Herman Cain denies sexual harassment allegations

In typical liberal fashion, two unknown ladies suddenly appeared on the scene to talk to Politico after they remembered that Herman Cain may have sexually harassed them – in the 90s.  Mind you, these allegation aren’t of inappropriate behavior or solicitation, but that Cain said some “not so nice” things. Yes, that’s how lame and low the media has gone this time. I’m sure these allegations have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that a strong, Conservative black man (a.k.a. living proof that blacks don’t need the Democrats to succeed) is leading in the GOP polls. Ann Coulter had this to say about the allegations:

It’s outrageous the way liberals treat a black Conservative. This is another high tech lynching…there’s nothing more that liberals fear than a black Conservative, ask Allen West, Michael Steel and Clarence Thomas.


(h/t Daily Caller)


Of course Cain denies these pathetic allegations:

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  • mike morrison

    They settled out of court and are legally bound to not speak about the details…this gives the women free reign to suggest anything and for Cain to deny everything. I’ll guarantee you this came from the Perry camp. This is what he specializes in.

    • Anonymous

      Is Cain legally bound to not speak about the details? He should want the details known to all. Why would he want to keep it quiet? It probably didn’t amount to much since the women allegedly settled for less than 100,000 dollars.

      We complain about the libs playing the race card all the time. How hypocritical is it for Coulter to sink to their level?

      • Anonymous

        I must agree in reference to race allegations. I have heard Cain pushing again and again about NOT playing race games (ie, I’m not a hyphenated American) which is just the sort of thing I’d expect from the first black President…but we don’t hear him speaking out.

        Is Cain himself saying it’s racially motivated? Not that I’ve heard. It’s highly likely that it’s pure dirty politics by Romney or Perry.

        • Anonymous

          The race card part was directed at Coulter and anyone else that tries to use the race card to defend Cain. I am against Cain for the many reasons I have explained with facts to back them up, not anything against his race. I have black family members, but I just think of them as family members. The hyphen is the biggest divider of the American people.

    • Anonymous

      It is what the political class does. Regrdless of who does the dirty work it motive is the same.

      They did this to Clarence Thomas.

      • The difference is that Thomas flat out denied it from the beginning. Hermain – aint denying – he’s evading.

    • Anonymous

      Over on redstate.com there was mention of folks in the Perry camp who have been bragging about some “real dirt” on Cain.
      I’ve been expecting just such an attack from the left and I hope Ann Coulter’s opinion is heard on this – she explains this tactic soooo well!

    • Anonymous

      As does the Obama camp.

  • Darren Anderson

    It is sickening how they can try to make an issue out of something like this and yet the lame stream media wouldn’t talk about Obama starting his political career on the couch of Bill Ayres, Obama’s grades in school, Obama and his connections to radical organizations. Nope, nothing to see here…. Let’s go find a conservative and persecute them. Better yet, let’s find a black conservative.

    They are pathetic little weasels!!!! It’s time for a change!!!

  • Now they’ve gone and pissed me off! I am going to the nearest campain head quarters for Cain and volunteering! This is going to be a great story for recruitment.

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like yet another leftist strategy employed to bring down a viable presidential candidate. Interesting that the lies are coming out now when Cain is doing so well in the polls.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting! naw… just exected. I was waiting for it… and they’ve now gone ahead and done it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure who is behind this story but i have two words for them: Thank You!

    This just may garner more support, media attention and money than the Mark Block web video. The train has left the station.

  • Anonymous

    Time warp back to Anita and Clarence…

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Is this a high tech or a low tech lynching? I can’t tell.

      The left would like to see Cain “swinging from a tree.” Why does that sound so familiar? Is is because the left actually does what they accuse the right of doing?


  • For those of you who don’t know, the Democrats started the KKK.

  • If you read the story, it sounds like at worst Cain either made a lewd remark or told a dirty joke. At worst. In other words, it’s the same nonsense people would laugh at whenever Michael Scott was saying it for years on The Office(back when that show was funny). Cain himself said that he’s not politically correct and that America needs to lighten up. The media falling over itself to make hay out of this along with that “smoking” internet ad last week validates Cain’s argument.

    • Anonymous

      …and the 90’s were when sexual harassment came to the forefront, replete with hypersensitivity and free money.

      • Anonymous

        Yup. In the 90’s all the fun between co-workers got clamped down on. Fear of “offensive behavior” cut down on all forms of humor.
        So pervasive was this climate that my manager wouldn’t let anyone of the opposite sex pick up a sandwich for him if they were going to the deli … sad time for being “neighborly”.
        I’m a female and don’t support or encourage egregious behavior, but was perfectly capable of handling a breach of convention without calling on HR or an attorney – as any grown up should be.

  • Anonymous

    How bout the media ask Obama what he was doing 20 or so years ago, let’s see, Smoking Dope , Snorting Coke , traveling to countries off limits to American passport holders at whose expense? but who cares about minor stuff such as that,
    But Maybe Herman Cain as a businessman pissed off a couple of employees 20 years ago, now that is news.. not to mention the story sounds pretty weak.

    Just like Obie did in Chicago way back when, destroy the opposition before they get to the voting booth..

