Gun Violence in Sweden

This is a perfect example of why even in a country like Sweden, restrictive gun laws do not stop criminals from possessing illegal weapons or using them to commit a crime.

Here is a link to Swedish gun laws.

Taking away our Second Amendment rights is not the answer to controlling gun crimes, not when 99.99 % of all gun owners are law-abiding citizens. The only reason to take away our ability to defend ourselves is to allow a tyrannical government to take over. And that is precisely what the left wants.

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  • BlueGood

    For the life of me, I just cannot see the future where decent Americans would willingly disarm themselves.

    Like we here in the Great White North, Americans are better educated and aware of the history of disarmed citizens in other countries & eras….We will not go quietly to the trains as did 6 million in Europe not so long ago…..

    Support yourself & your family, buy a Gun or 4…..

    • Better yet buy your guns at a gun show or (legal) venue where you’re not having to register them, if possible. You saw what happened in NY where they outed registered gun owners. There is no way I will ever register any gun in a society where an anti-gun group, the media or government can get that information.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Well said.

    • Intelligent Americans won’t, but the great mass of Ignorati, whose knowledge of the Constitution ends with “I can say anything I want, and kill that parasitic mass of cells that has invaded my womb, and no one can shove their religion in my face” will willingly trade freedom for a free cell phone and free birth control pills. The problem is that there aren’t many intelligent Americans left.

  • LadyMacKeltar

    I spent my early childhood years in a communist society so I know what it is to live without freedoms. I’ve always supported the 2nd amendment but wasn’t interested in owning a gun. Now, with circumstances as they are, I have become a member of the NRA. Plus, a couple of months ago, my husband gave me a gun as a birthday gift along with training/safety classes.

    • BlueGood

      Good for you Lady!…Just remember to treat that gun with respect and as if is loaded at all times….even when you think it’s empty…..


      • LadyMacKeltar

        Thank you! Your advice is much appreciated.

    • Orangeone

      To add to BlueGood’s great comment, I shall paraphrase MikeTheMarine’s best advice since he generally isn’t on here on weekends: treat your gun as an appendage to your body, practice inserting and dropping your magazine and cocking the gun in the dark (never, ever, ever with any ammo in it) and be sure to range practice with both hands, you never know when one might be injured.

      • well

        Can’t just plan to start shooting.

        We need to organize, petition and demonstrate for impeachment of BHO and JB for Benghazi, and O. for false SS#. Impeachable offenses can be found surely for B as well.

        We owe it to the country to proceed with due process and finally be effective; there is no shortage of evidence, just will and clarity of vision.

        Organize, petition and demonstrate in Washington to bring proceedings against impeachable offenses.

        We are not just protecting the second amendment, but the whole process, government, country and future.

        We have been in a Biblical stupor. Time to ask the Lord to hear our prayers and restore our vision and repair our will.

        Please the dialogue must change. It’s about proper action according to the law. Now before the inauguration, which is shaping up to be a worst case scenario.

        Please wake up and pray. Write, speak, call everyone you know.

        Organize, petition and demonstrate in Washington to bring proceedings against impeachable offenses.

        I am hoping and praying people have ears to hear.

        • Orangeone

          When did I suggest we just start shooting?

          • well

            Well, I am not sure what everyone here is saying ultimately, but I am saying, why are we waiting to demonstrate for impeachment? We cannot wait for the Congress–they are mentally frozen; as I said, it is the “stupor” the Lord says (in Isaiah? Jeremiah?) HE sends for disobedience, under which NO ONE can think in with a right mind, a profound blindness. It has to be up to the righteous people who do still have a right mind to bring it on and force the Congress to act, by the tried and true method of persistent, peaceful marches on Washington, according to the constitutional rights and duty of the people, until the elected leaders follow all the way through. It has been far too long in coming, but it must start with thinking people like those here–you.

            • well

              Just saw “Thirteen Days” online (Pinterest-on now), movie about the Cuban missile crisis, and it reminds us about how readily the people would demonstrate in the sixties–a good thing. It also reminds us how it used to matter when one man died in service to the country.

            • Orangeone

              Maybe your post accidentally attached to my reply to LadyMacKeltar.

