Herman Cain brings the house down at Values Voter Summit

This is a great speech from Herman Cain at the Values Voter Summit. As someone on twitter said, they lost count of how many standing ovations Cain got during the speech.

Here’s the full speech:

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  • It’s funny he’s not even a conservative.

    • Lemme guess. Ron Paul fan?

      • If your talking about the guy with the username “conservative”:

        Ron Paul fan? maybe. I think its a liberal thug.

        • I guess voting for TARP qualifies you as a conservative. And then, if that doesn’t do it, “Wake up people! Owning a part of the major banks in America is not a bad thing. We could make a profit while solving a problem” or “The free market purists’ objection to this is that it smacks at government control of the banking industry, which is called nationalization. They are correct. It smacks, but it is not nationalization because that would require the government to own at least 51 percent of the entity for an indefinite period of time” could. But hey, I’m just a Ron Paul fan, right? No, that’s right–I dislike him.

        • Anonymous

          Same thing.

        • L B

          “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” ronaldus magnus

          • LB your conservative comment is very true since the misinformation comes from the GOP. One is we want Small Government meaning No regulation! Thats why people are protesting since Wall street has stolen Billions. Loehman 539 Billion dissapeared 4 days after they declared bankrupcy, and all the brokers shorting the market.

            • “No regulation” is not possible…unless you want anarchy. #2, the dems are masters at Mis and Dis information.”People” are protesting because they are professional protestors, probably living off mommy and daddy, and are part of the “entitlement” generation. Wall Street doesn’t steal billions, your “Gubmint” steals trillions..and it was their screwing with the private marketplace that started this whole mess! You don’t want to buy a certain product, fine, but the hypocrites at the protest are just that, hypocrites,…except the ones living naked in caves! Small Gubmint is NOT no regulation…it is a Gubmint LIMITED as it should be..by the Constitution. The protestors, are, as Lenin so succinctly put it…”Useful Idiots”…as they are being used…I don’t think the whole lot of them could come up with one comprehensive thought that made sense!

            • Anonymous

              Government has stolen trillions!!!! No one, repeat, no one is suggesting no regulations. They are suggesting common sense, something the left seems to lack. What’s most interesting to me about OWS, is they are the grandchildren of the Hippies from the 60’s, remember free love, down with the establishment, their grand parents are in fact leading Wall Street.

      • CitizenHill

        Partisanship often leads to mental impairment and willful blindness, doesn’t it?

      • Anonymous

        Look up his Troll Number. Probably trace him back to DU. (And the halfwit that liked his comment back to moveon.)

      • zytekfan

        Look at his activity; he’s a Perry fan. Been trolling Herman Cain news stories on a variety of websites for a while.

      • I guess voting for TARP qualifies you as a conservative. And then, if that doesn’t do it, “Wake up people! Owning a part of the major banks in America is not a bad thing. We could make a profit while solving a problem” or “The free market purists’ objection to this is that it smacks at government control of the banking industry, which is called nationalization. They are correct. It smacks, but it is not nationalization because that would require the government to own at least 51 percent of the entity for an indefinite period of time” could. But hey, I’m just a Ron Paul fan, right? No, that’s right–I dislike him.

        • voting? Hmm. I don’t recall that he’s ever held political office.

          • Voting, supporting. Whatever. If you look at his record, he ran for senate in 2004.

            Interestingly enough, had he won–he’d have voted of TARP clearly. So, hey, there’s that too..

            Look I’m not trying to start any harsh feelings here, but it’s a little interesting that at the moment I bring up he isn’t a conservative because he “supported” TARP I am bashed as: A) A “Ron Paul fan” B) A liberal thug.

            • a drive-by comment that Cain isn’t a conservative is what gets you ‘bashed’.

            • I’ll say this out front: I’m sorry for calling you a liberal thug, I decided to post on gut reaction due to the inconsistency of what I saw.

              But you have a twitter account that would make the average person think you represent all reagan conservatives. Then you post a comment that a great majority of conservatives would interpret as opposition to their beliefs. What else are we suppose to conclude? and How could you not expect a repercussion like this?

              George Bush is a conservative, and he initiated TARP! I would agree that during his second term he was acting like a liberal, but just because someone goes off their beliefs for a short amount a time, doesn’t mean they are automatically not a conservative.

              Note: I was watching FNC while writing this comment, I did not see TRS’s responce.

            • Ok so he ran for senate, and now his vote would have gone along with everyone elses, as TARP passed. What Mr Cain has spoken out about was the government picking the winners and losers in the deal. Now the downside of not passing TARP, we would not be in our current “depression” we would be in a total collapse. PS dont bring the normal Paulbot talking points to a Herman Cain video, and you shouldnt have any problems. We are just as classy as Mr Cain, we dont troll the other candidates sites spreading nonsense. Take a lesson please. Hermanator 2012

            • Aww…man. You are sooo busted. You are not in reality a conservative, at all. We’ve already got you dubbed as the number #1 easiest person to fool with all of the liberally-biased reports that hit the internet. You’ve definitely got a problem with honesty, if you are one of the people spreading lies about Herman Cain.

              You can try to fool the people who do NOT know who he is, but you cannot fool the people who do. I’ve known who Herman Cain is for 8 years now; ever since he spoke at the Fair Tax conference our group held here in Pittsburgh back then — and do you have even the slightest knowledge about anything positive about him? Well, allow me to educate you. While most speakers would ask for payment, he refused; so we paid him the only way we knew how…by paying for his hotel room and meals. THAT is how humble of a man he is. I suppose YOU are probably THREATENED by that, and therefore, the only way you can lash out, is by trying to smear him. Well, the man is untouchable, when it comes to your kind.

              What’s more, is that 2 days before he announced he was running as a candidate for the POTUS, I walked up to stand in line at the booth where he was signing autographs…and he recognized me 8 years later; not to mention, behind a pair of sunglasses. Now, THAT’S the kind of president we need; one who will remember the people who voted for him, be humbled, have the humor and faith that God gave him…as well as the intelligence AND COMMON SENSE! He is our Ronald Reagan.

              And ahhh…if only the laws against slander and libel were enforced….

              • Anonymous

                Really enjoyed reading about your experience with Mr. Cain. Thanks for sharing. I just really like him, more every time I hear him talk. I think maybe you are right about that Reagan comparison. He lays it on the line like President Reagan did. I can even picture him saying, “Tear down that wall”, can’t you??

                • Anonymous

                  I met Cain at the Fla straw poll (I was there for another reason).
                  I took the opportunity to go and see him.
                  I challange any NAY SAYER to go and hear what he has to say.
                  I left 300% confident that this man can and will go all the way.
                  He is rising in the polls INSPITE of MSM and the establishment political talking heads.

            • Why are you so racist that you are against President to be Cain?

              …just been dying to say that.

              • lol… a new logo

                Vote with a clear conscience:
                Hermain Cain ~ now with 50% more black than Obama.

                i might have to photoshop up myself up a sign for election day

              • I love that it takes so little to please some conservatives. Touching, really.

            • Tarp I= Profit, Tarp II(Adulterated version) = loss. TARP isn’t just TARP. Show me how a man who wants to let businesses in America thrive isn’t conservative. Want to talk facts? Lets chat.

            • You should take it as a compliment. Ron is the only true conservative candidate to choose from. His record reveals a consistent fidelity to the U.S. Constitution and until after the NH. debates he was the only one addressing the major threat to American soveriegnty, the Federal Reserve system. You can trust him to take on the Fed and to do everything in his power to restore the American national government to its constitutional limits. Is there a doctor in the house ? You betcha !!

              • Debra Hartzog

                (Ron Paul) the only true conservative that 1. wants to legalize hard drugs such as heroin because it’s easier than fighting the drug war. 1. blames the US for 9-11 ( read his blog on his website.. quite interesting) 3. Believes that Iran has a “right” to have a nuclear bomb. Conservative, yes maybe, throwback, hippie freak ABSOLUTELY !!

                • That makes Ron Paul the only true liberal, actually.

            • He supported the concept of TARP. Not the way that it was implemented. He has said this many times.

          • If they have held high office, they have sold their soul and are owned by the Unions or Big business. Throw them all out. Go Cain!

        • He didnt vote to TARP tard, he was a citizen at the time and Im certain he is a conservative and not a libertardian. Herman Cain is setting the GOP ablaze and Ronnie is roasting his weinie on the flames. Face the music “conservative” exit stage “left”

        • Why would TARP make you a conservative? Because it was instituted under Bush? What makes you think he’s a Conservative? He’s a progressive (lite) much like McCain, Romney and Perry…A Conservative abides by the Constitution…and if you think ANY government involvement in the private sector is a good thing, you have been drinking the koolaid. Why would anyone think the biggest bureaucratic mess in the world would do ANY good in a private company??? Beyond me!

      • Leo

        I am not a Ron Paul fan but I am not a Cain fan either. It concerns me greatly that Cain engaged in the Liberal Media’s false smear of Perry. Prior to that I was considering Cain along with Gingrich and Perry. After the false smear, I wrote Cain off my list. I will not vote for a candidate that violates President Reagan’s 11th Commandment by engaging in the Liberal Media’s false smear of another Republican.

        It is incumbent on all of us to scrutinize all of these candidates including Herman Cain. Otherwise the Liberal Media will lead us down the road to perdition as they did the last time. When the Liberal Media starts touting a Candidate like they have done with Cain it sets off my alarm bells.

        • That is pretty weak Leo, the question was presented in such a way that there was only one way to answer it, typical Liberal Media trick. Did you listen to the whole interview?

          • Leo

            Of course, I listened to the entire interview and since I started scrutinizing Cain, I have discovered many troublesome things about him: he said that he would pick Romney as his VP; he like Romney supported the Bank Bailout (TARP); he is a Former Fed Chairman and he wants to keep the Fed’s Banking Records secret; he like Romney draft dodged the Vietnam War; and he has said that States have the right to overrule our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms.

    • Cain is a conservative and unlike Perry and Romney, he was a conservative when Bill Clinton was president. Cain challenged Clinton on health care when Clinton tried to pass HillaryCare.

