Gun Control: Will the GOP cave on banning high-capacity magazines?

This is from Doc Thompson and I’d say take it for what it’s worth. But it doesn’t look good:

A friend has a connection in the office of a Member of Congress (in a leadership position.)
He forwarded this email exchange that seems to indicate the Republicans will agree to SOME new laws that limit your 2nd Amendment rights. Could it be that, behind closed doors, they have ALREADY caved in?

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  • Well we got boned on the fiscal cliff so why would we think anything less when it comes to firearms. The Republican party is done for. They just gave the crackheads more crack in hopes that it will get them off crack.

  • What’s a republican party? Oh… right. those elephants stuck to a donkey’s er…eh… never mind.

    • Don

      The RINOs have taken the GOP to third party status. Conservatives have to come together to save our nation. The RINOs are cowards and incapable of leading. The democrats as we have known them have ceased to exist. When the Communist Party openly supports Obama for m,president then we know the end is near.

    • colliemum

      It’s a donkeyphant, ABiC!

      Happy 2013, from a dry (phew!), cold but sunny UK.

      • lol. Happy Blessed day to you mum! Glad you’re finally dry, and hope it stays that way for a little while! 😀

        • colliemum

          Happy New Year’s Day to you, ABiC! I hope the NEw Year’s Eve was lovely for you and your beloved ones.
          Here, it was so quiet, it was astonishing: a few feeble bangs, but that was all. It’s never been as quiet as this this whole century!

          As for its staying dry: well the weather forecasters say it will – but we’ve given up believing a word they say, not since they promised a ‘barbecue summer’ in 2007 which turned into floods everywhere.

          • lol. Sounds like your meteorologists went to the same weather school as ours! 😀

            • colliemum

              They absolutely did!
              They’ve all fed their super-computers with the globull warming models, so their predictions will show that it is warming, whatever is actually happening. Scorn is all they deserve!

              • lol. I like it when you’re fired up 😀 Yeah, I could have used a little global warming the other night when I was wearing multiple layers and shivering at my keyboard! Have a beautiful day mum!

    • MadAsHellJack

      The republicans have their collective heads so far up the demonRats butts, oh never mind, it’s a sick thought.

      • Lol…I feel your pain Jack. Truly they are no longer for us….the People!

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    Let me see…establishment GOPers and RINOs minimizing conservatives, TEA Party or otherwise. Removing as many conservatives they can from any kind of committee post. Treating conservatives like outcasts. “Reaching” across the aisle to “compromise” with Democraps. Let me see what could the answer be? Hmmm…YES!!!

    • serfer62

      Its 1773 again
      King George III & his evil parliment have taken Washington DC
      The TEA is on the wharf
      Lexington & Concord are down the road.

      Its time to party! Tea party.

      • beastdogs8

        I am thinking it more like 1860 again, the country is that divided, the socialist left and the conservative right are complete polar opposites. I think a divorce is called for, the more conservative states (which looks like most of the Midwest and Southwest as well as the gulf coast) go their way, and the more liberal states (which looks like most of the northeast and west coast states) go their way. The end result will most likely turn America into a East and West Berlin type situation, due to the conservative states will be business and farm friendly, and the liberal states will most likely put in place every failed wet dream liberal/socialist policy they can think of, which will fail miserably and cause many people to flee to the more friendly and free conservative states. So many people will flee the socialist left states, that they, like their old Soviet Union master and idols, will end up building walls to keep people in. I can see this type of situation happening.

  • conservative58

    I have lost all hope in the GOP.
    They no longer stand for anything; instead they cave on everything.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      They need to change their party symbol to an Elephant entering a cave.

      • conservative58

        Yeah, entering a cave, or just rolling over like a huge, helpless, creature.

      • conservative58

        I think the Conservatives need to come up with their own symbol. Any suggestions for a representative animal for conservatives?

        • PatrickHenrysBody

          Here we go…

          The new symbol for conservatives. Change the flag in the pic to the symbol of Zero and there you have it.

          • conservative58

            Good one PHB!

            • PatrickHenrysBody

              I love Sgt. Rock. 🙂

          • Perfect!

          • I’ve e mailed it to a friend. I’ll see what he can do with it 😉 He’s good at changing stuff!

            • PatrickHenrysBody

              Okay. That’s fantastic! Thank you!

              • I don’t know when he’ll get to it, but I’ll link it to you when he gets it to me 😀

                • PatrickHenrysBody


          • beastdogs8

            That works for me, I think our flag needs to be the Gadsden, it looks great, is full of historical meaning, and it scares liberals.