              • well

                Yes and no.

                I really am asking you some questions here, having noticed some of your posts to everyone/anyone here.
                Can you hear what I am really saying?
                I am really trying to say time is running out people.
                The country needs you?

                And to mention the movie below…

              • well

                Please watch “Thirteen Days,” on Pinterest online now,all the way through–good Saturday night fare, for free. Reminds us of what we are supposed to be doing, how we are supposed to be responding as a nation, as if things really mattered, and as if there are things we really can do. AS the character played by Kevin Costner said at the end, “The sun came up. Every day the sun comes up it says something about about us.”
                We want to be able to say the sun’s coming up will say something about us.

                I am trying to communicate a message here.

            • Nukeman60

              I’m just curious here. I’ve seen you post multiple times about ‘organize, petition, and demonstrate’ to us ‘regulars’. Did you just get back from vacation on that isolated island? Do you know how many court cases have already been initiated against Obama’s ineligibility over the last 6 years? Have you not been told that the Dems now control the Senate, so your impeachment proceedings will go nowhere?

              I understand that you just watched ‘Thirteen days’ and were impressed with it. Well, most people here already know about the Cuban Missile crisis and many of us lived through it. It’s nice that it got you pumped up, but perhaps you should peruse the threads of TRScoop to see what the ‘regulars’ here have been doing the last few weeks, months, and years.

              I think our organizations, petitions, and demonstrations have been way ahead of what you think should be done in just the next two weeks.

              • well

                Glad you wrote really. I have been thinking these things for quite a while, then saw the movie after I wrote some posts today–I see it as some confirmation, but that’s just one of those personal things. I am so far gone impressed with what you all are doing (no sarcasm I mean this.) As you can tell I am more of a reader than a poster, and only lately at that. But I am convinced that really significant, evening news-sized demonstrations are left off the agenda for some not good reason, and that if people did them, it would alert the 97% who don’t go online and read, research, communicate, and think right, and it would wake them up to the fact that all things are maybe not well with the nation after all. Isn’t that the other purpose of demonstrations, to stir the people to think? Also I am convinced there would be an affect on the Democratic Congress because as you know they too are elected and if you could awaken the people, they would become concerned about their jobs, and maybe then they would see impeachment as a necessary course. Before the inauguration is a good time because it would disrupt the intoxicating effect of the garish thing that is being planned which will only further stupefy the nation. The right to demonstrate is at least as important as the right to carry a gun, and at least as powerful. So if we really care we will employ these means as ardently laws we would do anything else right now. Time is running out.

                • Nukeman60

                  You mean like the Tea Party have done? The LameStream really caught on to that and backed them, right? And the Dems in the Senate would then be compelled to change their very nature, right? And we should do this all in two weeks, right? Because that is what is really going to get things straightened out, right?

                  When you get old enough to vote, I suggest you join a political party, get involved, and try to help.

                  Oh, btw, there are more than 3% of the American people online today. Just a couple more.

                  Edit: btw, did you know that Kennedy gave up missiles in Italy and Turkey in order to get the missiles out of Cuba. And the character that Costner plays had little to no part in the whole scenario.

                • well

                  yep I did know that. I’m not trying to be super intelligent here because I’m not. You are. I am on the same side as you though– I want the composition of the WH to change, urgently. And I am entitled as an American to my belief that very large demonstrations by the 97% (you can pick the number) online intelligentsia would reap epic results. yep I believe it. People are more educated now than ever but using it, publicly at least, less? The vast majority who voted for Obama are more the kind of people I rub elbows with every day, and believe me, the ones I know have no idea what is being revealed here, and they should: the truth. I stand by my green- sounding opinion that now is a crucial time on many levels, and that more can and should be done, friend.

            • physicsnut

              demonstrate against Diane Feinstein – and Diaz in NY.

        • cheyennecowboy

          WELL said, “Organize, petition and demonstrate in Washington to bring proceedings against impeachable offenses.” I couldn’t agree more Well, however, we have a bunch of woosies in congress and as judges. I don’t think they would ever collectively bring charges against the great impostor currently living in the “people’s house.” I only hope we could do this without bloodshed. I am doubtful though.