      • Eh2Zed

        You forgot something. After he confronted Clinton, other CEO’s ran the numbers based on what Cain said on the TV townhall, and discovered he was EXACTLY right and Clinton was wrong. That was the turning point for Hillary care. After that moment, the money went to the anti hillarycare camp and the plan was rejected by the citizens in an overwhelmingly loud voice of dissent.

      • …and schooled Clinton, BIG TIME

    • Anonymous

      Cain is Able!!! FTW. If you’ve seen the movie the program, it originated there. I take half credit.

    • Ron Paul is not a conservative…he is a Libertarian. Now, I have a libertarian bent, so I like Ron, but he is un-electable. Cain is the ONLY conservative running!

    • Are you stupid or something? He said he believes life starts at conception, marriage is between a man and a women, and he supports the 2nd amendment. Pull your head out!

  • Anonymous

    I’m ready to MAINLINE the CAIN LINE.

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to see him goto Foreign Policy school with John Bolton as his teacher…

      • foreign policy comes down to having a core set of values. Period.That way no matter what gets thrown at you you know where you stand and what to do.

        • Anonymous

          You bet, Boxers! You said exactly what I was thinking. I’ve heard twice today about how he’s not well educated on foreign affairs. The man knows fair from unfair, and right from wrong and is not afraid to stand firm on it. I wonder how much foreign affairs knowledge President Reagan had. He was great at it!

      • Anonymous

        Two thumbs up for Bolton. Bolton has the policy experience and he is articulate. (he has what Huntsman only wished he had…swipe!) He served in several positions during Reagan and G W Bush in the State Dept and Justice Dept. He is also friends with Clarence Thomas…There’s another big plus. Let’s hope that he might become a part of Cain’s administration where experience and rational brain power could be appreciated and profoundly applied.

        • Anonymous

          No reply adequate, you said it all.

      • Bolton would surely be secretary of state.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a wonderful idea! I was kind of sad that Bolton didn’t run.

      • Anonymous

        how about as a better idea, bring Bolton on board and have hillary go buy a pants suit or two.

  • I was hoping you would have something on Perry at the summit. I guess you are a Cain supporter. hahaa he is a good man but I think Perry is better for the job of President. Thank you for all you do.

    • I was unable to get his speech live, but I plan on posting it tonight.

      • Anonymous

        Good, thanks. I love the values voter campaigners.

      • Anonymous

        You’re the best, RS

      • Thank you RS I really appreciate it. Your the best!

    • Anonymous

      Obama wil destroy Perry in a debate. The MSM is doing it again. They will do softballs on Perry and romney until we elect them.
      Then they will DESTROY THEM.
      I assure you, Cain can and will beat Obama in a debate.
      Look back to YouTube for Cain versus bill Clinton. Cain handed him his head.

  • Anonymous

    perry’s speech was better

  • Anonymous

    What makes Perry a better candidate?

  • Anonymous

    Obama needs to be beaten with a Cain.

  • I know Herman will be fiscally conservative because he put his gum in a handkerchief at the beginning of the speech instead of throwing it in the trash. I bet he re used it after the speech.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic speech, I tried to find the teleprompter but couldn’t. Must have done it the way real people do speeches, from the heart.

    • actually there were two teleprompters. You can see them at the end as he leaves the stage.

  • BRAVO Herman Cain

  • Steven

    My God, my God, my God, my Gawd! This man may just do it. He may just do it! Cain is changing the game! Barn burner of a speech, from a proud man, an unabashed conservative willing to put all on the line and stand up for Tea Party principles! As long as Cain stands firm and articulates his vision like he did today, I’m going to be raising some Cain!

  • Joe

    He’s good! – What no teleprompter?

    He is looking all over – means there is NO teleprompter

    He is speaking from the heart!

    Help GET THE WORD OUT – Send http://www.therightscoop.com/
    to FIVE Republican friends today

    (please don’t bother with Democrats – they obviously won’t listen anyway
    besides being annoying)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always loved Cain’s speaking. He’s very exciting. Wonderful speech here.

    The issue I have with him is that (as he said) he’s never held office. Some people see that as a plus, but I take issue with it. Just because he’s a wonderful speaker and has great ideas, what in his track record says he can get his policies enacted through Congress? He’s never worked there.

    I’m not a detractor, but I would be so much happier with him if this was settled.

    • my problem with Perry is that he’s made it where he is through political favors.a good example of that is his support of Al Gore. You grease enough palms you can get anywhere. Now that Perry has to stand on his own he doesn’t cut it.
      Romney has issues-the main one being he’s been on both sides. Like Perry-whatever it takes to get elected. Cain-on the other hand-will have the backing of the American ppl. He’s not beholden to anyone. Ronald Reagan knew that. Go to the American ppl. Perry/Romney if you like the status quo. You vote the same old-you get the same old. You can attack Cain and say he’s not up to the job but i think he’s a FAR better choice than the Romney-Perry deal.

      • Anonymous

        You know, if Cain had won that state Senate seat in Georgia, I’d be thrilled to death with him. As it is, I have some misgivings, but I like him a lot. Especially considering that I think Perry and Romney are punks. Especially Romney.

        It’s this: how can you get a job if you’ve never done something similar? Flip side: how can you possibly get this job when your past experience has made you too dirty to get this one? Rock and a hard place, I guess.

        BTW, just to clarify; not attacking. Thinking and doing my own soul-searching of what I think of him. I’ll attack Romney though if you want. 😉

        • Anonymous

          Steprock, Here’s something to consider; while it’s nice to have experience, I think it’s more important to know what needs to be done and how you can accomplish it. Cain strikes me as the kind of man willing to bring in qualified people with actual experience to assist. He won’t choose pikers like Turbo Tax Timmy.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, he’s got some clear advantages. I’m starting to take him more seriously now, which is why I’m questioning.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t understand why being a corporate CEO is not considered a (more than) adequate substitute for elected office. Corporate politics is just like elected politics, only with a bottom line (accountability). I don’t know why we venerate politicians just for being warm bodies in a chair.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, all.

            The reason, as someone else pointed out on this site, is that a CEO has more direct power, like a dictator (even though they have a board).

            My only contention is that politics is its own animal. I don’t want this great guy to go in there full of awesome ideas and find himself trampled because he hasn’t been around that particular block.

            I’m torn on this issue. People say he can have aids and advisors and that experience in that arena is actually a negative. I kind of see the point, but I don’t buy it. I’d prefer someone who understands the game and has proven that they know how to win. A guy who says he’s going to turn the game up on its end may well be fooling himself.

            Washington is an ugly mess. Can Herman Cain navigate it successfully? So far, he’s the best candidate on the GOP ticket, but that pool’s getting pretty shallow these days.

            • Anonymous

              I get what you’re saying, but here’s my angle: A CEO may be a dictator, but you can’t dictate the bottom line. Dictatorial power means nothing if your job is to turn loss into profit and you can’t do it.

              And, yes, political institutions undoubtedly have entrenched interests that will balk at change, but so do markets and so do corporations. A CEO that goes in and starts busting heads is not going to get the cooperation he needs to do his job.

              Corporations are highly, highly political organizations. CEO’s are not dictators, they are executives–just like presidents. They are given a lot of authority, but results ultimately depend on factors like leadership, diplomacy, and problem-solving ability.

              Cain’s not going to be able to solve everything in DC overnight–no one could. But anyone who can deal with shareholders–who have as much or more “skin in the game” as career bureaucrats–is qualified IMHO.

              Not arguing, I respect your opinion. But that’s the kind of problem I want to have.

              • Anonymous

                Actually, that is the best thought out and direct answer to my question I’ve heard. I appreciate it.

                Generally, folks have been saying “No experience? That’s great!”

                Hearing how his experience as a CEO can translate to the White House is a very good take. Your response helps ease my lingering doubt.

                • Anonymous

                  Plus, Imagine the dream team he could have. Newt Gingrich as Chief of Staff (very knowledgeable of DC) Bolton as Secretary of State, Paul as Treasury Sec, Allen West for Department of Defense, Chris Christie for Department of Labor..my how the liberals would cry

                • Anonymous

                  As I stated last night, Cain has not been a robotic part in the RNC political machine and owes no “political favors” when choosing this powerhouse of a cabinet. It will all come down to who is best qualified for the position as well as who will serve the PEOPLE and the Constitution of the USA.

                  My bumper sticker would read: CAIN removes STAIN!

                  And as we are throwing names out for all of these cabinet positions, any thoughts for VP?

                • Anonymous

                  I vote Rubio.

                  1) I honestly believe he is absolutely the best choice on the merits.
                  2) To see American liberals just completely lose their goddamn minds, and not get them back for between four and sixteen years.

                  (1) is more than enough. (2) is just gravy. Sweet, delicious, liberal brain gravy.

                • Anonymous

                  That would be my #1 choice as well, but he emphatically states that he will turn down the offer. Someone else mentioned Raul Labrador. Anyone have comments on him or other suggestions?

                • Anonymous

                  Cool! 🙂 Cheers!!!

            • Lets not forget there will be only 7 seats that need to change hands to the republicans in the Senate. That happens,we control the Senate with a Republican Cain president. Imagine just imagine

          • Anonymous

            Our founding fathers INTENDED AND EXPECTED our elected politicians to come from the “people” NOT trial lawyers and career politicians.
            Lets grant them their wish.
            Cain 2012
            Please donate

            • Anonymous

              Hear, hear!

        • Rocket scientist vs. Community organizer?

          • Anonymous

            Ain’t that the truth.

            Yeah, I just don’t want to see him get bamboozled or have to pull Obama’s “on the job training” crap. But Cain’s run a major company, worked for the Navy, run for office, and was in the Fed in Kansas, I believe it was.

            I thought the same thing about Palin: love him to death and his rhetoric and ideas, but where’s the proof he can succeed in this arena? I’m willing to vote for him, I just have some reservations still.

            [edit] Technically, it was the opposite with Palin. She had experience in government, but hadn’t run a company.

