HAPPENING NOW: Watch LIVE House hearing on Benghazi

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  • Thank you Scoop!!

  • Terrenceor

    The Republicans keep campaigning against Obama like he is going to run again. Meanwhile the Senate Democrats get no criticism and they are the ones up for election in 2014!!!! Everything bad that Obama is responsible for needs to be tied to the Democrat Senators up for re-election.

    Go Alinsky on the Democratic Senators and watch the rats flee from Obama. Obamacare, Benghazi, employment, debt etc. it needs to be tied to the Dems.

    People are emotionally tied to Obama like they were to Clinton. They are not tied to senators.

  • sDee

    bureaucrats make me want to heave

  • onne

    where oh where are the important questions

  • Susan Rice did a fantastic job?!! Oh crap I’m gonna lose it here soon.

    • Sober_Thinking

      And she gets rewarded for being a good little drone… where’s the justice?

  • Good answers. Yeah, thanks. We learned so much.

  • Darkbella007

    Spin, spin, woot watch us spin. I want to hear from the people that were there, not some stuffed shirt prepared statements. Insult our intelligence some more please! Our elected officials are a joke.

  • Joe



    What crap this is – disgraceful!

  • colliemum

    Aww- missed it … that’s what happens when one gives in and goes on twitter ….


    • Believe me mum, you didn’t miss much. 🙁 sigh.

      • colliemum

        That’s something to be grateful for …. I suppose …. sigh …. 🙁

  • truthequals9

    I watched the last hearings and seeing the Democrats circle the wagons around their colleagues made me sick to my stomach. I give credit to the conservative congressman for their perseverance. Having to sit with these dimwits day in and day out would have made me go insane in no time.

    • Sober_Thinking


    • carmtom13

      Thats the one thing that the democrats do if it involves any of their ilk. The GOP does not do that they join with the libs to try and destroy any conservative that the libs go after. This is one thing that they need to learn how to do, but the establishment in DC will never do that because are a bunch of brainless idiots.

      • truthequals9

        In the short term it may seem like a very good idea to act like the dimwit democrat congressman and defend Republicans no matter what. However, we will never be able to out liberal the liberals. If the Republicans see an incompetent Republican we rightly purge him because we technically believe in the cause. Todd Akin, Richard Murdoch & Christine O’Donnell are all incompetent (BTW, I was rooting hard for all of them during the election). Not because the establishment said so but because they failed to understand and articulate basic conservatism. That is what doomed them. You think Ronald Reagan or Allan West would mumble and cry through debates or interviews. You have to be fearless and have a complete grasp of the failure of liberalism. While liberals can nominate the lowest of the low and get away with it. You have a guy who is drug rehab and he gets reelected. I want to be part of party that is not afraid to do what is right. We need candidates like Trey Gowdy, Allen West & Rand Paul who are smart, likable and will not tear up when they have to defend their positions.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Was Paul Ryan there?

  • deeme

    Lie , Deny, they didn’t ask for help they were suicidal..In order to get caught in a lie you have to eventually tell the truth..they aren’t going to do that..


    …just more LIES.”

  • TexasEnforcer

    Seriously, nothing is going to come out from all this circus. I believe that there are a few genuinely concerned Congressman that want answers, but in the end it’s going to be a dog and pony show starring the fall guy Petraeus. What four dead Americans in Lybia??????