Herman Cain: Today, I could not support Rick Perry as the nominee

People on twitter are freaking out a bit over Herman Cain saying that “I could not support Rick Perry as the nominee for a host of reasons.” Here’s the clip:

Look, if you are really bent out of shape over this, consider what Dan Riehl has to say:

People have to stop screaming for citizen politicians, then freaking out when they don’t talk like life-time politicians

But really, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I’m guessing that one of reasons that Cain was referring to was the fact that he is running against Rick Perry. Note that he said “today”. He didn’t say 10 months from now.

And sure, I know he referred to Perry’s illegal immigration problems as one of the primary reasons, but he’s running against Rick Perry. He wants to win and therefore he’s going to point out Perry’s weaknesses.

This is just Herman Cain being honest and I think what he said is typical of a candidate running for President.

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  • They have to stop the petty crap and pull together once the selection is made, regardless of who it is (excluding Paul& Huntsman) or this lil’ rodeo might just blow up in their faces.

    • Maxsteele

      I would respectfully disagree. As it is very important that they get all the dirt out in the open now so that the Obamination has no ammunition come time. If the Republicans bring out every issue now then it gives them time to devise a strategy to deal with it when the real election comes around. Herman Cain is doing a service to Rick Perry by bringing up any issue that is a concern.

    • Anonymous

      You’d vote for Obama over Paul or Huntsman?

  • Anonymous

    Soft on the border is a HUGE problem…that alone is enough to doubt Perry’s fitness. It’s the economic impact of a loose border and the security threat that LOOMS and towers over America. WE…..DON”T….NEED…..IT! Keep talkin’ straight Mr. Cain.

  • Herman is right. Rick Perry has no business being the nominee.

  • Anonymous

    If there is a God,
    Perry will NOT be the GOP candidate.
    There ..I said it

    • Anonymous

      Cheezewhizz! I love ya like a good junkfood snack on a cracker, but if Perry is the nominee, there will still be a God 🙂

    • Jack B. Erhart

      Because there is a God, he will be.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody but Romney

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t vote for Little Lord Fauntleroy to save my own life.

  • Jack Bryan

    Good for Cain. I won’t support Perry under any circumstances. I might not support Cain either, but at least he seems in this instance to be trying to speak out of principle rather than dumbed-down party politics. Also, this is more evidence that Perry’s toast, and now all the candidates will try to shove him into the trash compactor.

  • Whoa…wait a minute…empower the states to enforce the immigration laws?

    • Jack B. Erhart

      Ya! I was thinking the same thing. I believe based on the Constitution, it’s the Federal Governments duty to secure our boarders.

      • He really needs to clarify that statement. I can’t imagine each of the 50 (or is it 57?) states with varying degrees of immigration enforcement.

        • Its a bridge…just like his 9/9/9 plan is a bridge to the fair tax. Cooperation of local and state officials is going to be important until we do whatever we can to get the federal government doing its job. Not sure I totally agree with it, but its something.

      • Anonymous

        Great, then who is going to encourage the feds to execute their constitutional responsibility? I agree that they are on the blame line in this issue, but they are doing next to nothing to secure the borders. What do you suggest as a viable solution? Presbo is going to do next to nothing to take the pressure off of our southern border and in the mean time, conditions will stay the same and drugs and people will stream across, much to the detriment of the citizens of border states.

    • Anonymous

      Good point… assuming Cain is the nominee and rockets to the WH… then it’s not necessary to empower the States because it’s the job of the Feds. Perhaps he’s just tired and needs some more zeezs.. it happens you know… gotta cut some slack.

    • Anonymous

      Well, since the feds are completely inept when it comes to this issue, then the states have to take matters into their own hands in order to protect their citizens. If you do not live in a border state, like AZ, it does not sink in how bad the issues truly are at this time. Folks, it is bad along our southern border and if the federal government does NOTHING to combat the issue, then our local officials are duty bound to protect their citizens.

  • Let’s see:
    – Rick Perry supports no border fence, but a solution that will actually work. A “fence” won’t work. If I want to climb over, or under for that matter, a fence-I will.
    – Rick Perry supports the same policy of in-state tuition that George Bush, Jeb Bush and MARCO RUBIO support.


    • Well, there you go…
      I don’t want another George Bush. We have had George Bush’s in the White House since George Herbert Walker Bush. Progressives all.

      The current President Bush is a bit more Progressive than the others but is still following the Bush Progressive game plan.

      • Anonymous

        Indeed; they all served up soup sandwiches but especially BHO.

      • Anonymous

        Then I hope no soup for you! (Or me or anyone else)

    • Anonymous

      The Bush Bros. are not conservatives. Rubio? He’ll have to change his stupid opinion if you are right about that.

      Perry is Bush redux. No thanks, 8 years was too much.