            • Oh my, government in its current state is a failure. You have a bunch of rich people trying to tell us how to run our lives, stealing our money and property, giving it to their top contributors under the guise of bailouts and loan guarantees (Solyndra) telling us its for our benefit, selling us out to foreign governments. Do you really want more of the same? The rules of math and economics apply the same to business and government. Government has chosen to ignore them and look where we’re at. We need a President who understands that you can’t continue to spend what you don’t have.

    • Anonymous

      That is why you have a cabinet and aids.

      • Anonymous

        “Aides.” Having AIDS is something different! :O


    • Anonymous

      I can understand your concern over someone who hasn’t held office, but he has been in multiple positions of leadership, even including the largest private group in the US, the National Restaurant Association, and has done quite well. Plus, he is willing to admit what he doesn’t know and “talk to the experts”. I don’t want someone who thinks they know everything, I want someone who knows that they don’t and are willing to surround themselves with the most successful people in the fields. With his integrity, I have no doubt in Cain’s ability to be our next president, and to do what this president campaigned on, to unite us once more.

      • Eh2Zed

        Have any of you considered that Cain could pick Newt as his VP choice. Top business man in the top spot, to fix the economy. The most gifted government and policy insider to help fix the problems of over government.

        • I like Newt and think that if he were vp, we’d actually have an intelligent person in that spot for the first time in many years.

    • Anonymous

      Look at it this way, Cain was good enough to win his superiors over at Pilsbury to award him a certain position that allowed the company to make more money which means lerning more and making the company more efficient in operational terms. That didn’t mean firing the employees and stripping the company down to it’s essentials and selling it off like some other politician who’s father was famous for being governor of Michigan.

      Cain worked hard to get his advancements in business world and was rewarded for it. Motiviating others is part of the job of the CEO and he was great at it. This will transfer to his dealings with the Congress. Remember, the Congress is packed full of idiots that are isolated from the real world by their own choosing. Of course some of them are the exception to this rule.

      You can expect Cain to give real thought to problems, listen for the possible solutions from a cabinet of advisors and make the correct decision for the country totally opposite to the current usurper in the Whitehouse who as we all come to know, playing golf, vacationing and bad mouthing the country he’s supposedy leading is his preference.

      Most of the political pundits would prefer him to have that experience because it would give them something to dig up from his past like political favors to lobbyists or preferred groups and use it against him. They got zilch with this guy and their all belly aching about it. Many of those types bashed Reagan’s acting career to go after him claiming he wouldn’t know how to deal with the real world but they were totally wrong, were they not?

    • Government in its current state is a failure. You have a bunch of rich people trying to tell us how to run our lives, stealing our money and property, giving it to their top contributors under the guise of bailouts and loan guarantees (Solyndra) telling us its for our benefit, selling us out to foreign governments. Do you really want more of the same? The rules of math and economics apply the same to business and government. Government has chosen to ignore them and look where we’re at. We need a President who understands that you can’t continue to spend what you don’t have.

    • So, no new candidates ever? Experience in office is overrated, leadership is not seen only in office. (sometimes we see more lack of it).

  • Anonymous

    Here is a bumper sticker idea for the general election “Cain vs Unable”

    • Anonymous

      Its available in the Herman Cain store on his website

      • Anonymous

        Little frustrated w/ the store right now. Have ordered some stuff so I can promote “my man” even more. Been over 2wks. & haven’t gotten anything, and I have emailed them about it w/ no reply as of yet (going on 3 business days now for that!). Anyone have a number I can call? Can’t seem to find one on the site [easily].

  • Anonymous

    So why exactly is the black community and their leadership NOT PROUD of this gentleman ?

    • Anonymous

      Because he doesn’t have a D after his name. They have all been brainwashed to follow the D and doesn’t fit their agenda of entitlements.

      Cain / Bolton or Newt 2012!

    • there are conservatives in the black community who are very proud of Herman Cain.

      • Anonymous

        Conservatives are patriotic Americans whose skin color doesn’t color their values.
        OTOH , those who call themselves the ” black community” are of no value to their herders errr…er ..I mean leaders other than their skin color.
        IMHO ofcourse !

        • Anonymous

          Respectfully, I think you’re out of line here, cheezwhizz. I understand your sentiment, but there’s no reason to slam Boxers. It’s just semantics. I’m heartened to be reminded that there are many blacks who are proud of Herman Cain–and, of course, how could it be any other way?

          The Left has deeply poisoned our language, and we’re all struggling with it. What’s important is not the signifier, but the signified. We’re all friends here. The enemy is out there.

          To digress: Maybe I’m naive, but I truly believe that conservative, patriotic Americans are as colorblind a group as you will ever find, anywhere. I used to be a liberal, but their race obsession is just neurotic and creepy. Yet, as unified as we are, I think Cain could bring us even closer together.

          In the long run, there is only one identity that is worth throwing down for: “American.” If you’re a patriot, you can be green with three heads, and the first round of beers will be on me. If you’re a socialist and/or America-hater, you could be my identical twin, and I’d want nothing to do with you.

  • Anonymous

    ” Time to beat Obama with a Cain ! ”

    • Anonymous

      Did anyone notice the song that was playing before and after the speech ?

      ” I am America” by Krista Branch

      Love it ! Here’s another from Krista

      “Remember who we are ”

      • Anonymous

        I heard Krista’s music prior to 2010 elections…Great stuff, great cd…brings me to tears at times.

      • Yes, I LOVE that song. It’s been played at a couple of our tea parties. The second one, I am not as familiar with, but I like the song, just the same! I’m always paying attention to music…lol By the way, has anyone heard Herman Cain sing? There was a gospel CD he came out with during the mid-90’s and it’s great!

        Here’s the link:

  • Anonymous

    It you wanna stop the pain, vote for Cain….if you wanna live with your momma, vote for Obama!
    Crackers for Cain!
    Yes we Cain!
    This is my guy. I am in 100%.
    If we do not support him , the Romney machine will win and that scares me to death

    • Thank you very much for making me smile- I needed that! You need to make those into bumper stickers.

  • Anonymous

    This man deserves a shot as the POTUS…I hope he makes it.

  • Anonymous

    Romney will never get the nomination-Palin will make sure of that. Its Cain or Perry, and she will whip the 3rd tier candidates into endorsing anybody but Romney.

    Romney WILL BE DEFEATED as a nominee.

  • Can’t wait to see him debate the girly-man Obummer!

  • Anonymous

    He needs to start referring to him as “Achmadinnerjacket”

    • Anonymous


  • He’s fresh. He’s intelligent. He’s honest. What a novelty. He admits when he doesn’t have all the information. He gives the American public credit for being intelligent human beings capable of informed decision-making, instead of treating them like they’re idiots. I’m sure he’s not perfect, because he’s human, but I really don’t want anyone else up there in that office at this point. He may not know how Washington works, but I think Washington doesn’t know how America works. He can learn laws and processes, but I hope he never picks up the Washington mentality.

    • Anonymous

      Add to that how can anyone have all the information if the government has been lying to you for the last 2.7 years at every turn. That’s precisely how to answer that question, turn on Obamakov’s disinformation campaign to keep the country in the dark about what he’s really been up to, why and the true condition of it.

  • Anonymous

    Herman Cain is the first real American Conservative candidate that our nation has seen since Ronald reagan spoke to us 2 decades ago. This man has a true understanding of our constitutional rights that have been dwindled away from us by the progressive liberal democrats since. His grasp of the economy will bring great things for america and our people. Herman Cain is real. Herman Cain understands.Herman Cain sees the true issues that can bring prosperity back to America. A Herman Cain in the whitehouse, our house, the house of the American people, will put a face on America that will bring back the well desrved respect this nation once held and deserves. I support Herman Cain. Herman cain will be the next president of the United States of America.

    • Sarah Palin was the first since Ronaldus Magnus, but I’ll take Cain, too, thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

    Keep it up Mr. Cain, I appreciate your willingness to take on all comers including the angry, race baiting blacks. With your attitude sir this country will never succumb to socialist, Marxist, communist, atheist ruination.

  • This guy is it. We have to elect him. He is the anti-Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Rousing. Resonant. This guy’s a plain talker in a field of Washington-speak.

  • Anonymous

    He sounds exactly Samuel L. Jackson sometimes. Please don’t tell me Mr. Jackson’s political bent because I’m finding it kind of cool at the moment. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It seems evident that, with Sarah sitting this one out (good for her, by the way), that CAIN is the most promising true-blue Reagan conservative. Romney and Perry are not worthy of our thoroughgoing trust and support. If you want to show him some support, sign up at hermancain.com.

  • Herm is totally comfortable in front of an audience. What a motivator. He knows this stuff inside out. He is a good speech maker. He has some rickety planks in his Run after the convention. But he has integrity. If he runs with Mr. Integrity – Allen West – I’m going to walk my precinct with tremendous pride.

    • Anonymous

      I heard his say his enemies call him “Herm”.

  • Ahhhhhhh. It’s refreshing to listen to common sense and decency after the leftist two stepping drivel from the occupy marchers. Thank you Scoop.

  • Watch his interview with Larry O’Donnell on MSNBC (Politico has it posted)…. Cain nails every question that the Euro-wannabe O’Dumbell throws at him…

    • I also have it posted! Shame on you for not knowing that 😉

  • We the people that support Herman Cain know the reasons we like him, or should I say love the man? We are sold. No troll will convince me otherwise. End of story. Ive been in the Cain camp since April and Im not going anywhere.

    • Anonymous

      Ditto Bill…Once I heard him I knew he was the one! I am on the Cain train!

    • Love The Herman Cain.

  • Anonymous

    I’m HOPEful for this CHANGE. Yes we CAIN. Just imagine…a problem solver in the White House. I bet Herman Cain would actually stay in Wash. DC and work.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i got a fever.. and the only thing that will remedy this fever is more Cain please.

  • Anonymous

    From his heart to my heart- God, family and country love.

  • Herman Cain is the real deal! Read my eyewitness report of how #Cain2012 won the Florida Presidency 5 Straw Poll! http://bryanlongworth.com/2011/09/28/florida-presidency-5-report-why-did-delegates-hop-on-the-herman-cain-train/

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this man has got IT! This is how a real president looks like, speaks, and leads. God bless him!

