Heartbreaking: Children in Southern Israel play game of hiding in shelters from Hamas rockets

I know this is innocent fun for these kids, but the reality that it represents is that children in Israel are very aware that they have to live under a daily terror threat because their neighbors want to destroy them. And it underscores the need for Netanyahu to bring Hamas to its knees and not settle on a compromise that just pushes this off.


(via Israel Matzva)

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  • keyesforpres


  • Kolobok42

    It pains me that there are people in my country who would side with the rocket launchers and wish these children dead.

  • Jaels_Song

    This is an excellent site that tracks the terrorism that is going on in Israel. It was given to me by an Israeli who serves in a very important security department in Israel PLEASE SAVE IT http://www.terrorism-info.org.il/en/index.aspx

    • Thank you so much for the link Jaels_Song! I put it in my files.

    • Jaels_Song

      He wanted us to have it. He said that it updates slowly sometimes, but that is because they want to always give accurate news.

    • Cindy09

      Thank you!

      Also Joel Rosenberg has been keeping an active blog about what’s happening in those areas by the hour (almost)!

      Please check out:


      • Jaels_Song

        Thanks, we need to disseminate these sources of information as much as possible.

        • colliemum

          I gave this link on the other thread, but am happy to repeat it:


          This site tracks all the disinformation and bias against Israel by the BBC. Very useful.

    • colliemum

      Thank you very much for this link!

      It’s bookmarked – and I will spread the information there.

  • FreeManWalking

    So innocent and just playing out what is real and the love of life to them…

    What a contrast to the story about the palestinians or some other islamist group teaching their 3 year old children to shoot the Jews.

    There is a lot of similarities with the Arabs and Democrats, both are so full of hate. If the Israelis were wiped off the face of the earth the Arabs would still be a life without joy, same goes for the dems if there wasn’t a conservative left in America. Both would seek out something or someone else to hate.

  • sjmom

    It’s sad when a child must experience such things as war.

  • Drop a nuke bomb on gaza…

  • Patriot077

    I recently read that children are experiencing PTSD; is it any wonder? This video tears at the heart.

    The barbarians should be stomped out.

  • theresaaa

    It’s so sad that terrorism even permeates their play . That’s no way to live .
    I hope Israel rids Gaza of every remnant of hamas that’s the only way this will stop .

  • colliemum

    For the left, corrupt MSM Israeli children are of no interest as long as they stay alive.
    Only dead children are interesting, and of course one dead Gazan child is ‘worth’ more than an Israeli one.
    Yes, I am very angry about this, and am giving up on sounding impartial!

  • Americans have forgotten how lucky they are for not having to deal with terrorism on a daily basis. We had a taste of it on 9/11/2001, but we seem to have forgotten what it was like. As with most wars, we tend to forget how terrible fear is the farther away we get from the original event.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Israeli children learning to take cover. Palestinian children out on the street where they can be used as ‘media’ cannon fodder.

  • Conniption Fitz

    The Islamist creeps have gone back to bus-bombing – they set one off at a military road-stop in Israel today. No fatalities, but 16 people suffered injuries. Here is a link: http://www.jpost.com/NationalNews/Article.aspx?id=292860

    Islam is a scourge and source of misery, malevolence, malignant aggression – the opposite of peace and goodness.

    • Learnedsmtn2day

      Just to make sure people understand what NOT seriously injured is. It can be anywhere from a lost leg or both, a lost arm or both or all four………

  • WordsFailMe

    The only thing that breaks my heart is that the little boys don’t have plastic guns and the little girls aren’t urging the boys to use them.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

  • Conniption Fitz

    More terrorist action, this time near the West Bank:

    “The woman, aged 60, was shot in the neck Tuesday night while driving on a road near Beitar Ilit just inside the West Bank. Her car ran into a pile of stones and was attacked with bottle bombs.” (from Debka)

    It takes a coward to attack a woman. Islamists see women and children (even their own) as fair game for their systematic campaign of violence and evil. Rapes increase wherever they immigrate.

    I hate them with a perfect hatred (Psalm 139:19-24 – There is a righteous form of Hate, meaning rejecting, being angered and repulsed evil deeds, meaning praying for the repentance of evildoers, and meaning searching our own hearts for signs of evil, injustice, sin.

  • What a sad way to have to live.

    • WordsFailMe

      I don’t know Wolf. When I was growing up, we had the Russians. Our schools were anti communist and pro-life. We learned to duck for cover in the class rooms, we marched orderly to different family homes in the neighborhood who’d volunteered to shelter the school children in case of attack, later we marched orderly to the football bowl and were instructed where to lie when the atomic blast came.

      We learned ballroom dancing at 14 and learned how to hold a lady properly, got sex education beginning in the tenth grade with personal hygiene films and the movies and books we watched were full of heroes and the stories had positive messages. Cars were bigger and more powerful every year and the military, school teachers and the elderly were respected and cherished.

      Racism was vanishing, people had jobs, careers. If you ran with a knife and fell you got stabbed. If you jumped out of a tree, you broke your ankle and when you got sick, you went to a doctor nearby and you paid him. And if you fell in love, sometimes it was weeks before you ever got the courage to speak to her.

      I didn’t mind liiving under the bomb

      • You make great points. They were good times. Look at now.. NObama is raising a parasite class of ignorant self absorbed entitled morons. 🙁

        • WordsFailMe

          I guess the good news is that they. the libs, the conformist, racist blacks, the illegal, socialist Latinos and moronic jews of the liberal persuasion will have no one to blame for a couple of years.

          They’ve got our wealth, our courts, our Constitution and our future, but they don’t have us. Almost half of us do not believe their bull****.f

          Smart people, hard working people who can do their best on a job are going to find them. The back-sliding, ignorant feather bedding Unionoids are going to find themselves out in the cold in a year or so.

          • Looking forward to that! 🙂

      • las1

        Cars were bigger and more powerful every year…


  • Haywoodjbl

    This is how we lived when I was growing up…..we had drills getting under our desk constantly due to the Cold War and possible nuclear invasion….like getting under the desk would help?

  • 12grace

    No child should have to live in this kind of hate and turmoil.