            • PatrickHenrysBody

              Yeah. The lefties see “seditionist” and “militia member” when they see the Gadsden. Although, they really do not know the true meaning behind the flag. That comes from their and I say THEIR dumbed-down re-educational system that teaches revisionist history.

        • A duck. Sorry. I get silly when I’m tired. We need something fierce- something that doesn’t give up or give in. Something that stands on what they believe in.

          • conservative58

            Duckie, you ‘quack’ me up! (Sorry, the silliness is contagious.)
            At least a duck would be making some noise!

            I think the elephant has grown tired and lazy of late. It’s time to put it out to pasture, along with the RINOs, and bring in some fresh blood.

            Maybe we need to have a rally in front of the WH, where millions will be shouting, ‘We’re mad as hell and not going to take it any more!” But then again, we couldn’t even get enough people to show up for the last election… 🙁

            • The Constitutional Freedom Party is aiming to change that. I hope once we dig in, starting Wednesday, we can wake up a whole lot of people finally. We’ve got plans… just need help from people who are willing to work on making those plans into action. 🙂

          • clockwindingdown

            American Pitbull, bites on and wont let go.

            “they were used as fighting dogs; the powerful American Pit Bull may go for the throat…”

            If we really want to upset the left then a Colt .45 revolver. Recognized the world over as American, known for taming outlaws.

            How about a Pitbull holding a Colt .45….

            Disclaimer, I own neither of these!

            • OOOH, I like it! Tenatious, fierce and armed. 😀 Nice suggestion!

              • clockwindingdown

                Thanks, two things the left really hate, and know nothing about except what they tell each other, which of course as always is false…

            • PatrickHenrysBody

              Good one!

          • PatrickHenrysBody

            I wonder why a duck? Hmmm…:-P

        • capelady

          How about the bald eagle… that has always been the symbol of AMERICA and America is what conservatives are all about!

          • tvlgds

            Exactly what I was going to say!

        • Wolverines!

          • YAY!!!!!!!! THAT’S it!! If it wasn’t 3 in the morning, I would have shouted that right now 😉

        • Jazzee

          american flag

        • beastdogs8

          How about the snake from the Gadsden flag.

      • tvlgds

        Change it to an amoeba!

        • PatrickHenrysBody


    • Jazzee

      they are just lying scum like obama

  • KenInMontana

    This will not end well……..

    In other news, sales of pitchforks and torches are up sharply.

  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    Lets see how can I make this clear to anyone in the GOP even considering infringing on 2A

    You do anything that infringes on peoples rights with relation to 2A I guarantee all of you hell will be coming for you! 2A is the last line of defense for the people in our governments system of checks and balances.

    There are many Americans who were asleep or blew off the election in Nov, but I guarantee you will see a movement like no other, potentially dwarfing 2010 election, if anyone in DC makes this move against 2A. That especially goes for all you gutless, spineless, wastes of flesh that call yourselves republicans. The dems already have put nails in their political career coffins on this issue.

    We are tired, we have had it with the bullying, demonizing and flat out lies/ misinformation being pushed on this issue.

    What part of “… shall not be infringed” do people working on gun bans not understand?

    • conservative58

      What part of “… shall not be infringed” do people working on gun bans not understand?

      I don’t think it is that they don’t ‘understand’, they just don’t care! These are the same folks that think our Constitution is outdated and should be abandoned.

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        They don’t care. They regard the Constitution with contempt. They want to see the Constitution dissolved and replaced with the UN charter.

  • marketcomp

    The Republicans are still in control of the States and I really think that this gun control bs will indeed make so many democrats vulnerable. Especially those democrats in Republican control States. This control measure has nothing to do with the Newton school shootings and the policy will do nothing to address the mentally disturbed individuals.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Except in the states where they gained marginal victories. The states of the east and left coasts are lost causes. They are full of leftist, authoritarian-loving loons. The propaganda campaign against the Republicants has been successful to date: the GOP is full of white, racist, misogynistic, heartless old men. However, Republicants are doing nothing to prove the propaganda false.

    • The policy will do nothing to curb “set-up” shootings either.

  • JeffWRidge

    I gave up on expecting most of the people in the GOP to stick to any of the principles they campaign on a long time ago. Whether it’s cutting spending, keeping taxes low, or standing up for the 2nd Amendment, I have no faith that Republicans actually believe in what they claim.