    • Anonymous

      Your cross, Orthodox, is a wonderful sight for my eyes. And I agree with you on your assessment of Mr. Cain.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is captivating, a great speaker. I like his no nonsense dialogue. I loved how he would “clarify” and really appreciated his blunt stand on “life” and “marriage”. I don’t think this guy would flip flop. I hope he stays on top. Can’t wait for the next debate.

  • Anonymous

    Ok I admit I’m stealing this from Dennis Miller (but he said anyone could have it) – I want a bumper sticker that says “Cain vs. Unable, 2012”. I am praying there are enough rational voters out there to put this man in the White House in 14 short months.

    • Anonymous

      go to the store at HermanCain dot com..$5 donation gets you the ‘Cain vs. UnAble’ bumper sticker, you’ll be ready to roll!

      • Anonymous

        Oh yay! I shoulda known someone would print some up, thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • URCallingMeNames

    This guy is the real deal. I was waiting on Palin before I got committed. So she passed, probably a good decision, hope she runs for Senate in 2014. Tea Party Patriots we need to get behind this guy in a big way.

    He needs a BIG fund raising quarter to be considered a threat. Let’s help him!. I gave my 1st money to a candidate in this 2012 battle today to Herman Cain. Go here to help


    I’m just a regular joe. The country can’t take anymore of these crappy politicians. Cain is smarter then any 3 of us. Look at his resume if you don’t believe me. Let’s make it happen and change the wold.

  • David Robertson

    I gave my first political donation ever to Palin. Who would have thought I would do it a second time in he same election cycle? I am on the train.

  • Greg

    Hermain Cain was already a great speaker but, over the last couple of months, he has become very polished and he sounds like a leader and a president.

    For the Republican nomination, it is now between Herman Cain and Mit Romney. Herman Caine is the one who can win and he has my vote. For me, the only question now is who will be his Vice-President.

    CAIN 2012!

  • Anonymous

    Saw him speak at Presidency 5 and this is exactly why he won the Straw Poll in FL. He is the real deal and he has my vote!

  • Anonymous

    This guy is the Real Deal. I was waiting on Palin, but she passed which is a good move. GOD would I love to live under a 9,9,9 tax code. YES I would create more jobs. I own 5 businesses. Like many others I am a John Galt strike.

    But he needs to raise 10 Million this quarter to be taken seriously. Let’s help him. I gave my 1st contribution to the 2012 campaign today to Cain. Tea Party Patriot arise! this is our moment.


    Time is short, if we don’t get a real person elected soon, we are done. If you can’t donate money , donate time. I’m just a regular Joe… we have to make this happen!

  • Dan

    day 3 A.S.P. and after listening to this speech i will be all out for Cain…i loved him all along but was waiting for Sarah Palin…(still heart broken)but it is what it is and we must move on to getting rid of the Marxist in Chief…on that note i updated my “I Am the Tea Party” and will post it at the right time…CAIN 2012

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes, it does take a rocket scientist. Cain 2012!

    • Dan

      but sometimes it does…..

  • Peter Boddie

    Awesome speech! Cain has been giving speeches (sans teleprompter) like this at Tea Party and conservative events for the past year and every time he brings down the house, and wins the straw poll. The pundits and press have missed the story, and the Democrats and Republican establishment are getting worried. Keep a weather eye for storms brewing (Lawrence O’Donnell just fired the first pathetic shot), but Herman is up to the task. And it is up to us to see that he gets the fair shot he deserves.
    Oh and by the way, Cain’s “surprising” rise in the national polls, is no surprise to Tea Party activists, or to Pundit Pete. In fact, Pundit Pete, in a September 27 post, predicted a Cain victory and a few other things. Check it out, then bookmark it for an upcoming in-depth insider story about the Cain campaign strategy.
    Pundit Pete has a little fun with the news, but there a good dose of truth in every story – certainly more than your average news source. One clue to the next post. It will end with an admonition to Mr. Cain that he can’t be president, and after reading the story, you’ll know why.

  • If Cain were to come out and announce that his running mate, if he were to win the nomination, would be Allen West … it would be all over. Why wait? The two of them could save the black youth and put this country on the right track.

    • Anonymous

      according to the CBC they are not black

  • Anonymous

    An embryo has no rights. Only human beings have rights. The living take precedence over the not-yet-living. An actual life should not be sacrificed for the sake of a potential life.

    Conservatives advocate individual rights for human beings, but as soon as a woman is pregnant, they suddenly advocate the violation of those rights.

    If an embryo has rights, then your tonsels, appendix and skin have rights too, since they are also clumps of cells. If Conservatives were consistent, then they would also say that tonsel removal is murder, that appendix removal is murder, and so on.

    Think, Conservatives. You are not advocating individual rights; you are advocating their violation.

    • Human life begins at conception. Woman’s rights END where a child’s rights begin. A Child IS a human being. A child is just as dependent on the mother for survival outside the womb as it is inside the womb. Yes, Conservatives advocate individual rights for human beings, but as soon as the woman is pregnant, there are TWO individuals who have rights to be considered. Your strawman argument shows how YOU have not thought things through at all. God help you.

      • Anonymous

        “Human life” begins when those ‘cells’ have fully formed into a form that can exist outside of the womb. UNTIL that happens, it’s not a human being. A clump of cells is NOT human life. Human life is proper to ACTUAL human beings, and nothing else.

        Human life is being able to do everything that you, I and everyone else here can do. Does a clump of embryos have all five senses?? NO. So don’t call it a bloody human being when it is clearly NOT.

        Why do you Conservatives get so stupid when it comes to topics like abortion? You’re smart when it comes to economics and politics, but you become total bloody retards when it comes to so-called controversial issues like abortion. You talk about clumps of cells being the same thing as fully formed human beings. You talk about human beings having individual rights, and then proceed to DENY those rights to women, just because they have a clump of cells inside them.

        • Anonymous

          Since you are so into name calling… let’s level the playing field shall we.

          Hey FOOL… that one month old child outside the womb CANNOT ” do everything that you, I and everyone else here can do.” He cannot even survive alone and neither can he “do everything” at 4 months old, neither can he at 2 years old, neither can he at ten years old. Logic… Fail!

          I’m glad you have defined when life starts. Just one problem with that. Your definition is different from how life itself defines when it starts. But keep searching there Kierkegaard… you’ll eventually get there. Until then, you may want to stay in the kiddie pool.

        • Josh

          Abortion, to you, means birth control. Why? Because you are the worst type of idiot that has ever been produced by this world. An educated one. When did you get more knowledge than God? When did you become supreme designer of this world?
          Do not dare call any of us “retards” when, by my standards you are less worthy to exist than thousands of embryos that have the potential to perform millions of good works. You pass judgement without thinking. You condemn without understanding. You do not hold anyone accountable for their own actions, but defame those who raise the question.
          If this country does not return to solid Christian values and a reliance on God, the Creator, then it does not matter if Obama, or Biden, or even you, Kordane, become President. The chances of the United States continuing as a nation without repentance, are slim at best. I pray God stays his hand, but it is getting harder and harder to find the 10 men in the USA worth saving. Gen 18:32

          • Anonymous

            Conservatives DO get retarded when it comes to such issues, because you’re all for individual rights, UNTIL a woman has a clump of cells growing inside her. You all become bloody altruists, clamouring for the sacrifice of the women for the sake of a clump of cells. You don’t care about her life, you don’t give a crap about her interests, you don’t care about her being able to pursue her happiness; you want to MEDDLE and CONTROL her life and her body, no differently than the bloody statists whom think that they know how to run your own life better than you do. You are no different from the statist, when it comes to issues like abortion. You want to control people. You want to run their lives for them. Damn you for it.

            A woman’s body belongs to her, and until that embryo becomes a body that is capable of existing independent of the woman’s body, then it is a part of the woman’s body no different from any other organ, and she can choose to remove it if she so wishes, just as she can choose to remove her tonsils or appendix. Her body belongs to her, NOT to you and your fellow meddling and controlling Conservatives.

            • Anonymous

              Yup… keep munchin’ on that “women’s right to their bodies” nonsense which, by the way, was thought up by Bernard Nathanson… America’s preeminent abortion doctor who founded the movement to repeal the abortion laws. He admitted that women’s rights was a bogus but useful agenda notion to be used as a political argument to advance the abortion machine. He then reversed his position and became fiercely pro-life. Look him up.

              So keep splashing around in that kiddie pool of weak and debile justifications for the indefensible. The only way you can keep arguing such falsities is if you think you can succeed in calling it a “lump of cells”… an appendix… tonsils… a cancerous growth… whatever fantasy comes to mind.

              The you parade around in false sanctimony by pretending to take up the cause of women’s rights. It’s the same predictable uninnovative and intellectually empty pseudo ideas.

              On all counts science has proven you wrong… that’s why you fall back on vacuous and empty false justifications. If you were to put two honest minutes into acknowledging the scientific truths, you may be persuaded. But then again… the argument is NEVER about science… that’s why pro-abortion people never argue science… they argue left-wing emotion. Always!

              Oh and P.S. It’s the pro-life people who do care about women. Unsurprisingly you got that backwards as well. The pro-abortion advocates only pretend to care about the women… because it advances their narrative.

            • Eh2Zed

              Maybe if she learned how to close her legs better, she wouldn’t have that “clump of cells” in there that might ruin her life. The use of abortion is predominantley as birth control. Not for any other reason. So either learn how to use a rubber, the pill, or even foam and the sponge, or learn how to close your legs.
              “A woman’s body belongs to her, and until that embryo becomes a body that is capable of existing independent of the woman’s body, then it is a part of the woman’s body no different from any other organ, and she can choose to remove it if she so wishes, just as she can choose to remove her tonsils or appendix.”
              If that is the case, then how do you explain late term abortions that kill a viable baby. Considering a baby can live outside the womb after 6 months in the womb, then why are babies aborted at 8 months, then killed or ignored till they die. YOU MAY WANT TO NOTE, REMOVING A HEALTHY APPENDIX OR TONSILS IS AGAINST THE LAW AND AGAINST EVERY COVENANT OF THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH.

              • Anonymous


                good point!

