Harry Belafonte: Barack Obama doesn’t need another term

Harry Belafonte, a leftist, has lost all confidence in Obama, saying that he has squandered an opportunity that few presidents ever get in terms of having both houses of Congress on his side, adding that Obama lacks the moral compass to do the ‘right thing’ and that he doesn’t believe that another term will change anything.

What’s interesting, according to Radio Equalizer, that when this was re-broadcast on the satellite feed, this audio clip was missing from the replay. Imagine that:

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  • All I know is that Harry Belafonte needs to jump back on that Banana Boat and make a heading towards Venezuela.

    Can’t stand him or Obama.

    • Anonymous

      I second that.

      • bobemakk

        I third it.

        • Anonymous

          #4 here

    • I second part two that LOL

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Daylight come and he wanna go hoooooome!

      • Hay Mr. Tally-man tell-in me he’s bananas-man….

        • Anonymous

          Hide the deadly, black tarantula!

          okay, this is getting ridiculous

  • The left of left political element doesn’t think Obama should have a second term and the right doesn’t think he should either.

    It would seem the only way he could get elected is if he distributes his billion dollar campaign fund directly to those whose vote can still be bought by unachievable broken promises.

  • He is loosing his voice because he works against God.

  • Anonymous

    There is zero logical reason to prefer socialism. It makes no sense that anyone would advocate socialism, much less lie and distort and withhold information to promote it. The left is insane. A bunch of cuckoos. The ultimate masochists. They all have “Born To Lose” tattooed on their brains.

    Sorry; I lost control for a moment there. I’m better now.

    The actions, words, and thought processes of the left remind me of an episode in Doonesbury many years ago when “Uncle Duke” was swallowing, inhaling, or injecting every drug known to man. At one point he’s supposed to give a speech, but is so drug-addled that he falls to the floor semi-conscious. Zonker leans over him, calling his name, and Duke is thinking to himself, “Bad craziness!” That’s the motto of the left, and they embrace it single-mindedly and wholeheartedly.

  • Harry, go tally some bananas with Hugo Chavez. Where did we ever get to the point in our country where actors, musicians and “comedians” were so important to political views? Harry might be bashing dear leader here, but most likely he’s not thrilled with dear leader because we’re not yet in a dictatorial commie state.

    • Anonymous

      I will not spend my money going to see any film that stars a liberal who has vocally vilified any conservative or who endorses BHO. Same for television. Needless to say, I don’t watch much television anymore, nor have I been to a movie in several few years. AMC and TCM get my vote for the most entertaining channels, with plenty of good Westerns and classic movies.

      • Joe

        John Wayne & Clint Eastwood are the best

        Wait! – Both Conservatives

      • I haven’t gone to see a movie since Perfect Storm was in the theaters. I don’t hardly ever rent movies, I hardly ever watch tv. We don’t have cable or satellite, and the only station I allow my son to watch is Me TV, which shows all the old stuff, and I haven’t bought any music for years. I am SO sick of people who play characters for a living or musicians telling me, shoving their ideas when we pay them to act or sing only.

        • Anonymous

          You haven’t really missed much, ABC, and you seem to have benefited greatly. I know the TRS community has benefited with the vast attention and energy you share here with everyone.

          • Now look who’s the smoothie now! 😉 That’s sweet Words. But seriously, I really haven’t missed anything at all. Once in a blue moon when my husband or son is flipping the channels (all 10 of them lol) I see the crap on there, and tell them to turn it. I’m not a dictator, but why invite garbage into my family.

        • Anonymous

          ABC, when I read this it reminded me of Crocodile Dundee in the hotel room in NYC turned on the TV and I Love Lucy came on and he turned it off, saying ” Yep I seen one of these before”.

          • CRIKEY! I’d get along great with Dundee mate! Now that was a good movie! 😀

            • ABC, You got a PC, make an Aussie friend. He tells me of OZ. You might even learn something. I am often amazed. He says his PM is left of Obama.

              • actually Allen, I do have computer freinds in New Zealand (I know – a different country altogether) I have some all around the world, and most of them watch the US politics closely and do not like dear leader. I have all my family back in Canada and friends there too- but they’re all socialist leaning. I’m working on them, but working on liberals is a very tedious and tiring job.

        • ABC. I watch a lot of movies. I keep a close watch on the left. I do what I can to find info on the actors. There is a new series here, ‘History of the US’. It is so full of liberal lies, I rarely see half of it. I get so mad, I yell at the TV, and have came close to destroying it. Then, I talk on the web. It is still free, to some extent. I have a non US wife. I point out the lies. She tells her family, and friends. My US friends, and I have endless discussions about it. The US is now much like the pre WW1 era. The media just makes up the news. I remember, and see TV shows about WW2 actors. I marvel. So, it is up to you to do the same. My grandmother told me of the civil war, she lived thru. I cherish those stories, my kids ignore me. Up to you , America!