    They look more and more like Democrats everyday.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Cowards and cheats… ignorance on parade. Trying to placate the heathens.

  • Joe


    Apparently there is nothing left to lose-

    The republican party is imploding

    I heard the republicans are changing their symbol to a SLUG!

    • You are talking about the Constitutional Freedom Party aren’t you Joe.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      I propose to start a new party:

      The Whoopa$$ party. The platform: stomp a mud hole in the Dems and walk it dry…figuratively speaking, of course. Thanks Stone Cold! :->

    • mark1955

      Yes,Yes and Yes again!

  • Not funny Circus in our Congress:
    On the right: RINOs, RINOs, and RINOs. A few Tea Party members.
    Other side – Socialist Party of USA.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      That about sums it up.

  • DCGere

    Will GOP cave? Rhetorical, of course…Stock up if you can find any stock.

  • c4pfan

    I hope not. That’s another reason why I think 2013 is going to suck.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    This is how I would address a high-capacity magazine:

    Nuff said! S u c k on that, gun grabbers!

    • Liked the smile on his face after that 50 rounds full auto 😉

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        Yes, the smile of satisfaction if I ever saw one. 🙂

        • Happy New Year myfellowPatrickHenryLovin’Friend! 😀

          • PatrickHenrysBody

            Thank you! Happy New Year to you as well!

  • RCL

    Wake up!!! They’re not CAVING. This is who they are!

    “…there’s a general consensus that we’re going to see something move through Congress…”

    One Party of Elite Authoritarian Bastards planning your future behind closed doors!

    Can we not agree the GOP is DONE!

    • mark1955

      Exactly! When will people get it through their heads that the repubs are plan B for the NWO Bankster oligarch’s Rockefeller/Rotschild. They are all lefties and are working together to destroy our republic from the inside.

      The repubs could have stopped every bit of Obama’s agenda in committee but alway’s got someone to step forward and help pass it. That is not “Caving” or stupidity but Treasonous Complicity. The good thing is if they help the dems pass Firearms restriction’s,that SHOULD be the Final betrayal we allow. That has to generate a Firestorm to start a New Third party.

  • detectivedick

    Happy New Year to all:
    Please stay calm, the LIAR and Fin/Frankinstein are opening a can of worms. Do the math;
    -800,000 police personnel in the USA
    -330,000,000 people living in the USA
    -350,000,000 guns in the USA
    We could publish all a the names and addresses of the gun grabbers within the MSM and place them on the WWW. But stay calm, Obama wants a confrontation. Look,50 Tractor Trailers properly blocking roads in and out of DC can close down the City for days. Attached for your viewing pleasure is a great Obama clip.

    • It ain’t about “calm.”

      Stay ALERT.

    • Lives4Freedom

      The civilian national security force already exists dear leader….it’s us. Coming from your mouth though, it sounds more like storm troopers.

      queue music

  • Interesting how a high profile gun tragedy triggers a large number of people to immediately castigate everyone who owns a firearm; a right protected by the second amendment. However, when someone dies of an alcohol related death , there is no consensus to incriminate all those who consume alcohol. The number of deaths in the U.S. caused by guns and caused by alcohol are not disproportionate. The consumption of alcohol is not specifically protected by the U.S. Constitution. The majority of the U.S. population seems to understand that alcohol, in and of itself, is not deadly unless it is placed in the wrong hands. Why then, can’t these people apply this same line of thinking to firearms; a RIGHT protected by the second amendment?

    • Excellent point TammyP, but I guess since the people can’t throw off a tyrannical government with alcohol, and it helps people be left in a stupor, it’s useful to the leftists to keep the masses subdued with it.

      • Then why did the leftist “progressives” play such a big part in banning it back in the 20s during Prohibition?
        Because they want to control your life.
        I’m a little tipsy right now on New Year’s, I’m not being of any use to the leftists.

      • Frank8881

        Drink to much alcohol you kill yourself, shoot a gun you kill someone else. I see the difference.

    • capelady

      This is a video everyone should see… apparently the British people are not thrilled about their gun ban and this demonstration was the largest peaceful demonstration in their history! Piers Morgan can put this in his pipe and smoke it!

      • LOVE IT!! Thank you Capelady! Spreading it around now!

        • capelady

          Did you recognize Edward Fox (famous British actor) right in the beginning? I wonder if he is their Charlton Heston? 😉

          • I’m sorry, no I didn’t. Only British actors I really know are those from monty python and a few others. But very well could be- I loved what he had to say!

