So tonight’s the big night. The Iowa Caucuses are slated to begin at 7PM Iowa time which is only a few minutes from now.

So you might be wondering, what the heck is a caucus? Well I stole this from the Ted Cruz website and it pretty much explains what’s going to happen:

In order to participate in the upcoming Republican caucus, you must be a registered Republican and at least 18 years old by the 2016 general election, held on November 8th. If you are not a registered Republican, you can contact your county auditor to register immediately, and you will also have the option of same-day voter registration at the caucus location.

At 7:00pm, each precinct will be called to order by the temporary chair, an individual appointed by the county party. The first item of business will be to conduct a presidential preference poll. After the results are tabulated and announced, other state and county party business will proceed, including electing delegates to the county convention.

I should not the polls in Iowa officially closes at 10PM Iowa time.

Here are some websites you can check for voting updates:

Since we’ve never hid our support for Ted Cruz, I’m just gonna put this right here:

Enjoy the night! It’s gonna be YUUUUGGGEEEEE!
UPDATE: Here’s a poll. Have fun!

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