      • BlueGood

        Good Advice Orange!

        • Orangeone

          Just relaying from an expert MiketheMarine who has been sharing great advice to all on Scoop.

      • LadyMacKeltar

        Thanks! I will follow yours and Mike’s advice. I also need a lot of practice with my aim so we’ve been going to the range a lot.

        • Orangeone

          Perfect!  There is nothing better than practice.

    • deTocqueville1

      Wonderful testimony!

  • Do not know why the left cant grasp this concept . There are evil people in the world if they wish to choose to shot and kill there is no government on earth that can stop him

    • The left does grasp this concept. They don’t care about the evil people they care about the people who would stop their agenda, and that is the normal Citizen, not the Criminal. only 3.5% of all gun deaths were the result of rifles. So this is not about gun deaths, but more about Rifles in the hands of the “Peasants”.

      • clockwindingdown

        Agreed, the ones that control the left completely understand, that is why they are pushing for gun control. They know their agenda will not sit well and if people are capable of fighting back it is much harder for them to succeed.

        Sweden has places the police will not go. The immigrants have not assimilated to Swedish society, much like in France and other countries. Diversity isn’t working, the left know this and push it too. The left don’t believe in diversity, they just use it as a tool, like everything else they do, the end justifies the means…

        • keyesforpres

          …and by “immigrant”, you mean muslims.

        • BikerHoop

          Diversity works fine, it’s ‘multiculturalism’ that doesn’t work. When immigrants, whether legal or not, come into a country and want to maintain their own culture instead of assimilating, that’s where the problem arises.

          • Live in Canada and rather than have a melting pot like in the States the government funds multiculturalism big waste of taxpayers money which simply creates more division

            • BikerHoop

              I don’t understand why Canada and the U.S. don’t simply look around and see what’s happened. Virtually every country that, in the past, has tried multiculturalism has come out and said it’s a failed experiment.

              • Vornak

                Some think that many of our ‘leaders’ are well aware that it will fail.

                Forward !!!

                • BikerHoop

                  Sure they’re aware. This is just another thing to preoccupy the minds of the populace so ‘we’ don’t see what they’re really up to. Unfortunately for them, there’s enough of us awake and aware to make a difference.

  • Godisright

    The government that says “arm yourselves” gets my vote.
    Anything else is tyrannical.

  • Nukeman60

    Gee, perhaps they need stricter gun control of all those Swedes standing around shopping, while the criminals are shooting away. Do you think that would help?

    “Cultural conditions, not gun laws, are the most important factors in a nation’s crime rate. Young adults in Washington, D.C., are subject to strict gun control, but no social control, and they commit a staggering amount of armed crime. Young adults in Zurich are subject to minimal gun control, but strict social control, and they commit almost no crime.” – from “What America can learn from Switzerland is that the best way to reduce gun misuse is to promote responsible gun ownership.” by David B. Kopel and Stephen D’Andrilli (American Rifleman, February 1990).

    I think that says a whole lot more than just ‘ban all guns from the law-abiding citizen’ does.

  • jleinf

    I’m glad Texas allows CCW. Having a stealth police force everywhere is a major deterrent for criminals and crazies.

    • Orangeone

      MN is in a CCW consortium separate from TX but well worth me taking the test for the consortium that includes TX as well.

  • mark1955 Ann Barnhardt is going to be making a new Molon Labe’ Pro-Firearms column, to accompany every posting of The Lord’s Prayer on her site.

  • well

    Everything going on since Benghazi ( and since 2008) is designed to distract, yet they are opportunities. Now the there is no time left to do something. No more distractions.

    It is important to say this for regulars especially: the proceedings, using all the info: Benghazi, false social security number, etc need to be started before the inauguration. All the people need to put efforts together to do this, now. Write call visit, and especially petition and demonstrate. Are the regulars listening?

    • and F&F hearings – gone with the wind???

      • well

        What I am saying is it is time to organize, petition, and demonstrate.

        Repeat those three words over and over, pass it on. To be done now, before the inauguration.

        We need to wake up, dispel the stupor.


        In decades past, no one would have waited this long. It is a special stupor. It needs to be fought. And it can’t wait any longer.

        I am hoping people will hear the message, good people who know what is up.