            • capelady

              Well the Fox family are among the most famous actors in England. This was Edward Fox, but there is James, Laurence, and Robert (a producer). So they are very well known! I was blessed to see him there, and you are right, his opinion was right on!

              These people really sound like our TEA Party… and it must earn them the same venomous condemnation from their liberals (like Piers Morgan)!

    • aposematic

      Two things Tammy P: 1] They like drunks, and 2] If drinking alcohol were a Constitutional “right”, they would be against it.

    • Frank8881

      Drink to much alcohol you kill yourself, shoot a gun you kill someone else. I see the difference.

      • Unfortunately, your scenario is much too narrow minded. Have you ever heard of a murderer who was drunk while committing his/her crime? Do you know the number of people who were killed in alcohol-related car crashes every year? Do you know what percent of those were children? My point? “Drink too much alcohol you kill yourself, shoot a gun and you kill someone else” is a ridiculous retort.

        • Frank8881

          Narrow minded because I can see the difference between guns and beer. Really, then lets just open up our minds. Balconies, do you know how many people who get thrown off balconies every year. Gotta ban them.

          Swimming pools, so many people are drowned each year. No more swimming pools.

          Baseball bats good-bye MLB.

          I think you can see were I am going here. None of these items from alochol to swimming pools were designed for killing.

          A gun is. Surely you can see my point.

          • KenInMontana

            Your point, like your argument is hackneyed and full of shite, your (HCI’s) talking points have been thoroughly refuted at every turn, but you still insist on spreading your bovine offal. At this point I will now address an issue that is long overdue for attention, I’m going to free up some of your time so you can spend it with like-minded types at Salon or Huffpo, in simpler terms you’re done here. Say good bye Frank.

            • Nukeman60

              Goodbye, Frank.

          • Nukeman60

            Why do I sense the next gun crazed fool on a rampage is here, blathering away how we are all Hitler’s wanting to shut down the sane, common sense man who spends most of his time talking to the wall. “I’m sane, I tell you – sane. It’s all of you who are wrong, incompetent, and who don’t understand me. I will have my revenge, I say, my revenge………..”

  • StrangernFiction

    “….assuming Democrats are actually serious about acting to address underlying issues that have contributed to these recent tragedies.”

    They aren’t.

  • joe
  • Jazzee

    if the repubs cave on the 2nd amendment too…we are done as a country and they are absolutely done as a party
    let them know………not that they listen as evidenced by the deal they just agreed to in the senate
    God help us all…..they have all sold us out

    • RCL

      So you want to let the GOP seize our weapons BEFORE you decide they’re working against us?

      What does it take to get you to stand up for honest representation. You’re being robbed and you’re giving you’re supporting the thief.

      We need to sack the Republican Party.

    • mark1955

      YES! If the repubs Fold on this it’s over. They will then have become a Mirror image of the dem party much like the ‘Whig’ party was on the eve of the first Civil War and will be possibly responsible for taking this Country to another Horrific Civil War, as they could have stopped all of Obama’s agenda,but chose instead to support it!

  • WordsFailMe

    Dull-witted, moron liberals, including Obama, will never let the souls of the Newtown babies rest and never allow the souls of the soldiers murdered in Texas be remembered.

    If you suspect corruption in Washington DC, follow the money. If you find mass murder by weak, effeminate white males in suburbia, follow the liberal mothers.

    Liberals, like immature, weak-minded people throughout history love blame. In ancient France, a pig was placed on trail and given an attorney for the murder of a child. The liberal mind, crawling in it black cave like worms in a pile of fresh manure, loves to find failing in others and avoid it in themselves. Whether the gun-man is captured alive or is dead, the Liberal mind wants nothing more than to prosecute the gun.

  • aposematic

    Ever been to Mammonth Cave in South Central KY… Apparently, the GOP lives there!

  • ryanomaniac

    Well just bought me a 40 cal. A couple days ago. Plan on buying more. More ammo…more guns.

  • physicsnut

    This is easy. Feinstein is pushing the same crap that Hitler pushed in 1938. If that is not sufficient to make the nitwits think twice, then charge them with aiding and abetting it. The idiots have to get out of their tunnel vision, like clips, mounts, and all that lipstick on the pig. It is obvious from articles in the Economist and elsewhere what they want, because they say so in plain english … namely Confiscation. What the Journal News did proves that registration leads to infringement. The traditional rule applies – every time the Bill of Rights is threatened, get more ammo.