            • Josh

              I read every post you made in this thread. I am a fairly intelligent person and there is just one thing that I do not understand from you. Why are you so incredibly adamant about not giving rights to a fetus? What could it possibly hurt to extend the basic right to (in your words, not mine) become a life?

              Based on what you are laying on the table, you are very close to this situation and that is really too bad. It would be great if every child were born to two loving and devoted parents who were rich beyond necessity and who had a life plan to raise a child. The sad truth is that this does not happen every time and when it does, there are moral boundaries that are tested. I hope, for your sake, that you can open your heart a little and see what we are advocating. Me, NCHokie2, and others are not using pure intellect, we are using a moral and emotional line as well.

              While cases of rape and incest test me from time to time, I ask you these questions: In cases where the woman is using abortion as a form of birth control, should she not be held responsible for her actions? Is there any, ANY case where you can see that abortion is wrong? If not, where does that leave the father of the child (clump of cells, your words)? Does he not have a right to protect his seed?

    • Mike Jones

      That was just stupid. A human embryo is a human life and it is alive. Educate yourself on things like when brain activity starts, when a heartbeat starts, when that life will react to outside stimuli. Don’t worry I won’t hold your ignorance and lack of compassion against you.

      I’m sure you are a staunch supporter of the death penalty then, just for consistencies sake 😉

      • Anonymous

        An embryo is NOT a human being. They’re two entirely different things.

        Now yes, “one day in the future” it may develop into a human being – But right that moment, as a clump of cells, it is most certainly NOT a human being.

        A human being is not a clump of cells. A human being has DEFINITE qualities, totally unlike that of a clump of cells.

        And don’t give me that crap about compassion. You Conservatives deny compassion to the WOMAN (note: An actual, living, fully independent HUMAN BEING), because you sacrifice her, right up there on your Conservative altar, for the sake of a clump of cells. You are the evil ones. You really are.

        • Anonymous

          evil?? because we would prefer to have the mother bring the child into this world wether she raises it or gives it up for adoption rather than end it’s life before it even has a chance?? Thats evil??

          People like you tend to get to name calling when you have lost the argument.

          • Anonymous

            YOU want her to bring a child into the world. There is no consideration for HER, interests at all, even though she is an “actual” human being; it’s all for the interests of a “potential” being. It’s no different from bureaucrats and politicians who think they know better than individuals in the market, meddling and forcing is all they know.

            Yes, it’s evil, because you deny the women her individual rights, just like politicians and bureaucrats do.

            Try being consistent to individual rights.

            • Anonymous

              What right is being denied?? The right to end a life?? Which life is being denied??

              • Anonymous

                By banning a woman from getting an abortion (before the objectively determined point at which an embryo is capable of existing outside of the human body), you are effectively saying that the woman does not own her own body; that she does not own her own life. Hence, you are denying her “right to life”; the right which is the source of all rights.

                • Anonymous

                  She is not being killed, so therefore her “right to life” is not being considered here.

                  This argument of yours is the same as saying drugs are illeagal so the gov’t is infringing on my right to life because it’s my body. Same argument and it’s weak.

                • Anonymous

                  A terrorist has more rights then an unborn baby.

                • Anonymous

                  The “right to life” does not simply mean the “right not to be killed”. If that is what you believe, then you have a complete lack of understanding of what this fundamental right actually means.

                  Human “life” is much more broad than “not being dead” – It’s the ENTIRE sphere of a human being’s life; it’s everything we do, as human beings; eating, sleeping, sports, business, thinking, etc etc etc.

                  The “right to life” is the source of all rights. As a Conservative, you should dedicate your time to understanding this and accepting it.

                  As for the drugs thing, the government has no right to ban drugs, since if “you own your own body” then you can harm it or destroy it, just as you can do so with any other property you own.

                  Those who advocate banning drugs do not believe that “you own your own life”; they believe that the state/society owns it.

                • Anonymous

                  So I have a right to have a job, the right to sports (whatever that means), the right to drive since thats part of life. The right to life is the right to not have your life put into jeopardy meaning death not all things that you happen to enjoy in life. That comes into liberty.

                  The right to Liberty is the source of all rights. There are many “priveledges” that people consider rights.

                • Anonymous

                  Again, you show your lack of understanding of what individual rights are.

                  Individual rights are to “freedom of action” – NOT to goods/services.

                  No, the right to liberty is the freedom from coersion or compulsion by the government. That is all. It comes FROM the “right to life”, not the other way around. The “right to life” is the broadest of ALL rights, since it encapsulates the entirety of “human life”.

                  You don’t know all this, and yet you call yourself a Conservative? What is this world coming to!

                • Anonymous

                  So then why even need to say the right to liberty? Why not just stop at life since that is all encompassing in your view?

                  You were the one that clumped business and sports into the right to life not me.

                  Liberty does stem from the right to life because without life you have nothing. However who decides what is included in the “right to life”? You? The gov’t? The individual? The things I consider my right because of my “right to life” may not include or exclude everything you consider your right because of your “right to life”.

                • Anonymous

                  Whom do you support then if not any of the candidates or Obama?

                • Anonymous

                  We are not going to agree on this.

                  Say what you will but you’re not going to convince me that someone should be allowed to terminate a life because they screwed up and got pregnant when it’s not “a good time” for them. There are plenty of children that have grown out of poverty to become great people so being poor is no reason that someone cannot have a child. It may not be preferred but they can raise children to become successful individuals as well.

                  For the states issues it should be left up to the people to decide. If they vote it in then the state can allow or ban as the people see fit.

                  Again, if this is your sticking point then vote for Obama he’s your man.

                • Anonymous

                  Let us define our terms, because when you say “They shouldn’t be allowed to terminate a life”, you are actually saying “They shouldn’t be allowed to terminate a cellular life”. You are NOT saying “They shouldn’t be allowed to terminate a human life”, since “human life” is completely different from that of “cellular life”. I shouldn’t need to give the differences between a human and a clump of cells.

                  As for you saying that a majority is all that’s necessary to ban abortion, I say that what you are advocating is the violation of individual rights by the tyranny of the majority. That is un-American. America is not a democracy – It is a constitutional republic, and that means that individual rights trump ANY majority.

                  According to you, all you need is a simple majority, and that means you can turn a state into a communist dictatorship. You have NO understanding of individual rights and what they imply.

                • Anonymous

                  Wrong, I believe that life beings at conception so abortion would be trampling the rights of that unborn human life. Just because the “cells” don’t look like a human at the time doesn’t mean they are not human.

                  I am well aware that we live in a constitutional republic and not a democracy. So the people then should have not be able to vote on any issues that come up in the state legislature correct?

                  I do understand individual rights, just because I believe that life begins at a different time then you and that the “right to life” is not all encompassing of everything that one may do during life doesn’t mean I don’t understand individual rights.

    • Anonymous

      How come the rapist can’t get the death penalty but the child can for no fault of its own?

      Its called personal responsibility. Its no surprise as to how pregnancy occurs. Use a condom or birth control or something. Because you are irresponsible enough to not take precautions to not get pregnant while engaging in the very practice that causes pregnancy doesn’t give one the excuse to end the life that they have created and now no longer want. And what is wrong with abortion?? There are tons of families that are unable to get pregnant that would love to adopt a child.

      • Anonymous

        Even if a woman got pregnant irresponsibly, it doesn’t automatically mean that she should have a child. It may be in her self interest to NOT have that child, as if often the case – But you don’t give a crap about her self interest and the pursuit of her happiness – You only care about the interests of that ‘potential’ being. You are sacrificing an actual human being for the sake of a potential human being. I cannot abide by that.

        • Anonymous

          again, what is the problem with adoption if you can’t afford to have a child or raise it in a setting that one would prefer for that child. There are hundreds of quality families that would love to adopt. So the woman now just doesn’t want to be inconviencied by her pregnancy that occured due to her irresponsibility is what you are saying now.

          • Anonymous

            If we lived in your world where abortion was banned, then there would be far more supply for unwanted children than there would be for adoptee parents. “Hundreds” of quality families would not be sufficient demand to meet the supply. So you know what would happen? – Those children would have to go to low quality families, if any at all – and I don’t need to elaborate on that.

            • Anonymous

              You assume that in a nation that has banned abortion women will continue to act irresponsibly and not have a second thought about “Wait if I get pregnant I can’t get an abortion so maybe I should take some precautions”. You make the same assumptions of the politicians that you don’t like.

              The main point that we are not going to get past is that you don’t believe that a child is a child until it is in this world. Without that belief you can do whatever you want, morals aside, as it is “just a clump of cells”. Of course we as people are just clumps of cells too. When does life begin then I ask? Do you believe in partial-birth abortion? When should abortion not be allowed?

              • Anonymous

                Conservatives believe that “life begins at conception”, which I argue is an absurd argument given that it is en par with the “life” of a tonsil or appendix, in terms of development. It isn’t the same kind of life as an actual human being has life. The embryo is the same as a tonsil or appendix, because it cannot exist outside the woman’s body, whereas at the later stages of pregnancy it is very possible for it to exist outside the woman’s body. This is when I would argue that “life” begins.

                An objective point in development time needs to be decided upon, absent of ANY distortion on religious grounds. Conservatives reject this notion; they want to decide things on religious grounds, which means absent of objectivity and absent of reason. I cannot abide by a stance that rejects objectivity and reason in an issue which sorely needs them.

                • Anonymous

                  So again when does life begin?

                  Since you are not a Christian and obviously no other religion because you believe they are “absent of objectivity and reason” there is no way that we will convince the other that we are right.

                  I do however hope that this isn’t a sticking point for you in voting for Cain as I don’t think he will attempt to overturn Roe v Wade on his first day in office and has many other positives about him. If it is then again, you might as well vote for Obama as there isn’t another person running who believes in abortion.

                  I don’t agree with abortion however I do believe that it should be a state issue and the federal government should stay out of it. There is nowhere in the Constitution that abortion falls into.

                • Anonymous

                  States’ rights do not grant states the privilege of abrogating the citizens’ individual rights.

                  Individual rights are the individual’s protection against the states and the federal government, and states’ rights are the states’ protection against the federal government.

                  Really, this all comes down to “when” we go from being a clump of cells to being a human life.