        I hope and will continue to repeat this.

        Organize, petition and peacefully demonstrate, now.

        • well

          Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, when it mattered when one man died (“Thirteen Days”). It was not a “bump in the road.”

  • @brian Mouland–
    The left does grasp this concept. They don’t care about the evil people they care about the people who would stop their agenda, and that is the normal Citizen, not the Criminal. only 3.5% of all gun deaths were the result of rifles. So this is not about gun deaths, but more about Rifles in the hands of the “Peasants”.

  • Joe

    Where was this??

    ****************CHICAGO? or NYC?

    I know it wasn’t Texas!

  • aposematic

    What 911Infidel said in the summary. I sent my Congress Critter (R) a reminder that if he no longer wishes to represent me I would be happy to oblige his wishes next election. Any R Politician that votes for any new gun control should loose their job for malfeasance in office. Hmmmm… O.K., I said should; most of them would already be gone for malfeasance if it were that easy to get rid of them.

  • PicklePlants

    Did you see all the shoppers casually standing around watching the gun fight as if it were on TV?

    What’s up with that?!?

  • PapaLouie

    I’m always confused by the inconsistency of what the left believes. Left-wing newspapers publishing maps of legal gun owners is another such example. They believe in a right to privacy that provides Constitutional protections to anyone who wants to murder their future posterity. But that same right to privacy somehow does not apply to anyone who wants to protect their posterity by exercising the Constitutional right to bear arms. Isn’t that what they believe?

    If you publish a map of people who have had an abortion, have AIDS, are mentally ill, are welfare recipients, or are Obama voters (sorry for the redundancy), the ACLU arm of the Democratic Party would be all over you for violating their right to privacy. Publish a map of lawful gun owners, not so much…

    • Orangeone

      The only one I concur with publishing are the names of welfare recipients and I would add the baby daddy names too so welfare fraud can be reported. I also believe food stamp recipients (all in the household) should be public. And I believe these should be public because it is a redistribution of our money that is being handed to them with no accountability.

      • Sometimes welfare is the last resort for good people who hit hard times however anyone who cheats while on welfare or abuses any other government program should have CHEAT stamped on their foreheads and be banned from using government programs for life

  • “They can have my gun when the pry it from my cold dead fingers”- Charleton Heston

  • keyesforpres

    Didn’t those criminals know that guns were illegal in Sweden? Well, I never.

    • KenInMontana

      They’re not illegal, it just takes reams of paperwork and the approval of the police to purchase one. Law abiding Swedes have to go through it every time they want to purchase a firearm.

      • keyesforpres

        Well then, I sure hope those criminals followed the rules and went through the reams of paperwork…otherwise they broke the law!

        • KenInMontana

          The Russians don’t ask for paperwork, all cash and carry.

    • Think they really cared

      • keyesforpres

        It was a joke.

  • Do you see the guy behind the cop with a cellphone recording the shootout?
    Who would do that?, Why would the cop come out from cover to take shots?

    I think this might be fake The only other option is ….the Swedish are pretty friggin stupid.

    • And as the car is backing up and being shot at, there are guys filming on the street.
      None of this is done in a shoot out.

  • KenInMontana

    Facing down four criminals armed with AKs, armed only with their sidearms! Those cops have some serious stones.

  • well

    Please watch “Thirteen Days,” on Pinterest online now,all the way through–good Saturday night fare, for free. Reminds us of what we are supposed to be doing, how we are supposed to be responding as a nation, as if things really mattered, and as if there are things we really can do. AS the character played by Kevin Costner said at the end, “The sun came up. Every day the sun comes up it says something about about us.”
    We want to be able to say the sun’s coming up will say something about us.

    I am trying to communicate a message here.


    Watched Hunger Games last night for the first time and all I could think was that’s what an unarmed society looks like.

  • Sandra123456

    It looks like we may have gun control by Executive Order.

    Headline now on Drudge: Obama Plans Broad Gun-Control. VP Biden leads a group advocating for certain gun control measures.

    “… Biden’s group has expanded its focus to include measures that would not need congressional approval and could be quickly implemented by executive action…”

    Get ready for a gun grab.