  • WordsFailMe

    If the Republicans give an inch on any aspect of gun control, that party must be destroyed, undermined, vilified and driven from this continent, their traitorous, cowardly history craved in stone for all future generations of patriots to despise..

    Americans need to understand that the Second Amendment is not some silly gift some gun nuts in history wanted to leave their kids so they could support themselves hunting rabbits and deer and plinking at tin cans.

    Those long dead men and women knew very well what tyrants were capable of and how it felt to live under the tyranny of a rich powerful man, a self-serving family of miscreants, a Church or any other institution or source of tyranny.

    That Second Amendment is a demand on Americans to stiffen up. accept responsibility for your own life and that of your family and your posterity to keep and, when confronted , bear arms and bear them in anger with a willingness to kill for your liberty or die trying.

    If you are not a gun owner, you are a failure as an American and you deserve what ever the vagaries of fate, Chicago, the Clinton family, Islam, the Catholic Church and the goddam Democratic and National Socialist Republican’s Parties have in store for you.

    When the SHTF, dig your own foxhole my gun-less friend.

    • MadAsHellJack

      Hear, Hear & AMEN!

    • mark1955 If anyone would like to know Ann Barnhardts opinion of the Obama/Feinstein Firearms legislation and her thought’s on how to handle it,scroll down to item #6 in her first post.

      BY the way,agree 100% and excellent post!

  • mark1955 Read this if anyone doesn’t believe that the repubs are gonna sell us out on our God Given Second Ammendment Rights. Chuck Grassley not only wants to Ban Firearms,but would like to extend that to knives.

  • MadAsHellJack

    So we’re finally down to a ONE PARTY socialist/progressive/commie political system. Sad. And just think in 4 years if Obama doesn’t become dictator for life we’ll get Hitlery Klinton, then 8 years later Moochelle Antoinette and then 8 years later our first gay president and on down the line. Oh America we had the cure and still let you die. 🙁

  • sDee

    I have written here before – we should not underestimate the significance of outlawing magazines – of any capacity. It will make simply owning a semi automatic weapon probable cause for search and seizure – whether you are traveling to the range for some practice, sitting in your home cleaning your guns, or out hunting.

    All the comments here reflect the reality that we no longer have a representative government. Only a two-sided cabal.

    At this point it has got to be clear to all …………. this cabal intends legislation to disarm us in direct and intentional violation of the United States Constitution. This is a pivotal step in a multi-faceted global attack against liberty.

    Of course the GOP will do nothing to stop it – they are an inherent part of it. Yes there may be some patriots working behind the scenes – but no one is coming to save us.

    The die is cast.

    the american insurrection …. where it will be fought

    (btw….john jay also has a long list of other links in his December Archive)

    • WordsFailMe

      You’ve said it all Dee. Keep it up! And keep it LOUD

  • Hate to it say this folks, and for those of you who have the read the book: “The Harbinger” as it references the scripture from Isaiah 9:10. This and many other events to come [I’m sure] this year is only a continuation of what is written in Isaiah 9.

    Just read Isaiah 9:13-21

    We ARE under GOD’s judgement today. HE has blinded the leadership of this country as they have continually allowed the rejection of GOD and the foundational purpose of our great country. They [Washington] have turned their eye’s to their lusts and idols. For that…. we [God fearing people] bare the burden’s of a sinful and unrepentant nation!!
    [Ezekiel 6:9]


  • oldlawman

    The idiots in congress just don’t get it. So lets see if I have this right, they ban high capacity mags (10 or more rounds), so what do you do? A five round mag is relatively small and light, so every one carries an extra one or two, while the criminals continue to carry their high cap. Hey you congress boneheads, they are criminals, and criminals are known for breaking the law. That’s what they do. I would suggest everyone practice quickly changing mags at the range. Start slow so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot, but you will be surprised at how fast and smooth you can get.

    • WordsFailMe

      “…and criminals are known for breaking the law. That’s what they do.”

      That’s the smartest danged insight ever given! But I doubt if you’ll get one fat headed, squinty-eyed, knee-banging pervert in the Democratic party to believe it.

      Hopefully someone will publish a list of liberal Democrats who voted for Obama so that thieves and bandits can easily and efficiently locate houses where unarmed liberal families can be robbed, raped, hacked, mangled, fleeced, spindled, murdered and may-hemmed to the fullest in their foul hovels while CNN plays in the background.