                  I argue that it is blatantly absurd to make the argument that some Conservatives have made here, that a clump of cells is exactly the same thing as a fully formed human being. I’ve had to point out why they’re not the same thing, because apparently those Conservatives lost the ability to discern between the two.

                  I argue that a clump of cells becomes a human being when it reaches the stage that it can exist independent of the woman, outside of her body. I’m no expert in biology, but I know that this can be objectively determined. Until this point, the clump of cells is PART of the woman’s body, and she should therefore have the power to do with her body as she pleases. Either you consistently believe that “we own our own bodies”, or you jump in line with the statists.

                • Anonymous

                  Again, we aren’t going to agree.

                  I don’t think the federal gov’t telling states that they MUST allow abortion is right either.

                  This is an area we don’t agree on. I do believe that people own their own bodies but once you bring another life into the matter then you are not free to end that life as you see fit, wether it’s dependant on you or not.

                  It does come down to when we believe life begins. I believe it begins at conception you don’t. You are not going to convince me otherwise and I’m’ not going to convince you either. There is not scientific data that says it has not begun at conception because cells are living things.

                  Again, if this is your sticking point with candidates then vote for Obama because he is the one you want in office.

                • Anonymous

                  The federal government shouldn’t have to tell the states to “allow” abortion, because the states shouldn’t have any power to ban abortion in the first place, since states’ rights do not abrogate individual rights.

                  Yes, cells are living things, but they are not human beings. A human being is a human being. A cell is a cell. You can’t logically call a cell, or even a clump of cells, a human being, because they’re two entirely different things, with totally different “qualities”.

                • Anonymous

                  again, those cells are in a constant state of change and developing into a human being as you know it. It has to start somewhere.

                  So states don’t have the right to ban drugs because it’s my body and thats infringing on my rights correct?

                • Anonymous

                  Yes, an embryo is “developing into” a human being, but it isn’t an actual human being until a certain point has been reached. I’ve argued that this certain point is when the embryo can survive outside of the human body. That is a point that can not only be objectively determined, but it’s also a point which ‘makes sense’, given that being able to survive outside of a human body is pretty damn fundamental to being a human being!

                  And no, states don’t have a right to ban drugs. Government, whether it’s federal or state, only has a role in protecting the individual rights, ie. retaliating against whomever attempts to violate those rights.

                  States’ rights has become such a corrupted concept that people now believe that states have an unlimited, arbitrary power over individuals.

                • Anonymous

                  Agree on the states rights, however I do believe that the people should be allowed to vote on the issues for their states. Thats why there are dry counties in states. If thats what those people want then so be it as long as it’s not infringing on another’s rights. But I believe that life begins at conception so an abortion would be infringing on that life inside the mother.

                  Again, you have your view I have mine. Just because humans don’t look the same the entire life doesn’t mean it’s not human. We disagee on this issue.

                  On the Obama issue I’m just merely stating that if your sticking point with conservative candidates is their views on being anti-abortion then I challenge you to find one that supports abortion. I don’t know of one and can only think of Obama being the pick for that side if that is preventing you from supporting any other candidate.

            • Anonymous

              You also assume that there would be an influx of unwanted babies and not enough families to provide for them. Where is data on that? I’m sure there would be a large number who were happy that they had the child and would raise it to the best of their ability once the baby was born.

              In the end if that is the only reason you aren’t supporting Herman Cain then go and vote for Obama because thats the only person running in the next election that is going to support abortion.

              • Anonymous

                There would be an influx of unwanted babies, because you’re depriving millions of women from having the option of abortion. There is no conclusive evidence to show that there is an equal number of willing and able people who would adopt those children.

                So many abortions occur each year that I really don’t believe that the demand for adoptions can meet the potential supply of unwanted babies, in the kind of world that Conservatives want. You’d end up with many unwanted babies simply being left on doorsteps, put into orphanages, or worse.

                There would not be the utopian world where every unwanted baby has adoptee parents.

                I actually support Herman Cain and want him to be president, despite not supporting him on this one issue.

        • Anonymous

          You talk about individual rights so much but don’t want any individual responsibility. Part of liberty is being responsible for your actions and if that is getting pregnant when you shouldn’t have or couldn’t have afforded it then that is something you will have to deal with, as a responsible human being. Condoms don’t cost that much there is birth control, or wait to have sex.

          And what rights of hers are being sacrificed by not allowing the woman to get an abortion??

          • Anonymous

            They can be “responsible” by getting an abortion, rather than bringing a child into poverty. I think it is completely irresponsible to have a child when you are not in reasonable financial circumstances.

            So really, individual responsibility isn’t the issue here.

            There are instances when “birth control” doesn’t actually work, and women get pregnant regardless. Even condoms have ~1% chance of failure.

            By banning abortion you prevent that women from doing what may be in her self-interest and from pursuing her happiness. You also violate the principle that “one owns one’s own body”. Therefore, you are violating her individual rights.

            See, what annoys me most is how Conservatives aren’t consistent advocates for individual rights; they’re hypocrites – They’re against the government telling them how to live their lives when it comes to stuff like what food to eat, what lightbulb to use, what toilet seat to have, and so on – but because of your totally unsubstantiated, totally theoretical religious beliefs, you declare: “government should tell people how to live their lives… government should violate people’s individual rights… by banning women from getting an abortion”.

            • Anonymous

              First I never said “government should tell people how to live their lives…government should violate people’s individual rights…by banning women from getting an abortion”. So don’t put words in my mouth.

              Second I don’t believe ending a life because you don’t want to be inconvenienced by a pregnancy and put a child up for adoption or because you are irresponsible enough to not use birth control or heaven forbid WAIT TO HAVE SEX until one is at least in a place where having a child wouldn’t “ruin their everyday lives”. Saying that birth control and condoms fail a fraction of the time is not a valid argument. People should still take precautions, I know there is a chance they won’t’ work but it is very small. I suppose you shouldn’t use a seatbelt either because in a small fraction of car accidents people die because of the seatbelt.

              You believe that life begins at some point later, whenever that is I believe it begins at conception. I do not believe that ending that life is a “responsible” thing to do. Taking precautions to not get pregnant while engaging in sex is a responsible thing to do.

              Either way we don’t and will not agree. So if this is the deciding factor in your vote go vote for Obama because thats who you want in the white house.

              • Anonymous

                Being pro-abortion is one of the few things that liberals got right. The problem is that 99% of the other stuff they advocate is wrong. Conservatives got abortion and a few other things wrong, but 99% of the other stuff they advocate is right.

                For you to claim that “life beings at conception”, even though said “life” is merely a clump of cells, is equivalent with saying that tonsils are “life” or that an appendix is “life”.

                “Human life” doesn’t just mean “sharing a genetic code” – It’s much more broad than that, because otherwise a tonsil/appendix is “human life” too, because they also shares a genetic code with human beings, so is a tonsil a human being too? No, clearly not.

                You really have to be objective about this and determine when a clump of cells stops being a clump of cells, and starts being a “human being”. I have argued here that it is only a human being when it can exist outside of the human body. That “clump of cells” which you call a human being, would die within seconds if it was outside of a woman’s body – So therefore you cannot call it a human being. The most you can call it is a “potential” human being, as opposed to an “actual” human being. The question then becomes: Do “potential” human beings have individual rights too, or do they solely come from being an “actual” human being.

                Individual rights come from our nature as a rational human being (unlike that of irrational animals). A clump of cells is neither a human being, nor rational. I have pointed out why this is the case, and if you are rational about it then you would agree that “a clump of cells is not a human being; a human being is a human being; a clump of cells is a clump of cells”. End of.

                • Anonymous

                  That clump of cells is constantly in a state of development to become a baby. There is no pause in it. Its how humans are born. So in its development you consider it not a human because it doesn’t “look like” or “act like” a human. A tonsil will never become a human, appendix will never become a human. So because life in its early stages doesn’t fit your pre-concieved notion of what a human is then it is not a human?? Your argument is weak. You cannot prove that life does not begin at conception. Again the cells are in a constant state of change and working their way to eventually become what you call human. Just because those cells don’t resemble at a certain point and time what you call human doesn’t mean they aren’t alive.

                  Once again, we disagree. You are not going to convince me otherwise. We are allowed to have our differences in opinion and beliefs…part of what makes this country great. If this is your sticking point with a candidate then vote for Obama, he’s your man.

                • Anonymous

                  Quote: “Just because those cells don’t resemble at a certain point and time what you call human doesn’t mean they aren’t alive”

                  – Cells may be alive, just as tonsils are alive when they’re apart of a body, but they are certainly not “human life”, since “human life” is much more broad than the “life” of a cell.

                  Quote: “cells are in a constant state of change and working their way to eventually become what you call human”

                  – So you admit that a clump of cells is not the same thing as a human being.

                  Also, cut the crap about voting for Obama. I disagree with 99% of what Liberals advocate, but only disagree with 1% of what Conservatives advocate. I’m not about to go vote for a Liberal over a mere 1%!

                • Anonymous

                  I consider the cells at conception a human life, however just because they don’t resemble what we think of as a human at the time doesn’t mean it is not a human life.

                  We aren’t going to agree.

                  You want not support Cain because of his position on abortion but I challenge you find a candidate running against Obama who is in favor of abortion. You may not agree with their view of abortion got it, but to not give support because of that one issue is going to be a sticking point with all candidates running against Obama for you, thats all I’m saying.

                • Anonymous

                  I’m not looking for perfection.

                • Anonymous

                  Then who do you support? You said you can’t support Cain because of his stance on abortion. I challenge you to find someone who does who also stands for conservative principles in other areas.

        • You don’t get it. They ARE an actual person and you ARE killing them. It’s no secret that throughout history that in order to get the population comfortable with mass murder you must first dehumanize the victim. That is precisely what the abortion rights activists have set out to do.

          We are immune to your dehumanizing propaganda.

    • Anonymous

      Your mother was pro-life

      • Anonymous

        No she isn’t actually. She’s pro-abortion. It’s just that she was in a good financial and marital situation to have me at the time, and was rational enough to wait for the right circumstances to bring a child into the world, rather than bring me up into poverty.