    • CitizenHill

      We are not yet in a dictatorial state? . . WTF? . . O’Bama circumvents the constitution and “our” congress hasn’t the balls to impeach this p.o.s. president and pull his teeth and you think we aren’t yet in dictatorship? . . I guess its all a matter of perspective, you think?

  • Belafonte looks like a black Darth Vader, with his mask and removed, and his life support shut down. His voice sounds like a chorus of 3 hoarse voices, at once. (Probably the demons possessing him, making him act like he does, and say the things that he does.) Belafonte is a nut, plain and simple, just like Farrakhan. He has a history of acting like a nut, even against Obama:


    Belafonte is also a communist, and a scumbag that luxuriates in the same nation that he condemns as being ‘profoundly racist’.


    I think that anyone that’s getting some kind of thrill up their leg because leftists turn on Obama is politically inexperienced, if not just plain dumb. They’re not turning on Obama for any other reason, than his failure to live up to their vision of communist liberality, and his failure to forcibly impose their politics on the rest of America and it’s allies. A person that is against and HATES America and everything it stands for is not someone you should be using as a barometer of Obama’s level of popularity, among the leftist base, because in them you are dealing with people that are profoundly mentally disturbed, and in some instances, tend toward politically motivated violence and discrimination, among other things. Compound this with the fact that he is a hypocrite among hypocrites, advocating everyone throwing their goods and money into some sort of bizarre community pile, while not putting in his own, and you have yet another reason why people like this should be ignored by the press, and concentrated on by the psychiatric community, instead.

    • Joe

      BUT What do you really think of him?
      (good analysis)

    • “His voice sounds like a chorus of 3 hoarse voices, at once. (Probably the demons possessing him,” YES!! That’s a perfect description and explanation!

    • Virus, I think it is just the dope. What is an actor to do? makes me understand, Legalize illegal drugs, theme. Don’t you want to be like him?

  • Anonymous

    Harry Belafonte recently called Mr. Herman Cain a bad apple and fell asleep during an interview on TV. I guess he is waking up slowly and I just wonder which fruit he is going to choose to describe Obama. A fallen coconut?

  • Anonymous

    How times change!

    I used to love HB; went to his concert at the Greek Theater in 1963…enchanting.

    How do these celebs make the leap to believe their take on politics has any more significance than ours?

    • Linda Ronstadt, Bruce Springsteen, Barbara Streisand, Dixie Chicks…. I used to like them all- especially Springsteen. I can barely stand writing their names down anymore.

      • Anonymous

        ABC, I never heard you use cuss words before.

        • I’m sorry NY. I got carried away. Please forgive my filthy mouth! 😉

          • Anonymous

            That’s OK ABC, just looking out for your best interest. If not, pretty soon you may start using terms like Jane Fonda………..Oh No! did I just say that in mixed company? I am SO sorry, please forgive me.

            • Joe

              One complete ROSARY for you

            • OH MY! NY, if you were on my side of the state, I’d be coming for you with a bar of soap to wash out that mouth! 😉

            • No! You will not be forgiven here or in heaven. Hanoi Jane never got what she deserved.

          • Joe

            Two Hail Mary’s – or whatever you prefer – Then forgiven – I think

      • I loved Linda Ronstadt. Almost makes me weep.

        • K-Bob

          Michael Jordan is a supporter of Democrats. But he has the sense to keep his personal opinions about politics to himself. When asked about it once, he supposedly replied, “Hey, Republicans buy shoes, too.”

          Whenever some of these entertainers go all party-ish, they immediately lose the respect of half of their former audience. Same with nasty public divorces, embarrassing tirades (Mel *hic!* Gibson), etc.

  • Sounds like he is licking something while speaking..

    • Anonymous

      Obama or Bella-banana?

    • Anonymous

      Gargling kool-aid?

  • Anonymous

    Me say day me say day me say daaaaaaaaayoooooo….Day light come….Barack Obama go home.

  • Anonymous

    Whats missing in Belafonte’s evaluation and still doesn’t occur to him is that Obama is nothing but a common thief, a Chicago thug. Obama doesn’t have the ideology of Mr. Belafonte and kin, he wanted emperor status, he wanted sit above all the little people and be served.
    I hope that interview ends the idiocy that he spews.

  • Anonymous

    That’s funny Harry. The issues are only “hugely complicated” for HIM! He needs to go ask the Wizard for that brain he’s been waiting for.

  • Anonymous

    Hermie Belladonna knows that Obama is a con man, pimp slime ball who pulled the wool over whitey’s eyes but then, the Obama minions stumbled over their own fat feet and the lair was exposed.

    Bellajerko along with the rest of the Obama-vermin, are leaving the chosen dude in droves, not because he didn’t take advantage of the huge opportunity which he had, but because he is a stupid, narcissistic limo-lizard, playboy who can’t fold his own socks much less manage anything more complicated than a bj from an undergrad.

