Here’s Trump’s trainwreck interview on the Today Show where he showed how scummy he can be

I’ll be honest. I couldn’t watch this interview of Trump without getting quite angry. Trump is a scumbag as he tries to assassinate the character of Michelle Fields and it is on full display in this interview.

I’m not huge fans of the Today Show crew, but I give them credit for trying to hold his feet to the fire on this one.


It is so true that Trump is bending way over backwards to give Lewandowski the benefit of the doubt. Lewandowski can do no wrong! But he doesn’t give any latitude to Fields who he repeatedly calls a liar. He parses her words and lies about what she said in order to destroy her.

I have never in my life been so close to being #NeverTrump, but I gotta say this interview just about did it. I honestly can’t see myself ever pulling the lever for this a-hole in November.

But hopefully I won’t have to if Ted Cruz can pull this out. He is truly our only hope at this point of defeating this lying scumbag.

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