    It will only get worse…

  • Anita Hill is one of the best things that ever happened to this country. I’m sure that with every keystroke Thomas pecks – he’s got that memory pushing his finger down.

    In some ways – for this same reason – I think Obama is too – however – I marvel over just how much damage he has done in this short time.

    If these are false accusations – we should all condemn – AND – it will make Herman more conservative than he is and this will backfire and galvanize the supporters. (of which I am not because he’s a big government liberal.)

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know that I even care if they’re false. What person hasn’t said something that “offended” someone else? Our ridiculously litigious society lends itself to wealth redistribution & another way to do so is to be “offended” & whine about it to the right people & get a payoff to shut up & go away. This happens ALL THE TIME in America’s corporations – ask any CEO. As Ann mentioned, these allegations weren’t that he was physically or emotionally abusive – a couple gals just didn’t like what he said. Yawn.

  • Anonymous

    those that accuse, have something to hide. look at the past history of the dem,s…jkf, teddy, bill clinton, fdr, and the boat monkey business

  • Wow, when allegations came out against Bill Clinton with more than one woman, the conservative comments were completely the opposite. When I watch Cain, he is highly egotistical and condescending to people. This is the arrogance that gives rise to my doubt that he’s innocent of these allegations.

    • Although Ann Coulter may be right about black conservatives, Geraldo seems to be the logical one this time around. The settlements are what disturb me. Why a settlement if there was nothing to the allegations AND I might believe it IF it was only ONE woman, but TWO? That tells me there is more truth in this than conservatives want to see.

      • Anonymous

        So because you think Herman Cain is “egotistical and condescending” that makes him guilty? And because Slick Willy pretended to be humble and sad he was innocent of all that cigar play, is that right?

        Geraldo is “the logical one”?? That tells me right there your train of thought is off the tracks.

        Many, many companies will “pay off” people who make complaints – doesn’t matter whether the allegations are in regard to sexual innuendo, sexual preference, racial, religious, ethic, or gender discrimination or just plain old bad job performance. Companies will pay even if there is no proof of the allegations just to get the troublemakers out the door. They don’t want to deal with people like this because it creates a bad work environment. If these people stay on the job the remaining employees find themselves waiting for the other shoe to drop. When will someone else be accused of something “improper”?

        Someone should look into the employment history of both these gals. I’ll bet both of them now have a history of making these sorts of claims. Paid off once…. why not make a living at it?

    • Garym

      Yeah, none of these candidates other than Cain have an ego. /
      These allegations are weak sauce compared to the Clenis’ many sexual allegations, including a sexual assault. Unless you have more proof of Cain’s misdeeds, GTFO.

  • Anonymous

    I like Herman but this is his death nail. Apparently he settled with these women. That looks bad. I know people have settled when allegations were made against them just to shut the media up and so the media wouldn’t destroy their good name. Still looks really bad and this may be it for Cain and boost Romney to the top. Sexual harassment is so easy to use to destroy a person as we saw with the Duke lacrosse player and Clarence Thomas. Anyone who has wrongfully accused someone and lied should be put in jail. That would solve false claims real quick.

  • Anonymous

    Bachmann’s migraines, Perry’s N-rock… You know the liberal media feels threatened when it desperately manufactures scandals…

  • Anonymous

    I can see a lot of people are fooled by this guy Cain . Just like they were with the great Messiah obama . The MSM likes giving out koolaid to the fools . Drink up .

    • Anonymous

      Naaa, you go right ahead.

  • Anonymous

    Where da White women at?

    I would prefer to beat Cain on the political issues: his support of TARP, not wanting an audit of the Fed, not understanding how economic bubbles occur, etc.

    What’s really bad for Cain is how he is handling this. This Geraldo bit is a disaster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BORPI-o3MTg

    The author of this blog post misreports the story. These women did not suddenly appear, this was two cases settled a long time ago. Also, it is my understanding that it is not the women who were talking but rather close associates like board members.

    This blogger writes, “…these allegation aren’t of inappropriate behavior…” However, the Politico story actually reads, “These incidents include conversations allegedly filled with innuendo or personal questions of a sexually suggestive nature, taking place at hotels during conferences.”

    We don’t know all the facts of the allegations and so I don’t want to jump to conclusions about it, but again, what is bad for Cain is that he is not handling this well and so he is fueling the speculation. After denying it, Cain told a reporter that he “vaguely remembered” it. That’s a total BS answer. It seems to me that if someone accuses you of sexual harassment, that’s not something you are going to “vaguely remember” even if the charges were without merit.

    I hope the charges were without merit. But I also hope that conservatives are smart enough not to nominate somebody who doesn’t want to cut big government programs, he just wants to “fix them.”

  • Jamie Lowe

    Can’t we just MOVE ON.org I don’t see how any of this will affect his ability to do his job.

  • Anonymous

    Someone needs to remind these uber liberal progressive democrats that at one time, in the not too distant past, in Texas as well as many other southern states, having that “N” word on a stone on your property was a democrat party status symbol, a pre-requisite to get elected as a democrat.

  • Anonymous

    Wake me up when the two “ladies” come forward and identify themselves!

  • Anonymous

    Consider the source: Pollutico. Using “unnamed” and “anonymous” sources. Enough said.