    I don’t buy this holier than thou crap from this moronic banana man.

    “Obama didn’t do all he could so I can’t support him.”

    You dried up, traitorous and toothless hag bag. Obama turned out to be exactly what he was destined to be: a mother-rejected, self-loving, spoiled brat who has made his people, on both sides look stupid, foolish and weak.

    You, Harry Belchafountain, now that you have awakened and find that your dufus emperor is wearing a jock strap, congratulations! You have moved from stupid, foolish and weak to stupid and foolish only. One small step but then you’re a really small man.

    • Joe

      WOW ! – Cool!

      Did you have an extra coffee or

      Did you get lucky last night like Mike the Marine

      • Anonymous

        The former…lol

        • Joe

          Too bad – Better luck next time

      • Joe, get off my hero, mike.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly WHICH words fail you, WFM?

    • Anonymous

      WFM, I applaud you and thank you for your post. I remember, a few years ago, right after Belefonte’s rant against America, the country that made him a millionaire, the country that embraced him, he was named by A.A.R.P. as the Person of the year or some such B.S. I called A.A.R.P. and insisted they take me off all mailings etc. The person I talked to tried to tell me that the decision to honor him was made way before he dissed our country and that she was surprised how many people reacted as I did. Looking further into this I discover that he has been a leftist anti American his whole life.

      As you imply, in his mind, seeing where his man is going and what he’s done he’s thinking “Daylight come and I better go home”

      • It took about a year, but I did the same. AARP is disgusting organization.

    • Anonymous

      Hey WMF, just what are you trying to say??

  • Joe

    Harry Tallyman baby

    All Oblabla had to do was –

    LISTEN to the people

    LISTEN to the Generals

    LISTEN to the Business People

    Dopes like you thought HE was the chosen one – although

    HE never held a real job – never held a rifle (I didn’t say gun)

    and never signed a paycheck!

    Admit it – “Tallyman” –

    Oblabla is of a SOCIALIST mindset and a racist too!

    He has eroded America AND

    Has SET BACK race relations significantly

    Harry – Go play your tune –

    We will be a Banana Republic soon and
    then you can play with all the bananas you want

  • Anonymous

    Scrubbing news clippings??? Say it ain’t so!

    Honestly, Communist governments do that, ya know?

    • Joe

      PRAVDA means TRUTH!

  • Joe

    You guys make me laugh!

  • Anonymous

    At least Belafonte admits he made a mistake. There are still many leftists morons that would vote for obama again.

    • I agree 12grace, but I have that thing in the back of my mind that knows they are only grumbling against dear leader because he’s not commie enough for them.

      • Anonymous

        You could be right ABC. I may have been giving Belefonte the benefit of the doubt.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I am glad to see he woke up long enough to say something.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hmm, hmm, hmm!! Belch!

  • I agree with Harry, the anti American. Obama had the chance to really destroy the USA, and failed. Harry, a great actor, until his ego got in the way, has always hated the USA, and hope Obama would destroy it, straight away. Yes, Ob made great strides, 7 trillion debt, Obama care, destruction of the basic check and balance system. Yet, most of the USA, approves of the Obama. Democracy is fagile. Everyone needs to work to just make it right. Abstintation, is voting for aniliation. So, all those anti democracy fans, and cheer. My only fear, is I shall out live the USA. Don’t cry for me, America.

  • We are lucky that Obama isn’t the brightest cookie in the jar, that he hasn’t yet corrupted America into complete communism, though it does look like the Republicans will finish the job if we get Mitt (if nominated, I’ll sit home when it comes between him and Obama), and Newt (the guy who talks a good talk, but is in reality a “frugal socialist”, though I’ll vote for him and hope he does what he says, minus health care, global warming, and on and on. If Santorum is elected, we may still have a chance. Just depends on whether you want the car to drive off the cliff at full speed or half-throttle.

  • Constance

    So, who is nut job Belafonte going to vote for? Barack Hussein Obama…. mmmm, mmmm, mmmm

  • bobemakk

    Another screwball idiot and “former” celebrity who should shut up.

  • Anonymous

    Harry Belafonte’s comments equate the powers of the President, who shares power, with a King or ruler, who does not share power. A King may simply order the implementation of his policy and President needs support from two other branches of government to implement and sustain challenges to his policy.

    True that Obama had two years to govern with a democratic majority in Congress. Also true, many of those democrats were democrats in name only aka, “blue dogs” who voted against Obama along with Republicans during those first two years. In fact, congressional retirements during Obama’s tenure were at an all time high.

    Belafonte may be more interested in making news for himself than contributing to the effort to move forward. Truly bizarre is the morally charge. Why did he not make news on this same basis when Bush invaded Iraq?

    Nerve to attack one and not the other – Priceless Harry.