  • The same logic that the left is using against the second amendment can easily be applied the the first amendment.

    They claim that the framers could not have conceived of automatic and semi-automatic firearms so the second amendment should not be interpreted as applying to them. Well the framers could not have conceived of radio, TV, or the internet so by that same reasoning, the first amendment doesn’t apply to those media. Clearly we have a right to pass sensible press control laws to deal with the insane rantings of David Gregory, Pier Morgan, etc.

    And what about religion? Because a small minority misuses their rights and commits horrible crimes, everyone’s right to bear arms must be trampled on. So what about Islam? A minority (actually the majority but that’s an argument for another day) has used the Koran to commit acts of mass murder far greater than any lunatic with a few rifles has committed. So let us use the gun grabbers’ logic and demand sensible religion control laws. Require anyone wanting to possess a Koran get a permit after passing a background check and a mental health screening. Let’s have newspapers publish maps showing the location of all Islamists in every county. Do we not have a right to know where a potential terrorist lives among us?

    It’s time to use their own arguments against them.

  • This is madness. Anytime the libs talk about guns, remind them of Switzerland. Heavily armed. Quiet citizenry.

    Buffoons don’t enforce their laws and now want to deny people the right to defend themselves by any means necessary. It’s just crazy.

  • The gunmen could have been Russians, especially if they had an AK-47. I also wonder how quickly the police got there to stop the robbers. Were they foot patrolmen, or detectives? And did you notice that the robbers had an AK-47 while the police only had handguns? The cops are lucky none of them got killed, which tells you a lot about the marksmanship of the robbers. Well, nice to know that we’re not the only ones with gunfire in the streets!

  • deTocqueville1

    Thank you Scoop, there is no further commentary required except to again ask your followers to listen to the Mark Levin program from the past two evenings and prior to his vacation.

    It is all about liberty and freedom from tyranny. The first thing the totalitarians do is disarm their citizens!

    We engage in the worst form of toadyism when we even give any ground on the second amendment. It is not a question of need, it is a question of rights!

    • Nukeman60

      That story is Ga, so she will probably be okay. But in a liberal state she would most likely be held on some charges, like attempted homocide. In the Uk, it’s a done deal. It’s totally insane.

      You’re right, the bigger caliber has more stopping power, but the smaller ones are best for smaller people, as that gives them more accuracy. 5 out of 6 in the body ain’t bad, though.

      That story just goes to show you why you need more than a 5 round magazine in the semi-automatics.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    But, but, but there is no gun violence in Sweden. They are not allowed to have guns. How do guns get into the hands of criminals there? But, but, but. To all of the But-heads (gun grabbers) out there in fantasy land (some of this is old news, but some is more recent):

    Why do criminals have guns? Because they are criminals. They know that intimidation equals power and power equals control. Guns provide an intimidation factor and allow the criminals greater control by fear. How do guns get into a country when there are laws against having a gun? Because criminals break the law and do not recognize the laws of any country. Gun ban laws will cause gun crime to go down. No, banning all guns will tell a criminal who can manufacture, steal, or smuggle a firearm that it’s open season because a criminal will know that law-abiding citizens will not possess a gun; therefore, it will be easier to rape, rob, and murder a person whom they know will not be carrying a gun to shoot back.

  • JoeMontana16

    That’s why I bought a 40 cal. One shot will do the trick.

  • There are still a few Swedes left with some backbone, but the bystanders you see milling about towards the end of the video are most likely “youths” (read Muslim men, 16-30 years old) who tend to be a bit dull witted.

    There are also quite a number of Swedes who own guns, which they use for hunting. However, I suspect none of them would ever consider it their “right” to own a gun and if the government ever decided to confiscate them, 99.9% would act as good little sheep and turn their guns in.

  • Sandra123456

    I wonder if this Mom will be able to do this under Obama gun care:

    “Ga. mom shoots intruder 5 times, hides children”

    ” A Georgia mother hid her two 9-year-old twins and shot an intruder several times during a home invasion on Friday, according to multiple media reports…”

    If this Mom didn’t have a weapon she and her children might be in body bags now.