    • WordsFailMe

      “…and criminals are known for breaking the law. That’s what they do.”

      That’s the smartest danged insight ever given! But I doubt if you’ll get one fat headed, squinty-eyed, knee-banging pervert in the Democratic party to believe it.

      Hopefully someone will publish a list of liberal Democrats who voted for Obama so that thieves and bandits can easily and efficiently locate houses where unarmed liberal families can be robbed, raped, hacked, mangled, fleeced, spindled, murdered and may-hemmed to the fullest in their foul hovels while CNN plays in the background.

  • stage9


    “One of the first things [the Soviets] did was to disarm the population. From that point, mass repression, mass arrests, mass deportations, mass murder, mass starvation were all a safe game for the powers that were. The worst they had to fear was a pitchfork in the guts or a knife in the back or the occasional hunting rifle. Not much [to worry about] for soldiers.”

  • gunclinger


  • redwolf6911

    Republican Senators and in the House, should be pressured by the NRA and most of all voters who believe in second amendment rights. They should be reminded to follow the constitution. This also applies to Democrats in right leaning states who are up for re-election in the mid-terms. We voters CAN make a difference. SCOTUS has already ruled on individual second amendment rights. Our representatives must be reminded of that fact.

    • mark1955

      That’s not gonna work. The repubs have made it abudantly clear with their action’s in helping to advance the statist agenda ever since President Reagan left office,that they are radical lefties,who are working hand in hand with the dems to achieve a NWO marxist/islamists slave state,for their oligarch Bankster masters Rockefeller/Rotschild.No amount of pressure on them and trying to work through the system at this stage will work. This Final betrayal will have meaned the repubs have collaborated on virtually everything. That’s not a coincidence but Treasonous complicity.

      The good thing is, this should Finally clear out any obstacles in our mind as to the formation of a Third Constitutionally Conservative Third Party. There should be Zero doubt anymore as to thinking we can achieve anything through the repub party anymore. They will after this be Finished as a political entity. We have nothing to lose.

      Another Good thing,inspite of any legislation these Treasonous SOB’S Pass trying to reduce our God Given Second Ammendment Right’s, they still have to come to our doors and other not so easy places,to TRY and take them away and we can say NO and back that NO up with TEETH!

      • WordsFailMe

        You said it all, my brother!

  • NJK

    The Republicans were put on notice prior to voting to raise taxes. They need to have every cent of funding pulled if they do this.

    We have to start attacking this like Hobby Lobby is doing. You ignore the laws that are unconstitutional. It is our only way right now. If a member of Congress or the Supreme Court act unconstitutionally, it doesn’t mean the law is now right. It only means they are acting unlawfully. IGNORE ANY LAWS THEY ENACT THAT ARE AGAINST THE BILL OF RIGHTS. Look at the airports. Why do these people fly? STOP FLYING SO YOU AREN’T RAPED.

  • bwalljr

    Last night I watched a 10 year old movie for the first time. Anyone who thinks we should give up our firearms should watch “The Pianist”. I kept thinking how different things in the Warsaw Ghetto would have been had Jews been armed with scary assault rifles. Of course they were disarmed as the Nazis murdered and terrorized them at will.
    Never compromise on the wisdom of the 2nd Amendment.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I used to think the Republican Party was going to grow a big pair and take on the Dims, but I’ve got to concede and just give up after years of waiting for that to happen. Face it, folks, it’s not going to happen. The Republicans are now accustomed to rolling over at the first hint of Dim resistance….no fight from the Repubs, now they just roll over and vote along with the Dims and cave-in way too easily. I’m depressed by what we’ve got in Congress. Where are the REAL leaders that we need so badly??????

  • victoryman

    Of course they will cave. This is what the repubs do….cave! This is their specialty. Get in front of the TV cameras and talk tough…..the cave! The state run media will trot out “Republican” McCain and his sock puppet, Graham to explain to all the fine art of the “Cave.” Wake up everyone and realize that behind all the Washington smoke and mirrors we have basically one party government. Does anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip actually believe that the “Fiscal cliff agreement” was reached at 2:00 AM New Year’s Eve? Does anyone believe that the repubs in the House under the non-leadership of Boehner will stand up and do the right thing? If you do, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you…..BUT WAIT! I’ll give you a SECOND bridge free….just pay postage and handling!

  • Jay

    This is crazy. I know the R’s have no spine but have they lost their minds, too?