scumbags!

  • Stehekin912

    We refuse to watch the Circus Brats.  The more attention we pay, the more encouraged they are to continue their tantrums and the more relevant they think they are.  They are disgusting.
    Anybody besides me remember when May Day was the day we anonymously put little baskets of flowers on our neighbors’ doors and porches?

    • patriot077

      Stehekin912 I had that same thought and wondered if it was a regional thing – for hayseeds only or something. I grew up in Wyoming and we always celebrated May Day with anonymous little bouquets on the doorstep 🙂

  • YoJoe

    No question – He’s correct!

  • Why are those people who rioted in Seattle not considered domestic terrorists? After all, they rioted, they destroyed property, they injured police, and, given half a chance, I’m sure they would have killed somebody if they had the weapons. Why isn’t Janet Napolitano got the leaders of these bums being followed by the FBI? Seems like you’re only a terrorist if you’re a member of the Tea Party. But if you’re a communist, hey, anything goes. Pathetic.

  • temi227

    Don’t give them any ideas as to where they can stick their foam fingers, Greg, these are freaks you’re dealing with.

  • mikemorrison281

    Greg is simply brilliant.

  • doofuschmartz

    Frankly, Mr. Gutfeld, it’s questionable as to whether any of these gender-queers would be able to fit anything else…uh…up there…not that they wouldn’t try…

  • 3seven77

    Seattle’s mayor is “worried” that the May Day violence might be hurting the city’s image. I’d say that the Powers That Be in Seattle are about 14 years too late with that concern. Ever since the WTO riots of 1999 Seattle has been “the place to be” for violence on Mardi Gras, May Day, whatever.
    The “Anarchists” are a bunch of cowardly little layabouts that take advantage of the fact that Seattle’s “leaders” are a bunch of bleeding-heart PC weenies. If I were Seattle’s  mayor I would make sure that next May Day the “anarchists” get an “Up Close and Personal” introduction to the meanest K-9 units America has to offer.

    • famouswolf

      Did we have a riot while I was asleep?

    • anneinarkansas

      How right you are but I think it has been longer than 14 years.  Obama’s mother who was leftwing as a young woman graduated from the same high school in the area that my daughter-in-law and her mother both graduated.   The entire area is socialistic.

      • patriot077

        anneinarkansas That is true but the area is generally peaceful. Unless the whole country starts having unrest I wouldn’t worry too much about visiting Seattle.

  • tinlizzieowner

    As Dana Perino so correctly pointed out after Greg’s monologue, if somebody at a Tea Party rally so much as raises their voice (while picking up what little trash we ‘Right Wingers’ usually leave behind), the ‘Lame Stream Media’ will label the whole Tea Party rally as “Angry”.

  • fireme

    The protesters were probably being paid by some Soros’ supported groups and a majority were probably getting some government welfare. Who is Kermit the Baby Killer?

  • NCHokie02

    They should have asked Bob why he supports communism right after he said he would have marched?  They should have said “So you’re a communist.  Or you at least support communist ideas…..which makes you a communist.”  Of course bob would have said….”No…”  Don’t hide bob.  It’s ok.  If you’re a commie then you’re a commie.  That’s fine.  You wish capatlism would fail and the state controlled everything, although you would then be out of a job because the gov’t would only  have one news outlet.  I don’t get these people who love communism.  Look at all the communist countries out there…..all sh*tholes.  And yes, China is a sh*thole too.

  • Rshill7

    My wife accompanied her sisters to Seattle just last week and really enjoyed taking in all the sights, sounds and tastes of the town with them. When she saw this yesterday on TV she was so glad their trip was last week rather than this week. 
    Yikes! Commies are so unruly. Who knew? Some of them need to occupy a shower stall. All of them need to occupy a psychiatrist’s couch. I have several pairs of boots that wouldn’t mind occupying a few commie butts, just long enough to launch them into orbit.
    Good morning Scoopers. I think the tulips are going to bloom today. We’re finally enjoying some shirtsleeve weather up here in North Michigan, and “Boaty” is chompin’ at the bit…Yay! 
    Here fishy, fishy!

    • anneinarkansas

      My younger son lives near Seattle and works downtown.  His office overlooks the Seahawks Stadium.  I asked him yesterday if he saw anything and he said it happened about a mile north of him and the worst riots were at night.  We are flying out there for Christmas and we really do not want to go…our only grandchildren are the reason the trip. I have never been afraid to fly but will be uncomfortable this time.
      As a 77 year old grandmother with titanium in both shoulders, both knees, and one hip I will be treated like a terrorist….not fun.

      • NYGino

        anneinarkansas   Mention you participate in conversations on TRS and the’ll lock you up for sure.  Don’t fret though, I’m sure your friends here will post bail.

      • lawngreen

        anneinarkansas If you really want to mess with TSA’s tiny minds (although it’s not a good idea) tell them the reason you set off the metal detectors is all the shrapnel you collected from IEDs when you were killing muslims in the Mideast.

      • patriot077

        anneinarkansas get yourself a wheelchair even if you don’t need it. TSA seems to be a little more polite to them. (I learned this through an absolutely horrid experience with my terminally ill husband).
        I live in the Seattle area and this kind of activity is unusual. May Day always brings out the commie anarchists.

  • These little mommy-basement “socialists” piss me off!  
    F the police they shout!
    And throw fireworks at them and think they ‘re “fighting the man” BS!!!
    But now if a gunman turned up in their midst and starting firing at them randomly…  These same socialist/anarchists would be the first on their latest Iphone calling the same police they just minutes before were were calling “fascist bastards” to come and save them….
    But the thing that really gets my goat… Is that even AFTER the cops arrived and took out the gunman, these same a$$hats would be back on the baracades shouting more abuse at the same police…
    To call them MORONS would be to insult morons worldwide!!!

  • lawngreen

    Pepper spray obviously isn’t getting the job done. Police should be allowed to use solid aluminum batons – “with great vigah”, as JFK used to say. I suspect that if demon-strators started waking up in the hospital with an arm and a leg broken, many of them would find other amusements.
    Never mind the backlash. Let’s have some frontlash, if you know what I mean.

  • ImacowgirlinTucson

    Those little punk-arse commies..need to go to jail!! 
    Anyone remember last week the troll who said he was a brit..and said it was the Tea Party folks that caused mayhem, violence, and racism at dang funny..yet sad that someone would think that..or say it.
    Every May Day here we have protests by the illegal aliens and their liberal whacko special interests groups..including some of our own officals that run the city and/or county..our public denfender as is sickening.