    • Anonymous

      an embryo has rights because it is a baby. your cells in the tonsils, appendix, skin or elsewhere will never become a baby.the embryo is the tiniest baby there is but it is still baby.

      • Anonymous

        A baby is not a “potential” human being, it is an “actual” human being. The clump of cells you call a baby, is a potential human being, but is not an actual human being.

        Individual rights are to actual human beings ONLY. They do not extend to ‘potential’ human beings, given the fundamental nature of individual rights which come from our nature as a rational human being, which is therefore TOTALLY different from the nature of a clump of cells which is a) not rational and b) not a human being.

        • And who assigned the word “potential” to the human-being-ness of the embryo? The assignation was based on political considerations, not scientific ones.

          • Anonymous

            “Potential” indicates that it may or may not be; its status is indeterminate. Indeed, even without abortion, there is still the chance of miscarriage. You cannot say that it is an “actual” life until it has reached the stage at which it can exist outside the body. A “life” is only ever one, when it can be lived outside the body.

        • Anonymous

          our rights come from our nature as “rational” human beings and not our Creator??? rational is a relative term.

          • Anonymous

            Our rationality, ie. the ability to use “reason” – Is what separates us from other animals; it means that we have a nature unlike that of animals, and should therefore consider ourselves differently not only in relation to animals, but also in relation to eachother. Individual rights are the freedoms of action that are “right” to us, when amongst other human beings. If we did not have reason, then individual rights would be impossible, because reason is a prerequisite.

    • Anonymous

      Yah…and the problem with you Libs is that you think whales, dogs, cats, and trees rights too.

      Go put your nose in the corner Kordane, and don’t get up until Herman Cain becomes president!

      • Anonymous

        I’m not a liberal, I’m an objectivist, which is the complete opposite side of the political spectrum.

    • Please show us the science that says an embryo is not an individual, living, human being.

      • Anonymous

        An embryo cannot exist outside the body; it can exist within a body.
        A human being can exist outside the body; it cannot exist within a body.

        An embryo does not have the five human senses.
        A human being does have the five human senses.

        An embryo doesn’t have fully developed organs.
        A human being does have fully developed organs.

        There, three fundamental differences, which I could go on ALL day long about, giving you differences between the two.

        I mean, just look at an embryo and then look at yourself. The two are NOT the same bloody thing!!

        • So, by your definition, a child born deaf and blind is not a human?

        • ….and you, Kordane…would not be the stubborn human you are if some woman had not allowed you to be the embryo you needed to be inside of her to become human…therefore embryos and humans are one and the same…we ALL NEED one another to survive in this world! God bless your stubborn mind! ~ tjw

          • Anonymous

            Yes, that woman “allowed” me to become a fully formed human being, because it was her CHOICE. The system you Conservatives talk of is one in which freedom of choice is removed, and the government comes in to FORCE people to have a child whether they want one or not. You don’t realise the harm, both financially and mentally that having a child that a woman does not want, can do to that woman. I may have been born, but I would have had a pretty terrible life if my mother was in poverty and wasn’t mentally prepared to have me.

            Embryos may be “life”, but they’re life just like a tonsil or an appendix, and the absurdity lies in the claim that they are “human life” despite human life being much more broad that the “life” of what is actually just “cellular life”. That’s right, embryos are “cellular life”, they are most definitely not “human life”, at least not yet anyway, and it’s up to the mother whether they get that chance – Not you. Stop thinking you can rule people’s lives and tell them what to do. On matters of abortion, Conservatives are the Liberals, and Liberals are the Conservatives. One is in favour of control, and the other in favour of freedom.

    • Anonymous

      But your tonsils, appendix and skin can NEVER become a person with a conscience and a soul. Tonsils etc, were not created by God, the person was. Embryos represent a NEW life.

      • Anonymous

        In the context of an embryo being “a clump of cells”, the tonsils, appendix, and so on, are also just “a clump of cells”. So therefore, to have the tonsils and appendix removed, would be to murder them, according to the Conservative line of thinking. It’s irrelevant whether they cannot become a person with a conscience; the fact is that those tonsils and appendix were “alive”, until they were “murdered” by whomever removed them. It’s absurd, I know, but that’s where your Conservative logic takes this, if it is consistently applied.

  • Anonymous

    Herman will prevail despite the Republican establishment and despite the liberal mainstream media.

    I just noticed that the Lawrence O’Donnell interview post on RS has 480 comments. Once people get to know Herman Cain, they are passionate about him and people are finally starting to learn about him – despite the establishment and the MSM.

    I’m surprised that Mr. O’Donnell didn’t confront Mr. Cain about the fact that he became the CEO of a pizza company and not a fried chicken company. That would have been consistent with the left’s thinking towards blacks. Brainwashing, if you will.

    • Anonymous

      The patronizing little puke O’D tried to trip him up & get a sound bite for all the press to leech off of.Blood suckers.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome speech! Love the guy!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome speech! Love the guy!

  • Michael Keyes

    The only thing I didn’t jump out of my chair and applaud was the idea of tax breaks for businesses purchasing their ingredients in the U.S. vs none for those purchasing overseas. He said it would be to “level the playing field”. Protectionism?

    • I am all for that kind of protectionism. We need to bring some business home. It will benefit the entire country.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Cain has faced imminent death when he was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t think that after that he’ll be afraid of anything. Bring on the pundits! Cain will grind them up and spit them out. President Cain! Has a nice ring to it!

  • Anonymous

    Cain is the new Palin.

  • Anonymous

    I like Cain and he is my second choice behind Perry, but he has yet to be solidly vetted. It’s easier to run when you don’t have an extensive record to stand behind.

    • Anonymous

      Cain has a record of turning failed companies around.
      He was vetted by O’Donnell in the interview he gave the other night.
      He will be scrutinized like no other candidate…..Obama
      We need a CEO in the White House.A leader favorable to business not their own self serving interests.

      • Anonymous

        I do like Herman Cain. I just wish that for his first elected office he set his sights a little lower than President of the United States.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe its time for a leader that isn’t a cookie cutter politician corrupted by the Washington establishment.Someone that sets his sights on the highest achievements possible & doesn’t settle for being “present”.

      • Anonymous

        Cain has not really been vetted yet. There is one story going around about how a reporter saw Cain drinking white wine with breakfast. That’s it so far. It will get much uglier than that.

        Cain did not do very well in that O’Donnell interview. Don’t let the false outrage by the liberal side fool you. O’Donnell succeeded in making Cain look like a poseur. Cain handled himself well considering, but the narrative is now set. Herman Cain is a draft dodging coward who sat out the civil rights movement. O’Donnell got him good because he knew he put Cain in a no win situation. If Cain had gotten angry and indignant, he’s a hot headed extremist with a short fuse. By staying calm he’s a tool of the Right who can’t abide a strong black man.

        They will try to destroy him.

        Cain’s biggest policy weakness is his 999 plan. It’s obviously bogus and once he starts having to answer for it he’s going to be in trouble. The narrative is now set so he won’t get much mileage out of it anymore.

        • Josh

          Cain’s greatest strength is his 9 9 9 plan. If he can get it passed, it will revolutionize the business world. It will make things affordable and revitalize the economy. The only thing that I am concerned about is the ones who are too scared of change to make anything happen. As a country, we need to decide if we have lost the ability to innovate, or if we can evolve into a new economy.

  • Anonymous

    Great speech! I thought it was the best I’ve heard so far.

  • Great Speech without a teleprompter either. Over a year and half ago I heard that the one person Obama fears the most to run against in 2012 was a Black man in Atlanta Ga. I researched him and have been following his message ever since. The only thing that I agree with Obama is that he should indeed fear this man from Atlanta Ga. Herman Cain will be our next President. He is the real deal.

  • Anonymous




  • Herman Cain has my vote and unwavering support! Yes we Cain!

  • Constance

    Way back in the beginning, I started sending $5.00 a month to the Cain campaign. Throughout all these months, I have continued to do the same, and I have continued to support him above all the others. Perhaps just this once, the candidate I support from the beginning will become the nominee. That would be too cool.

    • Hooray for you! I too give a modest amount each month. It isn’t much but with all of us working together, it adds up!

  • dougindeap

    “Dogma voters” is the more fitting label. “Values voters” is a label invented by people who like to think of themselves as championing good human values. What many of them are pushing actually is dogma. “Values” are “the principles that help you to decide what is right and wrong, and how to act in various situations.” Cambridge Dictionary of American English. “Dogma” is “a fixed, esp. religious, belief or set of beliefs that people are expected to accept without any doubts.” Id. The two, we can only hope, overlap to some extent, but they are hardly the same. Some of what religious fundamentalists hold up as values others find plainly wrongheaded and even immoral. Labels count. Those pushing the “values voters” label hope it will help them pass off their dogma as values. If they want to push their dogma, that’s their right. But “dogma voters” they are, and that’s what I’ll call them.

    • It is the dogma voters who will die to protect your unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As the founding fathers wrote, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” and the dogma voters honor that same pledge. You should be thanking God for those who keep watch over your liberties.

      • dougindeap

        I appreciate that dogma voters include among their ranks patriots who will defend the rights of those who disagree with them. Did you mean to imply, without actually saying, that others who don’t share their dogma will do any less in this regard? If so, I’ll be the first to say you’re wrong–very much so.

    • Liberal tactic: Name calling.
      Do you not see yourself in the mirror? Dogma is just another word for what one holds to be foundational truth. Everyone has dogma.

      So what are your dogmas? I would bet they would sound a lot like this: “From each, according to his ability, and to each according to his need.” If you agree with that, then you have the same dogma as Karl Marx.

      • dougindeap

        Uh, I didn’t start any name calling. These folks called themselves a name, and I merely noted its propaganda purpose and noted a more apt name.

  • I love this man!

  • chevron1144

    He made the first clear statement regarding Iran and it’s persuit of nuclear weapons that I have heard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JURQYH669_g&list=FLQ2pqVFALUpRpnq1nWtG98Q&index=197 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBMU6l6GsdM&feature=related

  • Anonymous

    He is right about our anti ballistic missile capabilities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbBc_xrJWwE&feature=relmfu

  • The hard thing about the abortion debate is it always seems to be one extreme or the other. Either you allow all abortions or deny all abortions. But the thing about life is .. well … it isn’t so cut and dry.