      • There, for a long time, has been a certain set of people guided by facts that are untrue. The border states experience these in-state tuition problems because the federal government does not handle these people.

        I dislike the idea of letting them go to school at all–but no one opposes that. If they’re at least going to be allowed in school, give them the same rates as their classmates so they can then pursue citizenship. Something tells me that’ll bind them to citizenship. Of course under strict limits and so forth.

        It’s not as if it is a subsidy, it’s merely a different rate.

        • What is there to handle? If illegal immigrants want to attend college, they have to find ways to pay for it NOT on the backs of American taxpayers. It is very simple.

    • Fences help to protect border patrol agents from assault.

  • Anonymous

    Go Herman!!! Tell it like it is man!! I get so damn sick and tired of people bitching about not getting the truth out of politicians and then this guy smacks you in the face with it and people bitch! I hope the guy sticks it out until the end!! Go, Herman go!

  • Anonymous

    Some peeps just can’t handle the truth!!

  • Let me all remain you if Perry gets the nominee, he will be ten times better then Obama, and if Cain decides to run as a third party, and you vote for him, and Obama gets in. Those of you who stay home on 2012, or vote for a third party are to blame for this country going into the black hole. So think on that.

    • Anonymous

      Why should we bother thinking about Cain running as a third party candidate when he has not made any claim that we would even consider doing so? (At least to my knowledge, he hasn’t.)

      • KenInMontana

        Beat me to it 😛 LOL

    • Well, points for trying to plant that idea I suppose. Rick, is that you?

    • Some might say that the reason we’re going “into the black hole” is because we choke down whatever sh!t sandwich the GOP establishment is serving.

    • Anonymous

      I think Cain is smart enough to know not to run as a third party candidate if he doesn’t get the nomination. He hasn’t mentioned it at all or hinted that that is what he would do.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t support Perry in the primary. Should he become the nominee? You bet your a$$ I’ll support him!

  • Anonymous

    I will support the nominee providing it is not Huntsman or Johnson. Huntsman has a scary look about him. I think Huntsman is going to be on Greta’s show tonight.
    I will watch something “on demand” rather than watch him. I am convinced Huntsman is still working for Obama in the debates. He has no suppport, there should be a certain % level, 10% or higher.

  • Anonymous

    You say it like it is and your damn right Perry is a phony! Go Hermanator!

    Palin 2012!

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Illegal immigration is an existential threat to our entire way of life, and if Rick Perry is going to facilitate it as President, I’m not giving him my vote under any circumstances.

  • When Herman Cain said he couldn’t support Perry over his wrong approaches to illegal immigration, he earned even more respect in my eyes.

    At this point he is my favorite candidate.

  • What is wrong with people? This is a primary, folks! Herman can and should draw stark differences between himself and the so-called “front-runners”. It’s his only chance to win. It’s also his only way to show the primary voters that he’s not just in this to suck up to the so-called “front-runners” and hope to get a job out of it. If you’re a Perry person, stop bitching and whining, and find something to ding Herman on – like, I don’t know, his plan of adding a 9% national sales tax.

    • A national sales tax is fine if my income taxes go down. Thanks to inflation and the price of fuel and gas, I barely spend money on unnecessary items anyway. I’ll bet a lot of people are in the same boat as me. We need jobs, businesses, investment, etc. Cain’s plan is radical, but it would work.

  • Fences prevent our border patrol agents from being assaulted. Perry is either stupid or a liar if he says fences won’t work to deal with illegal immigration.

    From CNS News today:

    The overall number of assaults on U.S. Border Patrol agents working to protect the largely unfenced U.S.-Mexico border has “remained relatively stable” at more than 1,000 per year over the past three years, while assaults have sharply decreased in the San Diego Sector of the border where a significant fence has been constructed along much of the border.

    • Anonymous

      i think he is for fencing but strategically not the entire 1800 miles

  • Anonymous

    Not now – Not 13 months from now. I will not support Rick Perry. I will not support Obama, because he is destroying our Country full speed ahead, why would I support Perry who will be sneaky, selling everything to the highest bidder, and doing the destruction in slow motion and with less transparency. Herman you go !!!

  • Anonymous

    I support Herman Cain for his consistent support for the Federal Reserve and for the TARP bail-outs. His endorsement of Romney in 2008 also impresses me. All of these issues are important to Black voters. Cain will also continue the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; continuing these wars just like Obama has done is hugely important to the middle class. Obama or Cain, we must never stop the wars and we must always bail-out the banks.

  • Anonymous

    Why would Cain give his endorsement to Rick Perry since he’s running against him?? As RS said above I’m sure whomever the nominee is will get the endorsement of the other canidates but not while they are in a primary against them. Cain is in third place why is he going to act like he isn’t going to be the nominee?