  • deeme

    Here’s another reason restrictive gun laws don’t about we just amputate everyone’s arms..??? We are becoming a very scary country..Not the land of the free , but the land of regulations and stupid laws..

    Defintion of freedom..1.ability to act freely: a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions. I kind of remember this..

    Time to outlaw the hammer..

  • Biggbear52

    It is no secret that Nations and Countries with oppressive gun control are highest in crime. What is a secret is when things like this occur, why don’t they invoke the death penalty and repeal the gun laws. When a criminal commits said crime, if a gun was used, it is dubbed a capital case PERIOD!

  • magi52

    Were the AK 47s from EricHolder FastandFurious? Or Benghazi? UK’s gun violence and crimes have more than doubled since their gun ban.

    WHY are idiots elected?

    Or is it pandering lying parasites that are being elected who envision great personal gain when MARXISM goes GLOBAL?

  • sparkyva

    In our country we have the rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In other countries, others have the right to take our life, our liberty and our property and we are not allowed to resist. Should we resist, then we go to prison, and get sued for harming the criminals. Reminds me of the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg, the trolls with slit eyes perceived ugly as beautiful and beauty as ugly. Today everything is turned around. You are not a good member of society if you would harm another, even a criminal who is set on robbing, raping or even killing you. It is not your right to take the law into your own hands even to defend yourself. You must submit to the LAW, even if it violates higher laws. We speak of our Constitution as the law of the land. But remember, the Declaration of Independence referenced a higher law, the Natural Law upon which the Constitution was based. It is Natural Law that says that each person has the right to protect their lives, and the lives of their loved ones against those who would harm or kill them. Any man made law that abrogates that natural law is wrong, very wrong.

  • guppymanster

    I’m a Viet Nam era veteran and I’ve been a gun owner all my life. My wife is also a gun owner and were avid hunters and spend a lot of time at the range. I didn’t vote for Obama and oppose the leftist agenda he advocates. When he was campaigning (when wasn’t he campaigning?) I made a comment now and then on Yahoo which was decidely anti-Obama. Any comment I made was one hundred percent truthful and refuted lies made by the liberal media. Yahoo didn’t like my comments and systematically deleted them. This morning I made a comment on the “broad approach the Obama administration was taking towards guns.” The quote was deleted as soon as I left the website and returned a minute later.
    The leftist press is and will campaign against guns and gun ownership as we saw in the recent New York Journal News at the same time that the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports more people were killed by clubs and hammers last year than rifles. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the liberal left wants to disarm America and they will do anything, no matter how heinous or irresponsible, to accomplish that end.

    George Mason said, “To disarm the people is to enslave them” in the late seventeenth century. Samuel Adams said, “The Constitution shall never be construed …. to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceful citizens from keeping their own arms” in 1789. Vice President Hubert Humphrey said, “One of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms…. the right of citizens to keep and bear arms is just one more safeguard against a tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be possible.

    As one who honorably served his country in uniform I’ll never register or surrender any of my firearms nor will I honor any edict seeking to curb my unalienable Second Amendment rights.

  • worldview21

    I realise ( and hope ) that I am speaking to an extreme fringe of American society but let me remind you that in England there are less than 50 gun murders per year. Our children are free from the daily threats your worship of weapons imposes on them here . You people are completely brainwashed by the likes of the NRA and Fox News and you can’t see it.
    How many more Columbines and Newtowns do you need to wake up and see the truth – that guns DO kill people and the sooner you throw them away the sooner your society will begin to heal.

  • stage9

    There are many facts and figures regarding violent crime in the U.S. that have been left out of the debate on gun control. In fact, the data you’re not hearing about could make all the difference:

  • Kaleidoscopic God

    Is this a fucking joke? Does one case of this happening in Sweden prove your point? There are exceptions to every rule.

  • texascafe

    Your nuts.  The law enforcement agencies  can not protect a private citizen from a killer.  I have 3 guns and would never give them up.  In 66 years I have never used them in anger.  But I do have them in case.  A government takes away the right of the people to have guns and that lets them take over.  It will never happen in the US. A gun sitting in my bed side stand will never kill anyone, it takes a person to pull the trigger.  No guns do not kill bad people with guns kill people.  In Texas you kill a Texan and we kill you back!