    Should doctors perform abortions for birth control purposes?? Absolutely not!

    But what if the woman was raped? Why should she be ‘made’ to go through with this pregnancy? Why should she be reminded for nine months about the horror she had to go through? Why should we the public decide for HER what she can endure or not?

    This is why it is such a passionate issue.

    • Anonymous


      Or looked another way, on your rape example, why should an innocent baby be killed for the crime of another? It is so encouraging to me to hear from people who were the result of any unplanned pregnancy. They are sure thankful that their mom was pro-life, and didn’t abort them!

      Check out the video on http://www.180move.com. You may change your mind

  • ya 9 9 9 plan

  • Anonymous

    Impressive! Herman Cain has my attention.

    • Anonymous

      mine too!

  • Anonymous

    …Mr. Cain’s speech sure sounded GREAT to me and by the GRACE of GOD you sir will move into OVAL OFFICE .” (period)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Right Scoop ! What things we would not get to see without you in our internet circle, these things that we need to see and know about. Other media just doesn’t devote the time necessary , THANK YOU.

    • Anonymous


  • David Patterson

    I want to add my gratitude for those who made possible here, the viewing of Mr. Cain’s speech yesterday. As a conservative, it feels so good to have some passion of my own for the message of a presidential candidate. Not since Reagan have I felt my heart rate accelerate for the words and speech of a national leader. May God bless and protect Herman Cain.

  • james wells

    I’m so ready to do some abolishing

  • This is interesting since the NY Times is reporting Ron Paul won it.


  • Anonymous

    How can you claim to be conservative, and support the federal reserve at the same time?

    • Anonymous

      You need to desperately educate yourself. You have no idea what it means to be a Conservative. Ron Paul is not a Conservative.

    • He served on the State board for the federal Reserve. That doesn’t mean he supports what the Feds do. Allen West serves on the Black Caucus. Not because he agrees with them, but that is a better way to make a change in thier thinking.

  • You might not be behind him, but to say he’s not a conservative is delusional — ergo, probably a ron paul libertarian. Libertarians are not conservatives. That’s why we have different words for them.

    Ron Paul is only conveniently a republican. I wish he’d go away.

  • Herman Cain is a formidable candidate. He is a good orator and appears to believe in his stated positions. A man to watch.

  • Elect Herman Cain for President 2012!!

  • Anonymous

    Where is Herman Cain’s teleprompter?

    How can he know what he believes without someone feeding a teleprompter and telling him what to say?

    Fellow readers, Herman Cain with his powerful words and ideas, indeed by his very existence strips emperor Obama naked…..and what is revealed under his robes is a tragic embarrassment.

    This righteous man wil eviscerate Obamaism and slice and dice the false religions of socialism and progressivism.

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

  • Anonymous

    that speech was Dynamite! His voice is so easy to listen to!

  • What is exceptional about the United States is its constitutional form of government and the principles upon which it was established. These principles are recorded in the Unanimous Declaration. Today our government violates the constitution and the principles contained in the declaration daily. We need a revival and restoration. I will cast my vote for the person whose record gives the rhetoric credibility.

  • Anonymous

    Herman Cain needs to be our next President…and he will, God willing!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Folks :everyone is wanting to hear a Reagan ( G.E.)speech he made during the Goldwater run for president in the sixties , Well you are not going to hear that great message like that again, You are hearing a message now that has common sense in business and the people under stand that those who has gone though the Reagan era , know you can tax people to death, you can want your self to the pork barrel that you can not afford , schools take one third of county tax base then hiring of people to service the desires of the county tax people build parks, pools to swim in,
    This is a start but listen two messages Herbert Cain speaks to the need of the people how much its going to cost to do two things pay your bills to the goverment
    and provide your self a retirement , and take care of your family , my uncle during
    the depression, built out houses in Seattle Washington one wholer ,and two wholer
    sold then on the street corner . Jobs you make a job, create something one at a time , if you wait for some one to feed you like a baby needing to be nurse with a bottle , and you are old enough to create lazy attitudes of why work, then go to
    college and learn liberal doctrines so you can set back and write books about
    subjects you have never work at in business but in experimentalism putting a theory
    to work in small scale, but it fails in actual every days work, This is the white house of today, all theory but no solutions that work , common sense is the man we want
    Herbert Cain or Newt both have solutions and are providing solutions the other are trying to catch up , I AN saying Watch AN listen,,,,,

  • M E

    God bless this man. May he win and take back the freedom we feel is being quickly

  • Anonymous

    Well he’s converted me. Simple, direct and straight up; no “New York Embroidery” in his words. He has a solid technical background and stands on granite.

    Hey Harvard, Yale, Princeton, get lost. All your doing is turning out experts in why things can’t get done and the way to make America lose!

    This “non ivy leager” restores faith in the message of America.

    Yes, there is a God, and he sent Herman Cain in our hour of need.

  • Anonymous

    Remember fools …. blacks 99 % of the time vote black …. they don’t vote for uncle Tom’s …. obama wins .

  • Anonymous

    Look….All this with NO teleprompter!!!!!

  • Not five minutes into this speech, he contradicts himself…as usual. He belives in Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but he would call on the dept. of justice to enforce marriage between a man a woman, but don’t tread on another’s liberty. He believes in the American dream yet he sees nothing wrong with his 999 plan putting the poor deeper into the poor house. And he still doesn’t understand how the banking system and Wall Street created the economic collapse with their crooked practices. If they didn’t, why did they need TARP and WHY DID HE SUPPORT IT? And what’s wrong with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Why do they need fixing if the banking industry doesn’t have a problem? I quit watching when he claimed he would follow Reagan’s foreign policy. He has no foreign policy. Cain doesn’t have a clue and he just so full of it. And yes, I am a Paul supporter..and proud of it. I guess 37% of the voters were too!!!BTW, O’Donnell owned Cain in the interview.

    • Anonymous

      If you simply google the items you are concerned about, you will see you lack Facts – an Entire Book’s worth!

    • You have the freedom to be you, and that includes my freedom to be free from you. So keep your sickness in your bedroom and quit trying to force everyone else to accept your sickness.

  • Anonymous

    Great Speech….All without a Teleprompter!!!!

  • I’m pleased at the quality of discussion and thought on this thread. I appreciate the clarity that Mr. Cain brings to the campaign process and i do feel comfortable that I know where he’s coming from in every respect. I have been excited to see Gov. Perry enter the race as another valuable point of view – but of all the candidates thus far I trust and I can actually watch without cringing, its Mr. Cain. To this day I cannot bear to look at former Pres. Clinton or Barak Obama. I think they’re liars and I don’t trust them. What did it for me with Bill Clinton was his fake tears he made certain the press saw and reported. My Mom called him a despicable man. That was strong language for her… I have no further comments on Pres. Obama. I am sadly not enthusiastic with Mr. Romney – he makes me very ucomfoprtable since I do not really trust anything he says. Worldwide, we do need clarity and certainty I love another comment below about Mr. Bolton as Secretary of State. Wow. That would solve a lot of problems and save us a lot of money as well. God Bless us one and all, and God Bless America

  • Love This!! Great job Mr. Cain!! You are saying everything the American people need right now! We so bad need hope and someone who is truly here to help mend the damage that has been done to this nation. Please stay true to your values and beliefs. America needs someone like you, a true leader and a real American who will lead us back!! Thank You!!

  • The first time i heard Herman Cain speak, I was put off by his seeming ignorance of the Constitution. On a few occasions since, he’s made statements that indicated the same lack of knowledge re: our founding documents. BUT – in this speech, and in several others before it, he has shown improvement in this critical area, and now in this one he has begun to parse individual words in the DoI. FINALLY, a nat’l figure takes the time to [1] understand these documents, and [2] pass that understanding on to an audience.

    Well done, Mr. Cain; you have shown a willingness to identify and correct issues on a proactive basis.

    Since SP has taken herself out of the running, I am now solidly behind the Hermanator. Perry & Romney might as well skip off into the sunset together.

  • Follow Herman’s advice and read ALL of the Declaration of Independence. A great thought exercise is to replace King George with Obama/Bush in the text and see if we are now facing the same oppression that drove the colonists to reject the king.

  • “Achmadinejad, make my day” Love it!

  • RaisinKane51

    Mr. Cain gets it! Best speech I’ve heard from any politician this year!

  • This man is a true American patriot!

  • Anonymous

    The People’s Choice!!

  • Sounds to me like he knows what the country’s priorities are & will take a Ronald Regan approach & get this country back on the right track!!!!

  • You liberal people are so wacky. You blame others for the problems of the country that you are throwing fuel on to fuel the fire!!!. You all believe in gay marriage & you have no morals. All you ever do is protest & talk about taking God out of our schools & our way of life. I’d hate to see you on that day that you have to walk through those pearly gates & answer to our maker.

  • Anonymous

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  • wasnt he drinking his wine there?

  • I would like everyone to think about one thing. Think about your grandma on social security that with the 999 plan Cain propses, would cost them an extra 9% tax on milk, bread, medicine, meat, gas that they buy. So we want our lowest class of people paying that 9 percent tax when they cant already deciede if they can pay the heating bill or pick their perscriptions???? Ask your self that because ALL of us knows someone in that position!! Mr. Cain with all due respect these numbers are wronf and will not help anyone but the corporations that will only pay 9 % tax instead of the 30 % or so that is there now. I think you will be making a need for more entitlement programs. Now if that is what you are trying to do, your going in the righ direction!

  • Hey “conservative”, your SIN is showing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is Herman Cain’s video on youtube about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZDkacOveF0&feature=player_embedded . It describes you perfectly.

  • This fed stuff looks really bad for Mr. Cain http://youtu.be/WUa8wxye8RM

  • I like him because he sounds so much like a regular guy.

  • The issue is not “right and left”, the issue is right and wrong. Socialism is wrong. Illegal immigrants are wrong, bailouts is wrong. Le’ts get it right, not wrong.